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12017-04-19 14:05:26 UTCchillly You seem to have created a multipolygon. This is usually used to create a multilayered object such as a pond with an island in it. Here it is not needed and is not complete. I wonder if you were practicing with the editor and saved you test work. Would you like me to revert (undo) your edit?
12017-04-19 13:53:25 UTCchillly SImilarly, I doubt the name of the path is Perton Feilds Walk Paths [sic]. If the path has no name on the ground, please leave the name tag blank.
22017-04-19 13:57:28 UTCDanBooth1996 Thank you for this information, I will keep it noted for future changes
12017-04-19 13:52:11 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the detail.
You have made a common beginner's error and added a description of the item as the name. I doubt the path is named 'Penk Rise Paths'. If there is no name please leave the name tag empty - most paths have no name. It is clear from its location that it is Penk P...
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