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12018-06-15 16:38:40 UTCSK53 A2 through Carnlough up to where Largy Road rejoins to the N is marked as having a height limit of 3.8m. This seems a little unlikely as I cant see any bridges on the road at all. It also doesnt appear in the NIDirect list of low bridges (although a non-bridge height restriction may exist independen...
22018-06-15 16:42:15 UTCSK53 Not to worry found it!
12017-12-04 19:57:19 UTCSK53 I know it's a hell of a long time ago, but I just wondered if you remember anything about the post box on Thomas St, Armagh? Just reviewed my survey images and realised there's no sign of it on the street itself.
22017-12-04 19:57:52 UTCSK53 To make life a bit easier, this one
32017-12-04 23:34:38 UTCmackerski I recall it being wall mounted
42017-12-06 13:34:00 UTCSK53 I've re-found it! Was on a later photo in my survey. It's now a lamp box outside Sainsbury's which I've now added
12017-06-13 13:25:42 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 This building ( ) appears to be in the middle of a field and near a farm
22017-06-13 14:16:29 UTCmackerski The change set appears to relate to some old ODbL cleanup. I may have done a tagging fix or something on this node, but I have no knowledge of the POI itself. I do see buildings nearby that are consistent with the label, but I'm not prepared to move the node without a real source. I have added the l...
12017-01-15 23:46:22 UTCSK53 Having Dunleary coming up in Nominatim searches instead of Dun Laoghaire seems very anachronistic. But then Kingstown would be a hell of a lot worse!
22017-01-16 08:29:43 UTCmackerski It would be anachronistic if Dunleary wasn't the name in daily use by most people. But it is. The vague similarity between the spellings of the Irish and English names coupled with an initiative to get people to move to the Irish name has led to an odd situation where people say "Dunleary"...
32017-01-16 09:33:08 UTCSK53 And I thought you'd just tell me to change my browser locale settings.
12015-11-30 10:12:13 UTCGerdP Hi there!
Please explain this change. My understanding is that motorway_junction was correct.
22015-11-30 10:33:51 UTCmackerski Hi. It's not correct - the motorway_junction tag is only appropriate for an exit from a controlled-access road (doesn't have to be a motorway). Everything about the tag is intended to be interpreted by, say, navigation systems, as a routing decision point where the only action is to exit, usually to...
32015-11-30 10:51:30 UTCGerdP OK, I agree that motorway_junction is not
really good here. A few days ago there was a discussion about named junctions,
so I suggest to use highway=junction instead.
42015-12-03 00:25:48 UTCmackerski The bit problem with this idea is that most of these particular junctions already have a highway tag set, highway=traffic_signals. And what we realise, I think, is that the status of these nodes as junction points on this particular route is not their primary purpose, making it problematic to set a ...
52015-12-03 10:23:36 UTCGerdP I have no idea what these ref=* on the nodes mean.
I found 79 nodes with a ref that starts with
"J" in Dublin. Some have the same ref,
some numbers are missing, for example J78 and J80 exist, but J79 doesn't.
52 are highway=traffc_signals
14 are highway=city_junctilon
the others only...
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