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12017-07-18 07:02:29 UTCSafwatHalaby Why did you do this? The location of this place is public knowledge:

This isn't some top-secret base that must not be shown on maps. Reverted:
22017-07-18 07:03:45 UTCSafwatHalaby I may have provided the wrong link.
32017-07-18 07:07:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Yes. I provided a bad link. Could someone confirm the existence of this place?
42017-07-18 07:10:15 UTCSafwatHalaby I apologize for the premature revert. It was marked "bad" in osmcha and I saw "ramat hasharon" at that link. Should have checked further.
52017-07-18 07:16:57 UTCSafwatHalaby There are lots of online indications the place is there, e.g. here:

It likely exists.
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