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12017-04-17 08:41:51 UTCDalkvist Thanks for helping then the tedious stuff, that we locals don't prioritise. But please update the source information, they way have landsat, the changeset bing and the comment mapbox, it is going to be hard for future mapers to know which is right.
12017-04-04 10:27:31 UTCimagico Hello Philip,

despite having been told not to combine several unrelated edits far apart in a single changeset by manoharuss in

you continue to do so. Stop doing that! This kind of edits are extremely annoying for your fellow mappers.
22017-04-04 22:26:29 UTCPhilip Guston Imagico,

Sorry about that, again. I'll make sure I keep my changesets to related edits in the future.
12017-04-03 09:47:35 UTCmanoharuss Hi Philip Guston,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to the map is highly appreciated. But can you keep your changesets to a smaller size. Bbox of this changeset covers 4 continents.


22017-04-04 00:32:36 UTCPhilip Guston Hi Manohar, I will keep my changesets to a smaller area. Thanks!
12017-03-28 21:21:49 UTCwoodpeck You claim to have used Bing imagery for this changeset, but Bing imagery just shows a blurry cloud of white and you can't even see that there's supposed to be an island here so the source specification must have been a mistake. Can you clarify your source? Have you made this edit as part of a MapRou...
22017-03-30 19:07:21 UTCPhilip Guston Hi Woodpeck,

The source for my edit was indeed Bing, though I recognize it’s not the best quality.  I rounded out the small island per what I could see in imagery, and felt that was an improvement to the previous geometry.  There is a small group of us fixing island geometry in Ma...
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