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12017-03-15 03:52:27 UTCopendcc Openstreetmap maps what's on earth, noit what in games. I reverted this stuff.
22017-03-15 13:21:02 UTCZuzana Matrone Well if you can have on the maps a restaurant or cinema why you can't have an escape game - place where people go and have fun. Its nothing virtual, its real house and real people that comes to enjoy their free time. The same as to the cinema or restaurant.
32017-03-15 13:23:12 UTCZuzana Matrone I really don't understand how you could delete before finding something about it. Why there should be pizzarias or shops if escape game not?
42017-03-15 17:37:02 UTCopendcc Hello,

we have a lot of trouble with pokemon-go related 'virtual' mapping. And mapping in south america and czech republic looked like such gaming stuff.

So this are real locations and you've been visiting both? at the same time?
52017-03-17 09:54:17 UTCToniE If that's real and a building and so on with entrance fee and the like, then at least it should not be tagged as a "tourism=attraction" but rather as "leisure=adult_gaming_centre" or, if teenagers and kids are allowed, "leisure=amusement_arcade".

Kindly also add add...
62017-03-18 20:29:51 UTCZuzana Matrone Dear ToniE - its an escape game - its for adults and its not a gaming place. It is a same thing like a laser game or bowling alley. So it is a tourist attraction. For example in Prague half of the people that go to play are tourists.
72017-03-18 20:46:58 UTCopendcc Hello,

in 46965975 I restored the places. However, after visiting the referred website, I think is it a more like a leisure=adult_gaming_centre, not a special tourist attraction.
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