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12017-12-08 05:51:52 UTCpete404 Hello,

What street view platform did you use? I am interested in the high quality photos used to get the apartment numbers.
In the future, please add the provider to the source field, (ensuring that it complies with the ODbL) so that others can improve the map further using the provider. See t...
22017-12-08 05:58:51 UTCrl559 I used Google street view with a little bit of walking (I live near the area) to get the apartment numbers. Some numbers were removed so they could add nicer ones, so I plan adding those in the future.
32017-12-08 06:28:56 UTCpete404 >Google Street view
Please review:
42017-12-08 06:32:48 UTCrl559 Got it, missed areas with unit numbers and missing numbers will be edited when I have enough time to walk around in person anyways, so I should be able to use that as a backup source.
12017-12-02 06:18:35 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! I don't believe that "Police Parking" is the name of the way. It describe more an access right. Please read for a better description.
22017-12-05 17:11:47 UTCpete404 (Also) Welcome to OSM! To add, street names are rarely visible on aerial/satellite imagery and thus are usually surveyed on the ground or with properly licensed street imagery (Mapillary, Openstreetcam, etc.).

To my recent survey, I do not recall any other street being named on campus other than...
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