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12018-06-10 14:11:12 UTCSomeoneElse Just to summarise the changes here:
o replaces , and it's previous outers form part of the new building way.
o , and ...
12018-06-05 00:43:28 UTCYorvik Prestigitator According to Marstons website it is a "leased" pub - whatever that means
12018-05-20 22:35:31 UTCYorvik Prestigitator you are right, I put Liv the wrong side of the Viceroy, it is where the dolls house shop was, I have moved it there now
22018-05-21 00:10:31 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12018-05-20 23:01:35 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I think Frames is a picture frames shop
12018-05-20 22:38:39 UTCYorvik Prestigitator yes, it is being refurbished and Sam Smiths are looking for new landlords to run it
22018-05-20 22:39:46 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I imagine it will continue being a pub and will keep the same name, I don't think Sam Smiths are planning to sell it
12018-04-22 11:37:01 UTCYorvik Prestigitator is footpath? It doesn't appear to be tagged
22018-04-22 11:37:35 UTCYorvik Prestigitator sorry
(missed out a space)
32018-04-22 14:00:06 UTCSomeoneElse I don't know yet! There's a stile at the east end with a Millennium Way sign pointing west down the stray, but I don't know yet where there next sign is, or if there's a defined path down there.
12018-03-12 22:10:46 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 56766355, 56766813, 56767007, 56770101, 56795529, 56797073, 56797532, 56807682, 56807734, 56824164, 56824410, 56824681, 56824975, 56825248, 56825272, 56825455, 56825547, 56851527, 56851778, 56852074, 56852261, 56852329, 56853406, 56853663, ...
12018-01-10 10:27:38 UTCdaveemtb Hi, the path you marked as closed from Penally to the beach is (I believe) a public footpath that crosses a rifle range, and is temporarily closed when the path is in use. Your edit suggests it is permanently closed. Do you happen to know which is the case please? Thanks!
22018-01-10 10:27:55 UTCdaveemtb when the rifle range is in use, I mean!
32018-01-10 11:48:50 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing you mean ? That runs through the golf course, not the rifle range. The signage (back in November 2016) did suggest permanent closure rather than "when the bullets are flying", but things maye have changed since then.
At t...
42018-01-11 15:31:14 UTCdaveemtb The County Council had confirmed by email that the footpath from Penally level crossing, past the firing range, across the golf course to the beach is currently open and passable, and isn't closed during use of the firing range. I'll mark it as open.
52018-01-11 15:32:18 UTCdaveemtb Oh, and there was a problem with erosion following storms in 2014, which has now been addressed, perhaps that was the cause of the closed notice?
12017-10-12 13:58:56 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At
you have created the new lifecycle-prefix `broken`. Could it also be `demolished`?
22017-10-12 14:52:57 UTCSomeoneElse No, it's not demolished, it's just broken.
32017-10-12 14:55:07 UTCHarald Hartmann Ok. ;-)
12017-09-24 10:24:49 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At you have tagged `cradt` instead of `craft`, right? #typo
22017-09-24 10:49:19 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks
12017-09-17 16:05:35 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At there are some typos: `maxsspeed` and `surce:name` ;-) #newkey #typo
22017-09-17 16:09:48 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12017-09-12 14:02:06 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At you tagged `ahop=variety_store`, so i think this is a typo, right? #newkey #typo
22017-09-12 14:38:57 UTCSomeoneElse Yes thanks - fixed.
12017-09-04 11:27:05 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - wrong account - should have been "SomeoneElse_Revert". The "note" here "VERY UNFINISHED NEEDS REFINING TTO WALL LINES etc" was added by a previous mapper of the Heathland here and it's actually considerably _more_ finished than the series reverted in N Wales. T...
12017-09-02 10:27:18 UTCSomeoneElse Sustrans have the 680 cycle route as the Monsal Trail I've not seen that signage, but have seen signage where Sustrans don't have it down in Matlock.
12017-08-21 14:36:06 UTCGinaroZ Isn't better tagged as shop=opticians?
22017-08-21 14:57:37 UTCSomeoneElse By a margin of 31k to 60, yes :)
12017-08-18 18:39:35 UTCHolgerJeromin You have added with shop=car_wash (wrong tag)
An amenity=car_wash was already there:
Do i miss something?
22017-08-18 19:32:01 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for letting me know. It is (or was when I was last there) genuinely two adjacent car washes. I'll fix the tag.
32017-08-18 19:45:30 UTCHolgerJeromin Thanks for your quick answer (and the fix :)
12017-08-07 13:06:58 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, is way 342863745 really named Bus Link? If this is not a proper name, please remove it. If it is, I suggest adding a note to say it really is the name.

22017-08-07 13:28:59 UTCSomeoneElse Yes, it really is called that.
12017-07-18 16:38:40 UTCSomeoneElse The changes here were to:
o Remove fences that had been added purely by guesswork.
o Joining component ways of the car park into one amenity=parking way and remove unnecessary multipolygon relation.
o Redraw the residential landuse so that it uses the nodes of adjacent features that form the land...
12017-06-26 20:06:32 UTCVlIvYur Why did you dropp all of footway=crossing?
22017-06-27 00:48:51 UTCSomeoneElse Can you give any examples? I've left e.g. and . Strictly speaking those are traffic calming cushions though not crossings as such. You _can_ cross the road there, but can just as well cross anywhere else as well....
12017-06-23 15:18:34 UTCJamesKingdom Well watching the video, is it about that lift, so I'm assuming that's where he got the information from about the levels, etc. So it might not be an accident?
12017-06-14 20:41:27 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I think you might be confusing the old Travelling Man shop, at 54 Goodramgate, which is vacant with their new shop at 74 which is where they are now trading from (unless they have closed down in the past 3 days)
22017-06-14 21:05:32 UTCSomeoneElse Quite possibly - I didn't mark the position; was just surprised that it was shut.
12017-06-14 00:20:37 UTCSomeoneElse The sign on the side says just "Travelodge"; their website suggests an official name of "Travelodge York Central Layerthorpe".
12017-05-15 18:26:23 UTCff5722 has the tag 'abbatoir=cat'

except for the fact that the key abbatoir is only used here, I don't think this business is really a slaughterhouse for cats.
22017-05-15 18:39:45 UTCSomeoneElse Strange as it may seem, as far as I could tell from the signage, really did appear to be an abbatoir specialising in cats.
32017-05-15 18:42:53 UTCff5722 Well there's a first for everything...

I have to believe you on this :)
42017-05-15 18:44:05 UTCSomeoneElse I was pretty surprised too :)
12017-04-17 21:04:07 UTCSomeoneElse Whilst can be contentious mapping temporary closures in OSM, I guess that 6 weeks of remaining closure is enough to make it worthwhile mapping it.
12017-04-09 21:28:13 UTCSomeoneElse The untagged names in here (e.g. "Antenatal") aren't errors, they're just placeholders for department locations that will need tags adding once I (or someone else) has figured out a sensible way to tag them.
12017-02-17 11:38:29 UTCSomeoneElse I've left the duplicate areas (part of two schools) which might be correct and the duplicate nodes (to indicate where there is still a problem).
22017-02-17 11:40:55 UTCSomeoneElse Note that some of the "odd duplications" seem to match imagery features, such as , which looks like some sort of shed.
The surrounding landuse could also do to be aligned with the school boundary too.
12017-02-10 23:17:42 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - this was just a 1-node building.
12017-01-30 19:27:56 UTCSomeoneElse I've also changed a nearby TIGER-derived bridge to be the tunnel that both Bing and Mapbox aerial imagery suggest that it is. There's still _lots_ more to map around here though.
12017-01-23 22:28:08 UTCSomeoneElse "shop changes" in the changeset comment turned out to be "no shop changes needed because all of the ones that I looked at matched".
12017-01-17 08:06:53 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Someoneelse, please be careful introducing typos like key=";ayer". I fixed to layer. kr, Alex
12017-01-08 12:22:29 UTCSK53 I suspect the post office mapped in Eakring ( is an error for the post box in almost the same location. I certainly dont recall seeing a post office here in June 2015.
22017-01-08 12:24:17 UTCSomeoneElse was added 7 years ago - it's quite possible that there was one then and isn't now. If you think it's gone, I'd just delete it.
32017-01-08 13:16:37 UTCSK53 Yes, looks to have gone according to OSSV Cant find my pic of the postbox, but I dont remember anything looking like a former PO.
12017-01-01 14:52:46 UTCfkv It does exist, but only once. (One of those two nodes represented the previous location which is now gone.) I restored node 4016935198, see my comments on changeset 39796423. I accidentally placed my comment there, but meant to place it here.
12016-11-27 21:20:20 UTCSomeoneElse I've adjusted the north of to not overlap known forestry areas. The overlap between this and other woodland and agricultural land needs further survey.
The north side of this polygon was fairly crudely drawn before I've amended it; the east, south and wes...
12016-11-24 13:12:39 UTCSomeoneElse "vollage location" == "village location", obviously. Must learn to spoll.
12016-11-15 14:53:56 UTCSomeoneElse Grr. The 55a doesn't go through Clay Cross. Will need to correct...
12016-11-12 14:16:36 UTCwill_p It had indeed reopened when I visited three weeks ago. I didn't notice that it had been tagged as motor_vehicle=no. The section to the west is now being reconstructed on a new alignment.
12016-11-12 13:49:24 UTCSomeoneElse It used to match the old "Dayrider" area, and the old "Plusbus" zone which was based on that. When the Dayrider area was made smaller and Dayrider+ introduced, the Plusbus zone was reduced to match the smaller Dayrider area, so this area matched none of the public transport area...
12016-10-08 18:29:18 UTCYorvik Prestigitator You might have broken the 142 and 143 bus route relation continuity
22016-10-08 18:31:33 UTCYorvik Prestigitator and
32016-10-08 21:59:40 UTCSomeoneElse Well spotted, thanks.
42016-10-08 22:07:20 UTCYorvik Prestigitator No worries, sort of thing I often inadvertently do.
12016-09-17 23:54:39 UTCpete404 Thanks!
12016-07-04 13:01:14 UTCSomeoneElse "sport=model_aerodrome" sounds like a bonkers tag, since it's an aerodrome for models, rather than an aerodrome which _is_ a model. However the tag is documented (badly) on the wiki in and is (after tagfiddling by one of the ...
12016-07-03 18:33:24 UTCYorvik Prestigitator thanks, sadly that looks like it was one of my typos.
12016-06-20 17:20:30 UTCSomeoneElse The second duplicate wasn't down to MAPS.ME; it was a duplicate hospital tag on the main building. The hostpital is already mapped as .
12016-06-15 10:06:19 UTCSK53 You never added the name! (done now)
22016-06-15 14:25:51 UTCSomeoneElse D'oh!
12016-06-07 15:40:55 UTCrainertest rainertest (my is my online-name) is as "silly" as SomeoneElse.

I do not feel offended by your freedom of speech.
For your information: I do not enter TESTDATA. The places are real and are discussed in the OSM community.

I hope in this discussion we remember the meaning of the wor...
22016-06-07 16:21:44 UTCSomeoneElse So what exactly is "Dragoneye-Place" then?
32016-06-08 07:58:29 UTCrainertest Do you speak German?
Here you can find the ongoing discussion:
br Rainer
42016-06-08 12:31:24 UTCSomeoneElse I don't see anything in that discussion that suggest that these in any sense actually "exist". Both and the linked suggest that they don't (specifically "nein, dazu gi...
52016-06-09 09:18:26 UTCgeow We should only add data, that is valid and verifiable and not (at best) disputable esoteric features.
12016-06-05 19:11:39 UTCSomeoneElse D'oh. The comment should say "now open" not "not open "!
12016-05-13 19:32:56 UTCSomeoneElse Note: As suggested on , I've asked whether a "Kosovo" community sub-forum can be created (see ). That would be an ideal place for discussion; but until that's created I'd suggest that an...
22016-05-13 19:36:12 UTCSomeoneElse A couple of useful links: The changes over time to tags can be seen at .
The OSM Foundation's policy on disputed names is at .
12016-05-08 17:27:55 UTCSomeoneElse Er, "move to locator" should be "moved to description" of course, and there should be a "source=survey" on the changeset.
12016-02-08 22:43:42 UTCSimonRedding Hi there! Just noticed that this is tagged as the Compass when it's the funeral home. The Compass is the large untagged building next door. Any objection if I retag these, merging the nodes in with the building outlines?
22016-02-08 22:54:15 UTCSomeoneElse Sure - please do!
32016-02-08 22:59:12 UTCSimonRedding Cool. Probably do that tomorrow now - it's just round the corner from our house...
12016-02-08 22:47:17 UTCSimonRedding Fair enough...
12016-01-01 13:54:27 UTCSomeoneElse ... and also moved Brian's milestone to the edge of the road from inside a field.
12015-12-24 13:12:50 UTCSomeoneElse Oops, inadvertent changeset comment. Should actually have been "Ditches near Spalford from OSSV".
12015-11-27 21:17:21 UTCSomeoneElse FWIW I'm not entirely convinced by the "separate footpath" to the north, but that's by a local so I've left it :)
12015-11-09 08:53:55 UTCR0bst3r Hi SomeoneElse, you've added the tag residential=residential at It looks like construction=residential or construction=yes?
22015-11-09 09:12:08 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - it was probably intended to be construction, but may actually be complete now, so I've added fixmes in . There were actually other tag problems with the other two areas there too.
12015-09-16 21:57:18 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 34072039 where the changeset comment is: Reverted at request of author as a test
12015-09-10 20:11:30 UTCSomeoneElse Also adding Cuckney Hay Wood as "landuse=forestry" (to distinguish the managed area, including cleared sections, from the area covered in trees)
12015-08-12 07:25:50 UTCFellRnr57 While 'Staffordshire Moorlands Walks' isn't a unique name, it is a name used on waymarks on the route itself and on other maps e.g. OS 1:25000. For theses reasons I still believe the use is valid and useful to map users.
22015-08-12 09:19:00 UTCSomeoneElse It's a tricky one - I've always found the OS's inclusion of "Staffordshire Moorland Walks" rather odd (they don't do it with the equivalent "Derwent Valley Walks" in Derbyshire, for example). There's no suggestion that the indvidual footpaths along which the "Staffordshire ...
32015-08-12 10:57:54 UTCFellRnr57 Thanks for the link, though it did not seem to make anything clearer in this particular instance. I do see the name as the name of a route. I am not particularly concerned about the inclusion or otherwise of the name. I do agree that it causes the area - "to light up with Staffordshire Moorl...
42015-08-12 11:09:18 UTCSomeoneElse You're more local to the area than me, so if you reckon that "Staffordshire Moorland Walks" are worth mapping as a route I'd go for it. I did initially try keeping track of SMW signs as I do for e.g. Staffordshire Way ones, but couldn't get any sense of where the route "went". ...
12015-07-23 15:18:51 UTCmanof25 Yes I have been into this store and, unfortunately like some other Waitrose stores, there is no customer toilet or cafe in the Southsea branch.
12015-07-06 01:05:59 UTCSomeoneElse Well that didn't work. I'll have to have a look in more detail about what is needed to have the name rendered on the largest of the outers only.
12015-07-02 10:14:20 UTCSomeoneElse2 (email test)
12015-06-30 20:54:53 UTCSomeoneElse The other bit of this changeset was nudging the nodes near the Coach and Horses roundabout to better match traces and imagery.
12015-06-07 17:57:00 UTCSomeoneElse A quick note about the "tree" edits in Clipstone - dividing the area into smaller areas of different sorts of trees means that there's no single "Clipstone Forest" label currently. I'll add that back (probably as part of a larger "landuse=forest" area that includes par...
12015-05-24 21:31:56 UTCSomeoneElse I'm gradually surveying Clipstone and breaking up the large "forest" area into smaller "natural=wood" areas with details of tree types (leaf_type and usually a note). When more of the old forest area has been done I'll re-add landuse=forest around the whole of it and move the na...
12015-05-14 16:46:31 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I would dispute that is an official sign from Yorkshire Housing, just someone being grumpy and as there is no indication that North Moor Gardens (southern section) is a Private Road then it would need an official sign to have any authority.
Even then the written cyclist dismount is only advisory un...
22015-05-14 16:55:06 UTCSomeoneElse It did look like an official sign from Yorkshire Housing. It wouldn't surprise me (given the history of the area - until surprisingly recently post-war prefabs) if it was a private road.
32015-05-14 17:05:46 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Sorry, worded that badly, I was disputing Yorkshire Housing's right to create such a regulation, than whether it was genuinely their sign. But if you think it might be a private road then I guess they are allowed to be so anti-cyclist.
42015-05-15 08:17:23 UTCSomeoneElse ... and I suspect it'll also apply to the northern bit too (though I didn't get chance to look for a sign there).
12015-05-10 12:18:53 UTCSomeoneElse In more detail:

I walked past where should be / have been and there was nothing obvious there. If you want to add historical places, add them to OpenHistoricalMap. was already mapped as h...
12015-05-06 18:34:42 UTCSomeoneElse Note that there's an argument for "name" to match "name:sr" rather than "name:sq" on . See and .
12015-05-01 21:14:19 UTCSomeoneElse Does the path run through the gate at ?
22015-05-01 21:16:03 UTCSomeoneElse No, there's a stile.
12015-02-27 13:10:21 UTCSomeoneElse ... as neither are signed at the end. More survey needed to check things around here.
12015-01-22 03:02:11 UTCSomeoneElse If there's a discussion to be had about making this section of the A595 secondary rather than primary (like Oxford High Street) it needs to be made on talk-gb or similar, really.
12015-01-22 00:03:18 UTCSomeoneElse (continuing changeset comment) - the rest isn't separate so added as cycleway=opposite_track. Also removed a section of duplicate footpath / track, and added a fixme to the footpath, which looks iffy.
12015-01-17 13:07:13 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - something went a bit wrong with here (a zebra crossing within a station in Croydon, England). It somehow got joined to a railway line. I've unjoined it.
12015-01-05 18:03:15 UTCSomeoneElse If et al need to be reverted, then revert this changeset and first.
12014-11-07 17:36:16 UTCYorvik Prestigitator The "hole" at top of New Lane is coming up on keepright as an untagged way - is it meant to be an island in the residential landuse?
22014-11-07 17:36:46 UTCYorvik Prestigitator way 300655231 for clarification
32014-12-09 18:04:26 UTCSomeoneElse Sorry I didn't reply to this - unfortunately people are only subscribed automatically to changesets from the time that changeset discussions were turned on, which was 2nd November I think.
12014-11-18 23:12:56 UTCSomeoneElse (continuing the changeset comment)

There are several routes signed down here; a Staffordshire Moorlands Walk is one, the Staffordshire Way is another. It's not named either of those.
12014-11-05 17:47:39 UTCSomeoneElse (physically, that is, rather than just bridleways)
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