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12017-11-30 01:08:30 UTCrene78 Hi happy-camper, I think many of those newly mapped service roads are not accessible by the public. Maybe it makes sense to add access=private?
22017-12-04 16:44:51 UTChappy-camper I see your point, thanks for bringing it up!
12017-11-28 22:43:20 UTCJaLooNz Hi,
May I check why are the service=driveway type classification removed in the edit?
22017-11-30 23:01:21 UTChappy-camper I removed the service=driveway tag because this feature doesn’t seem to qualify as a driveway per the OSM policy: “The main ways on the parking lot, connecting multiple service=parking_aisle should be mapped with highway=service only”
32017-12-01 11:48:30 UTCJaLooNz The Wiki is just additional information suggested for tagging presents, it does not strictly mean that it is the absolute or most correct way of tagging (especially when applied to local context). You may freely edit the Wiki to update or clarify the tag present.

In this case, these paths are def...
42017-12-04 16:43:56 UTChappy-camper I can see how that makes sense in the scenario. Thanks for the input!
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