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12017-12-07 20:21:48 UTCuser_5359 Welome to OSM! Please don't paint a way between to two address node. Also an address doesn't have the name comibing house numer and street name.
22017-12-07 20:33:05 UTCbigdawwg I did not realize I did what you are saying. I would appreciate it if you would help me correct it. I was just trying to create a private road with two residences on it.
32017-12-07 20:50:31 UTCuser_5359 Excuse me if I was technical. I can show, what you added: Between the end of the road and booth address node existed two ways without any description. I deleted this way. If this should be a driveway to the houses, the tag highway=service is missed. But notice an addre...
12017-12-07 20:26:22 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please notice an address is part of the building instead of the highway.
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