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12017-12-07 09:10:09 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 Hi! Welcome to OSM! You asked for a review of this edit, so here it is.

You're right, this *is* 2 "paths" on the top and the bottom. (I was there recently).

You've added `footway=sidewalk` to the path, and I don't think that's right, since it's not a path beside a road you can drive ...
22017-12-07 09:45:08 UTCJohnUnr34l Thank you for your reply, If you look at the other pier, the west pier, it is the same and so are the other juts in the water. I have even checked the Wicklow piers and they are done the same way with paths. I agree, it doesn't seem like the right way, but for continuity I thought to keep them the s...
32017-12-07 09:48:00 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 I might take a look later, see if I can clean it up a little
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