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12017-04-15 17:08:35 UTCBCNorwich Hello Welcome to OSM.
If way 46858846 goes under or through building 416561610 the the section through the building should be a tunnel also wuth a layer tag. If you need help please just ask.
22017-04-18 08:59:50 UTCTom Shorey Hi BCNorwich, the building over hangs the way. Is that classed as a tunnel still?
12017-04-15 15:28:37 UTCtomhukins Hi, thank you for improving OpenStreetMap. I notice you've added a "building=Lemonade_Building" tag to the Barclays branch. That's an unconventional value for the building tag: the commonly used values are listed at
22017-04-15 17:01:57 UTCBCNorwich Amended Barclays address
32017-04-15 18:26:21 UTCtomhukins BCNorwich, it looks like you've removed the building tag altogether. I expect this is because it exists on so I wonder if it makes sense to tag the address there. There's also which repeats the building's nam...
42017-04-15 18:58:57 UTCBCNorwich Hi, yes the building tag is there as building=apartments (18 levels), the bank is just one of those levels (level=0 is ground floor). The POI is needed if you want the building name to show in rendering (the building name in the banks tags is part of the address tagging, which is not rendered).
I t...
52017-04-15 19:02:36 UTCBCNorwich Second thoughts. The building name could go on the apartments outline as name=Lemonade Building which will be rendered. Thus the POI can be removed.
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