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12017-04-17 12:12:48 UTCchillly This is a controversial mass edit by a recently-joined editor. I think this needs to be discussed before such a change. I suggest this is reverted.

Why have you made such a change? (Please reply - we need to understand what you are doing)
22017-04-17 12:13:33 UTCDerick Rethans Hi, and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you're a new mapper (5 edits), and you've decided to change town/suburb classfications around London. This is a controversial move, and should have been discussed on the talk-gb and talk-gb-london mailinglist first.

32017-04-17 12:28:59 UTCSK53 Revision of place tags on London suburbs MUST be discussed beforehand. The current values represent a consensus of mappers and users over the past 12+ years. I have reverted this and your 4 similar changesets.
42017-04-17 23:19:02 UTCPyorot Hi, thanks for describing your policy.

I made the changes in order to make the map work with OSM's Nominatim service. This is an API that takes coordinates as input and returns addresses. Suburbs of London labelled as towns *do not get returned* by Nominatim, presumably because it trumps them wit...
52017-04-18 09:37:32 UTCSK53 Thank you. I know perfectly well what Nominatim is: the current maintainer is a friend.

For this sort of issue you should be filing issues on the Nominatim github pages I suspect that the issue is known, but we have too few developers and maintai...
62017-04-18 14:45:51 UTCPyorot I deduced based on the fact that Nominatim doesn't return town info in London and based on the usage info given here ( ; that suburbs in Greater London should be tagged "suburb" and no...
72017-04-18 14:49:57 UTCPyorot Actually, sorry, I forgot to mention that part of the reason I'm put off from engaging in discussions is that your note gives an example of such a discussion that took over a year to close.
82017-04-18 16:41:27 UTCSK53 We do have an important principle in OSM: respect for fellow contributors. You are distinctly failing to show that respect to me or others. Quite frankly I think we are better off without your arrogant attitude and unwillingness to collaborate.

The reason why the note has not been cleared is that...
92017-04-18 19:54:21 UTCPyorot You think it's arrogant to not engage in a discussion? Do you have infinite time? Or did you take my characterisation of the state of suburbs as "idleness" personally?

Either way, your accusation of disrespect and arrogance, bundled with the mischaracterisation of my opinion, use of the...
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