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12017-12-17 10:04:42 UTCMateusz Konieczny Sorry for bothering you about an extremely old changeset - but why is not tagged as highway=steps? What is the meaning of steps=yes here? See for more cases (I considered armchair mapping...
22017-12-18 02:58:42 UTCinas Hi. It means the normal thing. Its a pedestrian footway linking two roads, with steps making it unsuitable for cycling (without dismounting - of course).
12016-10-28 05:32:36 UTCWarin61 Hi
navigationaid= rather than naviagationaid
22016-10-28 05:36:18 UTCinas ta
12016-04-03 01:05:23 UTCinas This changeset created Wills Reserve, near Crookwell. From imagery, there doesn't appear to be any conservation reserve there, the boundary crosses roads, farmland, and residences, with no indication the land is special in any way. Is there a source?
12016-03-29 12:39:36 UTCinas I notice this changeset changed Crookwell from a GNB town to a GNB locality. This isn't the case - Crookwell is still a GNB town. There is also a locality Crookwell. Was this a scripted change?
22016-03-29 22:05:41 UTCTheSwavu No this was a manual edit. I did a comparison between all of the place nodes in NSW tagged with ref:nswgnb and checked to make sure that their place:nswgnb were still correct. These are all the places that needed their place:nswgnb changed to "LOCALITY".

In the case of Crookwell the pla...
32016-03-29 22:21:00 UTCinas I'm really sceptical that GNB are changing towns to localities in their database - especially for places like Crookwell. Perhaps we need to understand the changes actually being made to reflect these in OSM.
42016-06-21 14:28:44 UTCCloCkWeRX is still marked as a village, but it doesn't really look too inhabited - is it better tagged as place=locality?
52016-06-22 00:38:52 UTCTheSwavu I didn't change the place tags on any of these only the place:nswgnb:

Personally if a place doesn't make it onto the list of UCLs:

I'd t...
62016-06-22 00:48:22 UTCCloCkWeRX Yup, that prompted it
72016-06-22 04:48:28 UTCTheSwavu Good-O. I won't bother then.
12016-01-24 08:04:37 UTCinas This relation is very ugly, and very inaccurate, cutting across all kinds of actual features.

Can you expand on why it is actually required?
22016-02-09 07:39:30 UTCTheSwavu When you create a job with the OSM Tasking Manager ( you need to specify an area that the job covers.

I was leaving it for the time being in case I needed it again. At some point in the future it could grow up to be the admin_level=7 boundar...
32016-02-14 01:13:15 UTCTheSwavu I've updated this to be the region boundary for Sydney so please don't delete.
42016-02-15 04:19:41 UTCinas It's looking much better now. Thanks for your effort.
12015-10-21 16:43:26 UTCGerdP please review: way 130845148
was changed from highway=footway to
highway=traffic_signals !??
Bing seems to show a small bridge here?
22015-10-21 23:50:10 UTCinas It's just an illusion, there is no bridge here. I've fixed the mis-tagging. Thanks.
32015-10-22 03:34:05 UTCGerdP okay, thanks for the feedback.
12015-07-20 09:42:32 UTCaharvey Hey did you mean to remove the highway=tertiary or the lcn=yes? Because your comment indicates the latter but you actually did the former.
22015-07-20 09:51:09 UTCinas Oops. Yes. Looks like you've fixed it up?
32015-07-20 10:01:24 UTCaharvey Nope, I haven't fixed it. I did pass a footway through the street, so I did make an edit after you, but didn't touch the tags. Are you right to correct?
42015-07-20 11:29:28 UTCinas yep. done.
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