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12017-08-04 16:48:29 UTCSK53 Shouldn't the Quaker Meeting House in Mosedale be mapped as a place of worship? You've added it as a community centre.
22017-08-06 06:24:15 UTCSaltyOne Not being a Religeous type, I took meeting to mean just meetings, and the closest I got in my head was community centre. However if you feel it's a church as such, feel free to change it. I'm not attached to it ;-) and I don't really map anymore.
32017-08-06 10:59:16 UTCSK53 Yeah the meetings are religious ones: quite a lot of non-conformists didnt use the word church. I'll change it: would have mapped it ages ago but didnt know which building. Shame you're not mapping now: you did a great deal in a short time. If you're a walker I can recommend hunting down public righ...
12017-06-28 09:51:06 UTCFatPhil That's not the website of a cafe, it's a website of a design company.
22017-06-28 09:52:39 UTCSaltyOne Fixed
12017-06-27 18:03:34 UTCFatPhil Wow! Great changeset - thanks!
I'll clean up any minor positioning issues using the Eesti Maaamet (land registry) imagery, which is more accurate than Bing.
22017-06-28 07:37:33 UTCSaltyOne I was surprised on visiting last week (I'm from the UK) that this little park was overflowing with seats and water features, but not on OSM.
I did my best from my photos and sat view, but yes, it's at best only close.
the covered water features, were kinda fountains, closest I could find.
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