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12017-12-04 00:36:01 UTCtonyf1 Hi. Welcome to OSM. You have changed relation 7125879, which extends 2km south of your new subdivision road all the way to the Peter Murrel State Reserve from natural=wood to landuse=residential. Is this what you intended?
22017-12-07 01:18:15 UTCWarin61 Hi,
I have changed this back to trees .. that is what is observable in bing. Newton3 .. you need to say what you are using for this change - it could be 'local knowledge' - that is very good and will trump any satellite imagery! However the relation, as ronyf1, says covers some areas that are desig...
32017-12-07 02:25:51 UTCtonyf1 Thanks Warin61
42017-12-10 23:28:49 UTCWarin61 Hi,
I have separated the relation into 2 relations. The northern one could be a residential development Relation: 7798537. I have left it as trees, but it could be come landuse=brownfield with things are being built then landuse=residential .. but it needs local input to be certain.
Over to you ...
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