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12017-03-14 00:53:32 UTCMike Baggaley Hi dragon tamer, I notice that you have specified access=staff on way 479717932. Whilst this is perfectly legal, it will not be recognised by any system processing the data because it is not a standard value. I suggest it would be better to put access=private (perhaps with staff entrance or similar ...
22017-03-14 13:37:33 UTCLivingWithDragons Hmm, I thought access=* (any value) was generally accepted and used, although you seem to be right that it isn't.

There was a sign declaring staff only, so access=private losses some information. Looking at the wiki documentation, I'm stuck for a better option so I'll go with that.
32017-03-16 11:21:00 UTCSK53 I generally go with access=private for staff entrances, car parks etc. I'm not sure that a specific tag for staff adds very much, but you could always look at subtagging. I doubt if anyone has tagged various lawns in Cambridge with access=master; access=fellow and access=scholar :-)
12017-02-16 13:55:52 UTCletihu What is
22017-02-16 15:20:19 UTCBeKri Pokemon ?
secret part of Area 5x?
something to delete ?
32017-02-22 23:00:59 UTCLivingWithDragons I think these were wooden post markers with the numbers on. It suggested the woodland area was divided into plots of land. However, I may be wrong and they may relate to the footpaths (or foot routes).

Hopefully someone local will see the posts, or similar ones, and make more sense of it.
12015-11-17 11:37:08 UTCaceman444 Hi, you have unnecessarily duplicated many roads when creating the bus route 20 in Houghton-le-Spring. Please be more careful next time. I have fixed them now in . Thanks.
22015-11-19 10:53:46 UTCLivingWithDragons Hi Aceman. I know I did a lot of cutting up roads so that the route relation members covered only the right parts. Sorry if I somehow created duplicate objects in the process, thank you for fixing it.

If you spot a similar duplicate object by me in the future, please let me know so I can look at ...
32015-11-19 18:00:44 UTCaceman444 Sure, cutting roads is fine, but without making duplicate copies of them. It was only by coincidence (user report) that I found the duplications in Houghton-le-Spring on line 20. So if you did more bus routes in the are, you can check the roads for errors. Thanks.
12015-03-25 15:19:35 UTCHarry Wood We need a twitter <-> changeset discussion link :-)
22015-03-30 12:57:21 UTCLivingWithDragons "Drat, I've just deleted Bishop Langley." was thankfully just a reference to my local copy of the data which was open in QGIS.
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