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12018-03-27 17:31:59 UTCmaxolasersquad Can you elaborate on this dog park? It says it is "planned", which means it shouldn't be on the map yet. It is also overlapping buildings within the apartment complex. I'm not a member of this community, but from the road it looks like those buildings are still there.
12018-02-13 18:27:43 UTCmaxolasersquad Kolopakin Nene is not a private road. I added a fence barrier between Myrtle and Kolopakin to properly represent that these roads meet up but are not accessible from each other.
12018-02-12 13:36:35 UTCmaxolasersquad If a building does not have a business then the name tag should be left empty. The name tag is solely for the "name" of the entity there, not a description.
22018-02-12 17:17:21 UTCVincent Edenfield Got it.
12018-02-01 15:46:12 UTCmaxolasersquad A huge building was drawn here. There is no building here that matches these bounds. I have updated the mapping to be correct.
12018-02-01 14:00:05 UTCmaxolasersquad Don't forget to tag the name of the lake if you know it.
12017-11-09 23:01:23 UTCmaxolasersquad The shape of these buildings was kind of crazy. I realigned the buildings to better match the satellite imagery.
12017-11-07 18:56:21 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Your park and forrest (natural=wood) area overlaps. Also the forest area overlaps herself.
22017-11-07 22:27:44 UTCmaxolasersquad Doesn't the park cover the area south of here up to Brockton Way?
12017-10-08 10:18:27 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello maxolasersquad. At
you have tagged
`name:En` instead of (casesensitive!)
`name:en`, right? #typo
22017-10-10 14:32:44 UTCmaxolasersquad Good catch. Probably came from my phone's keyboard auto-capitalizing things.
32017-10-10 14:33:46 UTCmaxolasersquad Good catch. Probably came from my phone's keyboard auto-capitalizing things.
12017-09-06 13:00:31 UTCmaxolasersquad You changed Saturday Road from being a road to being a fence? Was the entire road turned into a fence? If so we should remove the name "Saturday Road" from the way.
22017-09-06 16:34:43 UTCAlex Brickler The road was closed by fencing placed at the bend were it turned to the west to connect with Eisenhower. It no longer connects to Eisenhowr
32017-09-06 16:56:06 UTCmaxolasersquad The road needs to be added back in and just the section that is gone should be removed. As it stands now, where there used to be a road name Saturday Road, there is a fence named Saturday Road. If you need some help feel free to PM me.
12017-07-26 12:25:05 UTCmaxolasersquad Added building:roof over the pumps is also good.
12017-07-20 13:27:10 UTCmaxolasersquad In OSM we always spell out the full name. In this case "Thomasville Road" is correct. I have fixed this.
12017-06-26 17:08:10 UTCmaxolasersquad Is there a new shop here? I visit here often and there has never been a shop, just a canoe rental.
12017-05-05 19:27:52 UTCmaxolasersquad Railroad Square is not a park in the sense defined at
12017-03-16 12:23:57 UTCmaxolasersquad Would you please provide meaningful messages in your changesets?
12017-03-10 18:47:17 UTCmaxolasersquad The building does not take up this entire area.
12017-02-14 16:32:48 UTCmaxolasersquad The Publix at this location is already on the map.
12017-02-06 16:18:16 UTCmaxolasersquad This would work better as two separate change sets. One for Pensacola High and anther for the stadium.
12017-02-03 18:45:27 UTCmaxolasersquad There is no park here.
12017-02-02 17:41:53 UTCmaxolasersquad Does this park go around the lake. Is it permissible to walk around the lake as a park goer, or is that the property of the surrounding houses?
12017-02-02 13:46:48 UTCmaxolasersquad This one also had the whole area marked as a large building. This has been corrected.
12017-02-02 13:20:25 UTCmaxolasersquad You tagged the church grounds with building:yes, which indicates that the whole area is the church building. You probably used the "Church Building" preset in the iD editor. The correct preset it the one just labeled, "Church".
12017-01-30 23:28:37 UTCmaxolasersquad Deer Lake West is not a sidewalk.
12017-01-30 23:28:13 UTCmaxolasersquad There is no park here off of Waters Meet Drive.
12017-01-30 23:25:27 UTCmaxolasersquad Waters Meet Drive is not a sidewalk.
12017-01-30 18:14:43 UTCmaxolasersquad This look like a residential area. Is the imagery for this area outdated?
12017-01-30 18:06:39 UTCmaxolasersquad This isn't the correct way to mark disc golf. This seems to indicate pathways here, which do not exist. The article on disc golf can be found at
12017-01-30 17:56:54 UTCmaxolasersquad Unless the name of this body of water is "Holding Pond", then it should not be named as such.
12017-01-30 17:52:49 UTCmaxolasersquad Is there really a park here? It looks more like residential housing.
12017-01-24 18:40:16 UTCILikeAccuracy ithink i got confused here,how remove
22017-01-25 16:51:52 UTCmaxolasersquad I removed it in changeset 45482058.
If you would like any help drop me a line.
12017-01-05 19:52:48 UTCmaxolasersquad A building and sidewalk in Southwood where messed up in this changeset. I resolved this in changeset 44934243.
22017-01-05 19:54:37 UTCmaxolasersquad This whole area around the lake is a park, not just these sections you have marked.
32017-01-06 15:37:55 UTCm_w2016 I'm aware. I'm new to OSM and I'm just experimenting with it.
42017-01-09 18:54:59 UTCmaxolasersquad I mapped out the entire park. If you need anything feel free to drop me a line.
12016-12-27 13:59:02 UTCmaxolasersquad It is no necessary to do name="Baseball Diamond", etc. Just properly tagging the field as leisure=pitch and sport=baseball is sufficient. The renderer will decide how to properly communicate sport pitches.
12016-12-19 17:53:33 UTCmaxolasersquad Dollar stores are tagged in OSM as shop=variety_store. The address values need to be broken out, house number, street, city, state, zip, etc. I have made the fix on this changeset.
12016-11-18 10:28:57 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! For better description, please read, following the link für religion and denomination.

If you need help: You are welcome!
22016-11-18 18:13:05 UTCmaxolasersquad I updated the metadata on the church.
12016-05-12 12:36:27 UTCmaxolasersquad This entire changeset appears to be vandalism and needs to be rolled back.
12016-01-14 14:15:03 UTCmaxolasersquad You renamed the road instead of adding your business.
12015-01-04 13:07:05 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset has a huge bounding box and a relatively meaningless changeset comment ("Fixed road data"). If this comes up in the changeset history for someone, how will they know what has been changed locally to them and why?
22015-01-06 08:34:35 UTCshravan91 Thank You for throwing a light on this issue. I will look into it.
32015-01-31 16:34:58 UTCmaxolasersquad This has really caused a lot of problems with the roads in Saint Marks, FL US. There are now lots of roads on top of roads, with roads extending out beyond where they actually belong, overlapping existing roads.
42015-02-02 09:36:15 UTCshravan91 Thanks for reporting, I reviewed the changeset and fixed all overlapping roads.
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