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12018-01-03 07:48:25 UTCschadow1 Same issue. Fixed it for your
12018-01-02 12:45:56 UTCGOwin Is the whole building occupied by 7-Eleven, or just part of it?

If it isn't, you should leave it as a point/node, and tag the structure as a retail building (building=retail), and putthe building's name (if it has any), and not the name of the locator.
22018-01-03 03:17:47 UTCschadow1 Made fixes. Please do not duplicate buildings on top of each other. Do not map an area with multiple buildings into a single building. Please terrace buildings if mapping multiple units within a building. Or easier, to just add a node within the building that tags the establishments.
12018-01-03 02:51:52 UTCschadow1 Hello. Buildings are not mapped on top of each other. If there are separate units, you either terrace them or place an address node on top of it. Please let me know if your organization needs assistance on training for mapping conventions.
12017-12-30 16:16:03 UTCschadow1 Thanks for mapping. Although, please use building=house for residential structures. landuse tags is for a wide area purposes.
Please see

If you need any assistance for training of your organization, please let me know so I can assist.

This has b...
12017-12-29 04:40:00 UTCschadow1 please tag houses as building=house and omit landuse=residential as the landuse tag is used for a wide area for residential units.

Fixed it on changeset
12017-12-29 04:04:18 UTCschadow1 Thanks for mapping. Although this is how to tag fire hydrants and not as "drinking water"
22017-12-29 04:13:31 UTCschadow1 Fixed on changeset

Although you can still provide more specific details on the hydrants by referrin to the tag information I posted previously.
12017-12-26 11:02:45 UTCschadow1 Thanks for mapping. Please do not map a whole block as a single building.
12017-12-20 17:37:32 UTCschadow1 heart-heart
12017-12-15 16:45:00 UTCschadow1 You just missed this part. Made revisions
12017-12-15 16:43:29 UTCschadow1 You just missed this part. Made revisions
12017-12-15 07:23:28 UTCschadow1 Thanks for refining the buildings footprints. However, please do not delete the available address data in the process of doing it. Let me know if you need assistance on editing nodes instead of deleting the whole structures.
12017-10-14 20:42:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo addr:place="<different>"
on more than 10000 objects near this area, all created by you.
22017-10-15 09:06:46 UTCschadow1 OMG! Fixing it now. Probably had an error with JOSM literally tagging them as <different>
32017-10-15 09:19:02 UTCGerdP I think I also did that in the past (but noticed it before uploading), but now I am no longer able to reproduce the problem in JOSM. If you can, please open a ticket for JOSM.
12017-10-04 13:18:06 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello schadow1. Where was this import discussed and where is it documented?
22017-10-04 15:34:03 UTCschadow1 Extracted from under the department of information communications and technology (DICT)
Data from DICT is open data due to Freedom of Information Act enacted under Executive Order 2 of President Duterte of the Philippines.
Tags are fixed to comply with OSM convention.
32017-10-04 15:41:32 UTCHarald Hartmann Have you a link to the license of this dataset?
E.g. in Germany we also have OpenData, but most times it doesn't fit or isn't compatible to the ODbL of OSM!
Some items of your import have `internet_access:status=Planning`, so they aren't just really there, right?
And for the future, do you plan t...
42017-10-04 15:44:22 UTCHarald Hartmann And have you ever read the Import Guidelines?
52017-10-04 20:27:09 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52636831 where the changeset comment is: delete undiscussed access point import
62017-10-05 14:37:47 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Given your import being reverted as undiscussed, please discuss it with the talk-ph mailing list first, per the Import Guidelines ( It is already given that before doing any data import, please discuss it with the local mapping community mailing...
12017-09-22 09:20:45 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello schadow1. At you have used a new (and so far unkown) key `width:lane`. Could it also be `lane:width`?
22017-09-22 10:04:08 UTCschadow1 Got it here. But I misspelled too. Should be "width:lanes" Which is best to use for this matter?
32017-09-22 10:42:32 UTCHarald Hartmann If there's a mention in wiki, then i would use the wiki one ;-) And `width:lanes` has got the most usage at
42017-09-22 11:07:53 UTCschadow1 Gotcha :)
12017-09-21 16:02:42 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Thanks for this mapping efforts, but I don't know whether you have surveyed the Ayala Westgrove area. Given the hash tag "#ValleyFaultSystem" on this edit, that looks like it is part of mapping critical areas surrounding the West Valley Fault. Have you been to Ayala Westgrove before you ma...
22017-09-22 07:56:13 UTCschadow1 Ito po ay para sa research na ito na kakatapos ko lang mailathala
12017-08-30 14:23:25 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Mmm, bakit naging magulo yung pagkakamali ng J.M. Loyola sa Carmona? Minapa ko uli ang isang parte non.
22017-08-31 01:44:01 UTCschadow1 Nilagyan ko lang ng ref relation ang N65. Walang ibang binago bukod doon. Anong mali ang iyong napansin?
32017-08-31 06:51:07 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Kung naggawa ka ng relation para sa Governor's Drive, ba't biglang magugulo yung parte ng J.M. Loyola? Baka nang inupload mo yung mga edit mo dito, baka magulo yon ng biglaan. Posibleng nakorap yon, kaya nagulo yung unang maayos na pagkakamapa.
12017-07-08 10:10:57 UTCschadow1 Hello. I assume you are editing using a very old task, 378 and this mapathon is organized through Accenture Philippines referencing from your changeset info. The thing is, there are incorrect edits such as removing all the individual structures and replacing them with one big polygon. These edits ne...
12017-05-08 01:32:01 UTCschadow1 Good work for correctly tagging buildings to its type and not its name. However what is still in correct is tagging a building with a landuse. The landuse tag is used to tag a larger area that is used as commercial, etc.
I'll be fixing these latest ch...
22017-05-08 01:41:10 UTCschadow1 fixed
12017-04-19 04:32:32 UTCschadow1 Please tag commercial buildings as "building=commercial" instead of tagging the specific building with a name=commercial and landuse=commercial. The OSMPH has already been exerting effort to correct the updates made.
12017-04-18 04:52:54 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Found our that "imeeperezveedor" is working at Batangas City's City Planning and Development Office, and make her aware of her mapping activity. Thanks for cleaning up the data, but please view the buildings history touched by her edits, find the previous name before it was changed (does n...
22017-04-18 05:30:01 UTCschadow1 I dont have any contacts in Batangas City LGU and was not able to meet them personally, so I guess the only way to contact the editor is through the discussion field.
I'm currently working on a way to automate the fix as we speak. My previous automation only singled out those that have a name and l...
32017-04-18 06:25:46 UTCschadow1 should be fixed now. found about 7 buildings with valid names in history and reverted them.
12017-04-14 13:42:49 UTCschadow1 Are these really castles?
12017-02-23 14:49:54 UTCschadow1 Same thing. They were curved on purpose to avoid shallow areas.
22017-02-23 15:52:45 UTCInterpubli Ok. It is now corrected.
32017-02-24 07:27:18 UTCschadow1 Thanks!
12017-02-23 14:45:16 UTCschadow1 Very dangerous. Please do not make a straight line out of the original tracks. They were left curved on purpose due to many shallow areas that boats should avoid.
22017-02-23 15:50:07 UTCInterpubli Ok Thanks you for your remark, I don't know how to revert what I did, so I recreated the node!
32017-02-24 07:25:39 UTCschadow1 Thanks!
12017-02-21 11:03:04 UTCtyr_asd Hi. What's the point of those addr:street=<different> tags?

Also: why bother putting on address information without an identifier such as a house number? Wouldn't it make more sense to map the postcode areas and cities as administrative boundaries?
22017-02-22 02:55:27 UTCschadow1 Thanks for reminding. Tagged the addr:street in error.
As for the admin boundaries and address tags, yes, both make sense. The problem is the Philippine government is not yet releasing admin boundaries data with compatible license to OSM. Those available are still based on survey and estimations.
32017-02-22 03:01:10 UTCschadow1
12017-01-25 03:25:10 UTCschadow1 Hello. Most of your edits in this changeset could not be seen from both mapbox and bing imagery. May I know your source? Thanks!
12016-12-20 08:45:14 UTCmaning Hi Ervin, yun ba talga ang mga pangalan ng mga sandbar?
22016-12-20 10:48:52 UTCschadow1 Kapitan Andong of Poblacion 4 in Balabac offered to name some unnamed sandbars to the owners of the first tour operator that helped develop the tourism industry in their locality and has been used since last year. Recently he also offered one to us for mapping their islets and replacing some of the ...
12016-09-25 16:32:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found the tag "addir:province" on many of your buildings. There is a spelling mistake ("addr:...") which should be corrected.

Cheers, Jan
22016-09-26 03:05:09 UTCschadow1 thanks for notifying. typo. fixed now
12016-07-16 05:42:10 UTCseav Are you sure there's a turn restriction here? I've been able to do this turn a few times already.
22016-07-17 08:46:06 UTCseav OK. I saw the no-left-turn sign.

I do think this is a silly move by the LP traffic people. :/
32016-07-18 04:50:10 UTCschadow1 About to reply last weekend regarding this but was not able to get to a computer. Yes the no left turn is silly. My neighbors there are against it. Although it seems the policy is implemented passively and is for PUJs only who wanted to do a short trip. But this only according to hearsay.
12016-06-26 22:46:59 UTCd1754 Somebody had deleted the Ayala Mall Serin Diversion Road and placed houses there that were already demolished. Please advice those people partIicipating on your #ProjectNOAH-ISAIAH not to delete anything because the BING MAP being used is to old. Please compare it to the GOOGLE EARTH before digiti...
22016-06-27 01:11:50 UTCschadow1 1) Please specify the specific changeset that deleted the "Ayala Mall Serin Diversion Road" so we can address the specific issue
2) Digitizing from Google Earth is not allowed in OSM due to incompatible license
12016-06-20 04:03:23 UTCschadow1 Hi Raquel, your edits has also added attributes to nodes (corners of the structures) in this changeset. I have corrected this issue mechanically. But please only add attributes to outlines of structures (ways)
12016-06-17 01:14:30 UTCschadow1 Hello. We do not have an addr:municipality tag standard as of the moment. Please use addr:city for municipalities in the Philippines.
12016-06-09 02:15:09 UTCschadow1 Hi jobrianne. You have deleted 1760 objects in this changesets. I would just like to inquire what were those? Thanks!
22016-06-09 03:49:41 UTCjobrianne Deleted and replaced building traces that were either misaligned or skewed.
12016-04-19 08:22:40 UTCschadow1 Hi audzbonus.
Please do not place tags on node edges of the building (polygon).
Also the area is already at San Pedro, Laguna (check the admin boundary). Use addr:province Laguna and addr:city San Pedro.
Thanks for mapping!
22016-04-19 08:40:23 UTCaudzbonus Hi,

noted. I will edit it again. thanks!
32016-04-19 09:09:06 UTCschadow1 fixed them already. you can go on with other edits. thanks so much!
12015-10-06 21:32:14 UTCseav I have removed the boundary tags from the Philippines treaty lines and Kalayaan claim lines to prevent confusion with the boundary based on the baseline defined by Republic Act No. 9522.

Based on the the text of the 3 treaties, the treaty lines were not meant to be actual boundaries but rather a ...
22015-10-09 14:17:29 UTCschadow1 How can we present the Kalayaan Group as mentioned on RA9522?
32015-10-09 18:59:28 UTCseav The Kalayaan Island are defined as a "regime of islands" in RA9522. Based on UNCLOS, this means that they automatically get a 12 nautical-mile territorial water, 24 nautical-mile contiguous zone, and a 200 nautical-mile EEZ (but only if the island is capable of sustaining habitation on its...
42015-10-10 12:34:47 UTCschadow1 So do we use UNCLOS or PD 1956 as suggested by RA9522. If UNCLOS should we draw a 12nm territorial waters around Thitu, etc similar to what is on Scarborough?
52015-10-10 21:13:35 UTCseav "Regime of Islands" is from UNCLOS so that is what should be followed[1]. So this is similar to Scarborough Shoal. (However, note that Scarborough Shoal's 12-nm line is wrong. It should only be drawn around the rocks that are above water at high tide, and not around the submerged reef.)
12015-08-27 15:48:49 UTCseav Gen. Trias is not yet a city. The cityhood still needs to be ratified by the residents through a plebiscite. See Section 51 of RA 10675.
22015-08-27 16:37:22 UTCschadow1 Plebiscite is just formality. They would more likely vote for it even if I myself would vote against it. But you are correct, it is not yet a city as of this point.
12015-08-11 09:47:18 UTCschadow1 Hello d1754. Admin level 5 which you are currently adding on the town boundaries as per our standard is used for Sangguniang Panlalawigan
While Admin Level 6 is used for town boundaries which you are currently adding on the lines.
For details o...
22015-08-11 09:56:44 UTCschadow1 Here is an example for Admin Level 5 Sangguniang Panlalawigan Leyte 1st District which comprises Alangalang, Santa Fe, Tanauan, Palo and Tolosa
12015-08-09 08:34:55 UTCschadow1 Hello fellow mapper. I've been seeing that you have been adding up administrative boundaries in the map. There are several issues. 1) is that it is redundant as administrative boundaries are already available.
2) they are not properly tagged
3) they seems to be GADM imports which is prohibited to...
22015-08-10 01:33:39 UTCd1754 The data is not from GADM but from NAMRIA administrative boundary map. I think the existing admin boundary map is the one misaligned and inaccurate e.g. the boundary of Dasmariñas and Silang. Biga 2 is still in Silang but the present boundary put it inside Dasmariñas. There are othe...
32015-08-10 03:58:00 UTCmaning Hi d1754, did NAMRIA gave explicit permission to import this data? If yes, then its good news, but, we also need to document in the OSM wiki the process of import and the written permission from NAMRIA.
42015-08-10 08:39:20 UTCschadow1 Thanks for the information, d1754. If that is the case, I would suggest you can post NAMRIA's permission here
And then instead of directly importing it on OSM, you can modify the existing relations for boundaries so as it would not be redu...
52015-08-10 09:30:11 UTCd1754 Ok thanks for the info. Yes, NAMRIA map is not authoritative and they discourage using it for official boundary delineation because of so many complaints and legal issues from the concern LGUs. There should be a disclaimer on its use. I rather not continue the boundary import to avoid complict. ...
62015-08-10 11:14:39 UTCschadow1 I have modified the boundary relations for Cavite by reviewing the bounds you imported and checked and made a search on villages to which town they are included at and extended supposed boundaries if needed. Use the ways, rivers as reference to those that are seems to be not aligned.
12015-08-07 05:34:02 UTCschadow1 Hi Bunny, please maintain the CGT data to my last changeset. They where as its generic name primariliy due to routing compatibility (e.g. Apayao Trail, tagging for ford=yes on river crossings only)
The CGT name is placed as a relation to indicate where the trail is part of. This is also to ensure a...
12015-08-06 11:22:02 UTCschadow1 Hello. I'm Ervin of Schadow1 Expeditions. I'm currently improving your CGT contribution so that it would render properly into tiles of OSM and on the Garmin GPS map I am compiling weekly on my site. FYI.
Do you have complete trail from Conner to Baguio?
22015-08-07 04:03:09 UTCbanito_pinoy Hi Ervin, the complete gpx trail data of the Cordillera Great Traverse (CGT) from Conner to Baguio can be downloaded in the Public GPS traces. You can also download the raw gpx data per section.
32015-08-07 05:25:41 UTCschadow1 Thanks, Bunny! I was able to download it incorporate it in the map. However, I have renamed it to their generic names as making it as one name Cordillera Great Traverse will affect other existing trails and roads where it passes through. Although the relation is created to tag all of them as part of...
12015-07-07 12:56:14 UTCschadow1 Hello! Welcome to OSM.
I have reverted this edit due to duplicates. Existing information regarding KS3 is already available.
12015-06-15 05:30:34 UTCschadow1 Hello. This must be amenity=money_transfer
22015-06-19 01:51:17 UTCxxNear thank you for correction sir.
32015-06-19 02:46:35 UTCschadow1 Saw your latest changeset on this. All is good! Great work! Hope to meet you on our mapping expeditions in the future! Send my regards to G0win
12015-04-29 12:11:27 UTCschadow1 Hello Tim. Reverted this changeset as I mapped this through survey. See
12015-04-25 04:10:49 UTCschadow1 Hello Tim. Reverted this changeset as I mapped this through survey. See
12015-04-18 08:57:05 UTCschadow1 Hello! Please retain naming of bridges under tag bridge:name and the name tag remains for the road.
12015-04-14 14:33:03 UTCschadow1 Hi Ayoo. Thanks for the edits. However, could you please revert your bridge edits in accordance to our Philippine mapping convention, where the name takes the name of the road while the bridge name is placed under tag bridge:name. Thanks!
22015-04-14 17:20:31 UTCAyoo Thank you sir. I didn't know about the said convention. I will revert my edits ASAP.
32015-04-14 17:51:23 UTCschadow1 No worries, sir. You can use that guide for some of the confusing tags we have for the Philippines. Happy mapping!
12015-03-24 13:50:33 UTCschadow1 Hi Rally, did you remove the store refs? Sorry I'm on mobile. Can't verify.
22015-03-24 14:46:13 UTCRally Nope. I just renamed all mispelled 7-11 to 7-Eleven. added opening_hours=24/7 to all branches. (mechanical edit)

I did noticed the ref but didn't bother to look at the values and left them alone. I suppose it's either the Store_ID or branch name? Anyways, please verify later. If there's any accid...
32015-03-24 16:49:13 UTCschadow1 Yup they are store id's. Seems to be all fine. Great job!
12015-01-11 13:26:53 UTCschadow1 hello. your edits will not show up unless you place in specific tags on the nodes and not just its name. for more info on osm-ph mapping conventions, you can go to this link
12014-12-10 16:12:19 UTCwoodpeck You have accidentally classed the Philippine Continental Shelf EEZ as an "administrative boundary" leading to it showing on the map. This is undesirable and creates tension with other mappers in the region. I have changed it to a maritime boundary.
22014-12-11 03:53:17 UTCschadow1 this is noted. thanks
12014-12-09 03:33:58 UTCschadow1 Reverted your edit on this changeset. Please do not create duplicates of existing nodes and add the tag on the existing object.
Proper nominatim for opening hours is using military time with day of the week:
opening_hours: Mo-Su 09:00-:19:00
Thanks for editing.
Changeset made for modification
22014-12-09 03:39:32 UTCschadow1 For more nominatim standards in editing in OSM you may refer to the OSM wiki. The reference for opening_hours tag is below
12014-12-03 09:00:39 UTCschadow1 modified your edit for proper nominatim
12014-11-15 07:13:24 UTCschadow1 Please explain your edits. We are seeing a lot of data being deleted and unnecessary data being added. Thanks
22014-11-17 04:44:34 UTChermano27 i add the road in this area becuse this is another road connecting to purok 6 of barangay I, Daet, Camarines Norte going to purok 7 of the said barangay, ang going also to the barangay chapel
32014-11-17 10:58:47 UTCschadow1 thanks for the reply. I have fixed some of your edits as I saw some major roads that were misaligned. all is ok now. please continue mapping and make sure that if you are unsure of the tags to use, consult the osm philippines mapping convention or ask anyone from us. Regards
12014-11-15 12:12:25 UTCschadow1 Hello. Just saw your edit regarding Camambungan Bibirao. I would be changing it as a secondary road instead of a motorway. You may use the OSM Philippine Mapping conventions as reference for the types of roads. Thanks
12014-11-15 07:19:35 UTCschadow1 Please explain your edits here. A lot of verified data has been deleted and roads has been misaligned. Thanks.
12014-11-11 13:20:39 UTCschadow1 Hi Ivet. Are you working with NOAH? I'm currently seeing a lot of mass edits from you adding up attributes. However it is on a duplicated node on top of the existing node. This shouldn't be the case. Any other reasons why this is what is being done? Thanks.
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