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12017-12-05 17:11:51 UTCHarald Hartmann And please have a look at your values:
there's any building=bunglow, instead use building=bungalow
This was already mentioned and commented by
12017-12-03 10:56:17 UTCmueschel Hi,
you've added 777 buildings with a misspelled tag: "builing:levels" instead of "building:levels". Could you have a look and fix these?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-05 16:04:35 UTCHarald Hartmann I have informed the DWG to block him, because he still uploads these wrong keys (and value)
12017-12-04 11:57:54 UTCandrewsh Hi,

Thanks for your edits.

According to, it should be building=bungalow, not building=bunglow (sic: missing "a").

It would be great if you used the correct spelling for your future edits.
22017-12-05 11:21:10 UTCmueschel The same holds for 2700 buildings with the tag "builing:levels" which should be "building:levels".
And there are buildings mapped twice, e,g, around 7th Commercial Street.
32017-12-05 11:26:36 UTCandrewsh Indeed, I haven't noticed that.
12017-12-03 19:11:10 UTCuser_5359 Hello! Please check the writing of your keys! I think it should be written building:levels instead builing:levels.
12017-12-03 09:18:15 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Arshan Arshan. In this and other changesets you have used the misspelled key `builing:levels`. I think you should clean up your changes.
22017-12-03 09:27:31 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Arshan Arshan again.

Could it be that you and Hashaam doing some imports?

Please have a look at

Hashaam has mapped "buildings" as node (a little bit uncommon), and you now map the building outline around it?
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