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12017-12-06 00:36:42 UTCPaul Johnson Not sure it shrank so much as the USGS Hydro database didn't have a strong idea what the shoreline was to start with. Good edit, though!
12017-12-01 20:47:45 UTCPaul Johnson Is this new Griffin Park part of the adjacent Griffin Community Park?
12017-12-01 20:46:27 UTCPaul Johnson Might doublecheck if you have some overlap on the ways here. highway=unclassified is the same as highway=residential (but more rural or commercial/industrial); might try highway=service for driveways and parking aisles.
12017-12-01 20:44:17 UTCPaul Johnson Is this just Hall Park perhaps? I do see a smaller playground that could be mapped as well, with the appropriate playground tagging inside the park.
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