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12017-11-23 13:47:52 UTCcarciofo Hi, it looks like one of your teammates at Mapbox added this turning restriction at the same time, which resulted in the southbound NE 18th Ave way being duplicated (i.e. two overlapping ways). Kindly coordinate and fix (crossref Thanks
12017-10-19 05:23:07 UTCDavidKewley On all of the imagery available in iD (Bing, both DG, Esri, Mapbox, USGS LSI), the old point locations were more accurate than the new ones. So exactly what data are you using that shows the new point locations are more accurate than the old ones? I'm asking as the person who lives less than two mil...
12017-10-16 07:50:42 UTCranjithjoy Source:
12017-10-16 07:50:28 UTCranjithjoy Source:
12017-10-16 07:50:15 UTCranjithjoy Source:
12017-09-19 12:38:44 UTCranjithjoy Mistake in the changeset comment. Must read as "Added TRs in Denver using Mapillary"
12017-04-26 15:01:22 UTCDCJoeS_dcmnbuildings When digitizing in the Dakota County region of this project (south of the river) you may want to participate in the Dakota County Building import project. The buildings were stereo digitized and have many tags. If you worked in the Dakota County Import project, you'd be able to essentially contrib...
12017-04-18 05:49:51 UTCPlaneMad Nice work here, have added more details to the campus!
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