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12018-04-11 03:00:46 UTCchachafish Hello, and thank you for your additions to OSM. In case you weren't aware, a sidewalk or path that intersects with a road, must be connected with a node. For example, at the corner of Airport and Staghorn Drive, Airport and Buckthorn Drive and at the intersection of Clover Basin Drive and Airport Ro...
12018-02-28 09:56:00 UTCchachafish Greetings and thank you for your additions to openstreetmap. I noticed you created a line that pretty much follows along Longmont's administrative boundary. The line is untagged, that is, it has no tags that describe what it is or what its purpose is. Is this line serving a purpose? Thanks :)
22018-02-28 18:04:24 UTCsirpenguin To be honest, I can't recall what it was there for. I think I meant to delete it but it slipped my mind. I think the administrative boundary is a little skewed around town also. Not sure how to go about finding the proper sorcery for it.
12018-02-18 02:06:06 UTCfrenchie2017 Impressive work. Way to go.
12018-01-24 05:27:38 UTCfrenchie2017 Why did you delete the open space parks I put in?
22018-01-24 18:14:20 UTCsirpenguin I'll be honest, I think I was going to put them back in and attach them to a sidewalk, but I forgot! I'm very sorry.
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