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12017-12-03 09:26:27 UTCConstable hi, please make sure sidewalks are connected to the rest of the road network. Having this one on the map just makes it a little bit more nice looking but it's useless, as it is not accessible by any routing service
22017-12-03 20:19:36 UTCjayfish no worries. i removed it.
32017-12-04 09:16:37 UTCConstable hi there, thanks for your answer, you could just connect it to the roads next to it, if you want I could restore it and show you how to fix it.
42017-12-05 00:06:00 UTCjayfish thanks, i think i'll stick to adding some of the many many missing buildings for now.
52017-12-05 09:06:07 UTCConstable Hi Jay, I've just added it back and connected it to the roads which it goes along.
This is how you did draw it
This is how I connected it to the roads just next to it

All I had to do was to d...
62017-12-06 00:49:43 UTCjayfish ah, i see. i think i was trying to stay true to the map and had no idea about connections and routing. is it kosher to use footpath for these applications instead of crosswalk? should i only use crosswalk for the zebra stripes? thanks for the help & instruction.
72017-12-06 09:11:29 UTCConstable hi, generally speaking you are definitely right, when we edit the map we have to stay true to what we find on the ground. Sidewalks are a kind of a source of annoyance because of this problem they create. There's always been some debate whether to map them as a separate way (as we did here) or to ma...
12017-12-03 09:34:50 UTCConstable Hi, I see you updated this whole residential area, thanks but keep in mind that landuse=retail and building=* tags have different meanings. Buildings have to be tagged only as building=*, while the area containing those buildings have to be tagged as landuse=retail
Looks like you used the landuse=r...
22017-12-03 09:39:23 UTCConstable you can see this area as an example
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