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12017-12-11 21:29:02 UTCCarnildo In case you haven't noticed, you can change the background imagery you're using by clicking on the "background settings" tab (the one that looks vaguely like three stacked sheets of paper). In Spokane County, the "Esri World Imagery" option is much sharper and better-aligned tha...
22017-12-11 21:42:23 UTCCaptain_Phil Thank you so much, that is so much better than the default.
12017-12-07 20:57:33 UTCCarnildo Thanks for the addition!

In my experience, actual speed limits on offramps are rare. Is this one a legal limit (a white sign), or an advisory speed limit (a yellow sign)? It makes a difference in how they should be marked on the map.
22017-12-07 21:05:19 UTCCaptain_Phil It's a white DOT speed limit sign. Drivers at my company know this offramp very well as the company GPS says it's a 30mph zone even though the signage says 50.
32017-12-07 21:21:02 UTCCarnildo Okay, thanks for the confirmation.
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