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12017-11-29 22:59:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering why you added the motor_vehicle=no tag to just this section of road?
22017-11-30 08:23:43 UTCConnor Browning Hi Ginaro,
I added the tag as no Private Hire are allowed through this street, therefore I updated so our map system would not take the drivers through this route
32017-12-02 08:31:46 UTCChris Fleming Hi Connor and welcome to OpenStreetMap - just want to check what your evidence for this is? This side of Princes Street is Open to all vehicles up until Waverley Bridge or certinly was when I was last there 2 weeks ago?
42017-12-04 13:32:35 UTCConnor Browning Hi Chris, see site closure below. Taxi refers to Black Cabs, therefore no vehicle is allowed along the route.;jsessionid=66FF6FDBEC431648A3EE0A7B74A6EAB5?lat=55.953172091099205&lng=-3.189064740358076&disruptionFilter.selectedTypes=ROADWORK
52017-12-04 13:45:48 UTCChris Fleming Thanks Connor - good spot. If I'm looking
at the correct restriction:

Location \tCity Centre
At Princes Street

Traffic management measures associated with Leith Street closure.
No left turn into Princes Street except for buses, taxis and cycles.

Running up to 31...
62017-12-04 14:32:52 UTCConnor Browning Looking at the link, it seems that only Taxi and bus are allowed to use the route. They have prohibited Private hire and standard vehicles from using the route
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