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12017-04-18 02:11:08 UTCaharvey The LPI Base Map has this named "Charles Mance Reserve", is it signposted as "Memorial"?
22017-04-18 10:26:56 UTCerikgagajackson Yes the signpost says "Charles Mace Reserve, Centenary Memorial",150.9898651,3a,75y,203.88h,78.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2Ur_dY_21VQYulm5yD9i-A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
32017-04-18 22:38:09 UTCaharvey Okay, but you can't copy from Google Maps or Google Street View.

Feel free to add the name from ground survey or from the LPI Base Map (different background map option in the iD editor)
42017-04-19 08:50:17 UTCerikgagajackson sorry about that. i actually live next to this i have seen it at ground level i will edit the name
12017-04-18 02:12:24 UTCaharvey The LPI Base Map has a name for this one, is it signposted on the ground?
22017-04-18 10:24:24 UTCerikgagajackson yes there is it is "Merrylands Memorial Park", signpost can be seen if you are walking past on Windsor Rd
32017-04-18 22:39:04 UTCaharvey Thanks, please feel free to add the name to this part then if you've confirmed it on the ground.
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