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12018-03-21 14:43:42 UTCphilippec I know there are mistakes in the Brussels Opendata. Are you sure that is a toilet in the Warandepark ? I pass there regularly at a small distancen and I think I would have noticed it.,50.84386,4.36194
22018-03-21 14:47:54 UTCAlexandrcfif Hi! I don't now about current momebt, cause I don't live in Belgium, but it was there in September. I added it when I was in the park.
32018-03-21 14:59:50 UTCphilippec I'll take a picture next week. Maybe it is only open in the summer. It always looks very closed from far away.
42018-03-23 08:33:51 UTCphilippec
12018-02-22 14:58:50 UTCphilippec Een onbetrouwbare note beweert dat er hier geen viewpoint is.
12018-01-22 14:02:52 UTCM!dgard Een link naar je diary lijkt me niet geldig voor de key mapillary=*
22018-01-22 19:29:51 UTCphilippec Dank u.
12018-01-05 09:03:19 UTCphilippec De AED zou naar het nieuw dienstencentrum verplaatst zijn.
12017-11-24 21:55:42 UTCphilippec
12017-11-21 17:43:23 UTCphilippec I was going to discuss this on the mailing list, but my message did not get through. This AED is outside on the map, but its tag is "indoor = yes".
12017-10-25 17:15:32 UTCphilippec You should not. I have no Iphone and even on computer I cannot verify wetap.
22018-03-23 14:21:34 UTCdieterdreist Hello Bryce, there is an issue with the wetap namespace tags. Tags like wetap:status and object level source tags and wetap:photo should rather be standard tags (to avoid tag fragmentation). The edits I have seen so far are rather old, do you still use these tags?
12017-10-20 21:01:21 UTCphilippec Kunt u wat meer uitleg geven over dit drinkwaterfonteintje. Ik ben er niet van op de hoogte. En werkt het ?
22017-10-22 20:52:34 UTCQuercE Geen idee of het (nog) werkt; ik had het slechts vluchtig opgemerkt in het voorbijrijden. Jammer genoeg geen beelden gemaakt of de werking getest + ik kom daar zelf maar zelden. Voor meer info kan je dus misschien nog best de gemeente Kapellen contacteren?
32017-10-22 21:13:37 UTCphilippec Ik kom één keer per maand in Brasschaat. Ik zal een omweg maken om te controleren. Indien het een fonteintje is, bedankt.
Mensen rijden kilometers voor water. Ik stond zaterdag voor een niet meer bestaande velohersteller met een platte band. Gelukkig heb ik er niet voor moeten om...
12017-08-26 21:17:01 UTCphilippec Amenity police here ? Maybe the secret police ?
12017-08-21 17:20:37 UTCphilippec I don't care about useless things. It is even not possible to wash your feet in it. Or is there a working faucet next to it ? It is not clear on the picture.
12017-08-15 20:19:59 UTCphilippec How do you know that this is a heliport ?
22017-08-16 08:42:29 UTCvlerkmans I know the place in real. there are small light build into the ground as well for helicopters to land at night.
Check google maps, you can see it there to.
I have to admit that it is not a commercial heliport, it is used for paramedics and firemen.
12017-06-03 21:13:28 UTCphilippec On Android, with the app "drinkingwaterfountains" the main purpose is to check the state of repair.
12017-04-18 09:22:35 UTCphilippec Is the drinking water on the Jachtweg Ravels new ? There is nothing to see on the grass in the imagery, even though the shadows are long.
12014-11-14 17:37:49 UTCSomeoneElse I notice that this large changeset removes the "drinkable=yes" tag from e.g. . Was this change discussed anywhere so that anyone previously rendering "drinkable=yes" on a map would no to update it before this change was made?
22014-11-14 17:39:20 UTCSomeoneElse Also, the changeset comment "water" really isn't very descriptive. Much more helpful would have been something like "mechanical editing all amenity=drinking_water to remove any drinkable=yes tags".
32016-09-22 03:56:56 UTCescada Was there any reaction on your questions ? Why wasn't this changeset reverted ?
42017-04-03 10:07:05 UTCphilippec Maybe place a note for Polyglot. That is his territory.
52017-04-03 10:11:10 UTCSomeoneElse @FrViPofm - can you think of a good reason why this should _not_ be reverted?
62017-04-03 20:07:17 UTCFrViPofm @SomeoneElse - can you think of a good reason why this should be reverted?
72017-04-04 21:55:16 UTCSomeoneElse @FrViPofm Yes, it looks like a mechanical edit that removes tags added by other mappers.
82017-04-05 09:41:35 UTCphilippec I think that SomeoneElse deserves a good explanation.
92017-04-05 20:15:00 UTCFrViPofm "looks like" but may not be...
For one who read the doc ( they were 3384 drinkable=* at 2014-04-15. This changeset made 318 changes. Les that 10%. A mechanical edit on less than a tenth ?

102017-04-05 20:33:31 UTCSomeoneElse I'm sorry but you still haven't explained exactly _what_ you have changed or _why_ you changed it. For example, why did you change but not, say, ? Assuming that you haven't visited all of these places...
112017-04-05 21:33:31 UTCFrViPofm I don't remember, it's more than 2 years ago... But I'm pretty sure I had enough knowledge on those nodes, with the tags themselves, according to the wiki. e.g. amenity=drinking_water implies drinking_water=yes. As junction=roundabout implies oneway=yes.
According to Rudolph mentions, they have bee...
12017-02-16 14:07:58 UTCphilippec The trees there.
12017-01-20 21:29:09 UTCphilippec Would crossing=unmarked not be better here ?
22017-01-20 23:45:09 UTCbxl-forever Indeed, I used "uncontrolled" instead of "unmarked". Shame on me because I knew the difference. Many thanks again!
32017-01-21 09:33:13 UTCphilippec There is much to read about crossings and I am not going to specialise in it. Are you sure that place is meant to be a crossing in the OSM sense ? People on the service road would be advised to cross it there, but there are many obstacles there.
I'll also give coblestones to the service road. ...
42017-01-26 05:36:26 UTCescada @philippec: there is a tag called smoothness with which you can indicate the "quality" of the road's surface
12017-01-14 09:38:12 UTCphilippec I saw the Quinten Matsijsput in the Humanitarian layer. It is not a water well and probably never has been a well there.
12017-01-12 19:59:58 UTCphilippec Newspaper article not available any more. Pulhof has been sold to a private person. So there is probably no more drinking water. I did not survey.
12016-10-12 14:14:47 UTCphilippec Bicycle parkings without capacity are of little use.
12016-09-13 16:44:36 UTCphilippec I think it does not exist any more. I will delete the bicycle_parking tomorrow.
12016-09-02 13:17:24 UTCphilippec I prefer not to map these unsafe bicycle stands.
12016-07-11 10:38:32 UTCmueschel Hi Philipp,
you put the key "amenitty" on these nodes. A human might understand, but no software is able to read it with this spelling mistake. Could you consider putting two nodes, one for the shower one for the drinking water close together?
The note "only in summer" could be...
22016-07-11 12:46:02 UTCphilippec Done,
but have you seen the pictures ?
It is clearly one object.
So the renderer becomes smart or people think about drinking from a free shower.
32016-07-11 12:51:56 UTCphilippec I did not find "summer" on the osm wiki, so I made note for it.
42016-07-11 13:12:48 UTCmueschel There are several options, all are not perfect:

- amenity=shower;drinking_water - I don't know any tool supporting that
- two nodes next to each other - not the reality, but all tools and users can cope with it
- two nodes on the same spot - fine for tools, not very handy for editors

Yes, &q...
12016-06-01 16:13:36 UTCphilippec Sorry, wrong description, must be : De Brouckère drinking water wikimedia picture
12016-03-15 16:45:32 UTCphilippec I'll verify one of these days. Where do you get the name from ?
22016-03-16 14:57:26 UTCNoé Stefano The name is just a description of the object
32016-03-16 15:21:01 UTCphilippec So you won't mind if I delete the name. It is a Bayard Lyon model, but I don't find it in the catalogue. It is common in playgrounds as you have to turn it to work.
Brussel Leefmilieu operates those playgrounds, but I don't know if they are responsible for the taps.
I would like a unique i...
42016-03-16 16:56:30 UTCNoé Stefano Alright, as you wish
12016-03-09 14:52:18 UTCphilippec Are you sure of the drinking water amenity on the Houwaertplein. What is your source ?
Also have a look at the notes I placed on Brussels.
12016-03-01 14:47:31 UTCPolyglot I understand, but why didn't you simply drag it over to where you did find it while surveying? Did you by any chance test if water comes out? Or would they shut it down during winter?

Cheers, Jo
22016-03-01 15:23:34 UTCphilippec Yes, I always do while taking the picture. Just as
Of which I have a working photo during summer. There is no tag for winter closure !
I found the quality of the note not good enough to do the extra effort. It should have said "s...
32016-03-01 16:46:05 UTCphilippec And of course, I do not want to add a poi that does not work.
12015-12-29 10:12:21 UTCphilippec That is not a bridge but a water lock ? Only authorised personnel with the key for the gate can pass it if they dare.
22015-12-30 18:09:35 UTCwegspotter Ok, but i do not have the tag for water lock. Fact is that the footpath is right on it... How to tag?
32015-12-30 18:29:24 UTCphilippec No idea, I am just a beginner.
I am even not sure what that structure is.
And I would not call that a footpath. It is just a place to service the construction.
Maybe ask it on a forum. Next time I will take those pictures in HDRI.
My OSM change was probably wrong.
42016-01-05 08:19:40 UTCwegspotter Discussion to be continued, but on the exact location of the water lock is the remainder of an official public footpath. As the passage was visible, I mapped it.I suggest to remap it, but to indicate that the passage is blocked.
52016-01-05 11:07:06 UTCphilippec I do not find "Kapelvoetweg" on Geopunt.
So at this moment people could get trapped in this peninsula if they follow OSM ?
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