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12017-03-17 21:02:35 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
You seem to have added a single node with only a name - which is a duplication of this building:
What were you intending to do?
12017-03-17 19:58:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a point with a name but you need to add a tag to describe what it is. Is this a place, a business, a building ... ?
22017-03-17 20:11:23 UTCGreg Krawchuk —James Hunter, a younger son of Hunter of
Hunterston, acquired the lands of Abbotshill, in the parish
of Ayr, from Alan Stewart, Abbott of Crossraquel, by a
charter, dated 11 May, 1569. He was father, by Janet Neil
his wife, of a son and heir,
James Hunter, 2nd of Abbotshill, who got a ne...
32017-03-17 20:31:19 UTCchillly I would suggest that you draw the outline of the main house, traced from the aerial imagery, and add a tag building=house to that. Then add the name tag to that. An isolated house always looks better if the access road is drawn too. highway=service would probably be best with access=private if that...
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