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12017-12-14 15:07:32 UTCfreebeer Hi again!
Great to see that you are continuing to contribute and improving your previous additions!
Just thought I would say thanks again.
(And to date meself, say Greetings to Notlob ;-)
12017-12-04 15:44:36 UTCACS1986 Welcome to OSM.
Edits that are removed ('reverted') leave a trace. Looking at your history this edit today appears to be your only one covering Queens Park. Did you actually save your changes the first time round? Maybe there was some technical issue and your upload failed. Very unusual.
Kind re...
22017-12-05 16:45:19 UTCfreebeer Hi,
Nothing of significance in this park has been removed; you added footpaths that were not mapped until now, but which I can see in aerial imagery.
Is it possible you are using Pokemon Go which used to use google maps until a few days ago? This seems to be a significant issue now for supposedly...
32017-12-05 18:33:48 UTCCyrtor Hi, Sorry guys your right to believe i noticed this missing path through the Pokemon Go app but I was under the assumption it had been using this map service for a long time hence my confusion as to where the road went, anyway il continue to add in paths and such as I notice them.
42017-12-06 15:18:33 UTCfreebeer No need to be sorry, on the contrary!
I'm very overjoyed and grateful that you have confirmed this to me (and some others), as you are the first to reply out of several whom I have asked.
That said, a warm welcome from me to OpenStreetMap, pull up a bollard!
(I in no way speak on behalf of OSM)
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