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12017-04-25 04:40:06 UTCToeBee Given your other removal of a path in this area, I am also questioning this one. I see a couple of GPS traces along it. Do you personally know this area? I will restore this path as well for now. Please chime in if you really have first hand knowledge that it should be removed.
12017-04-25 03:31:41 UTCBHSPitMonkey Could you please revert this change? I spent a lot of time documenting this important, difficult-to-navigate trail and I don't agree that it was incorrect (or that it needed removing).
22017-04-25 04:29:17 UTCToeBee Agreed. I do not see why this should be removed, especially given that this seems to be a blind edit (without even looking at satellite imagery). I have reverted this changeset.
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