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12018-06-19 17:09:12 UTCnorcross Wind farms are mapped with relations, not with landuses (neither scrub nor industrial): See
22018-06-20 22:20:14 UTCSeandebasti Okay I will change it soon. Thx
12018-06-11 20:37:10 UTCSeandebasti goo just for minor check
12018-06-10 17:02:29 UTCgeoaria سلام ، رسم مسیر های غیر مرتبط و ناموجود روی نقشه نه تنها کمکی به تکمیل نقشه نمی کند بلکه باعث ورود اطلاعات غلط و گمراهی کاربران می شود

دقت کنید
12018-06-04 13:06:59 UTCOpenTopoMap This is no roof:
Congrats to your 6000. changeset!
22018-06-05 14:25:26 UTCSeandebasti thx this was just a fast typo, r.. fixed, how do you find this mistake
32018-06-09 19:33:22 UTCOpenTopoMap I'm everywhere ;) - and interested in your background. May you be so kind to write me a PM?
12018-05-29 10:47:00 UTCDruzhba On which imagery have you seen [this "greenfield"]( ?
12018-05-10 22:16:40 UTCSeandebasti custom was just for visual check
12018-05-10 22:14:37 UTCSeandebasti test
12018-04-03 14:31:31 UTCkatpatuka Hi Seandebasti, I wonder what you want to describe with way 464273179 ?!?

12017-12-08 05:08:39 UTCnyuriks Hi, I don't think you meant to add a road to relation 2692022, i'm removing it, but let me know if it should be kept.
22017-12-08 16:47:48 UTCSeandebasti Yeah youre right I didnt mean to add. thx
12017-11-30 16:16:22 UTCacette The city is changing rapidly and the images are outdate. Please don't edit map just base on aerial image.
You have mapped some man mades which were disappear or rebuilded.
22017-12-03 12:48:01 UTCSeandebasti can you refer to an example that I understand, thx
32017-12-03 16:15:55 UTCacette You had made too many changes in this changeset and I can't find them out. One example I can remember is a chimney which has been pulled down.
You are welcome to map China area. There are a large of empty area on map. But I would suggest to avoid map urban area without local knowledge, since most o...
12017-09-21 20:06:03 UTCRub21 Hey Seanbasti, I have been looking this Changeset and there are removed main roads, also I have been looking in about a king Abdul Aziz road which is in construction, am not sure what is the status of the pr...
22017-11-16 04:01:22 UTCSeandebasti hey this road you are talking about is located in makkah not in Riad
32017-11-16 04:02:08 UTCSeandebasti I dont know which concstructed oads you are meaning
12017-11-04 11:49:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Is best described as a tourism=information? I presume that it's not actually accessible, being sat on the White House roof - presumably I'd attract a fair bit of attention if I tried to go up there.
It sounds like it's something more like a man_ma...
12017-09-20 15:08:18 UTCHarald Hartmann Hallo Seandebasti. Bei hast du ein `inscription_note` hinterlassen. Laut würde man hier wohl den Doppelpunkt als Trenner bevorzugen ;-) #newkey
12017-09-15 07:21:19 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Seandebasti. At you have tagged `pobox=...`, which is unkown and a new key. Please have a look at
12017-08-07 06:40:08 UTCoormilavinod hey Seandebasti!! welcome to OSM. I observed that you have pulled a road causing bad angled roads. please make sure you be little more careful while making edits. I have corrected the errors happy mapping !!
22017-08-09 06:16:11 UTCSeandebasti sorry about that, but in China, I sometimes just add a road with bad angles because of more import objects I wanna add, their are so many objects missing here. I also refine bad angle roads sometimes later, sometimes not, but its there
12017-08-06 21:00:17 UTCSeandebasti sorry its #uae
12017-08-06 20:59:21 UTCSeandebasti sorry its #uae
12017-03-06 03:48:07 UTCnaoliv Seandebasti, I guess it's worthy reading the "Boundaries in the data?" part from and the "Coverage lists useless. Delete?" part from before continuing to expand this...
22017-03-06 19:04:52 UTCSeandebasti Oh thanks fpr the url, I didnt know that, but I was looking for some more infos about hires bounds
32017-03-06 19:09:54 UTCSeandebasti So I guess you should not add relations of boundaries? but its useful, I dont understand the solution with osm file. can you explain
42017-03-06 19:17:33 UTCnaoliv From what I understand, he meant to keep such boundaries outside OSM, in a external database.
A local .osm file with the boundaries could be used for personal usage.
For colaborative work, maybe other tools similar to could be used.
52017-03-06 20:51:31 UTCSeandebasti if so, the boundaries of bing or mapbox as *.osm should be communicated in the wiki, and I guess I am not the first person who tapped into this wrongly. I mean I found a relation of South-east asia and america. why not remove them and add them to a special layer like the map notes or map data to se...
62017-05-08 21:14:12 UTCjptolosa87 I'm agree with naoliv. We should talk with the author of this relation and export the data to an umap.
12017-03-28 06:55:31 UTCnammala Hi Seandebasti,

May I know the source of adding names to roads in numbers.

12017-03-19 14:50:49 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node:

hig=yes looks like a mistake

12017-03-19 09:07:00 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Seandebasti, please avoid tags like "3=canal" (way/481148650). I changed this undefined tag to a note. KR, Alex
22017-03-19 09:29:03 UTCSeandebasti hi, sorry did not know about this tag, I guess a typo from keypad somehow, i fixed both incidents. thanks for sharing. how did you detect?
32017-03-19 10:45:46 UTCAleks-Berlin
then click on the key, and then on overpass or level0 to get the object. If you need further help, I will be there. Alex
12017-03-18 19:20:08 UTCnaoliv Seandebasti, we usually avoid tagging big areas like this one as residential.
Most of the time there are commercial and retail areas mixed with residential.
12017-03-06 03:18:51 UTCsmaprs Do these mapped elements of imagery agree with the "on the ground" OSM rule for mappeable objects?
22017-03-06 19:03:19 UTCSeandebasti I dont know what ypu mean, I thought to update the hires bound to east of Sao Paulo. Sorry I will stop
32017-03-06 23:10:28 UTCsmaprs Ok, thank you.
The "on the ground" OSM rule means we shouldn't put non-physical elements on the map:
more here
12017-01-04 18:50:26 UTCSeandebasti sorry its #irq not #usa
also for the following sets
my mistake
12016-10-10 19:10:17 UTCSeandebasti page 1 checked added
page 2 checked added
12016-08-23 05:14:40 UTCJothirnadh Dear Seandebasti,

Can you explain the tourism information you added in this changeset? I think this is a wrong tag given by mistake. If it's a mistake can you fix them please.

12016-07-28 12:13:52 UTCzarl Hallo Seandebasti,

du hast hier u.a. einen Spielplatz als POI eingetragen: Nur gab es an der Stelle bereits einen als Fläche eingetragenen Spielplatz. Köntest du da bitte etwas genauer darauf achten, dass du keine Dubletten anlegst?

22016-07-28 17:20:13 UTCSeandebasti hey zarl, hate schon nen grund, wollte die installation nach hinzufügen und vergessen. danke für die erinnerung
32016-07-30 08:24:28 UTCzarl Guter Vorsatz! Schön gemappte Spielplätze machen immer was her, auch wenn ich mich frage, wieviele Kinder davon profitieren... ;-)

Viel Spass beim Mappen!
12016-05-22 08:03:39 UTCRex2701 Please delete your sign "Willst du mich heiraten" nearby Doberstau and do not make rubbish on the map anymore
12016-02-17 06:39:12 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thanks for all the wonderful contributions! Noticed you were using iD, and was wondering if you tried JOSM to make it easier to make large changes. You might find these guides helpful to get started
12016-02-01 11:58:41 UTCnaoliv Seandebasti, don't join/glue the landuses to the highways.
12015-10-07 03:46:25 UTCGerdP Please review:
This change created an invalid tag
for way 227664825
22015-10-31 11:26:32 UTCSeandebasti thx for commiting, sry
32015-10-31 11:30:59 UTCGerdP it is likely to happen with iD, so take care ;-)
12015-10-05 13:37:48 UTCcarciofo Please be more careful next time with unfinished dual carriageways. You left a long segment of Lyons Road with oneway=yes without a corresponding way in the opposite direction.
22015-10-31 11:17:40 UTCSeandebasti which one exactly, did you fix it? would be nice if you can point it when you commit something . because i dont see what you mean if you do not point it. thx
32015-10-31 11:30:34 UTCSeandebasti and actually did you know that the carriageways are abandoned, so please fix it the right way
12015-10-17 16:01:47 UTCcarciofo Hi, regarding the tags highway=turning_circle and highway=turning_loop in this commit, please note the difference: turning_loop has a non-transversable island, while turning_loop has no non-transversable island. It seems you've got these two mixed up since they were applied here opposite to their me...
22015-10-17 16:03:11 UTCcarciofo Oops, that should read of course: "while turning_circle has no non-transversable island". See and
32015-10-31 11:05:36 UTCSeandebasti thx for commiting, I realized this problem too, because other mappers did add the wrong tag. I thought I did it right here, do you have a specific area here?
12015-08-07 15:36:58 UTCBryce C Nesbitt FYI: Tag is deprecated.
22015-08-19 13:47:56 UTCSeandebasti thx for the hint, it is about the trees right?
32015-08-19 22:04:50 UTCBryce C Nesbitt It's about the tag denotation=cluster.
That tag is deprecated (out of curiosity, what did you mean by adding that tag?)
12015-07-02 20:52:46 UTCdchiles Hey what year is are these streets from? The city changes locations every year and It's probably starting to build up for this year, 2015
22015-07-02 22:12:30 UTCSeandebasti I didnt edit locations, I mean the approximatly road lanes are every year at the same lane isnt it? The streetnames are different every year but its always starting with A,B,C,... and the numeric street names are also always on the same position, I compared all the years. If you know better you can ...
32015-07-07 01:56:39 UTCdchiles There are a lot of parameters that can change every year, things like:

- number of lettered streets
- distance between lettered streets
- Where 'double blocks' occur. Like around D & 6:00
- center of the city
- orientation of the city

The [rough layout from 2014](https://gist.github.c...
42015-07-07 02:01:58 UTCdchiles In the case of Black Rock City where the streets only exist for a couple of months. It might be better to have no streets than streets that are inaccurate.
52015-07-07 02:24:28 UTCSeandebasti If you say so, i can take it out, but then there is nothing, I mean sure there is nothing for 90% of the year. And yes bing sat tracks are not as accurate like your layout 2014 but to have nothing for something is also sad in my opinion. like to have a general draft, everbody knows it is changing ...
62015-07-08 00:06:40 UTCdchiles I don't think there should be any streets there because that's what's on the ground. I would like it if Burning Man org was more open with the street plans so that we could put up accurate streets (when they're there).
72015-07-11 05:26:26 UTCdchiles Good news! Burning man just released 'Golden Spike' info for 2015 so I should be able to create a city layout in the next couple of weeks
82015-07-23 17:55:32 UTCAndrewEMT These streets look like 2014 streets; they don't line up with the street plan for the 2015 golden spike data.
92015-07-29 10:10:48 UTCSeandebasti actually I deleted my dataset
and if you do so, please edit it on There is 2008/2009 in the dataset:
12015-06-16 17:24:07 UTC4rch Is "Zuckerschiff" the name of the wreck? Are minefields in Morocco called "Minenfeld"?
22015-06-16 18:02:23 UTCSeandebasti Yes, but in germany, I forgot to tag it with name:de, I corrected it
12015-04-14 20:04:36 UTCHjart Please note that Bing is not well aligned in this area. The local GRAFCAN imagery is much better aligned.
12015-02-15 09:57:18 UTC4rch deleted objects in
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