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12017-12-06 12:46:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi Joshua
Costcutter should be tagged as shop=convienience.

Cheers Phil
12017-10-20 13:05:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi Joshua, is there anything verifiable here to suggest these are taxi ranks?

Cheers Phil
22017-10-20 13:10:41 UTCjoshuaowen Hi Phil, These are all the pickups for taxis for southwater with it being pedestrianised. I work within the taxi industry so i know these are the spots areas for taxis
32017-10-20 13:11:58 UTCjoshuaowen there is also a rank by the bus station but it is closed due to road works so it is currently send over to the tgi fridays.
42017-10-20 14:05:22 UTCtrigpoint Thank you.
The tagging in OSM does seem very limited, I would assume that amenity=taxi referred to a taxi office and there would be a way to tag a taxi rank in a different way (maybe use highway=taxi_rank in the same way as a bus stop). But this is the way the wiki says.

Cheers Phil
12017-10-20 08:55:32 UTCtrigpoint It is just Wilco, it does not belong to someone called Wilco :)
22017-10-20 09:07:04 UTCjoshuaowen never thought of that haha. ive changed it now
12017-10-19 12:03:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I would expect the name Wilko rather than Wilkinsons these days. Probably tag it as shop=homeware although its one of those difficult ones.
Cheers Phil
12017-10-14 09:31:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi Joshua
Thank you for this edit, I've been thinking I need to wander around it with a GPS. is a service road, it would be good if you could split it where it connects to Yew Tree Meadow and extend Yew Tree Meadow to join Queensway.
Cheers Phil
12017-09-29 14:09:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of Telford Estate, those who live there say they live in Monkmoor.
12017-09-21 12:00:38 UTCtrigpoint Power league is a very odd surface, I assume it should be in name?
12017-09-21 11:54:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi
In OSM we have a rule of one feature, one object in OSM. See,_one_OSM_element
There is only one hospital, so different departments should not have an amenity-hospital tag.
Please remember that OSM is a geographic database, so please do not map to ...
12017-09-03 14:39:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, Maddocks Social Club should be tagged as amenity=social_club. It is misleading to tag it as a pub as it is not open to the public.
Cheers Phil
22017-09-03 15:13:17 UTCjoshuaowen I have had a look and i cannot find anything actually saying social club. I can find social facility if that is better? i assumed pub would have been suitable as half of it is open as a pub its only the snooker club half that is not open
32017-09-03 15:45:08 UTCtrigpoint I have done a quick check and The Maddocks Club certainly refers to membership so it is certainly not what most would consider a pub.

You do not have to stick to the limited set of tags offered by one particular editor, you can choose your own.

For example the Social Club is used 530 times, ht...
12017-08-30 11:47:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this has gone a liitle wrong.
Please do not add buildings inside buildings, for example A&E is not a building. You could maybe add a node for named departments, but please do not abuse the name field of objects. Names you have included such as main entrance are descriptions and do not belon...
12017-08-29 11:38:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM, You seem to have undone the change from Staples to Office Outlet I made after a survey. Why did you change it?
The signs on the building were changed and Staples no longer exists in the UK.
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