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12018-04-08 10:22:07 UTCrickmastfan67 And here's a news article link for anybody interested in seeing exactly what happened:
22018-04-08 10:23:59 UTCrickmastfan67 It also seems that they have Electric Avenue (for now) closed WB with the detour route they suggest here: But can't be 100% on that.
12018-02-24 21:03:07 UTCjleedev Hello, was the label node on Elizabeth Township deleted for any reason?
12017-09-08 20:25:51 UTCRoadsguy Whoops, Source: TIGER 2016 wasn't meant to be added here.
12017-03-14 16:06:28 UTCjleedev I would argue that putting multiple SR numbers on a roadway is complete nonsense here: The entire premise is that it refers to the whole roadway itself, not any particular direction. In particular, if a traffic route continues in an uninterrupted straight line, it's pretty clear that the roadway car...
22017-03-15 02:10:45 UTCRoadsguy I only did that in this one case because internally PennDOT keeps track of that portion of road as two separate one-way roads as if it were dual-carriageway, with one being SR 0011 and the other SR 8027. However, the road has no actual physical divider and is thus a single-carriageway road for purpo...
32017-03-15 12:43:49 UTCjleedev WOW that's confusing. Their interchange diagram does point at that segment, and the distances given are perfectly consistent. It just didn't look right to me. Forward/backward is probably right.
12017-01-25 04:49:21 UTCjleedev Oil City to Titusville is incorrectly under Business.
22017-01-25 15:36:55 UTCRoadsguy D'oh! Fixed...
12017-01-13 23:08:51 UTCRoadsguy I had some conflicts here because I accidentally clicked Cancel mid-upload. It finally uploaded seemingly alright with no validation errors in JOSM, but some stuff MIGHT be broken.
12016-12-30 18:02:46 UTCrickmastfan67 Pretty sure PA-8 shouldn't be classified as 'trunk' north of PA-28. Should stay as 'primary' IMO (except for the freeway section right around the PA-28 interchange of course).
22016-12-30 19:26:15 UTCRoadsguy I was planning on having PA 8 marked as trunk up to Butler, because it's part of the NHS and has relatively high traffic counts, and even the occasional interchange. However, if this goes against common practice, I'll change it back.
32016-12-31 06:18:55 UTCrickmastfan67 Well, I would have agreed with you on this if PA-8 had been built like US-22 is between I-76/I-376 & the freeway section before I-99. But since the only divided segments seem to be around only major intersections, and the only interchanges it has are with PA-28, I-76, the partial one @ Bakersto...
12016-12-30 18:01:33 UTCrickmastfan67 Pretty sure PA-8 shouldn't be classified as 'trunk' north of PA-28. Should stay as 'primary' IMO (except for the freeway section right around the PA-28 interchange of course).
12016-12-04 21:30:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tag "sideb = 25 mph" on
12016-10-28 19:23:48 UTCRoadsguy Mid-upload my computer blue-screened and left the changeset open, partially uploaded. I tried to upload the recovered data layer (in JOSM) but got loads of conflicts, and attempts to fix them resulted in a LOT of duplicated ways/nodes. I think I got everything and the validator didn't complain, but ...
12016-10-22 13:42:53 UTCmueschel Hi, could you check the tagging of these ways?
- 'turn:left' does not exist as a key.
- there are two lanes given in turn, but lanes=1

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