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12018-03-01 16:53:28 UTCblackadder Welcome to OSM, however changeset reverted. You can add the house number to the relevant building outline.
12017-12-07 13:55:57 UTCblackadder Welcometo OSM :-)
You added a duplicate item as a test? Please note when you edit you are editing the live OSM database so please do not use it for testing. I have reverted the changeset containing the edit.
12017-09-14 08:13:25 UTCblackadder This seems to be an error node placement? You added a fuel station at the rear of a residential street. Will revert.
12017-08-31 08:46:39 UTCblackadder Barry, Thanks for contributing to OSM, however I'm going to revert your edit. That section of the canal towpath forms part of National Cycle Network route 5. When we tag we tag for the highest level usage so its appropriate that its set as cycleway. As you say cycling is permitted, as is walking of ...
12017-08-22 09:43:48 UTCblackadder Looks like you tried to make a new edit and inadvertently rearranged the road layout instead. I'll revert to take things back before your edit so that you can have another crack at what you wanted to add.
12017-08-21 13:10:14 UTCRobert Whittaker Did you make a mistake with some of the postcodes in this changeset -- the following three houses have addr:postcode=JAJB
22017-08-21 15:52:28 UTCblackadder Ha, nice catch. Clearly wasn't paying attention! Will fix next time I'm editing in that area.
12017-07-16 21:30:30 UTCblackadder I reverted this changeset as the road layout at Chester Way / Station Road has been changed. I had already updated it following a survey. The layout is much changed from BING
12017-04-26 08:03:54 UTCblackadder Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
You have changed a couple of areas of landuse from industrial/residential to park. Are these actually parks, or are they areas which have now been cleared of buildings ready for redevelopment, or something else? If they have been cleared for redevelopment then we typic...
22017-04-26 08:14:11 UTCRichard Harper 64 Sorry. I was exploring open street map. And these changes were mistakenly applied.

I didn't realise I had changed anything.

Please revert any changes I made.

It was a mistake.

I apologise
32017-04-26 17:37:03 UTCblackadder No problem Richard, thanks for the quick response. Its easy to revert. Don't be put off if you want to add something new to the map (or change an existing item) you know how to do it now, and yes, any change changes the live data database that creates the map.
12017-04-20 19:45:42 UTCblackadder Hi, thanks for contributing. I'm going to revert this edit as you have changed the designation from a cycleway to a footpath. You are correct that you can walk along it as well but that is typically implied (like cycling is permitted on a road). To explicitly state that a route can be walked we add ...
12017-03-14 20:02:06 UTCMike Baggaley Hi blackadder, I know it is a little while ago, but your edit of relation 4292131 (Wharton Retail Park) seems to have left it with an incomplete outline. I'm not sure whether the unclosed line is part of the retail park or not. Can you take a look at ?
22017-03-14 22:41:49 UTCblackadder Looks like my cleaning up was so clean after all! Thanks for spotting. Will fix when next editing in that area unless you get to it first?
32017-03-14 22:42:12 UTCblackadder s/was/wasn't
12017-02-21 09:24:24 UTCblackadder Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for all the new editing. Looking great :-)
12017-02-19 16:08:01 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You have added a couple of pedestrian ways. In the UK pedestrian roads are usually in urban areas, such as a pedestrian shopping street. I think you may mean highway=footway
22017-02-20 10:05:04 UTCblackadder Have cleaned up and added some more detail from BING
12017-02-14 14:35:41 UTCblackadder Welcome and thanks for adding to OpenStreetMap. It looks like you had some minor issues adding those paths in the park as you have some duplication so I've cleaned it up for you.
12017-02-13 17:18:47 UTCblackadder You appear to have made a doodle to the live OpenStreetMap database. I have reverted the edit so no harm done. If you would like to contribute to OpenStreetMap but need some assistance please leave a further comment.
12017-01-29 11:52:38 UTCbrianboru Does this actually exist? If it is planned only then it should be deleted and added when it's complete and visible on the ground.
The layout looks suspiciously likely an attractor for pokemongo!
22017-02-02 09:36:24 UTCblackadder Edit reverted
32017-02-02 10:09:34 UTCAndrewg06 Can you please stop changing the edits I make...
12017-01-27 15:51:14 UTCblackadder I assume these were test edits. Unfortunately you are editing the live database so please be careful with what you add. I'll revert this change but please do add new and valid items to the OpenStreetMap.
12017-01-27 15:48:00 UTCblackadder Hi and welcome to OSM. You appear to have been changing some park area tags including a sports pitch area no natural water. I'm assuming that was an error. If you need some help editing the live map please just ask and we will be happy to help.
12017-01-27 10:54:00 UTCblackadder Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding all the detail within the park. Just be careful to only add paths and other items that are visible on the ground. When don't add routes where you might walk but are not proper paths visible on the ground, for instance it looks like you added one around the footba...
12017-01-26 20:26:44 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added the footpath beside the road. We normally only add the pat separately if the path is really separate from the road with something between. If the path is just next to the road we add sidewalk=left or right or both to the road.

This makes routing by phone an...
22017-01-27 10:42:36 UTCblackadder reverted changeset
12017-01-27 00:32:17 UTCGinaroZ Looks like a house to me?
22017-01-27 10:03:41 UTCblackadder I've reverted this and the earlier edit
12017-01-18 09:53:51 UTCblackadder Was this just a test edit? You are adding to the live database.
I have reverted your entry as it doesn't appear to be a valid entity but let me know if I have that wrong?
12017-01-06 10:43:14 UTCblackadder Change reverted. If you need some help with getting started in adding new data to the live map please have a look at
12016-11-16 12:12:19 UTCRobert Whittaker The postcode of "SW9 8JT" on the houses along Hartford Road, e.g. looks wrong. (SW is south-west London.)
22016-11-16 13:29:07 UTCblackadder Cheers Robert. Typo should be CW. I'm in the process of mapping out Davenham so will fix as I'm doing the addressing.

12016-11-14 11:56:45 UTCblackadder Have set the course name to "closed". Is its still currently physically a golf course I'll leave the golf course tags on for now
12016-08-11 08:14:02 UTCblackadder Hi. This looks like an advert? for your music? Its not appropriate for OSM as it is is but if you wanted to add and tag your studio then that's fine, assuming its a fixed building location, and I can help you with that. Just comment here on what you were wishing to do.
22016-08-11 09:43:20 UTClostmike This appears to be a car park.
32016-08-12 14:04:53 UTCMichael David Curley MikeCurleyMusic is a known recording studio in Earlswood/Tanworth in Arden. Also known local within community. Indications of emails identifying exact address details as a car park are factually incorrect. The establishment at point of contact is. Thank You Very Much.
12016-01-25 10:00:56 UTCblackadder Thanks for contributing. I tidied up your edit and added some of the local buildings. Is the new apartment block also called Shorley Court or does it have another name?
22016-01-25 17:04:02 UTCyatessteve The pub has been converted to
Flats 1 2 3 4 and the apartment block continues 5 6 7 8 9 10 the whole complex is Shorley court
32016-01-25 17:32:18 UTCblackadder Cheers. Have added that info.
12015-05-12 08:18:04 UTCblackadder Hi, thanks for contributing to OSM. I've reinstated the abandoned railway line routes as we do keep these in the data. I also did some further tweaks and updates in the same area. Hope to see some more contribution from you in the area? Cheers, Andy
12015-03-24 13:55:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the purpose of this area?
22015-03-26 09:19:47 UTCblackadder Have reverted changeset
12015-03-11 11:01:54 UTCblackadder Changeset reverted. Objectrs already in OSM database.
12014-11-19 10:48:27 UTCblackadder Have reverted this changeset as no local discussion. Will reveiw with the Mappa-Mercia folks and other local mappers to see if any changes are required to places within the Birmingham authority area.
22014-11-19 11:01:00 UTCGraham Asher That seems an odd thing to do. It's perfectly clear from the tagging guidelines that 'village' and 'hamlet' should not be used for subdivisions of an urban area; 'local discussion' won't change that, and if inconsistencies are introduced because of local pressure that reduces the value of the map da...
32014-11-19 12:18:03 UTCblackadder Not at all. The wiki is not authoratative. By reverting I'm simply giving those, including myself, who live in Birmingham the chance to review whether any changes are appropriate. The majority of these place names were added years ago before there had been discussions about suburbs. Also suburbs hav...
42014-11-19 12:32:59 UTCGraham Asher That's good. I'm glad the matter is now up for discussion, because it is a serious problem. My personal involvement arose from attempts at geocoding, where I very much needed to distinguish detached places from parts of conurbations. It would be marvellous if every suburb, city, town, and so on was ...
52014-11-19 15:36:42 UTCblackadder ha, alas life is never that simple. In reality many places keep their own identity and never consider they are a suburb. In some cases if you were to infer to a local that a place was a suburb of another you would probably get lynched. The meaning of "place" has much wider connotations tha...
62014-12-15 09:53:24 UTCblackadder Just a quick update. We (some west mids mappers) discussed this at our social at the beginning of the month. We are looking over all the place names in Birmingham to check for status and inconsistencies and expect to make some changes in the next month or so.
12014-11-19 11:10:41 UTCblackadder Changeset reverted. Sutton Coldfield is now officially called a Royal Town again
12014-11-14 09:49:05 UTCblackadder Have reverted this changeset as the previously added not:name should be Cooks Avenue as that is what the OS believes it is.
12014-11-12 11:00:39 UTCblackadder This edit has been reverted. No station platform in the location added.
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