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12018-04-11 06:57:18 UTCTomas Straupis highway=construction
says that it is a construction site.
says that after construction is done, it will be a highway=trunk/primary road.
So it is not necessary to remove construction=xxx tag from roads which are under construction.
12018-02-23 16:39:22 UTCYury Yatsynovich Остановка "Ледовый дворец" явно не на своем месте.
22018-02-23 16:39:49 UTCYury Yatsynovich Я про вот эту точку:
32018-02-23 20:43:55 UTCJay May Хммм ... Не помню что-бы я когда-то трогал остановки в Молодечне ... тогда даже не понимаю об чём вы говорите :)
42018-02-23 21:02:58 UTCYury Yatsynovich Да, странно: история правок говорит, что эта точка была смещена именно в результате ваших правок 6 месяцев тому, до этого она находилась на правильном месте...
Кроме ...
52018-02-23 21:50:36 UTCJay May ??? Я даже не знал, что такой тэг вообще есть! ... ну, странно, странно...
12017-12-09 09:03:20 UTCTomas Straupis You've made changes to some tags, but not all. Now references to cultural heritage are wrong, as well as attraction tags ar wrong.
22017-12-09 09:09:24 UTCTomas Straupis To be more clear. Event (baptising) is not a physical object. Physical objects are: church and complex of buildings. Only physical objects are mapped.
Tourism guide could have info, that Pilsudsky was baptised in Church X, then you look up Church X to find the place.
32017-12-09 11:24:45 UTCJay May O kur čia apie tai rašyti?
42017-12-09 11:32:00 UTCTomas Straupis Apie tai, kad šioje bažnyčioje buvo krikštytas Pilsudskis, galima rašyti į description ar description:pl žymą.
52017-12-10 17:52:35 UTCJay May Done. Patikrink jei viskas tvarkoj, ypač lietuviškai.
62017-12-10 18:12:10 UTCTomas Straupis Patikrinau, viskas tvarkoj (pataisiau nedidelę lt klaidelę).
12017-11-09 08:12:26 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo обьяснить почему удаление КПП Возможно название неверное но что то же здесь есть
22017-11-09 08:27:16 UTCJay May Не уверен, что понял вопрось. Я не удалил никакого КПП. Это было 2 месяцёв назад, и так что я помню там была другая категория. Теперь там как надо - barrier:border control
32017-11-09 16:38:56 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo полигон amenity=customs был удален Анализатолр правок показал четко
42017-11-09 16:40:51 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo и где это написано что вместо полигона пункт пропуска надо подписывать автобан ? на несколько километров
52017-11-09 17:05:22 UTCJay May Customs = таможня. А там нету таможников, только пограничники. Поэтому правильно (и сразу видно на каждым OSM-gps ) barrier:border control.
Там нету автобана. Это дорога в терене пункт...
12017-10-12 21:55:14 UTC4004 Isn't it "operator=BelToll"?
22017-10-13 06:25:49 UTCJay May What do you mean? That is what I wrote, right? :)
32017-10-13 22:03:44 UTC4004 yeah, you did, but you also added name=BelToll, Jay. Is it really necessary there? It could be argued it's not really the name of the node
42017-10-14 10:33:49 UTCJay May From a driver’s point of view it is more than useful, especially for drivers wanting to bypass as many toll booths as possiblr. I know what you mean, but I’m afraid putting the whole name “BelToll toll booth for buses, trucks, and non-Customs-Union cars” would not be effectiv...
52017-10-14 17:32:16 UTC4004 I see your point, but I'm just not sure this is correct tagging, adding a name tag just so this is easily discernible on the map. Technically speaking, all public road tolls on Belarusian roads are run by Beltoll, so one should assume it's Beltoll when noticing a booth tagged. To confirm this, "...
62017-10-16 06:23:08 UTCJay May There is still a lot of things to agree on those BelToll things. Some people are tagging it "toll=no, toll:hgv=yes", which I don't agree with because all cars which are not from the Customs Union need to pay. We must find a way for that to be reflected on OSM. Are you participating in the ...
72017-10-16 21:19:22 UTC4004 tagging the toll key is another matter (although an important one), I was originally concerned with the usage of name tag here
12017-10-02 17:25:24 UTCyaugenka Jay May, my changes did not delete the previous data, whereas your reverting messed everthing up! There are now duplicate data. If you are doing reverting, do it wisely!
22017-10-02 17:51:43 UTCyaugenka I do not mind if you put the previous "name:* values but please be kind to correct the mess and restore the new values I added.
32017-10-03 16:48:12 UTCJay May The values you added were wrong. The only thing called „Hudahaj” is the train station. Those villages are called „Stancyja Hudahaj” and „Maly Hudahaj” respectively. Why should I restore wrong data if I’ve been there a couple of times, the latest of which was...
42017-10-03 17:33:39 UTCyaugenka Read this document from the district's government website:

I moved the values from "name" tags into "alt_name" tags and put names from the document into the "name" tags....
52017-10-04 09:10:07 UTCJay May Your threat of reporting the above to the DWG is absolutely ridiculous given the fact you are the one who has been reverting my changes without/before even asking why I made them, and thus you brought more confusion. Your behavior is contrary to the good practice of OSM, which pretty much puts your ...
62017-10-04 12:41:55 UTCSomeoneElse Er - I'm confused...
That document appears to be a document in Russian listing some village and settlement names in Russian. It merely confirms that these places have Russian names (which no-one disagrees with) as well as Belarusian names (which in this region I'm sure no-one disagrees with either...
72017-10-04 17:51:28 UTCyaugenka @SomeoneElse, that is exactly the case which we were explaning to everyone in defence of Russian names in the "name" tags - almost all offical documents and maps are in Russian language.
This document is on the govenment website, govenment exacutive authority of the Ostivetskiy disctrict ...
82017-10-04 18:57:00 UTCSomeoneElse @yaugenka As I said, no one doubts that these places have BE and RU names. What I was asking about was your change of e.g. to lose the "Станция" part of the name (regardless of language).
Separately to that, from looking at htt...
92017-10-04 19:33:21 UTCyaugenka @SomeoneElse, I'm not argueing about the use of the languigies right now. I just explained that regardless of that the document is in Russian it is an official one.
The official name of the both settlesments is "Гудогай" without the "Малый" and "Станция&q...
102017-10-04 20:02:57 UTCSomeoneElse It's perfectly possible for 2 settlements (with different names) to be part of one larger admin area - I live in a place exactly like that myself.
112017-10-04 20:15:29 UTCSomeoneElse Also - on the "official languages" point, there are many places in OSM where the "official" language isn't the one used by people and on signs locally, and as per it's the language used by people and o...
122017-10-04 20:41:06 UTCyaugenka Sorry, I do not quite understand why we are discussing the use of language here. How is it related to the difference between "Станция Гудогай" and "Гудогай".
132017-10-04 21:07:25 UTCyaugenka You can also look up the names in the official registry of settlements at
Here is a screenshot from there
142017-10-04 21:22:17 UTCyaugenka If we talk just about the use of these names, then try to search for "Станция Гудогай" or "Малый Гудогай" on the web and you will get "п. Гудогай" and "д. Гудогай" instead, like on this wiki page
152017-10-05 11:16:56 UTCJay May If the values are wrong, I still don't see what I should keep them as they were.
I've corrected many mistakes on OSM where the ending was not the proper one or the name was wrong (just as in this case). I haven't seen districts of one locality signed whatsoever. For instance, Bialkiški use...
162017-10-05 17:31:44 UTCyaugenka I'm greatfull for your contributions but mapping settlements from signs is not enough. The reality is constantly changing. Some settlements get annexed by larger ones or become independent or are renamed or cease to exist at all. And road signs are always going behind these changes.
For example, Bi...
172017-10-05 18:23:12 UTCSomeoneElse > So one must always double check it
> with the official registry.
I can't comment about Belarus directly but "What people refer to a place and how they classify it" and "how something is treated officially" are often very different in OSM. In most places the former get...
182017-10-05 19:13:21 UTCyaugenka There is not a single settlement with "admin" tag in Belarus. All settlements are mapped with "place" tag and correspond to official registry. The prority of mapping for us is actually the law, then the registry and then the signs. Because first comes an official act (e.g. about ...
192017-10-06 06:24:36 UTCJay May Bialkiški was marked as a neighborhood by myself :)
There is one thing I noticed in Belarus (very similar to Lithuania and to Ireland): ZIP codes seem not to be used ... Maybe it would be good to find them and map them?
202017-10-06 07:42:37 UTCyaugenka Bialkiški was marked as a neighborhood by myself :)
xm.. the history says it different
212017-10-06 08:19:14 UTCJay May Ah, rightttt. Looks like this Georgij also knows about this.
However, I am the one who created the relation between Bialkiški and Astraviec.
You are welcome to have a look if I did it the right way.
222017-10-06 16:22:39 UTCyaugenka Not quite. It would be correct if the area of Bialkiški was outside Astraviec. Astraviec would then consist of two separate polygons like in this example
But Bialkiški is within Astraviec, i.e. one polygon is within another and this will...
232017-10-07 20:20:52 UTCyaugenka I have fixed the alt_name*s of Гудогай by myself and submitted a request to our state authority to provide the name of the official act according to which the names were officially changed.
242017-10-09 11:12:01 UTCJay May O.K. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised they are not even aware that those 2 villages have slightly different names ... I'm pretty confident their answer will be very interesting to read.
252017-10-13 16:13:10 UTCyaugenka Here is there answer
They say that the addressing system (which includes the registry) was formally launched in 2012 and the villages have always been named in the registry as "п. Гудогай" and &quo...
262017-10-13 18:49:21 UTCSomeoneElse However, the law doesn't affect how we generally map stuff in OSM - it's what's on the ground that matters.
Don't just take my word for it, either - here's an answer to a similar question elsewhere: .
272017-10-13 19:10:11 UTCyaugenka I understand the on the ground rule and do not insist on changing the name right now but they may and are likely to correct the sign soon. Is anyone going to travel there from time to time to track the change for the map to stay up to date?
282017-10-13 19:30:26 UTCSomeoneElse > Is anyone going to travel there from time to time to track the change for the map to stay up to date?
To be honest, it's how I keep stuff up to date where I live. Obviously (as Canadians on OSM lists point out regularly) that's less applicable to places with a significantly lower population d...
292017-10-13 19:58:47 UTCJay May I will be there in a week or two.
About what you mentioned above on the ground rule regarding India: English has been chosen despite being a minority language because it is a language that is displayed in every roadsign, no matter the language of the province. Same for Ireland or the non-Brussels b...
302017-10-13 20:33:54 UTCyaugenka Imagine your need to make a business trip to this village and got a ticke to "п. Гудогай" - that is the name which is used in all documents and on the web. So you search for that name on the map but don't find any because on the map it is named "Станция Гудогай&q...
312017-10-14 10:38:54 UTCJay May ...and then they arrive on-spot and see „Станцыя Гудагай” written in Belarusian, which makes them really wonder what exactly is wrong with those names ... Neither the language, neither the full name correspond. „Что сделать...”
322017-10-14 11:24:35 UTCSomeoneElse For info, there's a widely-used tag for the "official name" of places: .
332017-10-14 11:37:39 UTCyaugenka What is the sense of introducing one extra tag when 99.99% of names correspond to official ones and the remaing 0.01% is a \tneglect of the authorities who did not change the sign properly?
342017-10-14 11:40:20 UTCSomeoneElse Feel free to corretc me with actual numbers, but my impression so far is that a _very high percentage_ of names in OSM in BE don't match the names on the signs. One of the arguments put forward was that they are official names.
352017-10-14 11:43:44 UTCyaugenka >my impression so far is that a _very high percentage_ of names in OSM in BE don't match the names on the signs.
Can you give some examples apart from "Гудогай" where the names mismatch?
362017-10-14 11:55:11 UTCSomeoneElse Well, the DWG was sent lots of photographs of roadsigns and placenames in BE that in OSM are mapped in RU.
372017-10-14 12:16:46 UTCyaugenka We are not talking about the use of languages here, are we? This discussion is only about the correspondence of signs to official names. Both russian and belarusian names are official.
382017-10-16 05:53:16 UTCJay May I wouldn't say "What is the sense of introducing one extra tag when 99.99% of names correspond to official ones". Given the number of wrong names I corrected on the Belarusian soil, I would say up to 80% of the names do correspond .Let alone the language question - many times the name in R...
392017-10-16 07:59:48 UTCyaugenka >I would say up to 80% of the names do correspond
Please provide examples of the 20%.
402017-10-16 11:50:19 UTCJay May I've changed so many of them that now I won't remember everything :) Those Belarusian toponyms I had to change were mainly names with "-ызна" finishing with "-ына" in reality and the other way round (a lot of them), Янава called Янова officially (and other such n...
412017-10-16 17:03:18 UTCyaugenka >Янава called Янова officially.
The first one is in Belarusian the second one is in Russaion. So you are mixing languauges here.
>names with "-ызна" finishing with "-ына" in reality
Provide exact examples please.
>Валейкішкі on roadsigns / ...
12017-10-09 12:48:36 UTCjuhanjuku Can you please explain why you changed highway classification from secondary to primary for Rapla — Järvakandi — Kergu?
22017-10-10 05:45:28 UTCJay May Hello. Because I drove there and it is an alternative route to the Via Baltica, just like the road through Lihula. Why do you ask? Do you think it is wrong?
32017-10-10 06:23:46 UTCjuhanjuku Estonian OSM community has agreed higways classifications. Primary are highways connecting big citys.
Please don't change them.

Also, please don't use Bing aerial images for Estonia because they have big shift. Instead you can use Maaamet images w...
42017-10-10 07:05:33 UTCJay May Hi again
I understood that, which is why I changed the classification. However, I understand what you mean: if you take the road stretches I changed separately, for sure they are not roads connecting main cities. However, I changed that because I have a vistion of routes as a whole. I think it is a...
52017-10-10 07:14:14 UTCjuhanjuku It has been discussion in local OSM forum and about roads classification in Estonia and agreed to stick to wiki definition. It was common decision, so please don't change them.
I reverted your changes.
62017-10-10 07:16:38 UTCjuhanjuku Official classification from Estonian authorities:
72017-10-10 08:37:36 UTCJay May What about the Western Rapla bypass?
Where is that local agreement? Not that I want to discuss the reverting of all this stretch, but I would like at least the town bypasses to be signed higher than parallel roads leading through city centers
P.S: thanks a lot for your suggestion about maaamet.
82017-10-10 13:12:47 UTCjuhanjuku Discussion about road classes was in local OSM forum.
In Estonia we have permission from Maaamet to use state official data. Roads classification around Rapla you can see here:,6537584.08015333,551605.020142087,6...
12017-10-06 07:52:41 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello JayMay. At
you have tagged
But i couldn't find `py` in
Is it a typo?
22017-10-06 08:17:28 UTCJay May lol Thanks for highlighting it.
It was supposed to be "name:ru", but I had forgotten to switch the keyboard before writing "ru" so it was writen in Cyrillic as "ру". :D :D :D
I've just corrected it. If you see similar mistakes ru/ру made by myself (sometimes I wan...
12017-10-01 17:31:24 UTCyaugenka Hi. Can you tell why this hamlet was changed to suburb?
22017-10-02 05:42:00 UTCJay May Because it is a suburb and not a village. When you drive there, the Narbuty village limit is precisely where Zarečča is mapped.
32017-10-02 06:10:56 UTCJay May Now, you are welcome to revert the changes you made.
42017-10-02 17:16:30 UTCyaugenka All our official documents say that Заречье is a separate hamlet. Did you ask people if the hamlets were united into one? It is possible that the sign was put into wrong place.
12017-10-01 17:54:20 UTCyaugenka Please do not delete "place" tag from relations/ways.
22017-10-02 05:39:43 UTCJay May ? What are you talking about?
32017-10-02 07:52:12 UTCyaugenka Here are some examples where you deleted "place" tags from hamlet boundaries. Later on I moved all tag info into the relations.
42017-10-02 09:00:27 UTCJay May Are you sure it was me? I usually never delete this kind of info unless I want to create a new item or create a new relation between the built-up area and the name of the place (but 3 months ago I didn't even know such things exist ...)
52017-10-02 14:27:28 UTCJay May I see nothing wrong here.
62017-10-02 17:02:27 UTCyaugenka It is not possible to identify settlement boundary if there is no "place" tag in it. So it is very wrong to delete this tag.
12017-10-01 19:32:23 UTCyaugenka Hi. Please note that alternative names should be put into "alt_name:" tag instead of in breakets of the "name:" tag. Thanks.
22017-10-01 19:45:46 UTCyaugenka and btw where do you take those alterantive names from. I cannot find any reference in our office documents about such names
32017-10-01 19:51:07 UTCyaugenka If those are old names, they should be put int "old_name" tag instead.
42017-10-02 05:40:57 UTCJay May All my sources are in my profile.
52017-10-02 11:58:22 UTCyaugenka It is not good putting pre-Worl War II names into "name" tag. They should be put in old_name tag instead.
12017-09-22 13:28:32 UTCJay May I do not understand why my changes have been reversed.

On wiki (, it is clearly indicated:
- Highway=trunk: "The most important roads in a country's system that aren't motorways. (Need not necessarily be a divided highway.)"
- Highway=pr...
22017-09-22 14:35:46 UTCToeBee You commented on your own changeset. Whoever reverted your changes isn't going to see this. You need to find the changeset that changed the classification back and comment there. Also, I will say that using a proper changeset comment explaining why you changed the highway tag might make it less like...
32017-09-22 15:16:08 UTCJay May O.K. I will revert those changes manually as I don’t have JOSM. Thanks
12017-09-22 07:05:56 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Jay May. At you have tagged `hg` instead of `hgv`, right? #typo
22017-09-22 07:34:45 UTCJay May Hi Harald :)
Yes, it was a typo. It was supposed to be "hgv" :)
Thanks for highlighting that. I corrected it.
12017-09-21 13:31:27 UTCSomeoneElse For the avoidance of any doubt - Google Streetview isn't a valid source for OSM (the licence is incompatible). Obviously you may be mapping things from local knowledge here (and just saying "they really do exist; you can look at GSV if you don't believe me!"), and this data has been delet...
22017-09-22 05:41:32 UTCJay May Hi Andy. I’ve already been acknowledged with this fact a couple of months ago, after what I stopped using GSV for OSM immediately; but thanks for your reminder. Kind regards. Jerry
32017-09-22 05:42:45 UTCJay May P.S.: in this case I hadn’t used GSV, but I wrote that because one specific user from LT kept deleting my changes and I was angry...
12017-09-15 08:13:31 UTCLidaCity вандал!
22017-09-15 08:30:01 UTCJay May ?
12017-08-09 10:15:17 UTCjuhanjuku Why you connected waterway and highway with node?
Node: Valka (LV) - Valga (EST) (5022787218)
22017-08-09 10:49:40 UTCJay May Sorry, I do not understand your question... Where exactly?
32017-08-09 10:53:42 UTCjuhanjuku Select below in your changeset node
Node: Valka (LV) - Valga (EST) (5022787218)
and you see the place
42017-08-09 10:57:53 UTCJay May I am unable to see the exact place.
Anyway, I don't remember merging a waterway and a waterway with a node. So it is most probably a mistake from myself. Could you please correct it?
52017-08-09 11:04:41 UTCjuhanjuku Its border point where highways Semināra iela & Sepa intersect with stream Varžupīte.
You can see error in Osmose.
I can correct it.
62017-08-09 11:08:52 UTCJay May Aaa. now I see it. Actually my aim was to merge the border point on the bridge so it is in phase both with the national LV/EST border, as well as with the river (Varžupite). However, that border point must be on the bridge.
I was also looking for the Estonian name of that river, but haven't found ...
12017-07-31 15:45:14 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain all the name tags of this node?
I doubt it has this name with '3.5 t'
22017-08-01 07:13:29 UTCJay May Hi :)
Sure! This is for people using OSM-based GPS apps (ex.: to know which lane is for regular cars (≤3.5t meaning “for vehicles with a weight up to 3,5 tons), and which one is for trucks (TIR, abbreviation of Transport International Routier, is understood by every truck driver u...
32017-08-01 14:30:29 UTCmueschel We do have a clear policy that the name tag contains just the actual name and does not contain any description. For this you can use tags like maxweight or hgv. If tools like do not support this, request them to adapt to common OSM tagging rules.
42017-08-01 17:40:00 UTCJay May One question: what will it change for OSM if those border control tagged names are not visible to regular OSM users anyway?
52017-08-01 18:15:40 UTCmueschel Who is a "regular osm user"? There are hundreds of different maps and tools around. All of them render different things. And for example searching for names gets increasingly difficult if we add arbitrary information to the name tag.
62017-08-01 18:52:38 UTCJay May I'm afraid this is not arbitrary info. It is useful info, otherwise I wouldn't waste my time to look for it and reflect it on OSM. Rules are there as an indication, and may sometimes be wrong Some of them must be changed.
You state the policy on names it clear. I'm afraid it isn't. There are a cou...
12017-07-10 07:44:59 UTCTomas Straupis Do NOT delete name:lt tags.
22017-07-11 09:11:34 UTCJay May Do NOT write in big letters (this shows aggressiveness) and do NOT delete my changes on Kareivių g. Thank you.
32017-07-11 12:11:45 UTCTomas Straupis Please read the manual and stop adding crap data to the map and I will not delete it because I have NEVER deleted any good data.
42017-07-11 16:07:08 UTCJay May You have deleted good data already a couple of times (useful border crossing info, names, and so on), and you thought nobody would discover it. Not only from me, but other users. Stop assuming you know everything better than everyone. Kareivių g. being widened, and such data is useful both for OSM ...
52017-07-11 16:21:22 UTCTomas Straupis I did try showing you your errors, but you bluntly ignored my guidance and continued random mapping. So I have no other option than to revert your changes.
Widening of Kareivių does not need new vectors as there will be no physical barriers. Once again, instead of complaining you should better rea...
12017-06-18 14:22:30 UTCNearo Hello Meijerry,

In this changeset you changed the French name of Maastricht, and the English name of Nijmegen. While these names were used in the past, both cities are currently referred to with their Dutch name. The French and English version are not in use anymore. Therefore I would like to kin...
22017-06-19 06:37:17 UTCJay May Hello Nearo.
As a French guy, I can tell you it is true Maëstricht is not used by the current generation, but I stilll know elderly people who use it.
About reverting changes: I am abroad right now & I can hardly access any computer. Could you please revert those changes for me this time?...
32017-06-19 21:14:59 UTCNearo Hey Jerry,

I just changed the name:fr tag of Maastricht to old_name:fr. Furthermore I found some old documents where Nijmegen is referred to as Nimeguen in English, so I did the same with the name:en tag there.

Kind regards,
42017-06-20 04:22:55 UTCJay May Thanks :)
12017-06-05 10:31:36 UTCTomas Straupis Reverted random destruction of highway classification.
22017-06-05 15:22:41 UTCJay May This is no highway... I have friends living in that part of the city and I drove there 2 days ago. That street is not asphalted, bumpy, and not suitable for big traffic.
32017-06-05 16:21:11 UTCTomas Straupis Please study according to what principles ways are classified. Paved, not paved, bumpy or not has absolutely no influence on classification.
Good rule is to NOT edit what is already entered, because most of the time you're destroying good data and I could one day decide to revert full changesets r...
42017-06-05 18:22:59 UTCJay May Following your logic, Tomas, it means OSM is useless because you can't correct mistakes from previous users nor add forrest tracks for bikers, nor update road classification changes, etc. OSM's advantage is that if any change has been seen on spot, it can be made immediately. If some roads appear 30...
12017-06-05 10:27:33 UTCTomas Straupis Reverted random destruction of routing tag „noexit“.
22017-06-05 15:23:53 UTCJay May ?
32017-06-05 15:52:54 UTCJay May What is that "noexit" tag?
42017-06-05 16:22:45 UTCTomas Straupis If you do not know what that tag is and how it is used, then do NOT change its values.
52017-06-05 18:10:03 UTCJay May First of all: I'm not your child, so please speak nicer to me. I am pretty confident I'm older than you are.
Second: if I touched it not knowing what it is, it means I didn't do it on purpose.
Third: you didn't answer my question: what is that "noexit" tag?
12017-06-05 10:36:52 UTCTomas Straupis Reverted random incorrect classification.
22017-06-05 15:25:38 UTCJay May ? Incorrect classification of what?
12017-05-29 20:04:35 UTCRichRico Hi meijerry,
Thanks for contributing with osm, the names according with wikidata are different the names that you modified
22017-05-30 09:21:49 UTCJay May Are you referring to Janów nad Wilią in Polish and Янава in Belarusian?
Janów na Wilią is available in a couple of sources, among which wikimapia and Янава is the traditional Belarusian name (https://be-tarask.wikip...
32017-05-30 12:11:05 UTCJay May Added "Janów" in alt_name:pl and "Ёнава" in alt_name:be.
For Belarusian names abroad, I will try to add always the traditional name as primary as that is the one that is used by Belarusian speakers (and not simple transliterations) :) Any additional questions, feel ...
12017-05-26 19:00:46 UTCRichRico Hi meijerry
Thanks for contributing with OSM,
I found a changeset in the name of the place:town Salacgrīva according Wikidata Q659665 the name is "name:pl=Salacgrīva" and not "name:pl=salis".
Maybe you have a another explanation for the name Salis.
22017-05-26 19:39:31 UTCJay May Hi! Sure. In this specific case it is wikipedia in Polish (though it is shown as a historical name). I know it sounds more Lithuanian than Polish, but well... you know how it is in PL/BY/LT/LV where Baltic names tend to be mixed with Slavic ones. As I know wikipedia is far from perfect, for other Po...
12017-05-10 19:35:40 UTCTomas Straupis Note that it is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to use Google Maps or Google Street View for OSM. My advice is to revert all changes promptly and read terms of usage of any source you use BEFORE using them. In this case it would be good thing to read Google terms of service.
22017-05-12 07:18:37 UTCJay May Change reverted (it was only one field road ...)
32017-05-12 07:46:45 UTCJay May Btw, I read those Google terms. There is only one mention that may make you think it is a criminal offence (but this sentence is still ambiguous): "No incorporating Google software into other software. You will not incorporate any software provided as part of the Service into other software.&qu...
42017-05-12 08:28:05 UTCTomas Straupis This paragraph is regarding software. Regarding data Google has stated numerous times that it is not allowed to vectorise data from google sattelite imagery, google maps or google street view.
12017-05-05 09:15:01 UTCTomas Straupis Reverted some incorrect changes of stream names.
22017-05-05 13:55:11 UTCJay May Aaaaaaaaa. I wanted to fill them in Polish, not in the "name" tag".
32017-05-05 13:55:27 UTCJay May (I mean: in "name:pl" and not in "name")
12017-05-02 11:27:43 UTCTomas Straupis Changeset reverted, because nothing in it was done according to OpenStreetMap conventions in wiki as well as not according to mapping agreements in Lithuania.
It also introduced wrong routing information as well as other problems.
12017-04-24 11:03:29 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi meijerry,
I came across your edits and noticed while you added the town name, you have deleted the place=town tag itself. Please be careful when you are editing and ensure you are not deleting any valuable data while editing a feature. Thanks!
22017-04-24 18:33:40 UTCJay May Hi Poornima!
Thanks for your note.
How can I see where is the mistake I made? I see only a zone, but not the place itself.
Kind regards
32017-04-26 06:30:03 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi Jerry, This is the node for which you deleted the town tag. You can open the node in JOSM and check.
42017-04-26 08:37:03 UTCJay May Wow, I hadn't even seen I deleted it! Thanks!
12017-04-25 16:16:14 UTCTomas Straupis Atstatytas teisingas (oficialus) gyvenvietės pavadinimas „Elzbietina“.
22017-04-25 18:07:49 UTCJay May O.K. Ačiū
12017-04-25 06:05:21 UTCTomas Straupis Reverted surface to asphalt, because Lithuanian road agency says that is the surface of this road.
22017-04-25 06:19:44 UTCJay May Hmmm. Strange. Last time I drove there it was a horrible dirt road. I will try to check it out one of the next times I drive to Poland.
12017-04-21 10:10:32 UTCTomas Straupis restored incorrectly deleted place=village on node 3093855128
22017-04-21 10:39:29 UTCJay May Thanks. My computer crashed when I was modifying that one ...
12017-04-21 07:07:59 UTCTomas Straupis „(rejon wileński)“ is definitely NOT part of the NAME in any language.
22017-04-21 09:47:05 UTCJay May Which name are you talking about? Sometimes when you add a name in a language it automatically adds some indications like "rejon wileński" and so on. Perhaps it is somehow linked with Wikipedia?
32017-04-21 10:07:18 UTCTomas Straupis I do not use iD. I just see that data had name:pl="Kiemiany (rejon wileński)"
42017-04-21 10:38:06 UTCJay May Hmmm... Strange. Anyway, as I told you - I remember it was made automatically. Perhaps to distinguish it from the village Кемяны on the other side of the border, which is also called "Kiemiany" in Polish. Technology mysteries :D
12017-04-21 07:13:19 UTCTomas Straupis Please do not change local names without knowledge on how they are used.
22017-04-21 09:45:37 UTCJay May Hi. I live in Vilnius, I went already 3 times to Varnikai and I know people in this institution: The official name is Varnikų pažintinis takas and not Varnikų gamtos takas. Moreover, please have a look by yourself:
32017-04-21 10:04:37 UTCTomas Straupis OK. Changed name to „Varnikų pažintinis takas“ on all objects (ways, pois and relation).
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