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12018-06-07 19:43:51 UTCnathan206 making sure editor gets the comment and not the publisher
22018-06-07 21:00:20 UTCherriotto Hi, I received, but anything else you need?
12018-06-06 21:16:07 UTCnathan206 test 1
12018-05-17 14:31:57 UTCnathan206 testing comments
12017-12-14 17:23:55 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 Hi! You added a long terrace on the sea front in this changeset. However you made a mistake with splitting it up. You shouldn't put the untagged ways in the middle. It's better to make lots of buildings, which are glued together.

JOSM's terracer plugin can make this easy.
22017-12-15 17:23:49 UTCherriotto Nice one Rory, I'm still getting to grips with some of the tools and plugins available. Which "untagged ways in the middle" are you referring to? Thanks
12017-12-07 04:25:31 UTCDavid Dean Hi herriotto, can you confirm that the source you are getting the roads from can be licensed to be used in OSM?
22017-12-07 16:58:15 UTCherriotto Hi David, thanks for reaching out to confirm. I found the license here - Please me know if the wiki needs to be updated or another change in License has occured. Cheers, Oisin
32017-12-08 01:31:43 UTCaharvey That link is for TMR. The website doesn't work for me, could you please point to which service this data came from?

QTopo from DNRM has not allowed their CC BY data to be used in OSM. See the thread at
42017-12-08 01:33:36 UTCaharvey Further the TMR "permission" seems to me a bit weak legally. I'd suggest we try to get the OSMF CC BY waiver signed, and if not don't use TMR data.
52017-12-08 21:34:40 UTCherriotto Hi aharvey, thanks for getting in touch. I had a look on the OSM contributor page, and this looks to be compatible with the guidelines explained there. To confirm, would the right place to get clarification on the lice...
62017-12-08 21:59:10 UTCaharvey It's just QSpatial is run by Department of Natural Resource and Mines which didn't grant the extra permissions OSM requires. That said I believe TMR did have a state roads dataset, so i guess it depends which dataset you used and which agency published it.

All else fails a local survey is undispu...
12017-11-22 02:39:26 UTCaaronsta Hi herriotto,
This changeset has been reverted:

Please make sure to verify your edits, you should not be using outdated third party information to do editing. ESRI imagery is more outdated than MapBox imagery for this location. You should not be ...
22017-11-22 19:16:52 UTCherriotto Hi Aaronsta,
Thanks for the feedback. I left my earlier comment before seeing your explanation. In terms of looking at the most up todate tile set for an area, is there somewhere to check the age of the tile assets? I right click on the tile for info, but am not finding any dates to verify earliest...
32017-11-23 10:58:30 UTCaaronsta Hi Herriotto :)
FIrst off, sorry if I came off a bit too harsh previously! It is fantastic to have someone editing in this area!

It is a bit hard to work out imagery dates, as you could have one date for an image in one area, and several kms away it could have been taken on a different day.

42017-12-04 22:25:02 UTCjharpster Hi Aaron, Thanks for all the detail. Question about the road hierarchy. How closely do you model the OSM roads to the 'official' hierarchy as defined by the government in WA?
52017-12-07 16:52:42 UTCaaronsta Generally it should be an exact match.

Urban Areas:
primary distributor = trunk or motorway (motorway is a controlled access road (i.e only slip-roads to enter and exit the road, no houses, driveways or traffic signals))
distributor A = primary
distributor B = secondary
local distributor = te...
12017-11-03 16:07:28 UTCOmnific Please explain why you removed these due to privacy concerns. Nothing here is private date, just a building with basic information, no names or personal data.
22017-11-03 16:30:15 UTCherriotto It was an incorrect use of 'privacy' on my part. While it is private property, there was no attached information which would casue concern, so I was incorrect to remove the buildings. thanks.
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