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12018-01-05 22:28:47 UTCndm I've partially reverted this -- if it's now a house, then there's no need to delete the whole building.
22018-01-05 22:32:03 UTCChrisHodgesUK @ndm I attempted to select just the post office but must have got it wrong
12017-03-14 01:05:34 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Chris, I think you need access:conditional=yes@(Mar-Oct) and also access=no

This gives a default of no access to systems that only read the access value. You could swap the details and give the closed months instead of the open months, depending on whether you want it to default to closed or o...
22017-03-17 16:34:37 UTCChrisHodgesUK Thanks Mike, that's logical -- and thanks for following through on the fix, I haven't checked this account much in the last few days. I wonder if it will propagate to cyclestreets now you've fixed it, as I've been caught out (I've raised it with them as well -- after all, it's odd to have a nationa...
12017-02-16 20:12:20 UTCndm Has this been surveyed directly -- if it exists but is disused it shouldn't be deleted, but simply changed to disused:amenity.

Is the "Frome Valley Voice" a suitable source of copyright info for OpenStreetmap?
22017-02-17 20:15:16 UTCChrisHodgesUK ndm the shell of the building has been turned into flats (personal observation -- I pass it every day). There's no trace of a pub any more. Not sure what copyright has to do with it -- I was citing it as a source of information not copying anything (maybe that's too much of a Wikipedia viewpoint)\...
32017-02-17 22:47:03 UTCndm Great. Was a bit confused -- when I upload from Josm I use source=survey for items I mapped from a visit/GPS & source=Bing for tracing outlines, etc.
42017-02-20 13:03:46 UTCChrisHodgesUK @ndm I'll try to do that in the future -- as you can see I'm only an occasional contributor so don't necessarily have a feel for the done thing here
12017-02-16 20:08:27 UTCndm Has this been surveyed directly? The source URL you've quoted on "Sainsbury's Local" links to a Google map.
22017-02-17 20:19:04 UTCChrisHodgesUK I've been there in person (with my GPS running). The source link was where I obtained the hours and phone number; noscript blocked the google map so I didn't know it was there until @ndm told me
32017-02-17 22:47:38 UTCndm Great.
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