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12018-03-31 09:28:05 UTCCarnildo It looks like the old mapping of those buildings was an attempt to use the "Simple 3D buildings" system (, but they didn't get it quite right.
12018-01-26 23:36:03 UTCCarnildo Please don't add fake objects to the map -- it just makes more work for those of us who need to clean up afterwards. If you want to map for Pokemon, there are plenty of real parks you can add.
12017-12-05 04:36:47 UTCcougMapper Pokemon GO
22017-12-05 09:02:34 UTCCarnildo A useful technique I've found for mapping apartment complexes and other groups of related buildings is to draw an area around the entire complex, tag it with the appropriate land use (such as "Residential Area"), and put the name on that. It saves cluttering up the map with dozens of iden...
12017-12-04 06:32:14 UTCGlassman The apartment building doesn't seem to match the aerial imagery. Try using a different background image but using the layers icon on the left side of the editor. Instead of Bing, try one of the Digital Globe offerings or the ESRI.

Also, when you draw a building make sure you square it (assuming ...
22017-12-05 04:29:43 UTCcougMapper Thanks for the advice! I am new to this and was testing it on a random apartment building. I hope my new fixes look better!
32017-12-05 04:37:35 UTCcougMapper Pokemon GO
12017-12-05 04:37:25 UTCcougMapper Pokemon GO
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