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12017-04-16 14:13:00 UTCBCNorwich Hello There, can you say how you know this is a designated public footpath please. The way may well be used as a footpath but a "Designated Public Footpath" (Right of Way) carries a legal status which ought not be incorrectly stated. Regards
22017-04-16 14:14:49 UTCIt's Matthew The footpath signs are a good indication 😂
12017-04-16 12:11:36 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the detail.
You have made a very common, beginners mistake by using the name tag to describe the item. I doubt the footpath is called 'Public Footpath'. If things don't have a name (paths often don't) then we leave the name blank. If you want to mark the path as a public ...
22017-04-16 12:16:24 UTCIt's Matthew I just tried to update it... I think it should be correct now?
32017-04-16 12:17:47 UTCIt's Matthew There is a load more paths round this area linking to the different villages. I walked for 3 or so hours on them yesterday yet can't exactly remember which way I went other than what I have just added. I'm going to walk them again soon and attempt to edit them on my phone as I go :)
42017-04-16 12:19:51 UTCchillly Not quite, you took the highway tag and the surface tag off. Highway tag says what it is (not just a line) and the surface tag is very useful for walkers etc. It doesn't show on the standard render but there are many other renders that do, including personal ones that people use to load into hand-he...
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