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12018-04-16 12:15:30 UTCEdLoach You changed a Londis to a Spar in this changeset, which was only mapped as a Londis 4 months ago and which now has a note added saying Spar should be Londis - I wondered when your survey (mentioned in the changeset source tags) was done?
22018-04-16 17:52:41 UTCbigfatfrog67 I don't remember the exact date but it was a few days before my changeset, my notes were audio so I would have noted the name of the shop that way. I have no memory of what the shop was now so either I got it wrong or it's changed since?
12017-10-22 21:30:16 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the edits but I'm not sure that they are entirely correct. Are you sure that the northern part of the road through the car park takes such a central position? Last time I checked it went along the edge of the library gardens, like it was mapped previously. Also are WTC really the operator...
22017-10-22 21:52:43 UTCbigfatfrog67 Hi,

Yes, I was there today. There is parking either side of the parking isle, which is down the centre. I will need to double check the operators as I have the ticket still in the car, will look tomorrow. How else would you tag the entrance way?

32017-10-23 00:34:12 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the description, it must have changed a bit since I was last there (about a year ago). I normally tag entrances as just highway=service, I always thought that driveway was more for residential properties, but I guess it still works.
lakedistrict :)
42017-11-02 14:23:01 UTCbigfatfrog67 I just thought I'd let you know that I checked the parking ticket and you were right so I've updated that accordingly.
12017-04-16 21:53:15 UTCbigfatfrog67 Hi, I'm concerned that you are using copyrighted material as a source for these map changes?
22017-04-16 22:26:45 UTCwhat_what What changes are you referring to?
32017-04-16 22:47:01 UTCwhat_what OK I have worked out what you are referring too. The original link I used is no longer working, it is now
The reference to this PDF is for the change of Access. The path was already on the OSM before I ma...
42017-04-19 08:27:13 UTCbigfatfrog67 OK. I feel it is always best practice to base changes on a survey because while we may not be restricted by the OS copyright we don't know what copyright the Malvern Hills Trust may be applying.
52017-04-19 08:34:53 UTCwhat_what I'm in contact with and working with the Malvern Hills Trust to update OSM.
62017-04-20 09:40:37 UTCbigfatfrog67 OK thanks, sounds like you've got it all covered.
12016-06-19 21:34:43 UTCbigfatfrog67 Checking against an OS Map is in breach of OS Copyright. What was "checked"?
22016-06-19 22:26:21 UTCwhat_what This was a removal of a path that I knew was not there from personal knowledge but I also checked that it did not appear on the OS map to confirm my belief.
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