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12018-01-12 16:24:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hello BlinkingNora,
Are you sure that is commercial? It doesn't look it on the imagery.
Best Regards,
22018-01-12 16:26:12 UTCBlinkingNora Hello Andy, yes the imagery is rather outdated as a lot of shops and other retailers have opened up right near the Body Shop down the road. :)
32018-01-12 16:34:12 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks! Are there still houses at the western end? If so you could split it in two and have residential at once side and commercial at the other.
42018-01-12 16:35:55 UTCBlinkingNora Hmmm, not sure of the specific details. I'll be visiting next week so will be sure to take some photos to make edits when I'm next back on my PC. (Not sure what OSM editor is available on Android)
52018-01-12 16:38:52 UTCSomeoneElse I've heard people recommend as an Android editor, but not used it myself.
62018-01-12 16:39:31 UTCBlinkingNora My thanks! I'll be sure to check it out sometime :D
12017-12-04 19:53:30 UTCJamesKingdom I have changed this back to grass.
22017-12-04 20:27:25 UTCBlinkingNora "Back" implies it has ever been anything but a park for the last 3+ years.
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