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12018-10-10 13:32:17 UTCSK53 Hi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for updating this data.

I think you inadvertently moved the location to behind Experian on the other side of Clarendon Street.

I'll put it back for you.


12018-10-08 18:39:32 UTCSK53 Hi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I'm a bit at a loss as to what you intended with these edits. As far as I can see each new feature duplicated something which was already present on OSM (e.g., Lace Market Car Park, Broadmarsh, Coco Tang, Caffe Nero etc.) However, your addition on the former Ameri...
12018-09-28 16:17:02 UTCSK53 Please dont do this it is completely unnecessary. OSM stores geographical information: it is trivially easy to calculate the area. Furthermore as OSM gets improved incrementally areas may change, so if you used OSM to calculate the area the value you added might be wrong in the future. If you used s...
22018-09-29 10:09:21 UTCaharvey I agree with SK53, this should be reverted for those reasons.
32018-10-03 08:21:11 UTCxoryo If we remove this, shouldn't we then also remove the other areas from the sea nodes? There are still a few, that is why I also added some sea areas in the past.
42018-10-04 11:42:55 UTCA bird How do you calculate the area when they are mapped as nodes and not areas?
52018-10-04 12:22:25 UTCSK53 The whole point is that these are mapped as points because there is no clear consensus about their boundaries. Any area will be approximate and not guaranteed to be one that others will arrive at. Such subjective information just doesn't belong in OSM. Just because it is possible to add information ...
62018-10-12 11:13:22 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 63451640 where the changeset comment is: revert addition of sqkm attribute to water areas
12018-10-03 15:46:23 UTCSK53 I know it's quite some time ago, but I wondered if the footway ( which you mapped in this changeset is actually a public right of way (public footpath or similar) as indicated by the description? I think since that time we have star...
12018-09-11 09:33:29 UTCVictorIE Is all of this way a stream?
22018-09-11 15:51:23 UTCSK53 Good spot. No looking at the aerial imagery it probably is not (also comparing with GSGS 4136). I suspect I added the stream tag before I cut the way into pieces. It is certainly a stream where it goes under the R241 and the upper road, as I ground surveyed those locations). I've removed the stream ...
32018-09-11 17:03:37 UTCVictorIE Cool.
12018-09-10 13:48:30 UTCSK53 I'm reverting this edit because the building as formerly mapped is correct. As the name of the garden implies it sits on the roof of the building, which is built into the hillside and stepped down on the N side. I should know I worked there.
12018-09-08 18:24:44 UTCSK53 Track doesnt look consistent with aerial imagery (or lie of the land). Might it go in a slightly different direction?
12018-09-04 21:19:36 UTCSK53 Hi Will,

OSM Inspector is complaining about the Shipley Country Park relation. I think the issue is the wood over Coppice Pond marked as an inner which touches the outer way. The map on the DCC website indicates the private area round the pond is smaller than the wood, so it may be an issue of re...
22018-09-05 10:11:47 UTCwill_p I have removed the wood over Coppice Pond from the relation and have added Lakeside Business Centre instead. I don't know why that wood was added to the relation and suspect it may have been accidental. I realise the private area is bigger than the business centre, but don't want to directly copy fr...
12018-09-04 16:20:25 UTCSK53 I'm afraid this is a huge mess. You have added a vast number of pedestrian highways in a stadium, which is incorrect and probably tagging for the renderer. These are presumably banks of seating. I doubt that you got this information from anywhere other than the website of the stadium or some other c...
22018-09-04 17:07:33 UTCbhousel FWIW, I think what stadiaarcadia did here is pretty great and I have no issue with it. I agree it would be nice to say more about it's source. But numbered seating sections just as public as things like numbered parking lots or numbered train platforms? e.g. even if they take this information fro...
32018-09-04 17:36:59 UTCstadiaarcadia Hi, the first row was already included. It was a pedestrian way already, probably because you can walk over the stairs at the lines. I added the missing second and third rows (with the numbers between 200 and 350). I saw that various other stadiums (look at the large Canadian stadiums for example) a...
42018-09-04 17:40:14 UTCstadiaarcadia I am done with all my stadium edits by the way. I'm going to check all my edits for errors, most of my edits which contained errors have already been reverted/adapted. Please give me a little time to improve / revert some of my edits. Only a small amount of my edits still contain errors, I will fix ...
52018-09-04 18:10:20 UTCSK53 I have no problem with micromapping details of stadia, for instance adding numbered areas of seating/rows etc, but they are not routable pedestrian areas. I have changed these to stadium=seating (no idea if the tag is in use, but seems sensible, and keeps the information) and altered the name to ref...
62018-09-04 18:25:54 UTCstadiaarcadia Thanks bhousel and SK53 :)
72018-09-04 19:13:19 UTCSK53 I'm not sure of the best way to map gangways & stairs in the stadium. Probably use highway=footway (not pedestrian) and highway=steps. If these are a large area use area:highway=footway or steps in conjunction with a routeable way (steps in particular may be wide with many handrails to provide ...
82018-10-08 07:08:55 UTCstadiaarcadia I've fixed stadium areas at the MetLife Stadium, but you've made those invisible now. It took me a lot of effort to fix those, I saw that same style at numerous other stadiums. Can you please make those squares/areas visible again?
92018-10-08 15:48:19 UTCSomeoneElse @stadiaarcadia - above you ask "Can you please make those squares/areas visible again?" The answer is yes, but you're going to need to find a custom renderer to show the data. There are 4 map styles visible on There's the "standard" one (which I presume that you're ta...
102018-10-08 17:55:46 UTCstadiaarcadia I didn't start with those squares, I finished the missing ones. Somebody else started with the squares and the numbers, I've added the missing squares.

Can you also check this stadium:

It's probably also wrong....
112018-10-08 18:40:30 UTCSomeoneElse > Somebody else started with the squares and the numbers, I've added the missing squares.

You added . Can you give an example of one that was there before?
122018-10-08 18:54:14 UTCstadiaarcadia Most of the areas in the first ring were not added by me for example.
132018-10-08 18:54:52 UTCSomeoneElse Can you give an example of one that was there before?
12018-09-03 12:41:07 UTCSomeoneElse Please using meaningful changeset comments. Using "Stadium improvements." each time is extremely unhelpful to other mappers.
22018-09-03 12:43:11 UTCSomeoneElse I don't believe that Stoke's stadium is called "bet365 Stadium (Britannia Stadium)". It's called either one or the other - I'd suggest using a name of the current name and another name (loc_name, alt_name or old_name as appropriate) for the other one.
32018-09-03 17:15:30 UTCstadiaarcadia Allright, I’ll add more detailed comments. I think “bet365 Stadium” is the best name, because it’s the official name. “Britannia Stadium” can be alt_name, is that okay?
42018-09-04 16:32:07 UTCSK53 I'd stick with the more familiar name "Britannia Stadium", although it's complicated because that too was a sponsorship name, but the Britannia name lasted for nearly 20 years, whereas the bet365 may be more fleeting. For older stadia not built with a sponsor with naming rights, the old na...
12018-08-30 19:47:10 UTCSK53 Hi, I've just come across the amazing detail of indoor mapping at the RNIB on Judd St. Someone from Guide Dogs for the Blind wants there offices to show separately. I plan to split the building along your indoor ways, but have no way of knowing if I've done this correctly (particularly the rooms on ...
12018-08-19 14:11:28 UTCSK53 Vous avez ajouté deux tags - fishing_water_type et fishing_domain. Dans le wiki je ne peux pas trouver le sens de ces ettiquettes. Pouvais vous precisier les un peu, s.v.p.
12018-08-08 15:43:26 UTCSomeoneElse Any thoughts on what the designation of should be really? There are a couple of "designation=yes" around here...
22018-08-08 16:03:23 UTCSK53 Ones where I could see the green sign from the car, but couldn't read the lettering IIRC. One might be able to make a guess from old maps (bridleways usually shown as a double dotted line), or just possibly geograph images (although this one shows pretty much the view I had from the car http://www.g...
12018-08-06 17:50:06 UTCSK53 Hi, Good to see you adding buildings in the centre of Lynn. In order to say that a building is a shop you dont need to say shop=yes, but can use building=retail. The presence of shops as nodes and shop=yes on the buildings means that the shops are effectively there twice.

I dont know if it is pos...
12018-08-03 13:42:26 UTCSK53 Hi Kev, Can I ping you to check again on the status of what used to @d2? Just trawling through the history of edits to Nottingham pubs & this stands out as open, but without a name. Cheers, Jerry
22018-08-07 11:34:34 UTCkevjs1982 Checked just now, offices for RVS Group on the ground floor. Upper floors are "2 bedroom apartments" coming soon at "74 Lower Parliament Street". RVS showroom is next door still, looks like the apartments may also be above that
12018-07-28 15:19:20 UTCSK53 Hi Brian,

No idea if relation type=bridge is at all meaningful these days (does anything consume it?), but also the ways in the relation making up the viaduct into Moor Street dont join up).

22018-07-30 09:50:40 UTCbrianboru Thanks for the tip Jerry. Moor Street viaduct fixed - I've joined the across member ways to the outline member
32018-07-30 10:31:27 UTCSK53 I'm still not sure about type=bridge, must send an email to the tagging list
42018-07-30 11:55:02 UTCbrianboru it's what comes up in JOSM presets
12018-07-29 15:39:52 UTCSK53 Walton Dam a micropub I think, but like Chesterfield Alehouse not tagged as such.
22018-07-29 16:09:39 UTCSomeoneElse Yes - I'm sure I've missed lots of micropub tags! The "Walton Dam Nation" is a shop conversion - large for a micropub, but restricted opening hours, normal beer lines and normal (but small) pub toilets.
12018-07-29 15:38:05 UTCSK53 Far for me to make a decision, but Walton looks rather more like a suburb than a village. I see it was originally mapped as a village by JonS way back when.
22018-07-29 15:39:43 UTCSomeoneElse Definitely a suburb
12018-07-28 15:50:31 UTCSK53 I'm not sure if you realised when you added a relation for the River Thames as natural=water that you also affected a long-existing relation tagged waterway=riverbank which did the same thing. Consequently some islands are now under water.
22018-08-19 23:41:19 UTCDaveF I believe i was the one who changed rel 28934 to natural=water back in ver 39/40. There was a Tagging discussion a few years ago. It ties in better with other water bodies making it easier to collate water related entities. The wiki indicates it as an alternative:
12018-07-24 16:27:05 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:26:46 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:26:31 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:26:16 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:26:00 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-23 21:55:40 UTCSK53 Hi & welcome to OpenStreetMap,

I'm a little concerned that the turnpike that you are adding does not exist. OpenStreetMap is a common database used by all. If you add things which dont exist, people may make poor choices when driving in the area, it may even be that emergency services use OSM...
22018-07-24 14:54:01 UTCAmaethon Can confirm, Turnpike does not exist, nor are there any plans for a highway in this vicinity. I live in Brantford (nearest town) and travel regional 18, regional 2/53, and highway 403 on a near daily basis. We don't even use the term 'Turnpike' in Canada. Unfortunately, I'm rather new to OSM and ...
32018-07-24 15:52:56 UTCSK53 Many thanks for info, DWG have added a 0-hour block on the original mapper. It looks as though they added fantasy power lines a while back. I will revert the recent edits.
42018-07-24 16:25:44 UTCSK53 Now reverted
12018-07-24 16:25:28 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:07:57 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:07:31 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:07:02 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:06:44 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 15:53:39 UTCSK53 Did you read the message sent to you. Please stop these edits or your account will be suspended.
22018-07-24 16:06:06 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-24 16:05:50 UTCSK53 Reverted in
12018-07-19 13:30:16 UTCSK53 Hi Ben, A big welcome to OpenStreetMap. Great to see someone mapping in your bit of Notts: the Ashfield district tends to be a little too far for regular visits from Nottingham. I drove past about 3 weeks ago, but didnt have time to stop & check the shops along Forest Road.

I notice you've ad...
22018-07-19 15:13:01 UTCBen Shephard Thanks Jerry. I'll give it a go. I wasn't sure if I was adding the house numbers for the semi detached houses properly as 9-11 etc.
12018-07-18 15:50:31 UTCSK53 I dont think St Andrews Church Hall is listed. It's a 60s block IIRC.
22018-07-21 10:34:19 UTCwill_p It is often difficult to determine exactly what a listed building designation covers based on the node and short description in the open data. In this case, the name in the listing data is:

I assumed the 'former Sunday School' bit refe...
12018-07-18 12:13:28 UTCSK53 Hi, Welcome to OSM, and thanks for adding your business. Dog training places are currently not particularly well mapped, but there appear to be two options for tagging this type of facility: amenity=animal_training with animal_training=dog OR sport=dog_training.

I know we have one or two others m...
12018-07-01 08:26:41 UTCndm This is an automated edit that hasn't been agreed I'll revert this in due course and any others that affect local sites. There's no attempt to keep information in old_name or disused: name. Sites with signage should still have name, but I'm assuming you haven't bothered to survey them.
22018-07-03 10:37:59 UTCSK53 Yes, please always discuss this with the relevant local community. In my area we have enough mappers that we like to actually re-survey locations of closed stores.
32018-09-30 11:27:27 UTCBorbus This edit removed the name from Norwich Toys'R'Us. Have you surveyed it to confirm the sign has been removed? We have a note on the map because the sign is still on the building as far as I know.
12018-06-27 14:32:18 UTCwill_p Hi,
Was the change from Costa to LCosta intentional?

22018-06-27 15:01:26 UTCSK53 Naturally not. Vespucci does this kind of odd thing when I'm not looking! For various reasons I haven't reviewed the added data either. Incidentally I surveyed this bit on Sat, but you got your edits in first. I noted that you put DEBRA in all upper case, whereas I'd gone for all lower (although wit...
12018-06-21 15:22:13 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for adding the Scout & Community Hall.

You might be interested to know that you can also add an additional tag to say that this is a community facility. There are two choices: amenity=community_centre, amenity=community_hall. The former gets shown on the ma...
12018-06-21 15:16:49 UTCSK53 Hi Will,

You seem to have inadvertently incorporated an oil well into the fabric of the village hall.

22018-06-22 22:01:31 UTCwill_p I'm not really responsible for this, because I didn't add the oil well or the building. All I did in this changeset was tag the village hall and retagged the oil well from man_made=petroleum_well to historic:man_made=petroleum_well. I thought the oil well required some more checking before removing ...
12018-06-17 11:13:55 UTCJohn-O Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I'm just wondering whether this nursery should be tagged as `amenity=kindergarten` rather than school.
22018-06-17 22:12:12 UTCKurisu112 Hi John,
Nursery is very similar to a Kindergarten.
Nursery is just the English (UK) word.

So I suppose it could sit under Kindergarten.
32018-06-18 13:22:01 UTCSK53 Hi Kurusu112, yes you have two options: the most usual one is amenity=kindergarten (I sometimes I add kindergarten=day_nursery to separate ones which are primarily looking after kids from those doing some kind of teaching like a Montessori School). A alternative is amenity=childcare with childcare=...
12018-06-15 16:38:40 UTCSK53 A2 through Carnlough up to where Largy Road rejoins to the N is marked as having a height limit of 3.8m. This seems a little unlikely as I cant see any bridges on the road at all. It also doesnt appear in the NIDirect list of low bridges (although a non-bridge height restriction may exist independen...
22018-06-15 16:42:15 UTCSK53 Not to worry found it!
12018-06-14 12:30:47 UTCSK53 One bit of coastline is wrong way round, should be corrected soon.
12018-06-02 20:30:52 UTClakedistrict Hi tchaik, why are you replacing the addr: tags with contact: tags? Addresses use the address key and contact is mainly for social media - see and for more info. :)
22018-06-11 12:03:22 UTCtchaik Well, there is no general agreement regarding how to use the addr: tags I'm afraid. The main addresses wiki page [1] says that address informations should be unique (one addr:housenumber per street). Obviously, a building may host more than one POI, sharing the same address. Thus, tagging POI with a...
32018-06-14 12:20:35 UTCSK53 This is completely and utterly wrong. We have well in excess of half a million addresses mapped in the UK on OSM mapped with the Karlsruhe Scheme. The latter is the de facto standard for mapping addresses and is used worldwide (some countries such as NL, DK, EE have complete national addresses mappe...
42018-06-14 12:24:08 UTCSK53 I should also add that we have been successfully mapping addresses of POIs in Nottingham for many years now and have a dedicated application which uses address data.

What you are adovating is a kind of data normalisation (which OSM does not do), which doesnt work an...
12018-05-30 10:28:27 UTCSK53 Hi Bea,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It's always great to see folk adding stuff in Argyll.

I just wanted to tell you a little more about how to get the objects to show up on the map itself. Places with names only will not get displayed. An additional tag (sometimes more) is needed to make this h...
22018-05-30 11:04:50 UTCBea D G Hi Jerry, Yes please, I'm new to this and I will find it a bit too tricky!
Many thnaks, Bea
12018-05-27 13:27:40 UTCSK53 Hi, Just noticed your tweet. Brave man to be wading though rape at this time of year. I initially didn't realise that you are the 'original' Orston mapper. Thanks for cleaning up the NPE paths. If you know something is a PRoW can you mark them with designation tags? Also if you've looked at the thin...
22018-05-27 15:26:20 UTCflint Thanks for the tip, Jerry, I'll try with the PRoW tags... but it's _mighty_ confusing, I must admit.
(And I don't remember doing Orston, but I certainly did map Aslockton, Whatton and Car Colston a long time ago...)
32018-05-28 13:15:36 UTCSK53 Sorry it was you mentioning Orston which caused me to say that. As for rights of way, if you ignore byways & restricted byways there are just two tags: designation=public_footpath and designation=public_bridleway. HTH
12018-05-23 17:01:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, just wonder why you have removed fhrs:id tags from these places. It a very useful tag.
Cheers Phil
22018-05-23 17:13:47 UTCSK53 Yes, please DO NOT remove fhrs:id tags. These relate to Food Hygiene data and are used both for verification of data and for assessing progress of mapping on OSM. See for instance: In addition they also allow the actual scores on the doors to be retrieved ...
32018-05-23 17:17:51 UTCRAC_UK Hi Phil,
The tags are flagged as 'Mismatched fhrs:id tags' on the FHRS/OSM comparison tool website.
Some will have new numbers which I will add over the next few weeks as I take each of the remaining 6 local authorities in turn (Wellingborough is already done)
Let me know if you think there is a ...
42018-05-23 17:47:47 UTCSK53 Hi RIchard,

Oh great, you are fully aware of these. I think this was our worry.

I move them to old_fhrs:id, others might stick disused:fhrs:id. In general it's better to keep them in some form. The reason being is that often the FHRS was the only source of an address. I have a stash of extract...
12018-05-07 17:06:50 UTCSK53 Sorry for writing in English. I notice you use family_head=Fabaceae (e.g., on this tree row, but a better tag would be taxon:family=Fabaceae. family_head actually is mainly used to denote the "paterfamilias" in Nepalese villages. The use of taxon...
12018-05-07 11:09:49 UTCSK53 Sorry for writing in English. I notice you use family_head=Fabaceae, but a better tag would be taxon:family=Fabaceae. family_head actually is mainly used to denote the "paterfamilias" in Nepalese villages. The use of taxon for the author of the taxon is also not typical. Normally it is a s...
22018-05-07 16:44:52 UTCdgitto Hello, I never used such a keys (and don't know their meanings). Try search in the history of the objects: should be some other mapper.
32018-05-07 17:03:49 UTCSK53 Sorry, I realise I didnt review the object history. Apologies
12018-04-30 18:37:52 UTCSK53 In general I would support the wiki's advice on this re-tagging: "This tag is a refinement of power=station and power=sub_station and aims to replace these tags even though they are, at present, much more frequently used. Do not try to automatically change these tags. " (https://wiki.opens...
22018-04-30 19:00:04 UTCrivermont @SK53 I am on mobile atm and do not have the link the the challenge, but each edit was manually reviewed using satellite imagery. I'll try to find the challenge once I am back at my computer.
32018-04-30 22:09:53 UTCrivermont Here is the link to the challenge:
42018-05-02 09:58:02 UTCSK53 Many thanks. I can get in touch with the person who set-up the challenge instead of hassling you! Happy mapping.
12018-04-17 10:00:26 UTCSK53 Have you verified that the maps on the West Gate Tunnel project are genuinely available with a licence suitable for OSM. I can find no licence statements on the website. It is normal practice in this case to assume that they contain copyright material and are not suitable for use in OSM. There are r...
22018-04-18 00:18:54 UTCaharvey Thank you @SK53 for being on top of this! I agree, the maps referenced are Copyright, and don't even appear to be under an open license, let alone with the extra conditions OSM requires.
12018-04-16 14:17:38 UTCSK53 Adding some detail around Charley Woods NR. Flash blocked me from typing anything at end of edit.
12018-04-12 12:03:42 UTClakedistrict This doesn't seem right, are pedestrians and cyclists not allowed? What's your source?
22018-04-12 12:19:16 UTCSK53 At a guess this is another Global Logic edit. See
32018-04-18 22:27:01 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 58217008 where the changeset comment is: Revert all changesets by a group of commercial editors everywhere except North and South America. They "fixed" routing "errors" but hided real errors instead of...
42018-05-09 17:34:10 UTCCasey_boy I can confirm (local knowledge) that this change was inaccurate. The revert is correct.
12018-04-09 10:44:10 UTCSK53 Note that you used amenity=childcare on the day_nursery betwen Cropwell Butler & Tithby. Any particular reason for not sticking with kindergarten?
22018-04-09 11:43:46 UTCwill_p I think childcare is a tag that is worth supporting. I dislike the ambiguity of kindergarten, meaning different things in different countries.

I recognise that with OSM sometimes one has to accept the wrong tag name has been chosen, but not worry and get on with it. In this case though childcare...
32018-04-11 18:08:44 UTCSK53 Funnily enough I have the same problem with childcare for day nurseries because they may be either predominantly education or childcare facilities. OTOH I dont mind synonymy. I think a more significant problem with amenity=childcare is that many of the objects only have that as a tag: amenity=kinder...
12018-04-10 14:37:00 UTCSK53 Why did you delete this object way? 571062879

Did you actually look at the imagery used! These are small islets above the tideline which are hazardous to shipping. They were not previously on OSM because they are generally too small to be picked up by the imagery providers who clip to large coast...
12018-04-10 12:38:35 UTCBCNorwich Hi, could you check Way: 571062876,self_intersection_points,single_node_in_way,duplicate_node_in_way
pretty sure it's accidentally mapped.
Regards Bernard
22018-04-10 14:34:06 UTCSK53 Feel free to delete it. Getting imagery to display for these islets proved a bit tricky in Potlatch
12018-04-06 16:49:27 UTCSK53 A belated welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I have a question because we are looking at the use of oneway=reversible and you used this on the B4038 when adding the speed limit. This looks to me to be a standard two-way road. Is that the case? If so we need to work on improving the options in the editor/...
12018-04-02 10:20:09 UTCSK53 I realise these changes are relatively minor, perhaps that could be expressed in the changeset comment. Changes to several country nodes at once is often a sign of inappropriate edits.

Also, by the way, wikipedia is not usually an admissible source for edits to OpenStreetMap data: it allows exten...
22018-04-03 07:36:41 UTCRobin van der Vliet Esperanto country names for some countries traditionally end in -ujo. In modern general language usage this suffix is replaced by -io. I replaced it everywhere manually based on my own knowledge of Esperanto. I didn't use Wikipedia as a source, I used it as a way to show to other people that the cou...
32018-04-03 09:04:24 UTCSK53 Thanks: having spent a few minutes looking at the changes I suspected this was the case. In this case a more precise changeset comment would have saved us both the effort of these comments.
42018-05-24 22:16:27 UTCVerdizulo Kial vi ŝanĝis tion? Oni jam multe skribis pri sistemoj de land-nomoj:
La sistemo kun -uj- estas pli Fundamenta kaj pli logika ol la sistemo kun kvazaŭsufikso -i-.Estas sensence malsimpligi la lingvon kaj sekvi la plejpar...
52018-10-04 12:41:41 UTCRobin van der Vliet Mi prifajfas logikecon. OSM sekvu la ĝeneralan lingvouzadon. Esperanto estas vivanta kaj praktike uzata lingvo, ĝi ne estas ia teorio.
12018-03-31 12:21:21 UTClakedistrict Could you link to the CCC map data please?

By the way, we've got a little ongoing project to add details to the roads in Cumbria -
22018-03-31 12:48:28 UTCSK53 I'm not sure this is a particularly good idea. This was done in the Highlands and it turned out that many of the local highway classifications were based on physical properties rather than the functional view which is used on OSM. The highway authority might be useful to highlight potential discrepa...
32018-03-31 18:21:19 UTCkreuzschnabel I thought a bit about this but found it useful at last. It is true (and good) that road tagging in OSM is supposed to depict the traffic importance rather than the official classification. From this point of view, Villages like Great Asby or Crosby Garrett being reachable only by unclassified roads ...
42018-03-31 18:46:44 UTCSK53 I would agree that all but the smallest villages should notionally be accessible by tertiaries, and have used it as a rule of thumb when looking at roads in the past: at the very least one road should be feasible for larger vehicles. As I said the two old OS maps + OS Streetview also provide another...
52018-03-31 19:17:27 UTCkreuzschnabel nothing really substitutes for a visit: true. That’s why I prefer to map regions I have already seen, even if its a while ago. Last time I came through here was on my latest C2C in 2012 but I don’t think the roads have changed significantly since. As for the passing places, I actually di...
62018-04-01 09:46:10 UTCSK53 Heatmap of Passing Places
12018-03-31 11:12:29 UTCSK53 Congratulations! Not many folk get to add a significant place in London on OSM these days. Fancy Wood Green having been missing for all this time (at least since 2012). I meant to add it, having checked earlier, but you beat me too it.

It's a judgement call, but some of the place=suburb nodes ar...
22018-03-31 11:37:44 UTChjuk I was surprised about Wood Green too. I agree about Noel Park. I'd already changed Noel Park to a neighbourhood and added an is-in Wood Green. Thanks for your advice re landuse - have now added that too.
32018-03-31 11:46:00 UTCSK53 Looks like Shopping City (aka The Mall) could do with adding too. You can do the same thing; cut up the retail area and have a specific bit of retail area for the shopping centre. For some odd reason the tag for shopping centres is shop=mall.

Local knowledge is what OSM is built on and both makes...
42018-03-31 11:54:49 UTChjuk I think it's there already - the name appears at its eastern edge.
12018-03-30 11:26:49 UTCSK53 Many thanks for adding your business to OpenStreetMap. Pleased to say everything looks hunky dory. The one thing which could do with being added is a shop tag: I'm just asking around if people have mapped similar businesses to see if we already have something suitable in use. Given your website desc...
22018-03-30 12:18:56 UTCCharlesHHill Hi, we have problems with not having a number on Moor Lane and therefore the location is rarely correct, so we're more about getting the location right so that people can find the building if they're searching for us. I'll have to work on my Russian :-)
32018-03-30 16:42:32 UTCSK53 Yes, of course name & location are most important. Glad OSM is of use in this case.

Most of us are townies, and not much given to wielding chainsaws either, so we are aware that, in general, we could do with better guidance for businesses oriented to rural areas. Not particularly a huge deal ...
12018-03-29 21:02:22 UTCSK53 I'm not sure if you meant to add a path tag to the coastline section passing through East Pier etc. This doesnt look quite right to me.
12018-03-03 12:49:21 UTCSK53 Can I ask participants in ICT4Society to please add meaningful changeset descirptions? By all means add the hashtag, but this on its own is no earthly use for other contributors. A short description such as "adding details of wheelchair accessibility" (which is what I think you are doing) ...
12018-02-26 17:00:38 UTCSK53 The relation of NCN Cycleways has every appearance of a category. Not only is this unnecessary (Sustrans routes can readily be retrieved by other means), but generally they are heavily frowned on in OSM, see I wonder why you...
22018-02-28 22:05:35 UTCEdLoach Looks like SK53 beat me to it - I wondered why NCN150 had been added to a category type relation. I'd also be interested in an answer.
32018-03-01 00:30:23 UTCMacLondon Point taken and understood. I've now deleted the relation.
42018-03-01 12:46:14 UTCSK53 You can make sure things are properly tagged to make them easy to find en masse. For instance cycle_network=National Cycle Network, network=ncn and operator=Sustrans might be appropriate for NCN routes, but do check current usage. Normally I would use overpass-turbo to find the set.
12018-02-23 17:00:45 UTCSK53 I'm reverting this edit because it is clearly based on erroneous premises. Spar is a brand of convenience store.
22018-02-23 19:37:28 UTCHubMiner Thanks for catching this.
12018-02-18 14:39:42 UTClakedistrict Hi Greyseal18 and welcome to OSM.

I don't think that renumbering the motorway slip roads and changing them from highway=motorway_link to highway=motorway is entirely correct. The motorway sliproads were tagged A1508 and A167(M) because that's how they're labelled on the road signs. We tend to &q...
22018-02-18 14:43:00 UTCGreyseal18 If it’s more on the ground why can I see the A195(M) and the A14(M). Also on website like Pathetic Motorways and SABRE Wiki can I see the number A1058(M).
32018-02-18 14:52:43 UTClakedistrict I don't know about those motorways, I was talking about A1508 and A167(M). Perhaps the road signs that say "A1508" and "A167(M)" (surveyed by OSMers) are incorrect, if the websites you mention are more reliable. But motorway_link should be used for sliproads, which is what these ...
42018-02-18 14:55:30 UTCGreyseal18 Ok I got the road type wrong but SABRE Wiki is the most factual website on the road network. Go to and you will see that I’m right.
52018-02-18 15:19:17 UTCSK53 We don't generally give motorways names: these are usually terms which were used to describe the motorway when it was built. These names are not signed, nor in widespread use. Adding such names can interfere with routing applications which use such information for spoken directions. Changing motorwa...
62018-02-18 15:41:41 UTCRichard > SABRE Wiki is the most factual website on the road network

It also doesn't expressly have an open licence. We can't copy information from it without that.
72018-02-18 19:12:41 UTClakedistrict Following the above discussion, I've reverted this changeset in 56471405.
12018-01-25 20:29:21 UTCSK53 Oh dear, JOSM overwrote my carefully crated changeset comment.

This changeset actually removed "name=Fermanagh / Tyrone" from individual boundary ways. The use of the name tag was erroneous, and the information is anyway contained in the relations. For safeties sake the information has ...
12018-01-21 16:02:37 UTCSK53 You seemed to have missed tourism=museum off the Griot
12018-01-21 12:59:30 UTCSK53 I dont thnk this is technically correct. Local Nature Reserves are an official designation by the local authority. The site is not administered by SWT so they cannot designate it a nature reserve. It obviously has conservation value, and appears to be managed as such by the council & the EA (see...
12018-01-19 11:58:31 UTCSK53 Hi & welcome to OSM,

Something has gone a little wrong with your first edit: the information about the memorial garden is on a point rather than the area you have drawn. I imagine you accidentally selected the point (node in OSM speak) before you had finished adding the details of the garden....
12018-01-17 22:29:12 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - I'm guessing that is a golf hole/fairway/whatever rather than woodland?
22018-01-18 13:35:26 UTCSK53 Yes, rather obviously!
12018-01-16 17:36:28 UTCACS1986 Hi,
Welcome to OSM. Adding abbreviated names tends to be controversial . In any case, if these are to be included I'd suggest that the short_name tag is more appropriate than alt_name (these aren't alternative names).
22018-01-16 17:55:23 UTCAeroXuk Hi Adam,
I did enter these as short_name first of all then I saw the page. This said next to short_name '... not a nickname (use alt_name for that) ...'. So I went back and edited to tags to be alt_name. Not sure which is correct now.
I was trying to ...
32018-01-17 13:52:07 UTCSK53 Two things: UK postal addresses do not contain county names anymore, they are entirely based on postal town & post code. So Hayes, Middlesex and Hayes, Kent are no longer used to disambiguate places in postal addresses as defined by Royal Mail. Second, this is adding abbreviations which is not t...
42018-01-25 20:10:55 UTCSomeoneElse2 What's your source as "Derbs" for a short name for Derbyshire? I live there and I've never used it...
12018-01-15 18:47:54 UTCSK53 Hi, Welcome to OSM.

I noticed that you added Vegan_options to the cuisine tag for a restaurant in this edit. As the diet:vegan=yes tag was already present this added no new information, but now many people will no longer be able to find this place as a vegan mexican restaurant. I dont think that ...
22018-01-15 18:51:51 UTCRasmus Rendal Woops, sorry! I'm quite new to this whole OSM thing, that was definitely an accident. I'll change it back.
12018-01-12 13:57:50 UTCColin Smale Hi.... You might not be aware of this but these edits to the rivers are screwing up the admin boundaries... Can you please ensure the boundaries are complete and correct again? Example here:

Any questions, please get in touch. Otherwise I expect this...
22018-01-12 15:08:04 UTChornbydd2 Hello,

I followed your link and if I have understood correctly my attempts to update the river network by breaking it at junctions is loosing the relationship with the parish boundary?

I have stopped my bulk editing and update until I can work out how to resolve this.

It looks like my edit...
32018-01-12 15:30:27 UTCColin Smale It looks like where you split a way, the "old" half (which retains the original ID) is OK but the "new" part (which gets a new ID) does not inherit the relation membership. You need to make sure the relation membership is copied over. Potentially it is not just parishes, but any ...
42018-01-12 16:23:39 UTCSK53 In general such topological changes should not be done in OSM. Ideally you should create a post-processing chain which does the splits as required (large numbers of routing tools already do this for road networks). Not only is the risk of breaking other things as pointed out above; but breaking a st...
52018-01-12 16:50:50 UTChornbydd2 I have found a plugin in JOSM that allows me to revert changes, I'm running this in the hope this undoes my edits. Interesting argument SK53, I look at the river data and a see an unusable topological nightmare. I was attempting to improve it so that it can be used by the wider scientific community ...
62018-01-12 17:02:26 UTCPaul Berry I don't know what your exact aims are, so forgive my question, but can you not use relations to better organise the waterways? Example of my own here:
72018-01-12 17:05:52 UTCSK53 We probably ought to find a way to continue discussion elsewhere as this could be long-winded, I've long had trying OSM for hydrography models on my todo list (see The best way is to publish post-processing tools/code as open sou...
82018-01-12 19:01:34 UTChornbydd2 I believe I have been able to revert my changes that I made today. I want to go away and discuss with others what next step should be. I'm personally for editing OSM so there is one definitive version that everyone can benefit from. Having snapshots with considerable post processing squirrelled awa...
92018-01-12 19:14:22 UTCSK53 Many thanks for that.

The post-processing step is what all road routing engines do. See the recent email from Frederik Ramm on talk-gb.

It's also unlikely that you can guarantee that any additional data added will be in a topologically convenient form, or that editors will leave your split str...
102018-01-13 17:09:38 UTCColin Smale Unfortunately it appears your reverts were not complete... And now another user (FvGordon) has started to patch up the admin boundaries but I have no idea if they are fixing ALL the broken relations. That may now complicate the revert process, This is starting to become a proper mess.

Take a look...
112018-01-14 00:43:46 UTCFvGordon Hi.. This evening I saw that many errors on and started repairing the broken boundaries. After having repaired half of them, I saw this changeset and this discussion. Until now I have checked/repared the whole list on that site. Let's see, what errors will be s...
122018-01-14 10:16:40 UTCColin Smale Thanks for engaging here. Could I ask you to explain your process for this? Where do you source the knowledge to make the right repairs? I have seen a couple of cases where the admin boundaries have been fixed, but other relations (for example type=waterway=river are not. My opinion is that the pers...
132018-01-14 10:35:07 UTCFvGordon When there is a gap in a boundary outline ring, I can see both ends of the gap. Often a segment from an other boundary relation fits to close the gap or (in this case) the river, that he has split.
This morning I have repaired all gaps in type=waterway relations south and south-west of London. I ha...
142018-01-14 13:24:27 UTChornbydd2 I'm showing naivety here, I've never seen this website ( before. I was expecting to see my [offending] username all over it as someone who has broken a relationship. I was not able to find myself on it and a lot of the areas appear to be elsewhere in the UK. Ho...
152018-01-14 13:56:16 UTCColin Smale Hi,
The reason your name is not here, is that you have NOT updated the relation when splitting a component way - and this is the exact problem. The fact that a component way (or node) has changed, does not change the relation itself. This is one of the "quirks" of OSM. However a relation ...
12018-01-12 16:53:41 UTCSK53 Welcome to OSM, Thanks for adding the name, but I think it only has one "F" as in Scafell Way. If you know where the path is into the park this would be a neat thing to add too. (I added the park a very long time ago, but never visited to check details).
12018-01-07 15:43:04 UTCSK53 I'm reverting the wikidata tag on this element You have attached a generic descriptor to a particular item. The wikipedia article link is reasonable because the bridge is described in the article, i.e., it provides a link for information which could be u...
22018-01-07 21:00:00 UTCnyuriks @SK53 I see you removed all tags - was that the desired action?
12018-01-03 17:53:46 UTCWheelhouseMan I've been asked to "remove this tag" by SK53. I understand the reasons. I haven't a clue how to do that although I have edited so that there is now no information attached, I think. What started as a good idea has suddenly become far too complicated. I don't think I'll bother anymore.
22018-01-06 17:14:25 UTCSK53 Sorry you feel that way. I can make the edit myself and perhaps you can then see what I have done. We certainly dont want to lose the information you have added, just get it in the right place. AFAIR I only asked for the pitch attribute to be removed, the rest of the tags were accurate, just not in ...
32018-01-06 20:03:53 UTCWheelhouseMan Well I appreciate the standards you are applying. I have no wish to diminish them. Perhaps if someone had advised me on how to do what was required the whole issue would have been sweeter. I'm happy for you to make the edit yourself - I don't know how to do it and can't seem to find out. If I knew,...
12018-01-04 11:24:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
What was broken here? I'm not suggesting that something wasn't, just asking what it was so that the problem doesn't happen again :)
Best Regards,
22018-01-04 11:34:51 UTCmboeringa Hi Andy, the Clipstone forest multipolygon had one inner that touched the outer over a considerable length. This is technically not allowed (and certainly not in international Simple Features GIS standard), and I am actually surprised it rendered at all and PostGIS / osm2pgsql managed to create some...
32018-01-04 11:56:01 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks. What I've done elsewhere (but not yet here) for this sort of problem is to create a larger "landuse=forest" or "landuse=forestry" area, usually with a name, and smaller natural=wood areas within, usually with leaf_type and other info. Around here what is the "fores...
42018-01-06 17:11:55 UTCSK53 Hmm, OSM Multipolygons do not have to obey the GIS Standards & I believe explicitly do not. Dont have all refs to hand, but is a start
52018-01-06 18:29:54 UTCmboeringa Yes, I know, but ultimately, if you do want the data to display in the "Standard" style, you will unavoidably need to consider this to some extent: osm2pgsql fills the PostGIS render database of openstreetmap-carto, and that database essentially needs Simple Features, as that is what PostG...
62018-01-06 18:34:51 UTCmboeringa As I wrote before, I am actually still surprised the original multipolygon relation rendered at all in the Standard layer...
12018-01-05 13:22:42 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 This is a weird, long and untagged way ( ). I presume that's a mistake and can be deleted?
22018-01-06 10:47:41 UTCSK53 Yes it can be deleted. It's not a mistake, but a temporary element which I should have removed once the boundary was complete. It is a very rough approximation of a barony boundary, which I used as a guide to find the proper townland boundaries. It may appear in the history of the barony relations. ...
12017-12-31 11:24:07 UTCndm Confused where this is supposed to be -- it's not on a pitch/pavilion?
22017-12-31 12:05:53 UTCWheelhouseMan Many RFU clubs share facilities with other institutions, organisations and public facilities. OC's are based at Colston's School which is where the club's changing rooms, pitches and clubhouse are to be found. I placed the pin at the entrance to Colston's which is the objective location if visiting ...
32018-01-03 16:53:24 UTCSK53 This is a difficult one: if there are no signs for the Old Colstonian's RFC then it fails the on-the-ground test, and perhaps shouldn't be mapped at all. If there are visible signs (and they are more likely to be a notice board or similar near the changing rooms) then that is the correct location.
42018-01-04 00:37:56 UTCWheelhouseMan I've removed all the detail from the pin. How do I delete the tag. It's not obvious.
12018-01-02 17:23:31 UTCSK53 Hi & welcome to OSM,

Thank for this. I was actually across the road this afternoon & didn't notice. Do you know if the spiritualists have moved or just closed down?

I'll make one change to your edit which is to restore the info about the church but with tags indicating that it is no lo...
22018-01-03 11:11:04 UTCdeejakNG7 There were posted notices in the past year or so, and searching 'Nottingham First Spiritualist Church' now shows an address in Rise Park (though other sites still show this address)
David deejakNG7
32018-01-03 13:59:23 UTCSK53 Not updated on Open Data Nottingham which is tedious.

On a similar note no-one has surveyed the former Hope Chapel on Highhurst St which I believe is where the synagogue has moved from Shakespeare St.
12017-12-25 16:05:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, should Costco filling station be tagged as access=private. They tend to be very selective about who they sell to.
Cheers Phil
22017-12-26 19:55:43 UTCRovastar I am not sure this needs to be changed. Are all costco stores access=private? Surely the same applies to the stops too.
32017-12-26 20:33:02 UTCtrigpoint I do think that the shops should also be tagged as access=private. They are only open to members, and membership is only open to certain select groups.
42017-12-26 23:20:45 UTCRovastar I am not sure the UK OSM community agrees with that given what tag info says about Costco.

52017-12-26 23:25:37 UTCtrigpoint Even though they will turn most of us away?
62017-12-27 15:20:07 UTCtrigpoint Even though they will turn most of us away?
72018-01-01 19:35:40 UTCSK53 I dont think Costco & the like should not be mapped as supermarkets: cash & carry is the general british term & carries with it the connotations that access is restricted. This was discussed long ago and for whatever reason people did like supermarket. Hey-ho, so now we need supermarket=...
12017-12-31 17:21:36 UTCSK53 Hi,

In this changeset you changed the name of Judd Street Open Space to Bramber Green. Last time I passed (after your edit) it was still signed Judd Street Open Space. What is your source for "Bramber Green".

I was alerted to this by a recent note :
22017-12-31 19:10:46 UTCyourealwaysbe Thanks for getting in touch. The name came from the estate map displayed somewhere nearby.
I can't remember for sure why i removed "Judd Street Open Space", though it sounds like i was wrong to do so.
32017-12-31 19:13:22 UTCyourealwaysbe Looks like it should be Judd Street Open Space with Bramber Green as the "alt_name":
42017-12-31 21:07:36 UTCSK53 No need to apologise! Your change was based on ground-truthed data. I think your suggestion is very sensible. Probably whoever runs the housing having different ideas from the council leisure services. I'll have to see if happen to have any photos of the area (I often do a bit of surveying if am nea...
12017-12-24 18:14:23 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap,

Many thanks for adding these missing roads. A very useful contribution.

A couple of very minor points:

* We try & spell out street names in full, so "Avenue" not "Ave", "Crescent" not "Cres". It's easy to shorten long for...
12017-12-23 19:17:38 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Did you mean "swing"? not "swng"
22017-12-23 20:57:41 UTCSK53 probably
32017-12-23 21:09:08 UTCSK53 Adding a link to the relevant way makes it a bit easier to check. Yes it should be swing on Old Goole Bridge. As the edit was to stop routers avoiding these bridges: it worked as I intended, even if I didnt quite use the right tag
12017-12-20 12:12:45 UTCSK53 Unfortunately this deleted the node for Wallasey entirely.
22017-12-20 18:55:20 UTCRobert Whittaker Oops -- I didn't notice that. To be fair though the place=town, name=Wallasey had already been destroyed by the previous edit. Anyway, I've now restored the node in question to its prior state: Thanks for spotting this.
32017-12-20 19:21:45 UTCSK53 Just looking through towns & spotting a fair number of anomalies. For instance I'm not sure that (local to this one) New Brighton is anything more than a suburb of Wallasey (although I've left it as is before now).
12017-12-20 12:01:13 UTCSK53 Unfortunately you didnt check the Wikidata tag you added in this changeset. It is for a different Alford thousands of km away in Florida. I know this was a long time ago, but wikidata tags on their own dont tend to get the 'eyeball' sense checking that a wikipedia tag would have done.

Although t...
22017-12-20 12:51:50 UTCandygol Hey SK53 👋
Thank you for fixing this issue.
Now it is difficult to say what the reason for adding that value to the wikidata tag was. In any case, thank you one more time for fixing it.

Best regards
12017-12-11 03:44:22 UTCMr_Brown Can you explain why you deleted these points? How are the unknown? They contained addresses.
22017-12-11 04:10:09 UTCjmnugent Sorry!... honest mistake!. I did discover a bunch of empty/unlabeled points scattered randomly around Fort Collins and as I was panning/zooming around to delete them, I deleted some of the Address points too. Once I realized the mistake, I wasnt sure if there was any way to undo. :(
32017-12-16 13:52:34 UTCSK53 I've added these back and also restored the building for 1318 Woodville Court. If the latter has gone feel free to delete, but it does appear in several imagery layers. See

Hope this helps fix any problems.
42017-12-18 21:07:37 UTCMr_Brown Sorry for the late reply. There are ways of undoing deletions, as SK53 has demonstrated. No worries about the mistakes. Thank you for letting us know that data can be brought back.

Thank you, SK53, for helping out on the undeletions!
52017-12-19 10:56:43 UTCSK53 No problem; it's relatively simple, provided: a) one has done it before; b) have the relevant setup in JOSM. If I have josm open on the desktop I can do these quickly when the need arises (as when idly browsing changeset comments ;-)).
12017-12-05 18:43:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is the delivery office really a Post Office? Do they sell stamps, pay out pensions?
22017-12-10 19:21:26 UTCAlexandru Lipan Hello, not properly a post office, but is under Royal Mail. Is a post office as linked to postage activity, without any tipe of auxiliar activities.
32017-12-10 19:38:03 UTCtrigpoint In the UK, The Post Office and Royal Mail are separate organisations.
From a post office I would expect it to sell stamps, pay cheques into the bank and send parcels.
A delivery office is not something that is customer facing beyond occasionally collecting something.
42017-12-10 23:51:36 UTCAlexandru Lipan I know, but services are based on Royal Mail sistem. Consdiering that other tags for that building that describes the actual function are not aviable, I selected the most logical tag following tecnical details the activity is based upon.
52017-12-15 00:24:45 UTCSK53 Either use amenity=delivery_office or amenity=postal_depot not amenity=post_office. The former is probably better, but the latter is more popular. Note in many larger places the delivery office is out of town in an industrial estate: locating them can be difficult they need to be tagged distinctly.
12017-12-14 21:16:41 UTCSK53 The historical map shows a path here, but apparently meeting a wall: Is that the way it is now, or is there no physical path?

Oh, and a big welcome to OpenStreetMap. It's little tweaks like this which ...
22017-12-14 21:40:30 UTCNedks Thank you very much.

There is literally no physical path, I have checked both sides.

The reason I joined OpenStreetMap was because Citymapper (uses OpenStreetMap) and kept routing me though here. Which was annoying since it messed up my estimated arrival time of arrival. And it must suck for...
32017-12-14 21:41:29 UTCNedks routeing*
42017-12-14 21:47:07 UTCNedks Should add that the reason it is blocked off is because by garages
52017-12-14 21:49:27 UTCNedks How long does it take for the updates to show?
62017-12-15 00:14:43 UTCSK53 You probably need to reload the page in order to flush the tile cache; it's normally pretty fast (minutes rather than hours).
12017-12-14 13:13:36 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I presume that iTeam is your business. Also assuming you are based at home, you can add craft=computer_repair to make it more searchable. If however you don't want the location to be precise then OSM is perhaps not the best place to put the data in the longer term.

12017-12-12 18:51:02 UTCSomeoneElse Any idea what sort of barrier is?
22017-12-12 21:10:22 UTCSK53 Wire fence (from photos), now added along with a lot of other features
32017-12-12 22:22:26 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
42017-12-12 22:29:24 UTCSK53 More to be done. I dont think many field boundaries got added, all TS-C woods need severe tidying up etc. Lots of unmapped woodland towaards Lurgashall.
12017-12-12 18:51:30 UTCSomeoneElse Any idea what sort of barrier is?
22017-12-12 21:24:11 UTCSK53 A wooden gate; fixed
12017-12-12 10:20:18 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thanks very much for adding the nature reserve, a welcome addition in Rushcliffe: I didn't know it existed! I've added the pond (from the OS StreetView Layer) and added a link to the parish website page about the Nature Reserve.

The path shown as going through the reserv...
12017-12-04 10:50:19 UTCACS1986 Hi and welcome back to OSM.

Firstly, I see you've been adding Morrisions supermarkets from their website data. We cannot use this without permission. Can you please confirm that you have explicitly been given permission to add this data to OSM?

Secondly, please use building=retail and shop=su...
22017-12-04 11:03:22 UTCTomH Adding a link to the web site doesn't raise a license issue - it would only be an issue if the web site was the source of knowledge about the store and I see nothing here to suggest that.
32017-12-04 11:06:24 UTCTomH Hmm now I see that there are whole load of others that have been changed in the same way so I guess that makes it more likely that the site is being used as the source.
42017-12-04 11:19:07 UTCcolortitian I can remove all my edits if that helps. The Morrisons' site doesn't have store map information - where I have added those they have been from the relevant planning portal - if that is a valid open source I can attribute those - otherwise I can just remove.
52017-12-06 14:07:24 UTCSK53 I doubt if planning portals are acceptable either, unless they make data available under an open licence.

There is good open data for Morrisons in the form of Food Hygiene data. So for instance this one (& the petrol station h...
62017-12-06 14:16:45 UTCcolortitian The council planning portals are under the OGL, e.g. so no 'willy-nilly' here.

72017-12-06 15:47:35 UTCSK53 Yes some are (for instance Nottingham), but majority are not, and Waverley is in Surrey. You have to find OGL sources for Preston for this.
82017-12-06 16:00:50 UTCcolortitian This particular one is just a drawn outline of the arial photograph, but I shall ensure any that require documents from planning portals are OGL.
12017-12-04 19:57:19 UTCSK53 I know it's a hell of a long time ago, but I just wondered if you remember anything about the post box on Thomas St, Armagh? Just reviewed my survey images and realised there's no sign of it on the street itself.
22017-12-04 19:57:52 UTCSK53 To make life a bit easier, this one
32017-12-04 23:34:38 UTCmackerski I recall it being wall mounted
42017-12-06 13:34:00 UTCSK53 I've re-found it! Was on a later photo in my survey. It's now a lamp box outside Sainsbury's which I've now added
12017-12-03 12:18:18 UTCSK53 Hi & welcome to OSM,

I see that you have now added the relevant tag for the playing field from your first edit. Nice to see you getting the hang of it.

In general, it's better not to glue the edges of an area to the roads, but instead align them with the features visible on the aerial imag...
22017-12-03 12:29:41 UTCGwynfor Ok thank you for your suggestions...

We have whats called "common ground" about the hill Foel gron.... what should I call that?
32017-12-03 13:28:34 UTCSK53 Funnily enough that's an easy one leisure=common, see It get's rendered green IIRC.
12017-11-28 16:00:07 UTCSK53 Im sorry but I have to revert much of this. This is not a building named OSMF it is a private residence, which happens, for historical reasons to be the registered address for official correspondence.
12017-11-12 22:02:16 UTCSomeoneElse I've never been there, but can't believe that "wreck" makes sense here?
22017-11-12 22:35:13 UTCSK53 I dont either & sound mirror isnt spelt correctly.
32017-11-12 22:39:47 UTCSK53 Looks like it was mentor tag-fiddling, but I now seem to have changed it to fix (wtf !?)
12017-11-12 13:45:11 UTCSK53 You seem to have added a duplicate of the Crown Inn at East Rudham in this change, and at the wrong location (one street over). It didnt help that it was already mapped separately as a pub and a hotel. I happened to pass here in mid October and noted the pub at the time.
22017-11-12 13:53:22 UTCSK53 I've now removed this duplicate.
12017-11-06 21:02:26 UTCchillly This looks like an undiscussed mechanical edit. You MUST discuss edits like this before you make them and get broad agreement in the area, GB in this case.

You MUST not assume the wiki is correct.
22017-11-07 04:16:17 UTCthetornado76 No, this was not a mechanical edit. I had only change same never accepted tags and sometime misspell e.g. "amenity=Health Centre" changed to the accepted healthcare=centre
I know the wiki ist correct. Therefore I had changed this.
32017-11-07 09:31:57 UTCSomeoneElse On you haven't "changed" anything, you've just removed one tag. One of the reasons why mechanical edits such as this one should be discussed is that someone might be consuming that tag. It's highly unlikely that anyone would object to a...
42017-11-07 13:33:39 UTCthetornado76 In this case I had deleted this tag, because it was double - healthcare is the accepted tag.
I think it is not helpful, to add a new or a own useless medical tag, when there is a accepted tag.
I will not remove more useless medical tags
52017-11-07 16:10:30 UTCSK53 It is a highly dubious statement that "healthcare is the accepted tag". Certainly in the UK medical facilities are much more likely to be mapped using the amenity key. The various healthcare tagging schemas advocated on the wiki have never received much mainstream support from mappers, by ...
62017-11-07 16:32:41 UTCthetornado76 This is correct. Amenity=doctors is the most accepted tag for healthcare Worldwide. But I don't want to change it from centre to doctor. Because the tag which I had changed was medical_centre. Therefore I used the healthcare tag.
If you want you can also add amenity doctors.
12017-11-02 09:19:07 UTCwill_p Hi Mike,

I object to the change you have made here. You have changed bridge=chain to bridge=yes. How has the data been improved by this? You appear to only be stripping out information. I don't believe there is any consensus that bridges must only be tagged with bridge=yes. bridge=chain identifie...
22017-11-02 09:26:25 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Will, the reason for doing this is that bridge=chain is not rendered as a bridge by OSM, and is not included in the list of approved values. The bridge has a note on it saying it is a chain so no information has been lost.
32017-11-02 13:37:22 UTCRichard note= tags aren't machine-readable - so in practice, moving things from a machine-readable tag to a note means that they are practically lost to all consumers.

At the very least, this should have been moved to bridge:structure= rather than a note= .

There is no "list of approved values&qu...
42017-11-02 13:39:46 UTCSK53 On the contrary information has been lost: changing a tag to a note is always information loss. You are changing tagging for the renderer, a practice which has been discouraged for many years. Instead you should a) file an issue with the rendering github repository and b) improve the wiki documentat...
52017-11-02 13:43:43 UTCSomeoneElse To be honest, as there's no highway or railway over it I'd add the "man_made=bridge" object (as a closed way) if possible.
It'd donkey's years since I've been to the Priest House though, so my memory isn't up to it.
62017-11-02 15:56:09 UTCMike Baggaley The difficulty with having an indeterminate set of bridge values is that it is impossible to determine which of the unusual values are actually bridges. For example, there were quite a few bridge=culvert tags which on examination mostly turned out to be waterways below roads and should not have had ...
72017-11-02 17:37:33 UTCSomeoneElse > The difficulty with having an indeterminate set of bridge values is that it is impossible to determine which of the unusual values are actually bridges.

Speaking as someone who's done that, no it isn't:
82017-11-02 17:46:02 UTCMike Baggaley >Speaking as someone who's done that, no it isn't:

What you have actually done there is build your list of 'approved' values :)
92017-11-02 17:50:24 UTCRichard > it is impossible to determine which of the unusual values are actually bridges

That's a genuine issue, but one which would be better fixed by removing the not-actually-a-bridge values than by removing the actually-a-bridge values. ;)
102017-11-02 17:53:59 UTCSK53 No, he's built a list of values which he finds useful. One of the main points of OSM is to allow the description of the unusual & idiosyncratic because a rigid list of approved values inevitably cannot cope. People enforcing a set of values devalues what OSM is about. For instance you have chang...
112017-11-03 12:27:53 UTCSomeoneElse Yes - what SK53 has said is correct. It's probably clearer to look at some of the other examples in the same file (barriers, shops, offices). For example, depending on the application it might make sense to render or otherwise process a cycle_barrier the same as a motorcycle_barrier or it absolute...
12017-11-02 17:48:34 UTCSK53 And it is only polite to comment changesets, particularly when you are tag fiddling.
12017-11-02 17:46:58 UTCSK53 So you are also the person silently removing my bridge=footbridge tags too. Can you at the very least ask about these before changing them.
22017-11-02 17:54:25 UTCMike Baggaley Apologies for inadvertently failing to add a comment on the occasional change. If a way has highway=footway and bridge=yes then we know it is a footbridge.
32017-11-06 10:17:09 UTCSomeoneElse Mike,
Changing "bridge=<value>" to "bridge=yes" removes descriptive information from OSM. Please don't do it.
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
12017-10-31 07:34:54 UTCSK53 The alterations made in this change set a) removed useful & important information ( that a building has 41 storeys) and b) replaced the height with a clearly erroneous value. I hope that these changes "to the new tagging scheme" were an accidental one-off. The continued use of Manhatta...
22017-10-31 13:26:09 UTCrobgeb Don't know if I understand you correct. The building 666 Fifth Avenue is additionally tagged in 3D. It consists of five ways. The ways are grouped in a building relation. Maximum height an level information is in the highest building part. All tags are given according:
32017-10-31 14:02:57 UTCSK53 I would not expect the object tagged with building to have any height information if tagged using S3DB, rather everything on building parts. I was looking at the data on a phone so only looked at the outline, and I must have read a comment on another changeset in the object history rather than this ...
12017-10-26 21:47:10 UTCndm This is unnecessary "tagging for the router" - Strava need to fix their app. Other routers have no problems:
22017-10-27 10:02:51 UTCSK53 If the information is accurate then it is not 'tagging for the router', merely making access permissions explicit. Routers which implicitly route on service roads may cause other problems.
12017-10-26 12:37:12 UTCSK53 If you must add Ireland as a multipolygon it would have been : a) nice to ask the Irish OSM community first; and b) add name tags for all the languages natively spoken on that Ireland (i.e., at the very least the Irish name).
22017-10-26 20:24:37 UTCjptolosa87 I'm sorry, about a) I can see that all main islands in the world was grouped in a relation (e.g. Great Britain) and I thought I can contribute with this. About b) this info can be completed by any user. You can feel welcome.
32017-10-26 20:26:38 UTCSK53 The person who did Great Britain didn't ask either. Somehow we'd managed fine without it for something like 8-9 years.
12017-10-26 12:45:55 UTCPaul Berry This changeset should be reverted immediately as it contains numerous examples of vandalism:
22017-10-26 12:56:42 UTCSK53 Dear Vatheeskumar ,

I'm afraid your additions to OpenStreetMap are causing a number of problems. In particular you seem to be adding buildings with an area of several tens of thousands of square kilometers. Can you please stop editing with JOSM and engage in a conversation with us to identify wh...
32017-10-26 13:05:15 UTCSK53 I'm afraid I have had to remove all your additions to OpenStreetMap as they were seriously affecting the contributions and workload of many other contributors.

Notwithstanding this, your contributions are welcome. I would suggest using a different editor next time.
42017-10-26 13:48:40 UTCbgirardot @paul Berry

Newbie mistakes are not vandalism.

@SK53 thank you for reverting these kindly and letting people who can possible directly the contact the mapper know about the issue as well.
52017-10-26 13:54:13 UTCSK53 @bgirardot2: not every contributor has the time to assess the full aspects of contributions which are interfering with their use of OSM. They may be in the middle of a complex series of changes or trying to achieve something quickly. It has taken me around 90 minutes to get to grips with this: not e...
62017-10-26 14:05:15 UTCbgirardot I think if you are going to accuse someone of vandalism, you should be pretty sure it is vandalism, even if that takes some time to figure out.

Otherwise, it is just bad mapping that is causing a problem. Vandalism has a pretty specific meaning.

But I appreciate your point sk53
72017-10-26 14:26:59 UTCSK53 කලින් පණිවිඩවල ගූගල් භාවිතයෙන් ස්වයංක්රීය පරිවර්තනය:

ආදරණීය වේෂේෂ්කුමාර්,

OpenStreetMap ඔබගේ එකතු කිරීම් ගැටළු ගණනාව...
12017-10-14 11:34:19 UTCPink Duck Why use "St " abbreviation in churches when "St " has for years been unaccepted for road name abbreviations?
22017-10-16 10:38:40 UTCRichard 'St' is standard British orthography to denote a saint, rather than simply an abbreviation. Please see
32017-10-16 10:41:04 UTCSK53 Because it hasn't, please read: and

I would also suggest being a little lighter in the tone of your comments: it might be offputting to ne...
42017-10-16 12:29:10 UTCPink Duck I have reviewed 1,034 churches in Norfolk and the Church of England website and I would say around 60% of them use the written word Saint when self-describing. The signage is shortened I believe through brevity, a contraction, not an abbreviation, and for search systems it is far easier to reduce th...
52017-10-16 12:35:52 UTCPink Duck In this particular case, I accept the contracted form is acceptable as I can find no official alternate form. The short_name tag will help search agents still match with a full form query.
12017-10-10 10:34:07 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking - is really a separate road to the A38? I thought it was just a right turn lane separated by chevrons (as per the imagery)? I know that some other sections are fairly separated (e.g. by the garage) but thought that this wasn't?
22017-10-13 11:39:21 UTCSK53 Yeah, fairly marginal. There is an island separating the turn lane from straight on. Don't think there are turn restrictions though. I was meaning to add the unrestricted speed limit from the M1 roundabout :-)
12017-10-08 17:01:43 UTCtrigpoint In what way is Yew Tree House an attraction?
22017-10-09 09:21:05 UTCCathyH2808 Only In the same way as other houses on the street. They are listed (e.g. Jessamine Cottage). Why is this a problem? It helps visitors to the village know exactly where they are.
32017-10-09 09:22:21 UTCCathyH2808 If you wish to remove this listing, I will feel disappointed but won't argue about it.
42017-10-09 09:26:44 UTCtrigpoint There is no need to remove it. The name should be moved to addr:housename field and tourism=attraction should be removed as it is not somewhere tourists would visit.

Cheers Phil
52017-10-09 09:43:41 UTCCathyH2808 Phil
I am not techy(!) You may have already gathered this. I can't seem to amend the category or know how to follow your instructions (though I am happy to do so!)
Please can you explain to a numpty exactly how & what changes I need to make & when I get another break from work I will actio...
62017-10-09 16:53:56 UTCfreebeer Hi Cathy,
I see that user SK53 has corrected this.
What Phil was referring to is what I see far too often in english-speaking countries where the app,, is in use.
That is, far too many items are given a default to be a tourist attraction.
In other-language countries, other defaults appea...
72017-10-10 12:29:10 UTCCathyH2808 Thank you so much for your comments. Very useful! Won't touch again though in case I get it wrong again! You're a star! 👍
82017-10-11 13:46:37 UTCSK53 Forgot to mention I'd changed it! From aerial imagery it looks as if the house is a slightly different shape from that shown.

With you can also add a note which puts a marker on the map saying something like "Yew Tree House".

Someday I'll do more mapping in Hickling, last tim...
12017-10-06 12:00:20 UTCSK53 Some 'buildings' are errors: patches of dark earth. If you cross check against DigitalGlobe Standard Imagery you can see this more clearly. Examples:; Both either are bounded by walls/hedges or in latter case ha...
12017-09-26 15:42:28 UTCSK53 A few points, largely noticed whilst looking at the (old) CCW vegetation survey data and my own photos and notes:

Quarry Spoil is not usually mapped as landfill, man_made=spoil_heap seems to be the most widely used tag.

The wood mapped as Coed-yr-Allt includes some areas which are not woodland...
12017-09-23 19:57:00 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SK53. At you have tagged `maxpseed` instead of `maxspeed`, right? #typo
22017-09-23 20:06:22 UTCSK53 Please correct typos, no need to send me a message.
12017-09-22 19:32:30 UTCSK53 You have deleted a very large number of roads from OSM. Perhaps you didnt read the initial screen which says you are NOT editing a personal copy. Removing data of this kind can inconvenience any users wishing to use the maps on-line and can break applications which get data from OSM immediately afte...
22017-09-22 19:33:29 UTCSvalbard Hello Iboromao,

did you noticed, that you deleted a lot of streets with your edit?

Are you able to revert your edit?

If not, maybe someone of the german OSM-community can do this for you.

Please be careful with your edits. Especially, if you are new to OSM.

32017-09-22 19:41:40 UTCkreuzschnabel Agree with the others – now you have discovered that you have the power to freely edit the live worldwide OSM database of geospatial data. Use this power to improve the map, add useful information which is not yet there, correct wrong information if you know better, but DO NOT delete any data ...
42017-09-22 19:49:50 UTCSK53 Reverted.
52017-09-24 09:48:46 UTCSkinfaxi I noticed that the under has avsked for review. Has anyone sent a personal message to the unser? For new users this van be helpfull die to the fact that changeset comments need same experience to be discoverd. I think that the "review=yes" option give experienced users the autority to corr...
62017-09-24 11:57:01 UTCkreuzschnabel I did.
12017-09-11 17:43:54 UTCRobert Whittaker Are you sure about the postcode of "NG1 2JP" on ? The NG1 district is in the centre of Nottingham, about 10km away.

(Discrepancy found using )
22017-09-11 18:14:01 UTCSK53 Typos do happen. I imagine it's NG16 like everything else in Awsworth
32017-09-11 18:42:46 UTCRobert Whittaker I wondered that too, but NG16 2JP is in Kimberley, not Ashworth. So it's presumably not just a missing 6.
42017-09-11 19:32:26 UTCSK53 It's an unintended Vespucci feature. It assumes that (unless you've flushed the data) the next address will have the same postcode as the last. Normally I spot it and delete the postcode.

I've mentioned it to Simon, perhaps I need to file an issue.
12017-09-11 18:20:25 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SK53. At it should be `post_box:type` instead of `post_box 'type`, right? #newkey #typo
22017-09-11 18:42:28 UTCSK53 Please fix typos directly & don't send me messages. I'm trying to input a lot of data from 2 big trips whilst my memory is still clear, so I know the data is unlikely to be perfect.
12017-09-07 12:22:31 UTCSK53 Please do not map linear road/highway features as areas. The tag highway=motorway will generally be used for routing by a wide number of applications. Introducing a second element for the same object is also frowned on (one feature one element). If you do want to map the areas of highways please use...
12017-08-30 17:37:14 UTCSK53 Welcome to OSM.

One point: I'm not at all sure that Civil Aviation Authority documents (or those of Eurocontrol) are a permissible source for OSM data. They either need to have an suitable open licence or we need a letter saying that we can use the information to add stuff to OSM. A further compl...
12017-08-28 19:21:51 UTCSK53 Is the Cambridge RUFC ground in Newnham really operated by the University? My understanding is that the club owns the ground with the exception of a 5m ransom strip which is owned by Kings, but presumably leased to CRUFC. Certainly a few years ago there was no sign of the university when it ran into...
12017-08-13 15:20:15 UTCSK53 I realise this changeset was mainly fixing minor errors, but it's rather difficult to review the changes when the area covered is so large.

Changes like converting existing areas to multipolygons can be quite confusing, because one sees tags deleted from ways.

Lastly I note one or two over cor...
22017-08-13 16:59:51 UTCSomeoneElse I'd agree with SK53 about relation usage here - certainly mapping as a relation is overcomplicated and misuses a fence as part of it. If there's a fence, map that; if there's a leisure area map that too (using the same nodes if appropriate). To map so...
32017-08-13 23:38:26 UTCVlIvYur Returned note for archive.

Relations: that was I said SomeoneElse before: it's hard to find right way if there are many ways over the same points. If you want write-once without multipolygons try to edit around Nottigham railway station.
Breakage was before me: someone made mini golf unclosed wi...
12017-08-11 16:37:27 UTCSK53 Just to let you know that I have removed the wikidata/wikipedia tags from two of the flagpoles you added here. Please reserve such tags only for the equivalent object (i.e., wikipedia=Malaysia only belongs on the country). If you want to provide the extra information prefix the tag with extra text. ...
12017-08-11 15:48:38 UTCSK53 I dont think you meant waterway=lock_gate in this edit. Probably barrier=gate, access=no, note=locked. The adjacent access point should be tagged barrier=stile, stile=stepover, step_count=2, material=wood and ideally the footway should cross the stile not go through the gate
22017-08-11 16:24:31 UTCtrigpoint The other common barrier on the rights of way, which you may have encoutered, is a kissing gate., these are mapped as barrier=kissing_gate
HTH Phil
32017-08-11 19:20:53 UTCJan van Bekkum There are two barriers. The one on the footpath just north of the track to the bridge is a squeezer stile, the one just south of it is a stepover stile. I have amended the map accordingly. Furthermore I removed an .untagged way that was on ot of the footpath.
12017-08-11 11:13:23 UTCSK53 Je penser que la route de Plounevezel a Coatilouarn est signé Straed Koatiloarn, égalementle hameau est signé "Koatiloarn" au point ou i'l quitte la Route de Brest ( Je suggère "Koatilouarn" pou...
12017-08-08 12:47:35 UTCSK53 Very long time back, but way 59305357 is tagged with designation=bridleway. Can you remember/check if this should be designation=public_bridleway. Just going through some of the less usual values for the tag in the East Midlands.
22017-08-08 13:18:38 UTCkevjs1982 Bit hard to read as the GoPro wasn't pointing at it last time I went past, but it looks like "Public Footpath" at Stoke Bardolf end. At the gate there is a "no horses" sign too. Can't see any signs at the other end, but they would have been behind me.
12017-08-07 20:32:44 UTCSK53 I presume the bridleway past Stoke Bardolph (59305357) should be designation=public_bridleway? Just looking at more unusual values.
22017-08-08 11:47:53 UTCwill_p I did notice the non-standard designation tag when I added this changeset, but decided to leave it because it wasn't something I had checked on the ground. I do strongly suspect it is a public bridleway.

It might be worth checking with kevjs1982 who added the designation tag originally.
32017-08-08 12:39:25 UTCSK53 My apologies, didnt check closely enough. Thought it was unusual?
12017-08-04 16:48:29 UTCSK53 Shouldn't the Quaker Meeting House in Mosedale be mapped as a place of worship? You've added it as a community centre.
22017-08-06 06:24:15 UTCSaltyOne Not being a Religeous type, I took meeting to mean just meetings, and the closest I got in my head was community centre. However if you feel it's a church as such, feel free to change it. I'm not attached to it ;-) and I don't really map anymore.
32017-08-06 10:59:16 UTCSK53 Yeah the meetings are religious ones: quite a lot of non-conformists didnt use the word church. I'll change it: would have mapped it ages ago but didnt know which building. Shame you're not mapping now: you did a great deal in a short time. If you're a walker I can recommend hunting down public righ...
12017-07-21 11:19:33 UTCSK53 Hi Kev,

I added a page on the wiki noting at least some of the things we need to track: I've just started updating some of the bus route relations from Broadmarsh: it's a big undertaking!

22017-07-21 17:56:02 UTCkevjs1982 Seen that and updated based on observations and changes I've already done.
32017-07-22 13:39:24 UTCSK53 Thanks. BTW this changeset comment very useful. I was wondering why the lights were on when I saw it from the tram.
12017-07-22 12:47:47 UTCSK53 I wonder if the Carshalton Beeches should be promoted to a suburb with places like Carshalton-on-the-Hill as neighbourhoods. When I lived & worked around here 'Barrow Hedges catchment' was the key divide for Carshalton Beeches. The dividing line to N is a bit hard to pick out (everything S of ra...
22017-07-22 13:46:21 UTCmueschel Hi,
I don't know this area nor the situation - I just changed your "note_for_wikipedians" to the common "note" key so that editors are able to show it to other mappers.
12017-07-14 20:47:38 UTCSK53 Rather late in the day, but Wikipedia is hardly a suitable source for OSM as has been discussed ad nauseum. One significant reason is that, aside from licensing issues, wikipedia can get it wrong. In this case this is clearly not the location of Knockeen Portal Tomb (which is incorporated in a stone...
12017-07-11 10:38:13 UTCSK53 Can you remember how you did this? Reason is that in the Bristol Channel the England/Wales boundary is not consistent with boundary of City of Bristol. See
12017-07-09 17:34:42 UTCdforsi You may want to check the tag "barruer" on
22017-07-09 18:30:43 UTCSK53 Will be checking it anyway as I need to look at photo to see what kind it is & whether there was a stile or gate. Dont know why this didnt autocomplete
32017-07-09 23:46:11 UTCSomeoneElse I think the bridge at has got a bit carried away too :)
42017-07-10 07:27:21 UTCdforsi Sometimes we see strange things :)
Also this tunnel with layer=1 should be -1 I think
12017-07-08 11:52:56 UTCSK53 Could you add not:name=Castle Green Road where the name is Castle Green Lane (and possibly file a correction with the Ordnance Survey via their customer services). I find they correct things quickly. Also please avoid making references to Google Maps: we cant use it as a source even to check things.
22017-07-10 09:45:21 UTCgurglypipe Done.
12017-07-05 13:37:11 UTCDaveF Hi
Wouldn't it benefit OSM if, instead of removing semi-inaccurate tags, to update them to their correct values?
22017-07-06 20:12:20 UTCSK53 I'd strongly support DaveF here: before designation became widely used access=designated or foot=designated was often used for Public Rights of Way. This may or may not be the case here, but removal of the tag does nothing to improve OSM, and may degrade the information.

This changeset discussion...
12017-06-20 23:24:16 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I note that changing to access=no has disallowed pedestrian access, but the Trans Penning Trail appears to run along it. Can you please review?

22017-06-27 21:13:39 UTCHarry Wood Good point. Well spotted. So I've added foot=yes to those road sections to fix this. The other way to fix would be to weave the relation along the footways which are there in places... but only in places. As usual, representing pedestrian rout-ability is bit tricky. But yes, certainly this relation ...
32017-06-29 22:17:20 UTCSK53 From memory I think it's relatively easy to roam around Stockport Bus Station. I'm afraid I probably dont have any photos. Perhaps you should visit & then you can try the delights of the Crown just across the Mersey.
42017-06-30 08:06:36 UTCHarry Wood Yeah I think all of those footpaths should capture that pretty well. Here we're just talking about this section: Now foot routable. But somebody might improve it by...
52017-06-30 09:32:57 UTCSK53 There's a very broad sidewalk (probably better represented as a footway under the bridge along side of the road past the chippy (which I see from photos is called Reggie's). There are gents & ladies loos under the flyover . Also there's a ticket/info office somewhere in the same area. Pavements ...
12017-06-24 20:25:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the key "ScientificName" on some nodes - in OSM we have the tag "species" (as well as "genus") for that. If you want to tag the English name of the species, you can use "species:en".

22017-06-29 22:21:06 UTCSK53 Also the key taxon (effectively synonymous with species a lot of the time, but most useful when cultivars come into play as with many stree trees)
12017-06-29 20:51:49 UTCDaveF Hi
By "too prominent" are you referring to how it renders on the standard map? If so, could you reinstate it please.

If it exists it can be mapped. If you feel the rendering isn't to your liking you can discuss it in the relevant forum:
22017-06-29 22:12:49 UTCSK53 Removing data is "mapping for the renderer": please don't do it. Someone took the time to transcribe the information from the plaque and enter it in OSM. This type of information is widely used elsewhere: for instance on the website. By removing it to make this area look th...
32017-06-29 22:34:18 UTCddd bbb Firstly, sorry! I want the area to represent how people navigate - is there a way of keeping it there without it being rendered/removing house numbers nearby? Can it be put back?
42017-07-02 21:30:35 UTCndm I've reverted this changeset -- and tweaked it a bit in a separate one.
12017-06-25 13:30:11 UTCSK53 Hi, Just noticed your edits (nice adding the stuff up behind Woodhouse Park). You dont need to add foot=yes to a bridleway, particularly one with a designation tag: it's implicit in OSM that a highway=bridleway allows pedestrians, just as a highway=cycleway does in the UK (but not everywhere). Cycli...
22017-06-26 15:15:04 UTCSomeoneElse FWIW, personally I'd always add foot=yes to "public bridleways" like this one so that someone (or more likely some router) unfamiliar with designation tags can figure out access rules.
12017-06-24 21:21:23 UTCSK53 Only just noticed all the work you've done here. It's rather nice to discover new stuff in a neglected part of town.

22017-06-26 15:00:46 UTCballysallagh1 Cheers. Nice to know it's appreciated. :)
12017-06-23 15:46:37 UTCSK53 Dont think this worked out quite as you intended: the new roundabout at E end of Stafferton Link has ended up with highway=turning_loop when I think you want highway=mini-roundabout. I can fix it if you like, or you can do it yourself. Let me know.
22017-06-23 17:52:51 UTCPlatinum Yes - Forlease road should curve to the right and then end in a t-junction with Stafferton Link, which runs onto a mini roudabout with Oldfield Road and Bray Road.
32017-06-23 19:11:27 UTCSK53 OK have a look at what I've done. Slightly guesswork for the Forlease Road junction. I've slightly changed the alignment of Stafferton Link further S.
12017-06-23 19:09:17 UTCSK53 Hi, I wondered why you deleted way and then re-added it named as Stafferton Link in a later edit?

The current Stafferton Link is clearly not on the correct alignment as it passes through houses rather than through the green space (clearly mapped) which w...
12017-06-22 12:14:30 UTCConormap The updated nodes of this building, while using better satellite imagery, are far less accurate than the previous changeset. They fail to take into account the perspective warping and, instead, trace just the flattened outline of the combined roofs as presented. See how far they are from the buildin...
22017-06-22 13:01:04 UTCdónal ACK. I'll revert the change later today... :)
32017-06-23 13:54:47 UTCConormap Appreciated, cheers.
42017-06-23 14:13:56 UTCdónal revert completed in changeset 49771510. would be interested in learning how to correctly map these types of buildings (the Google Docks building is complex due to it be built out over the pavement as well as being 13/14 stories high). Will bring it up on :)
52017-06-23 14:39:36 UTCSK53 There is some useful advice on the wiki about how to sort out parallax/perspective issues with imagery:
62017-06-23 15:00:11 UTCConormap There's some good advice there, thanks SK53. You get familiar with common visual deceptions with practice. One thing I'd add is that it helps to recognise that a building will likely have predictable shape patterns, such as 90 degree corners rather than 86 degree corners, etc. and matching parallel ...
12017-06-22 07:11:57 UTCoormilavinod hey SK53!! welcome to OSM. I observed that you have pulled a road causing bad angled roads. please make sure you be little more careful while making edits
22017-06-22 10:18:30 UTCSK53 Very kind of you to welcome me, but it's a bit late: I've been on OSM since Dec 2008.

I've looked very hard for the dragged node, but can't find it. In future please provide the url of the actual object. It saves a lot of time. It may be that whatever you were referring to was changed in later ed...
12017-06-19 19:21:48 UTCSK53 Hi Alex,

You seem to have terraced a number of buildings in St Anns (e.g., Kelvedon Gardens) which are more complex, typically with 3 apartments in each section accessed by doors on ground & first floor. Ideally these need to be mapped with the address nodes on the doors, which will require f...
22017-06-20 08:33:47 UTCalexkemp Hello Jerry
Each apartment occupies 2 floors of a 3-floor apartment, which is more complex than you describe & difficult to map within OSM constraints ( I do not know of any current 3D representation). I've chosen a kludge which allows them to be accurately represented on the map by place. Fort...
32017-06-20 08:49:32 UTCSK53 The current, entirely achievable, method for complex blacks like these is, as I said, to map the addresses on the doors. Also in general it's usually better to try & capture the actual situation : a few people working out how to do it is how OSM advances. The problem with these being terraced is...
42017-06-20 09:57:58 UTCalexkemp You are correct about how-to map apartment blocks (other colours than black are also available) & that is exactly how I map such many-floor buildings. These 3-level 1970s terraced buildings in St Anns are a halfway-house between apartments & 'normal' terraces. You are correct that the map re...
52017-06-20 12:49:34 UTCSK53 A couple of points: it's a database not a map; we're trying to represent RL reasonably accurately, not keep residents in place X happy (or we'd have very different boundaries in many places in the world).

The problem with this as a halfway house representation is that the mapped thinness of the r...
62017-06-20 13:11:13 UTCalexkemp > We can do better.
I disagree. Mapping these terraces as an apartment block does NOT give an accurate display of the thickness of those flats. But that is not actually the point, is it? What it all boils down to is: I'm not doing it the way that you want. Well, tough. It seems to me to be the b...
72017-06-20 13:50:31 UTCSK53 The whole reason I'm looking at this is because I want to map other places in St Anns which have similar layout. I may have taken notes & photos last year of Kelvedon Gardens because I was searching for an example with the addresses mapped on the doors.

OSM is fundamentally a collaborative pr...
82017-07-10 10:36:44 UTCalexkemp > it's clearly more informative than what I can achieve not living in the area
I do not live in the area either, Jerry. Just like you, I have to travel there to map it. The difference, perhaps, is that I knock on the doors & talk to the folks that live in those terraces, rather than stand ba...
12017-06-19 19:16:33 UTCSK53 bridge=footbridge and highway=footway are not redundant. It provides extra information about the nature of the bridge: notably that it was solely designed for foot traffic, and is narrow. I am reverting this because you did not discuss it first, and you have removed information in changing the tag t...
12017-06-01 21:41:56 UTCmountainmonkey I don't think the Pentland Hills Regional Park is a leisure=nature_reserve, as it is not managed primarily for conservation. I think boundary=protected_area and protection_class=7 is enough.
22017-06-01 23:11:01 UTCGinaroZ It seems like all 3 of Scotland's regional parks have been tagged as nature reserves - perhaps as the boundary=protected_area tag on its own doesn't render on the standard layer?
Don't know if boundary=national_park would be appropriate or only for use on Cairngorms/Loch Lomond?
32017-06-06 10:28:24 UTCmountainmonkey Yes that probably is the reason it's been tagged as a nature reserve. So the follow on question is does the boundary of a Regional Park need to appear on a general purpose map? Other landscape designations e.g. national scenic areas, forest parks don't seem to appear (and/or have not been mapped).
42017-06-12 15:12:31 UTCGinaroZ I'd probably say yes - given they cover a decent area (108, 35 and 25 sq mi) and are fairly important as a step below national parks. Plus there's only 3 of them.

While we wait for regional_park to be rendered, the other option is to change them to national park instead of nature reserve, as they...
52017-06-17 15:42:03 UTCSK53 At least one NSA (Small Isles) has been mapped as a National Park (I did it & for a long time it featured on worstofosm): it was the only NSA where it was feasible to define the boundaries at the time. I think in general both NPs & AONBs get the national_park tag in E&W. I agree that it'...
12017-06-15 08:13:59 UTCColin Smale Hi Nick, please don't use "X or Y" for alternative names. The "alt_name" tag is intended for that. In this case it is best to keep the name consistent from end to end: name=River Lea and alt_name=River Lee
22017-06-15 18:53:04 UTCNick in Kew Hi - thanks for the heads up. It's actually known as the River Lea or Lee and the spelling is either / or, and along its length its known by both spellings. Every map has it as "River Lee or Lea" (or the other way around). So I thought I was helping by clarifying. If you look at the name a...
32017-06-17 15:34:59 UTCSK53 Exactly as described. Put one name in name, the other in alt_name. The OSM geo-search engine Nominatim will find either: just as it finds London and Londres. If data consumers (such as cartograpers) want to show both names they can do name || ' or ' || alt_name. Making that choice up-front for them ...
12017-06-17 15:14:45 UTCSK53 I'm sorry but these landuse tags you have added in Wollaton are in the main wrong & inaccurate. All were mapped quite accurately a long time ago. Harrison's Plantation is not a meadow (there is a small area of wildflower meadow) adjacent to the Old Coach Road. In Nottingham we only use landuse=g...
22017-06-17 15:18:33 UTCSK53 I should add that the wild flower meadow was already mapped:

I also understand that your edits may have been Pokemon-Go related.
12017-06-14 06:44:03 UTCBCNorwich Hello There, Just wanted to point out that the way "highway=unclassified
ref=U3064" (south section) that you've added duplicates the ways that are already mapped on that route. The duplication of highways seriously disrupts any attempt by software to route over these ways.
At the river y...
22017-06-14 13:21:19 UTCandyfrizzle BCNorwich, Thanks for the feedback. I've reviewed and hopefully correctly amended the highways.
32017-06-15 16:58:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi Andy, I have a few concerns about these edits.
You have changed this way from a track to unclassified and included the surface=unpaved, in the UK it is reasonable to expect an unclassified road to be surfaced, I believe that unless it has been surfaced it should have been left as a track.
What ...
42017-06-15 18:17:51 UTCandyfrizzle trigpoint,
I dont want to start an argument of any sort, but it was my understanding that contributors to the OSM project should make their contributions as accurate as possible, and that has been my intention, based on facts.
The road, edited by myself, is an unclassified road, lawfully usable b...
52017-06-16 11:51:40 UTCSK53 This does indeed appear to be classified as an unclassified road by the county council. There will always be edge cases where the rules-of-thumb fall down, and this is one of them. I don't believe that it should be mapped as such on OSM: highway=track is much more appropriate. A couple of important ...
62017-06-16 11:58:07 UTCRichard highway=unclassified, surface=unpaved is ok but slightly unidiomatic for UK mapping. There's nothing wrong with it per se - there are lots of dirt roads in the States mapped that way, for example - but it's slightly unexpected in a UK context where highway=unclassified isn't used by custom for such ...
72017-06-16 12:05:46 UTCSK53 Just thought I'd add links to the similar highways which I mentioned earlier:

Tillington, West Sussex:

Two in Marefield, Leics:

Red Lodge Road:
Blackspinney Lane:
82017-06-16 14:03:04 UTCandyfrizzle Thanks for the further input, I have no problems making the amendments as suggested prior. Northumberland has a vast network of unsurfaced unclassified roads with vastly varying roads surfaces. I would not be surprised is there are more than a hundred in this county alone. I will try and work throug...
92017-06-16 14:22:24 UTCSK53 Thanks Andy. I've added this to the wiki It's largely based on the discussion here, but I should also add some examples from Northumberland too. I think pressure of use in SE England, Peak District etc has l...
12017-06-15 10:58:46 UTCSK53 I really wish you'd let me do these edits. The Impasse de Couchant is not a highway=residential it is a footway with steps.
22017-06-15 11:00:57 UTCpy_berrard No problem. I just wanted to help. ;)
12017-06-10 06:42:59 UTCkreuzschnabel May I ask why you changed the A46 classification from trunk to primary? According to, it’s a primary A-road, which should be tagged highway=trunk in the UK while highway=primary means the "standard" A roads.
22017-06-10 08:19:39 UTCLAW3 The section I upgraded to primary, was upgraded to a dual carriageway, and to the best of my knowledge is now classed as a primary road. (As parts of the A46 are)

Aerial photography is still showing single carriageway/work in progress, so those who don't live 200 metres away may still class it as...
32017-06-10 10:27:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hi LAW3, and welcome to OSM!
The general rule in the UK for trunk roads and primary roads is green signs == trunk; white signs == primary.
In OSM a trunk road fits between motorway and primary, so a change from trunk to primary is a "downgrade", not an upgrade. The A46 (especially post ...
42017-06-10 11:12:38 UTCLAW3 Cheers for explaining Andy.
Pretty new to all this,
Will change it when I get chance.
52017-06-10 12:59:13 UTCSomeoneElse No problem - any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
62017-06-11 14:20:10 UTCSK53 Will just add that around Flintham this section of road was updated just as soon as practicable after it opened, see my blog post from 6 years ago:
12017-05-30 13:16:19 UTCSK53 Hi Stan,

You changed the tagging on Scalford FP 23 adding highway=footway. Unfortunately this is highly inaccurate: there is a designation line but the line passes through buildings and is totally inaccessible, exactly as my original tagging showed with disused:footway.

Please be careful not t...
12017-05-29 21:27:21 UTCSK53 Very nice, couldnt remember it but just checked my Mapillary photos

It means I've been guerilla mapped again! See (that post box didnt last very long btw).
12017-05-26 14:23:58 UTCSK53 This wikidata tag added is erroneous. It refers to Carshalton, not Carshalton Beeches. No doubt because there is no wikipedia article about the latter, merely a re-direct to the Carshalton article. This has then been replicated on Wikidata. I have removed this value as it is wrong. Do please check s...
12017-05-15 23:05:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi Susan, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. It looks like this is a holiday cottage, is that correct? If so it could probably be tagged as tourism=chalet? See
22017-05-17 20:36:30 UTCSusan McNaughton Definitely not a chalet! Stone built property dating back to the 1790's
32017-05-17 20:40:28 UTCSusan McNaughton In the UK, a chalet tends to be on a holiday park and is like a caravan, but made of wood. So I don't think that the definition is appropriate. It's not how the word is used in the UK.
42017-05-24 14:23:30 UTCSK53 Hi Susan, Unfortunately someone decided that tourism=chalet should mean holiday cottages too (probably by some daft extrapolation from the Swiss Alps, where chalets are often large buildings with several separate apartments). Often tags are invented by non-native English speakers or by people who do...
52017-05-24 15:10:37 UTCSusan McNaughton Ok, but I don't know how to add a tag?
62017-05-24 15:29:27 UTCSK53 In the ID editor you can either scroll down until you see a box labelled add field. This will autocomplete with widely used values (such as tourism) and then give you a pick list. For unusual values (e.g., chalet=holiday_cottage) you have to scroll even further down to an area labelled "All tag...
12017-05-22 19:47:20 UTCSomeoneElse (re previous comment about mechanical edit of landuse=farm) is one in an area that I do know, and I certainly wouldn't describe it as a "place=farm". The last time I was there was a while ago, but I suspect it's still operational and sh...
22017-05-22 19:52:08 UTCSomeoneElse is another one - it's a bit longer ago that I was there, but I don't remember anywhere that I'd describe as "place=farm" SE of Witham.
32017-05-22 22:03:13 UTCkreuzschnabel You see me quite baffled to learn that place=farm does not describe a farm. It seemed quite plain to me so far. I certainly did not do a mechanical edit, I only assumed this to be the proper tagging for remote farms. As this seems to be not the case, maybe we should consider a revert while I’m...
42017-05-24 12:45:20 UTCSK53 place=farm is generally not regarded as a valid/useful tag in the UK. Standard practice is to map actual farms with landuse=farmyard and ones which are now residential (lots) with landuse=residential. Sometimes place=locality may also be used if widely used (remote highland areas). In most of lowlan...
52017-05-30 23:26:47 UTCSomeoneElse Re "place=farm does not describe a farm" - presumably it's a farm (based on the previous landuse=farm tagging); the thing that's in doubt is whether it's any sort of "place" or not. Of the couple of dozen farms nearest to me the only one that I can think of that might deserve th...
62017-05-31 09:22:15 UTCkreuzschnabel Given my edit was that wrong, it would be easy to retrieve all node["place"="farm"](user:"kreuzschnabel")(newer:"2017-05-14T00:00:00Z") from overpass-turbo and retag them to landuse=farm. That should install the previous state, as if I’d never touched th...
72017-05-31 10:29:17 UTCSomeoneElse An Overpass query would grab all the pre-existing place=farm as well, of which there were quite a few in Lincolnshire, which this changeset covers.
82017-05-31 11:03:34 UTCkreuzschnabel It wouldn’t grab them unless they were wrongly double-tagged both landuse=farm and place=farm previously. My changesets definitively did not touch anything else than landuse=farm, so nodes tagged place=farm only would not be affected.
92017-05-31 11:09:55 UTCkreuzschnabel My proposed query would affect 48 nodes in (roughly) Lincolnshire:, out of 6,446 total:
102017-05-31 11:23:31 UTCkreuzschnabel Sorry, bbox is not included in shortlink. So it’s
112017-05-31 11:45:01 UTCSomeoneElse Ah OK; Are you going to change these back then?

Obviously there's then a survey job to do to choose between landuse=farmyard, landuse=residential, landuse=industrial place=farm etc., but that can be done later (along with the existing place=farm nodes).
122017-05-31 14:01:54 UTCkreuzschnabel Done in CS #49137101.

- 2,723 single nodes "place=farm" within the entire UK which have been last edited by me after May 13th have been retrieved through overpass-turbo and exported to JOSM (none in N.Ireland, a dozen in Scotland, the rest in Wales and England).

- They have all been...
132017-05-31 14:11:20 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12017-05-24 12:35:21 UTCSK53 This is an import, I'm not aware it has been discussed on the imports list or at talk-gb. OS Vector Map District is not suitable for building imports: the buildings are generalised so that several detached houses are combined into one. You are better off tracing the outlines from OSSV, still not ver...
12017-05-10 19:46:55 UTCSK53 This is one of a number of edits which seem to be large scale & should follow either or both the automated or mechanical edit policies ( Please try & reply promptly as to your reason for these edits. These edits are likely ...
22017-05-10 20:05:56 UTCchillly When an inexperienced mapper (52 edits is very, very inexperienced) makes wide-ranging mechanical edits like this it is usually reverted. Please don't make any more without discussion.
32017-05-11 03:39:16 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48576715 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some mechanical landuse changes. A number have already been reverted; others have been complained about
12017-05-09 11:38:45 UTCSK53 Isnt this really a Casa de té not a coffee house?
12017-05-09 11:31:39 UTCSK53 Hi Luke,

Many thanks for adding this info to OpenStreetMap. I have a few suggestions which may make the edit more useful:

1. There are several buildings on the site. Presumably the original Harston Lodge is the house in the centre. Individual buildings can be mapped and addresses added.
2. We...
12017-04-29 11:02:54 UTCSK53 Despite what the wiki say, sidewalk=none is actually the preferred tag. key=yes|no are best used in binary situations; whereas sidewalk=yes broadly means I have noted there is a sidewalk on at least one side of the street, sidewalk=no is presumed to mean a definitive survey statement which does not ...
22017-05-11 18:10:02 UTCMadeline Steele Hmm, interesting. I wonder if the wiki should be updated? I can refrain from making this correction in the future, but as you said, it makes little difference. Thanks!
12017-04-17 12:12:48 UTCchillly This is a controversial mass edit by a recently-joined editor. I think this needs to be discussed before such a change. I suggest this is reverted.

Why have you made such a change? (Please reply - we need to understand what you are doing)
22017-04-17 12:13:33 UTCDerick Rethans Hi, and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you're a new mapper (5 edits), and you've decided to change town/suburb classfications around London. This is a controversial move, and should have been discussed on the talk-gb and talk-gb-london mailinglist first.

32017-04-17 12:28:59 UTCSK53 Revision of place tags on London suburbs MUST be discussed beforehand. The current values represent a consensus of mappers and users over the past 12+ years. I have reverted this and your 4 similar changesets.
42017-04-17 23:19:02 UTCPyorot Hi, thanks for describing your policy.

I made the changes in order to make the map work with OSM's Nominatim service. This is an API that takes coordinates as input and returns addresses. Suburbs of London labelled as towns *do not get returned* by Nominatim, presumably because it trumps them wit...
52017-04-18 09:37:32 UTCSK53 Thank you. I know perfectly well what Nominatim is: the current maintainer is a friend.

For this sort of issue you should be filing issues on the Nominatim github pages I suspect that the issue is known, but we have too few developers and maintai...
62017-04-18 14:45:51 UTCPyorot I deduced based on the fact that Nominatim doesn't return town info in London and based on the usage info given here ( ; that suburbs in Greater London should be tagged "suburb" and no...
72017-04-18 14:49:57 UTCPyorot Actually, sorry, I forgot to mention that part of the reason I'm put off from engaging in discussions is that your note gives an example of such a discussion that took over a year to close.
82017-04-18 16:41:27 UTCSK53 We do have an important principle in OSM: respect for fellow contributors. You are distinctly failing to show that respect to me or others. Quite frankly I think we are better off without your arrogant attitude and unwillingness to collaborate.

The reason why the note has not been cleared is that...
92017-04-18 19:54:21 UTCPyorot You think it's arrogant to not engage in a discussion? Do you have infinite time? Or did you take my characterisation of the state of suburbs as "idleness" personally?

Either way, your accusation of disrespect and arrogance, bundled with the mischaracterisation of my opinion, use of the...
12017-04-17 12:28:44 UTCSK53 Revision of place tags on London suburbs MUST be discussed beforehand. The current values represent a consensus of mappers and users over the past 12+ years. I have reverted this and your 4 similar changesets.
12017-04-17 12:28:32 UTCSK53 Revision of place tags on London suburbs MUST be discussed beforehand. The current values represent a consensus of mappers and users over the past 12+ years. I have reverted this and your 4 similar changesets.
12017-04-17 12:16:17 UTCSK53 Undiscussed major change. Will be reverted.
22017-04-17 12:27:50 UTCSK53 Revision of place tags on London suburbs MUST be discussed beforehand. The current values represent a consensus of mappers and users over the past 12+ years. I have reverted this and your 4 similar changesets. In this one you also changed Ilford's name to "suburb"
12017-04-17 12:26:42 UTCSK53 Revision of place tags on London suburbs MUST be discussed beforehand. The current values represent a consensus of mappers and users over the past 12+ years. I have reverted this and your 4 similar changesets.
12017-04-17 11:57:38 UTCSK53 I've further tweaked this by squaring the corners of the building (all editors provide an option to do this, in the one you used it's the rectangle option or shortcut key "S"). I'm afraid a lot of the houses round here could do with tidying up.
12017-04-13 14:01:15 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I'm not sure what you are trying to do here. Why is there a link between the house on Ramsey Road to the paper on transfer western blot?

Was this an experiment that you saved witjout meaning to? Do you need any help sorting this out?
22017-04-13 15:30:54 UTCSK53 Much as I love Western Blots this has nothing whatsoever to do with OSM.
32017-04-13 17:15:04 UTCchillly reverted
12017-04-12 11:07:35 UTCSK53 I very much doubt the buildings with name=Beaconsfield Street are actually called that. I imagine the tag should be addr:street. Please do check when tweaking tags that they actually make sense!
22017-04-17 20:22:16 UTCnyuriks thanks, silly mistake, i looked at them but my mind didn't register the weirdness. Thanks for catching it!
12017-04-11 13:21:23 UTCwill_p Hi,

What is the purpose of adding an elevation for an entire city? To me this usage of the ele tag seems likely to cause confusion, because the ele tag is usually used to provide an accurate elevation at a particular point, whereas this is something much more vague. Many different heights could b...
22017-04-11 15:35:11 UTCtimwenzel98 Hi Will,

thank you for opening the discussion. The elevation for an entire city can be useful in some circumstances when using specific mobile apps ( for instance), i added the official elevation of a town, each for their own measurement. It of course would be nice to have the elevation of...
32017-04-11 15:41:16 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Tim,
Where did you measure the elevation? If you didn't measure it, where did you copy the information from?
42017-04-11 17:16:05 UTCSK53 There is no such thing as an official elevation of towns/cities in the UK. This seems to be more common in Europe and is indeed often shown on conventional topo maps. In Britain only spot heights are shown.

Adding an ele on an area is furthermore absurd. Elevations in Nottingham vary between arou...
12017-04-10 19:11:13 UTCSK53 We're a bit puzzled by these edits. Boundaries are more or less entirely mapped with relations (and particularly so in Ireland), so there is no need to add the tags to constituent ways. In fact doing so can affect how the map appears as the boundary line may be drawn twice.

In case you haven't s...
22017-04-10 19:29:51 UTCpaulatthehug Indeed the boundary is defined by relations and that certainly works for the default OSM rendering which includes showing it at sea, which we didn't want for the tiles we are building.

So we tried using the tags for a national boundary (boundary=administrative, admin_level=2 as per the wiki) and ...
32017-04-10 19:47:57 UTCSK53 Please don't do this sort of thing: it's called tagging for the renderer. There are plenty of ways of rendering the boundary only inland (which I assume is what you want to do) without altering the tagging.

At the very least you need to discuss this with the Irish OSM community at the talk-ie mai...
42017-04-10 19:57:36 UTCpaulatthehug Well, it's also called inconsistency in tagging (and not as per the wiki either).
And, just to be clear, I didn't start it: I reckon about 75% of the border was already tagged boundary=administrative, admin_level=2 before I began, unsurprisingly really as that's what the wiki says we should be doin...
52017-04-10 20:15:12 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 So there are many ways to solve the "country borders in the sea" issue. Paul Norman has written osmborder ( ) software which allows you to extract the borders as linestrings and will mark if a border is maritine or not. Instead of drawing a blue map an...
62017-04-10 20:17:18 UTCpaulatthehug Thanks for your comments. I'm about to post on talk-ie about this as it's "their" border.
72017-04-10 20:41:19 UTCSK53 talk-ie covers the island: the townlands project, vice counties project and no doubt others have been island wide too.

I'd presume ways with admin_level=2 may even pre-date the use of relations for boundaries. Around 2009 tags on the way was still a common approach. Until relatively recently boun...
12017-04-04 11:11:14 UTCSK53 A couple of points: 1) it looks as if there are some duplicated relations, for instance this way participates as an outer in 4 relations; 2) I suspect many, if not all, the areas mapped as water are actually dune slacks. I have a couple of photos from the ...
12017-03-23 18:13:44 UTCwill_p Hi Stan,

Last week I commented on a bridleway you added north of Kegworth ( I received no response from you, and at the weekend I decided to survey it on the ground, because your remote mapping was clearly approximate and rather confusing in the w...
22017-03-23 21:09:49 UTCStan W Hi Will,

Apologies for not responding - I am not familiar with the concept of discussions.

While I was relying on second-hand information from one of my team of surveyors who walked the route, this does raise an issue in my mind as to the purpose of including routes on OpenStreetMap.

If we ...
32017-03-24 11:34:40 UTCwill_p Hi Stan,

There has been a lot of discussion in the past about tagging rights of way and the general consensus is that the highway tag should only be used to indicate physical characteristics and not access rules. There are separate tags available for tagging access (
42017-03-24 16:00:09 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Stan, hi Will - for info is on a server in Germany now, and should be able to cope with people viewing maps there (though tile scrapers would be a problem).
Best Regards,
52017-03-24 16:17:07 UTCSK53 Hi Stan,

A couple of blog posts about footpath mapping & assessing completeness of PRoW information are: and might help build the ...
12017-03-23 13:25:59 UTCtrigpoint Big question, why? What is the problem you are fix? Does it need fixing?
In the case of these roundabouts, they are a single way so I would question why they are relations in the first place. But once the roundabout is split for route relations then having the name on the relation makes.perfect sen...
22017-03-23 14:00:13 UTCPolarbear I was analysing the usage of jct=roundabout on relations for a wiki discussion, please find the results here:

type=junction (here) is only a proposal and ignored by prominent data consumers. Also, I find type=route i...
32017-03-23 14:08:01 UTCSK53 I very much doubt that the road name on these roundabouts is actually XXX roundabout, it is more likely to be the name of one of the roads (as for instance the junction of Donnington Wood Way with Celandine Road). It is the junction which carries the name not the road segments which form the junctio...
42017-03-23 23:32:56 UTCPolarbear Is there any evidence that supports the assumption that the road forming a roundabout does not carry the name of the roundabout? Is there a streetsign posted along the loop carrying the road name and not the roundabout name? I only know cases where the roundabout name is posted.
12017-03-13 18:16:22 UTCchillly This is an import, right? Where's the unique userid? Where's the wiki import page? Where's the Imports mailing list discussion?
22017-03-13 22:54:28 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
It looks like things may have got a bit ahead of themselves here.
The only list discussion that I can see for this is at , and that's not really a discussion as much as you saying "I'd like to imp...
32017-03-19 15:15:59 UTCpigsonthewing Other issues are already being discussed elsewhere, but "Betula sp" (strictly, with italicised "Betula" and period in "sp.") is the correct taxonomic designation for a specimen of the genus Betula, whose exact species is not known.
42017-03-19 17:17:34 UTCSK53 @pigsonthewing: there is also a widely used genus tag, which is particularly appropriate for trees not identified to species (and generally useful because of the vagaries of the taxonomy of various street trees).
12017-03-14 00:53:32 UTCMike Baggaley Hi dragon tamer, I notice that you have specified access=staff on way 479717932. Whilst this is perfectly legal, it will not be recognised by any system processing the data because it is not a standard value. I suggest it would be better to put access=private (perhaps with staff entrance or similar ...
22017-03-14 13:37:33 UTCLivingWithDragons Hmm, I thought access=* (any value) was generally accepted and used, although you seem to be right that it isn't.

There was a sign declaring staff only, so access=private losses some information. Looking at the wiki documentation, I'm stuck for a better option so I'll go with that.
32017-03-16 11:21:00 UTCSK53 I generally go with access=private for staff entrances, car parks etc. I'm not sure that a specific tag for staff adds very much, but you could always look at subtagging. I doubt if anyone has tagged various lawns in Cambridge with access=master; access=fellow and access=scholar :-)
12017-03-13 13:59:11 UTCSK53 Turning circle is normally reserved for areas either at the end of the highway or along the highway which are enlarged enough for a car to turn: they are usually mapped with a node (the 115 which are not are likely errors This is someth...
22017-03-13 14:05:38 UTCzehpunktbarron Thank's, I think I've done this a few times...
Btw.: how would one map such a circular highway, which is neither a roundabout nor a turning_cycle. Simply map it as highway=residential/*? Oneway yes or no?
32017-03-13 14:20:36 UTCHjart Maybe what you have in mind is a ?
42017-03-13 14:25:05 UTCzehpunktbarron According to the wiki a mini_roundabout should be mapped with a node and not using a circular road, as in this case.
Any ideas how this case (wich occured quite often in the mapRoulette chalange) should be mapped?
52017-03-13 15:19:24 UTCHjart Ah, I guess I had better get some fresh air and a bit of sleep :-)
I've edited it now the way I usually do these.
Maybe a new tag should be invented to prevent the maproulette challenge from flagging it again?
62017-03-13 17:20:56 UTCSK53 Operationally roundabouts determine priority at a junction: they typically need a minimum of 3 incoming & outgoing roads to be at all useful (of course there are cases with 2 roads whilst a 3rd is being built). These loops at ends of roads present no problems of this sort. I'd suggest the Maprou...
12017-03-02 12:27:29 UTCwill_p Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added a footway along Hampden Street. You have added it down the centre of the street so that it mostly shares the same nodes as the road itself (mapped as highway=residential).

Please note that we don't map pavements in this way. If you wish to indicate the pre...
22017-03-02 15:41:29 UTCSK53 Can I add that the local convention in Nottingham is definitely NOT the addition of pavements as separate ways. Adding pavements makes the data harder to maintain and may complicate routing to the point that pedestrian routing no longer works. Adding a sidewalk tag is the local convention.

12017-03-02 15:30:17 UTCSK53 Can you please stop needlessly changing Bing to bing. It totally obscures other changes which you are making. You're changeset comments are not adequate to understand what you are doing. Please discuss this type of edit with the local community first.
22017-03-02 15:37:15 UTCSK53 Can you please stop these edits immediately you are creating bad data
32017-03-02 22:29:57 UTCPolarbear Besides the Bing issue, you are messing up county boundaries. Boundaries might be legally defined by a stream or river. Look at this example: was serving both as a county boundary (admin_level 6) in a boundary relation, and a waterway. It might not be idea...
42017-03-07 02:18:15 UTCPolarbear Fivemiletown edits 46526305+46525145+46523754 reverted in 46637434 and selectively restored in CS 46637891, 46639210, 46639252, 46639371, 46639474
52017-09-08 12:27:50 UTCKDDA Can this please be put back to how it was before. The waterway is NOT called Tyrone / Fermanagh
62017-09-08 12:37:43 UTCSomeoneElse @KDDA - there are only 2 bits called "Tyrone / Fermanagh" left - and - it's probably easiest just to change them manually.
72017-09-08 21:43:03 UTCPolarbear There was one of WernerP's changeset still on my todo list from the series of repairs above, which were done manually. Let me check that manually at daylight tomorrow if that is the reason for your question.
82017-09-09 08:38:09 UTCPolarbear Checked my records, seems my unfinished repair is in Ballinasloe/RoI, not the Fivemiletown/NI here.
Anyway, it seems that for w369383412, I had removed the Tyrone / Fermanagh name from WernerP's edits in March.
On the other hand, for w490542618 and w261564260, KDDA himself added waterway=stream t...
92017-09-09 08:42:28 UTCPolarbear The names of the counties and the admin levels are in the respective border relations.
Thus the border way as a member (waterway or anything else) can have its natural name or no name. Anything else might be in a note tag.
12017-02-28 16:11:50 UTCMKnight We map for the Database and not for "the map". Should be revert.
22017-02-28 16:23:55 UTCSK53 Indeed, this is a personal judgement, based on a single use case. There are tens of use cases for the mapping of trees (including "because they are there" & no single user has any arbitrary right to override what is mapped based on a use case. As long as things can be ground truthed (f...
32017-02-28 16:34:47 UTCchillly If you want to see the map without the trees, render your own map and ignore the trees, don't delete them!
12017-02-27 10:49:29 UTCSK53 Can you merge tags from nodes onto your mapped ways? At the moment there area number of duplicated shops (Caffe Nero, H&M etc) and some of these have different sets of tags. I would suggest using JOSM for this rather than iD.
12017-02-16 12:33:01 UTCwille Hello John Grubb,

Thanks for your contributions! However we are not allowed to insert data in OSM from Google Earth/Maps/StreetView. The google license doesn't allow it, please use only the mapbox and bing imagery and your local knowledge.

best regards,
22017-02-16 14:12:19 UTCJohn Grubb Cheers, chap...

For clarification; data isn't extracted from GE or StreetView; I just use them as a pictorial reference along with my dashcam footage and GPS fixes. I'm not actually aware of what data there is to extract from GE or SV - it's just photos, after all! Unfortunately, the source field...
32017-02-16 14:53:06 UTCSomeoneElse Hi John,
Unfortunately you can't use Google Earth or StreetView even just "as a pictorial reference".
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, OSM Data Working Group.
42017-02-16 15:20:02 UTCJohn Grubb Blimey! So, for example: browse through StreetView, see a business name has changed since it was mapped, close the browser entirely, at a later time open JOSM, change the name associated with the building and it's a © violation? Who knew...?! Apart from the obvious, who could tell either...?
52017-02-17 11:01:20 UTCpnorman Just don't use Google at all, be it for "a pictorial reference", a "reminder" or anything else related to OSM mapping. It doesn't give you anything you're allowed to use.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to identify what changesets used Google and undo them.

Paul Norman
62017-02-17 11:59:37 UTCJohn Grubb That's a bind. Oh, well - c'est la vie, I s'pose.

It does raise an interesting question, though - when can something seen be unseen. To get away from the GE issue to avoid blurring: I'm an avid hiker and go off with my map and compass into the wilds to bash some hills regularly. If I were to, say...
72017-02-19 16:57:13 UTCSK53 Straightforward actually: if in doubt don't do it.

For hill elevations there are old out-of-copyright OS maps (and possibly some OS Open Data) or elevation from a GPS with a barometer etc. For business names there may be open data such as Food Hygiene, Companies House etc. The actual problem is ...
12017-02-19 16:49:07 UTCSK53 I a path is a public right of way you can add designation=public_footpath or public_bridleway etc. This helps distinguish any old path from ones which can certainly be used for country walks.

I know the original creator of the path round to the W of the cottage (although not through OSM), and wou...
22017-02-19 17:02:06 UTCcmeerw Ok, so there was a public footpath sign (on the southern side of Bucklebury Road) pointing straight to the driveway, you then get to a sign saying "private" on that driveway, but with a yellow "public footpath" arrow pointing to that path I have added east of the property.
12017-02-15 10:01:36 UTCSK53 Suspect it's time that some of these Pensic War nodes etc need to be removed! (presumably from 2011 event)
12017-02-09 08:19:31 UTCBCNorwich Hello, I just wanted to let you know that you are, probably inadvertently, making a lot of self intersection on the various types of areas you map.
22017-02-09 08:24:17 UTCBCNorwich Also a field or fields tagged show the land usage is better described as landuse=farmland.

To tag an area landuse=farm is really describing the area as a place (a farm in OSM is usually a place).
32017-02-12 16:52:14 UTCSK53 @BCNorwich: this latter statement is incorrect. landuse=farm predates use of landuse=farmland but got used for farmyards. It was therefore decided that a clearer distinction was needed, hence farmland and farmyard. place=farm is something different and should largely be avoided in most parts of Brit...
42017-02-12 18:43:45 UTCDyserth Hi BCNorwich - I'm not sure what you mean by self intersection but I presume its where a way goes back on itself. I have no idea how you can find out which ways have this error either so am unable to check and correct them. As you can find them have you any hints?
Some areas around this region had ...
52017-02-12 18:57:51 UTCSK53 Hi Dyserth,

This tool is a good place to start (I've selected only the intersecting polygon option & pointed it N Wales):

I wrote something about these issues a long time ago, but it might still be useful as an ...
62017-02-12 19:11:35 UTCBCNorwich
Hello Dyserth, the above link show the geometry layer of problems in OSM mapping including area intersecting points. There are several views that can be selected giving many layers of differing problems.
Yes self intersections are where an area outline doubles back on i...
12017-02-06 23:30:19 UTCLeTopographeFou See also

Thinking afterwards, this edit may have been too agressive... I hope it will not be perceived this way.
22017-02-09 21:00:45 UTCSomeoneElse I wouldn't say "aggressive", but I would say "irrelevant" - anything that parses mph speed limits is going to parse "30mph".
Also, this change is making the tidying up of some earlier problem edits much, much harder.
32017-02-09 23:21:52 UTCLeTopographeFou Yes I agree with your second sentence to better answer your first point: "30 mph" is different from "30mph" exactly because parsing (and regular expressions) can't save everyone, everywhere and everytime. This is why this is relevant at the end. Having a consistent data set helps...
42017-02-12 14:15:12 UTCSK53 The idea that by editing tags to some kind of common format will somehow make it easier for data consumers is a pernicious fallacy.

Any use of a speed limit with or without "mph" in the tag will require some form of parsing, error detection and data wrangling. For instance the 11th com...
12017-02-11 17:45:05 UTCSK53 It's a long time since I was on the Glacier des Rognons but back then the more usual way to start the Haute Route was to traverse under the seracs and the Couloir Cordelier more or less due east towards where the altiport label. This gives a less fatiguing access to the Refuge and allows to climb th...
12017-02-10 15:11:17 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

You can add the name directly to the existing area marked as a farmyard. As it stands a node with a name will not be visible or searchable. Don't worry too much about this the information is there.

Feel free to ask if you want any further advice or help.

12017-02-05 12:43:25 UTCSK53 Adding munro=no, marilyn=no etc. to anything mapped as a peak is rather pointless & just clutters up the database, and is very confusing to people not familiar with any particular class of hills. If you must also add prominence which is more generally useful (for instance for excluding the spot ...
22017-02-10 11:27:37 UTCduncaninnes I suppose this depends on your perspective. I had started improving the data on all the Munros, then moved on to Marilyns. Then decided to expand to mark all Corbetts and Grahams etc. At the start of this work it became clear that putting in munro=no was a good way of a) marking a peak out as not ...
32017-02-10 12:29:10 UTCSK53 For workflow or temporary tagging I would recommend using something like your username as a prefix thus username:munro=no. Such a scheme can also be used for something intended to be more permanent, but for which a unified tagging scheme is not present. Using a common prefix makes it much easier to ...
12017-02-09 21:03:59 UTCnaoliv Você moveu um nó da Alemanha até o Brasil...
22017-02-09 21:20:37 UTCSK53 I have reverted this edit. It reused an existing node which belonged to a street in the Netherlands and therefore created a very long residential road. This alone could possibly have cause service problems by forcing many tile re-renders.

I must ask you not to use the Level0 editor for your edit...
32017-02-20 03:49:22 UTCVerdy_p This looks more like a non-volontary move by incorrect use of the level0 editor. Occasionnaly you can see various places where nodes where dragged unexpectedly instead of copy-pasting them (sometimes this is caused by sudden mouse moves caused by defects or low battery charges in wireless mouses: th...
42017-02-20 03:52:47 UTCVerdy_p For now I see that only as first begininer edits by a new user in Brasil (and apparently speaking Brazilian Portuguese) that does not know how this project works and has not read any doc: I suggest him to visit the Wikiproject Brazil and get contact there to find training or local meetings.
12017-02-05 17:34:24 UTCSK53 You seem to have added quite a lot of trees in St James's Square Gardens. In fact rather more than my photos show. For instance there is only one large London Plane inside the circular path. Did you just use Bing to add them?
12017-02-05 09:57:59 UTCSK53 This is not appropriate data for OpenStreetMap. It also does not comply with either the Imports or Mechanical Edit policy. At one point we had calculated post code centroids from Free the Postcode but these now get removed. However this edit will certainly duplicate some of these elements.

If you...
12017-02-02 11:50:50 UTCSomeoneElse Any idea about the overlap between and here?
22017-02-02 12:10:49 UTCSK53 Yes, I plan to merge them in JOSM too tedious to do in PL2!
32017-02-02 12:12:36 UTCSK53 Now done
12017-02-01 20:19:16 UTCSK53 Please dont map individual occurences of Epipactis palustris. This is not appropriate information for OSM. Additionally this uses a tagging scheme which does not follow the well-established conventional tags for plants in OSM and natural=wetland is incorrect also. Plant distributions are much better...
12017-02-01 19:06:08 UTCSK53 I'm not clear what you are doing here. For mapping things in OSM you should use OSM tags and not an entirely separate tagging scheme with a very large number of redundant elements (lat/long, province etc). You should not use name, but species or taxon which are very well understood tags. Taxon in pa...
12017-01-31 14:55:33 UTCSK53 The building tagged Ranelagh Harriers isnt really a sports centre. It's a club house. It should have some club tags.
22017-02-01 10:09:29 UTCecatmur Fixed, thanks.
32017-02-01 10:48:36 UTCSK53 Hmm, I dont really like this as amenity=community_centre! Is that what the wiki suggests, in which case it moves a long way from the usual meaning of the word in UK. Ranelagh Harriers like most sports clubs are a private members club not a community organisation. I'd suggest amenity=social_club or j...
42017-02-01 11:19:54 UTCecatmur Both amenity=social_club and amenity=club are deprecated on the wiki, it suggests that just club=* should be enough. I've removed amenity=community_centre as I think you're right that it doesn't really apply.
52017-02-01 11:35:51 UTCSK53 I dont actually care very much what the wiki says as it is often inaccurate. We certainly use amenity=social_club extensively in the East Midlands, but I do prefer to use it for places where non-members may be able to use facilities (eg. by paying a notional membership fee or by automatically be sig...
12017-01-30 13:58:09 UTCJohn Grubb I dealt with a few of these highlighted as deprecated by Keep Right! and noticed that the new tagging scheme doesn't appear to render in OSM so put the old tag back in (alongside the new one) and they were shown again, with a view to removing the old tag again when the new one renders.

Perhaps th...
22017-01-30 15:07:12 UTCSK53 AFAIK this was discussed recently either on the UK mailing list or on talk-gb. As noted by John Grubb at the very least leave the existing tags in place as these are rendered.

In general we prefer that people discuss this type of change with the local community: not everything flagged by KeepRigh...
32017-01-30 20:00:34 UTCRitterR We have to decide how to mark emergency phones in a uniform manner. So as to avoid the double determinations. The next step is a change in the style of Carto, assign icons to present a pair of emergeny=phone. Most navigation cope already with the new tagging and shows emergency=phone, which is aroun...
42017-01-30 20:08:15 UTCRitterR What is the problem? In that the emergency phone is not rendering on the map?
Two pairs of values ​​will now without modifying the style of the map display them on the map. However, if you do not change the rules of rendering is still nearly 40,000 remaining points will not appear on th...
52017-01-30 20:36:13 UTCSK53 My problem is with you making large scale mechanical edits without discussing it with the community.

12017-01-30 15:01:33 UTCSK53 Wrong comment: actually merged buildings & nodes of pub & social club to improve element legibility
12017-01-29 15:21:02 UTCSK53 Thanks for adding these details. You can connect the footpaths to the surrounding roads and then they are routable.

I'm not sure that I'd call this a park, rather a recreation ground. This is incidentally what Bradford council call it in their official data, and also give it the name Haworth Road...
22017-01-30 01:22:39 UTCWasabisaur I have tried to get in touch with Bradford council to rectify this as this meets all the criteria and definitions of a park (it contains a basketball court, a football pitch, a playground and walking footpaths) more so than a recreation ground contains. At least the one named 'Heaton park' does , th...
32017-01-30 01:24:55 UTCWasabisaur Thank you for the response anyway, I have made alterations to the previous changes. Please let me know if I have done them correctly and if I should make anymore.
42017-01-30 01:37:48 UTCWasabisaur Edit: I only connected one of the footpaths that circles around the park to the nearby road, the reason I didn't connect the two coming out from the playground is because it pushed the parks boundaries into the bus stop area. However if I should alter those aswell please let me know. Thank you.
52017-01-30 10:44:55 UTCSK53 OSM is very much about local input, something which looking at aerial images can't beat. And there certainly is a gradation between parks and recreation grounds anyway. So I'm very happy to defer to your knowledge here.

You can actually take the foopaths right to the main road. Dont actually wor...
62017-01-31 23:21:07 UTCWasabisaur Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate your trust on the matter. I have made further alterations to your specifications. I have also added additional footpaths to two locations (Haworth Road Recreation Ground and Greenwood Park) where they already exist. I also adjusted the Greenwood park boundaries...
12017-01-27 18:47:56 UTCSK53 Many thanks for this update.

Just to let you know that you can also tag this with landuse=construction and construction=residential which means exactly the same as "(under construction)". It also helps mappers because landuse=construction is always a sign to check for changes.
22017-01-29 21:47:43 UTChelengem thankyou... i'd seen in a search on map wiki that I could do this but First time editing streetmaps and just using the ID editor I couldn't see how to select a construction feature tag.
32017-01-30 10:37:56 UTCSK53 I've just tried it out, and am surprised to find that it's not directly supported in the editor. You certainly did the best thing then. I'm asking the lead developer of the editor whether they can support landuse=construction.
42017-01-30 14:12:43 UTCbhousel Hi, in iD you can draw an area and choose the "Construction" preset. It will apply the tag `landuse=construction`.
12017-01-29 16:28:42 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I notice that you've been adding lots of footpaths in the countryside. If you are familiar with these (i.e., not using Google or similar search engine or OS Maps) it's very helpful to label those which are actually Public Rights of Way with the designation tag (see http...
12017-01-29 16:12:52 UTCSK53 Looks awfully like someone's garden (you? perhaps).

Reverted because not a park.
12017-01-29 11:32:11 UTCSK53 I'm sorry but this is incorrect. The University of Nottingham is already mapped in considerable detail and we use "university" not school. If you wish for chinese names to be added you can let me know.
12017-01-28 12:21:17 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Parks, Playing Fields etc., are better mapped as areas rather than points.

12017-01-28 12:14:48 UTCSK53 The footpath you've added has foot=yes which overrides the general access=private. If this is just a private path for residents to access their back gardens (e.g., for dustbins etc), then it's best with just access=private. Footway implies its only accessible for pedestrians anyway.

If there are ...
12017-01-28 11:11:46 UTCSK53 Thanks, I really need to get round to adding more buildings here.
12017-01-27 16:39:28 UTCSK53 Thanks for keeping OSM up-to-date.

You may not have realised but Points of Interest can be on areas as well as points and the De Montfort Hall you added duplicates the information already on the building. I've removed this duplicate.

12017-01-27 12:41:08 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and what a good sensible way to start out.

If you want practice creating roads etc there are a couple of other things which are quite good to add without any risk are : unmapped car parks and especially the parking aisles in big car parks. There are usually always a few ...
12017-01-27 12:34:39 UTCSK53 Many thanks for contributing to OSM.

I thought the shape of the park looked familiar, so I've taken the opportunity to extend the park to match the added path.

You havent connected the two ends of the path at the bottom of the park. Is this the way it is in reality? If it isnt connecting them...
22017-01-27 13:31:28 UTC99mist99 Thanks for letting me know, yes the path around the grass area is one path (connected)my fault sorry. The road into the park from Wensleydale Road and the parking area is there yes.Many thx
12017-01-27 09:52:59 UTCSK53 It might be worth separating out the church part so that it can be shown separately (and found by people looking for a church). Is it a different part of the building or a separate room?

Also it could probably do with religion=christian and denomination=* (if the church belongs to a particular d...
12017-01-27 09:47:50 UTCSK53 OpenStreetMap is used in real life by millions of people. Please dont use it for doodles: only map things which exist. If you're hoping for Pokemon mapping real things works much better.

I've deleted this.
12017-01-25 12:06:21 UTCSK53 I'm not at all sure the Strategic Investment boundary belongs in OpenStreetMap. It certainly is not an administrative area in the common meaning of the usage of boundary=administrative, so a different tag should be used.

Also it's not clear that the linked document is a suitable source for OSM d...
22017-01-26 15:34:51 UTCPaul Furley Thanks for the feedback, SK53. As you can see it's one of my first edits!

I asked around and read the wiki and found it hard to establish what *should* belong in OpenStreetMap. I'll remove the boundary=administrative tag - do you think I should remove the feature altogether?

Agreed that a PDF ...
32017-01-26 15:47:36 UTCSK53 Certainly remove the administrative value for boundary. Perhaps replace it with boundary=planning_area for now. Administraive boundaries get pulled into notional addresses which is how I noticed it in the first place.

In general stuff like this is not a great deal of use in OSM. Even if you have ...
12017-01-26 15:11:31 UTClostmike You seem to have flooded this estate again, have these houses really been demolished and replaced with a lake? If there's no lake here please don't map it as such.
22017-01-26 15:19:42 UTCSK53 What I presume were the Water Gardens were replaced by the current housing around 2011, as can be seen on Ordnance Survey mapping
12017-01-26 12:45:48 UTCSK53 A couple of requests:

a) please avoid edits which cover such a large part of the world
b) please use an intelligible source name for imagery used

I presume you do not have any local knowledge about the diverse areas included in this edit. It is therefore important that other contributors can ...
22017-01-26 17:04:57 UTCmethowmade Great points which I will address going forward. The imagery used was Bing. I was simply breaking up a number of longer roads which spanned multiple intersections as in the past I have seen that this can lead to misattribution.
12017-01-25 10:54:44 UTCSK53 Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I suspect that the area mapped as the BT Estate is too large as it covers the railway lines which I presume are owned/managed by Network Rail.

I also note that the road giving access to the BT depot is missing. I could add it myself, but it's far better ...
12017-01-24 14:06:27 UTCSK53 Just happen to be looking at recent edits around Nottingham and would like to remind you that we are meeting in the Lincolnshire Poacher tonight in case you wanted to come along: Plenty of us are interested in footpaths.
12017-01-24 14:02:24 UTCSK53 Hi Mike,

These may have been inappropriate for the name tag, but the first one I looked at had useful mappable information in the tag (light vehicles only) which you have removed.

I'd prefer if you actually moved name=>description than deleted the tag.
12017-01-24 09:58:53 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found 25 objects with the key "brrier" in your edits, would you mind correcting that?

Cheers, Jan
22017-01-24 10:14:57 UTCSK53 Fixed: copying tags from object to object has it's issues :-)
12016-11-13 00:22:36 UTCwoodpeck This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 43508161, 43401664, 43586101, 43400726, 42346992, 42518732, 42347148, 42512083, 42519026, 42198424, 42346785, 42520415, 43507099, 43401372, 43402690, 42519592, 43507348, 42518667, 42521676, 42521357, 42345941, 43586234, 43402332, 42521584, ...
22017-01-23 19:26:37 UTCSK53 Looks like the reverts didnt go back far enough Lambeth Bridge is a horrendous mess
12017-01-23 12:55:36 UTCSK53 I think I'll merge this node back to the original one ( to retain the history (for instance the original one has a wikidata link)
22017-01-23 15:06:38 UTCSK53 Ok have done that (so your pop figure is on old node). There are large cities genuinely missing from Nigeria, see the Nigeria section of my blog post here: Unfortunately there are big gaps in the aerial imagery and clouds on ...
32017-01-23 15:08:22 UTCSK53 One other thought about Ibadan. There are lot of things mapped as hospitals which probably aren't: clinics & health centres etc. There's a tendency for mappers to use amenity=hospital because it shows up prominently, but it makes the data much less useful for many purposes.
12017-01-16 08:27:57 UTCBCNorwich The number suggests a triangulation pillar then type=triangulation can be added. Please see here :-
22017-01-16 09:38:36 UTCPeter Fowler Sure.

I am very, very new here, and I read the paragraph,

> type=triangulation,
> type=observation_spot,
> type=fixed_point and type=benchmark
> have meaning in nautical maps, where
> they refer to INT-1 codes B20, B21, B22
> and B23 respectively. Note: it would be \...
32017-01-16 11:34:30 UTCSomeoneElse "type=triangulation" was a new one to me too...
42017-01-17 13:34:52 UTCSK53 type=* anything should be avoided as type really should be reserved for relations. I would agree with either of survey_point or survey_point:type as being suitable values.
52017-01-19 07:02:05 UTCPeter Fowler Please believe me that I had no notion how difficult I would find this. Please feel invited to fill in the correct tags perhaps from . Further, I am not quite certain that the [wiki page that I used]( is...
62017-01-19 07:18:08 UTCPeter Fowler I have found, on my shelves, a paper copy of sheet 122 of the Seventh Series (Melton Mowbray) published 1962. Looking at SK865065, it is between the 500 foot and 450 foot contour line, I would judge at about 470 feet, maybe a little higher. Should I add this figure, or the one from the Garmin (149 m...
72017-01-19 11:44:04 UTCSK53 Not to worry: somewhat surprisingly trig pillars are not that well documented. This discussion is useful for helping clarify what should be documented. By a remarkable co-incidence last weekend I also mapped a trig pillar featured on sheet 122 (, so it's ...
82017-01-20 03:39:27 UTCPeter Fowler OK. My map does not appear to have the spot height. The green Pathfinder 896 has metric contours and a spot height of 150 and the Orange Explorer 15 is identical. My only concern is to avoid being accused of wrongful copying of the issued data from [TrigpointingUK]( ...
92017-01-20 11:16:22 UTCSK53 My map is issue B/* (c) 1962, updated with PRoW and major roads 1967. I notice the map on NLS doesnt have the spot height either, and the earlier interpolated contours on the 6" and 2.5 inch OOC maps dont really agree with the spot height (
102017-02-26 12:47:48 UTCPeter Fowler Thank you.

I have never previously seen that map, and I agree that the land rises quite steeply from the Uppingham Road. This triangulation pillar does not seem to be shown. Had it been erected? The OS claim that their "leveling" dates from 1963. Perhaps the contour lines on the 1937-61...
12017-01-19 15:02:20 UTCSK53 Are you sure about Just checking my photos from Feb 2016 & I think this is a stile adjacent to a gate.
22017-01-19 20:14:35 UTCdudone Hi Jerry

Well spotted. If I'm not sure I will use entrance. I have always assumed that if you have a barrier with out an entrance, gate, still etc routing wouldn't work so this is my default. Having checked my pictures I have one looking back at this. As you suggest it is a stile and a gate....
32017-01-19 20:29:55 UTCSK53 Realised that I had not added hedges etc from visit in Feb 2016, so was following that route. I agree entrance is good practice and helps to encourage checking of gates etc in the field.

Overall we seem to have made a very satisfactory impact on mapping this area. I'm continuing to add field boun...
12017-01-18 18:15:50 UTCVclaw Why did you remove the addr:interpolation as unneeded? These are buildings with multiple housenumbers. So how to tag that the address is a range of numbers, either odd, even, or all numbers.
See the wiki, which suggests using interpolation tags (though says there is no consensus). http://wiki.opens...
22017-01-18 20:17:47 UTCSK53 I've just looked at one example and I would tend to agree with GinaroZ. Shops with an address of the form 10-16 isnt a true interpolated address, because numbers 10,12,14 and 16 dont exist independently. We (Nottingham mappers) stick to using addr:interpolation on single address nodes for things lik...
12017-01-18 19:31:37 UTCchillly This edit looks a bit odd. There doesn't look to be any beach there - it looks like tidal mud to me. Adding the name ('tidal beach') is a really bad idea. That is not the name of the mud, so please don't name it.

This is part of a mapathon. I hope the organiser is checking all this stuff
22017-01-18 20:12:56 UTCSK53 This is tidal mud, I've gazed at it many times from the London Apprentice.
12017-01-16 10:05:35 UTCColin Smale Hi... Where did you get the info that the facility itself was closed? Your link refers to the charitable organisation that used to run it, not to the facility itself.
22017-01-16 12:09:56 UTCPolarbear Sorry, wrong conclusion then. Good to hear it is still open - feel free to change with the new operator.
32017-01-17 13:32:32 UTCSK53 @PolarBear I think in this case it is your responsibility to reverse the edit. Normally in the UK we use notes for cases where only the type of evidence you had is available of a change. This is particularly true when the data pertains to the operator not the actual amenity (and this is true of much...
42017-01-17 13:59:27 UTCPolarbear No problem, reopened with a fixme. I was assuming The Maarssen Mapper would have the new operator ready to name.
12017-01-16 16:20:28 UTCmaldav I do not seem to be able to label the route 6. What am I doing wrong?
22017-01-17 12:44:20 UTCtrigpoint What do you mean by label? What are you expecting
32017-01-17 13:08:40 UTCSK53 If you want it to appear on the transport map I think you need to put the bus route number in the ref tag, so add ref=6 and then it should appear along the relevant roads. Here's an example from my own area:
42017-01-17 21:39:09 UTCmaldav Many thanks for this information. It took me a while to realise that I was missing the Relation:route. I have now found the details on the wiki. This information didn't appear with the existing bus routes 4 and 4a put on by someone else. I now have to decide how far along the route I need to go. ...
12017-01-15 23:46:22 UTCSK53 Having Dunleary coming up in Nominatim searches instead of Dun Laoghaire seems very anachronistic. But then Kingstown would be a hell of a lot worse!
22017-01-16 08:29:43 UTCmackerski It would be anachronistic if Dunleary wasn't the name in daily use by most people. But it is. The vague similarity between the spellings of the Irish and English names coupled with an initiative to get people to move to the Irish name has led to an odd situation where people say "Dunleary"...
32017-01-16 09:33:08 UTCSK53 And I thought you'd just tell me to change my browser locale settings.
12017-01-15 21:31:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,
You seem to have added a meadow over the top of a building. This seems rather unlikely. You might not have realised that you were saving to the public version of OSM. Would you like some help cleaning this up?

If you want any help editing OSM please feel free to ask.
22017-01-15 21:49:15 UTCSK53 There is indeed no meadow here: maybe a patch of grass in the hall courtyards, in which case landuse=grass, grass=amenity_grassland. However, I have generally avoided mapping grassy areas in the campus as it makes things rather complicated: and as it's a campus grass can be considered a reasonable d...
12017-01-13 14:51:58 UTCSomeoneElse Personally, I wouldn't add "place=isolated_dwelling" for things such as . If a house is visible on the Bing imagery I'd add that as a house, and if the name's visible on OS OpenData I might be tempted to add that as a house name, but house and ...
22017-01-13 21:36:50 UTCkreuzschnabel Why wouldn’t you, too close to Thirsk? While I use addr:housename for residential houses within larger dwellings (e.g. villages), my idea on remote places is that users should easily find them in the map, therefore I enter their names as a place on its own (provided it has a name, of course). ...
32017-01-13 22:42:01 UTCSomeoneElse There's a fair amount of overuse of "isolated_dwelling" in the UK (possibly because the standard style renders it, and used to render it more prominently than it did now). I've always thought of "isolated_dwelling" as being for places that really are places - not just houses on ...
42017-01-14 07:26:39 UTCkreuzschnabel Possibly because there are so many scattered dwellings in the British countryside :-) As I said, in my idea on OSM usability, someone may tell me, "I live in Melrose, near Thirsk", I’ll reply, after a quick search, "yep, got it in my map, dont need further description". If ...
52017-01-14 20:51:35 UTCSK53 Strongly agree with @SomeoneElse. The place=isolated_dwelling tag is almost always a mistake in Britain. For large distinctive isolated buildings (country houses for instance) adding name to the building is fine, for smaller residences this information belongs in addr:housename. Where an isolated dw...
62017-01-14 21:46:18 UTCGinaroZ place=locality is for an unpopulated place though
72017-01-14 22:20:35 UTCkreuzschnabel Right Ginaro – locality is for named hillsides, pastures etcetera. (Hillsides are often tagged natural=peak which is wrong unless there really is a visible peak.)
82017-01-15 14:17:01 UTCSK53 Don't be too wedded to wiki definitions. Often the locality name covers a broader area than just the buildings which have the same name. Sometimes the locality came first, sometimes the buildings. Unless one has detailed research/local knowledge it's not easy to decide & EPNS researchers spend y...
12017-01-15 14:00:11 UTCSK53 Slightly complicated one: Raw Head & the hut across the road aren't really residential areas, but can't think what else can be used to mark them. From a purely financial view they're commercial as the climbing clubs have to pay business rates, but that ain't right either. Perhaps some kind of su...
12017-01-11 11:31:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the ':name' tag of this forest? Looks like you wanted to use another key there.
22017-01-11 11:40:18 UTCSK53 Thanks it needed a source:name
12017-01-08 12:22:29 UTCSK53 I suspect the post office mapped in Eakring ( is an error for the post box in almost the same location. I certainly dont recall seeing a post office here in June 2015.
22017-01-08 12:24:17 UTCSomeoneElse was added 7 years ago - it's quite possible that there was one then and isn't now. If you think it's gone, I'd just delete it.
32017-01-08 13:16:37 UTCSK53 Yes, looks to have gone according to OSSV Cant find my pic of the postbox, but I dont remember anything looking like a former PO.
12017-01-05 14:24:20 UTCSK53 Thanks, new addresses & postcodes are always very valuable. You might also like to add office=computer_services and maybe draw the building and then you will be more visible. I think we had no aerial imagery when I first mapped the area.
12016-12-30 12:49:31 UTCSK53 Very late I know, but: a) what is the source of this data; b) is it documented on the Import list on the wiki; c) was this import discussed on the import mailing list. Quality seems very low.
22017-01-13 23:39:09 UTCJedrzej Pelka I'm joining this question. What is "Danau/waduk"? There are 82 such "villages" in the whole Indonesia, 16 solely around Surakarta where I'm editing. It seems weird.
12016-12-20 13:04:51 UTCSK53 Please don't delete ways without checking if they are part of a relation. You broke the boundary of two Irish Vice Counties by deleting way 355190936. These are actively used by Irish botanists & other naturalists.
12016-12-18 21:18:38 UTCSK53 This map data is used by millions of people. Please dont mess around with it for 'fun'
12016-12-18 07:11:34 UTCBCNorwich With respect, Way: 447956699 lacks any tagging and looks a bit unusual. Regards
22016-12-18 21:08:03 UTCSK53 Removed. Turns out it was an accidentally duplicated from the grammar school way even though it doesnt look quite the same.
12016-12-11 12:12:15 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is Quorn Village Hall really a Town Hall (as in seat of local government). I have been there a few times and would consider it a community centre.
Cheers Phil
22016-12-11 19:03:31 UTCJoeNerini1 Hi Phil,

The OpenStreetMap Wiki states that Town Halls "may just serve as a community meeting place" so I feel this classification is appropriate.

32016-12-15 16:59:00 UTCSK53 No this is not an appropriate classification. Use either amenity=village_hall or amenity=community_centre which are the accepted values for such places in the UK, and have been so for at least 6-7 years.
12016-12-14 15:11:30 UTCSK53 Using Google Maps violates Google's terms of service & also violates the Contributor Agreement & OpenStreetMap's T&C. Please stop.

Your work is likely to be entirely removed (redacted).
22016-12-14 21:38:41 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 44403770, 44396421 where the changeset comment is: Initial revert of some sourced data in China
12016-12-13 12:29:13 UTCSK53 Is there any reason why you changed the name from Aldi to Aldi foodstore. Last time I went past it still was called just "Aldi"
22016-12-13 16:47:05 UTCuebelhacker I am not sure where it came from and why I added it. Removing it.
32016-12-13 16:59:07 UTCSK53 Thanks. (I think some Aldi's have this as a 'strapline', but dont recall seeing it in UK). Only picked this up because I was trying to pull all Aldi's in UK & noticed one I know was missing.
12016-12-07 17:26:23 UTCSK53 Seems there's a typo on postal_distribution_box in this changeset. I presume it refers to one of these:
22016-12-08 14:32:24 UTCRobert Whittaker Yes, that's right. I'm not sure if it's the best way to tag it. One of the nodes was previously incorrectly tagged as an amenity=post_box , which obviously isn't right, so I needed something to use instead.

Both nodes and
32016-12-08 15:54:52 UTCSK53 Yeah was looking for examples 'cos Alex Kemp has been doing exactly that (tagging as post boxes) & I thought such an approach needed to nipped in the bud smartish. Having an alternative tag certainly helps & I think this is perfectly self-explanatory.
12016-12-08 12:41:28 UTCSK53 Are you sure these roads are residential. The quarry closed 1982 & in the standard imagery all housing has been demolished here. I doubt if anyone wants to live on a toxic quarry site.
12016-12-07 11:15:46 UTCSK53 Please dont add amenity=post_box to the boxes used by postmen to store mailbags whilst on their rounds. Post Box must be a place where one can post letters.
22016-12-07 11:25:35 UTCalexkemp Whilst happy to be told what I've done wrong, if you do not add the positive bit (how to do it correctly) your actions + words are a waste of space.
32016-12-07 13:04:34 UTCSK53 Adding erroneous info the tag amenity=post_box is indeed wrong. Positive action is "dont do it again" & "delete the erroneous tag" & then we wont get a) someone posting notes about it; and b) someone wont use it to post a letter. It's not my job to find suitable tags for ...
42016-12-07 14:07:36 UTCalexkemp So you reckon that I should just keep throwing darts at the [table of amenities]( until I finally hit one that is acceptable to you? If you cannot define which is the acceptable tag then I will not accept your definition that the one used...
12016-12-06 12:37:00 UTCSK53 At least one of these assignments is incorrect Newton data does not apply to the OSM element Newton CP
22016-12-06 12:45:41 UTCSK53 Actually data looks OK, but the wikipedia article link is wrong & the wikipedia article looks to be out-of-date.
32016-12-07 06:58:31 UTCnyuriks @SK53, sorry not sure what you mean. I looked at Newton - - seems to be in order and matching the Wikipedia article. I couldn't find Netwon CP, only Newton Valence - if you think there is an error, let me kno...
12016-11-30 13:58:56 UTCSK53 Hmm, perhaps a comment on the changeset mighthave been more appropriate. I'd have interpreted this as meaning sidewalk=both/left/right. Just removing the tag neither helps the orirignal mapper nor improves overall data quality. Incidentally the road is not strictly a driveway as it gives access to g...
12016-11-02 18:04:54 UTCSK53 Please don't add generic references for individual POIs to wikipedia. It completely destroys search results. See for example how adding en:Starbucks to one cafe in Japan caused it to swamp other searches for Starbucks. Wikipedia/wikidata refs must be to the same object not a related one.
12016-10-25 10:51:41 UTCSK53 In this changeset you say you deleted "line with no purpose", but the relevant way marks an embankment which is part of the tram network.
22016-10-25 11:07:10 UTCalbjorgui Unfortunately I can't exactly remember what lines I deleted but I can assure you that the tram network does not have any embankment in this area, at least it is not an embankment with a flood risk purpose...maybe the category should have been different?
12016-10-23 16:05:03 UTCSK53 I suspect you want sidewalk=left on this roundabout rather than sidewalk=both
12016-10-23 14:35:28 UTCSK53 You have removed all tags from this way when as your note says it is only partially closed to motor traffic. You should have merely added motor_vehicle=no to the way. Here's the notce
22016-10-23 15:50:11 UTCSK53 I'm reverting this edit as it is clearly an incorrect representation of the Gloucs Highway document and worsens information for everyone except drivers turning off the A-road
12016-10-19 23:01:58 UTCSK53 Just discovered your Bordeaux tree import (when I saw trees in Bordeaux I had a sneaky feeling I knew who might have done it).

A couple of notes: specifically about species=Acer saccharinum.

You have placed the cultivar name in the taxon tag. I think best practice is to follow the example of V...
12016-10-11 14:34:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hallo,
The website isn't correct here, surely?
You've added a link for the website for the chain, not this example of it.
Best Regards,
22016-10-11 22:37:32 UTCgtjack9 Each resteraunt does not have a unique website so I used the general McDonald's website/menu.
Is that ok?
32016-10-16 11:21:51 UTCSK53 Generally no OSM is not a directory of business services, so when websites are provided it should be directly related to the object itself. One of the more useful purposes of website/url tags is to enable other mappers to quickly verify information. A generic McDonald's url adds no information that ...
42016-10-16 15:40:35 UTCtrigpoint A similar issue to this has also caused problems in the past, somebody in Japan helpfully added starbucks wikipedia page to every outlet in Japan, which caused a nominatim search made anywhere in the world to return those ahead of local ones that the user actually wanted. Not sure if a website has ...
12016-10-16 11:13:43 UTCSK53 I wonder why you removed my note about Manor Road. You have not added any tags regarding access to it, so you removed relevant information. Years ago I had a friend who lived here & it was an unadopted road then, so it ought to have access=destination or access=private as a tag. As I havent visi...
12016-10-07 10:33:00 UTCSK53 Nice try, but it's in the wrong place:

People doing something as geeky as OpenStreetMap can't resist this sort of thing. It's been done before!
12016-10-06 19:03:25 UTCSK53 I'd put Premier as brand=Premier. It's a trading fascia owned by Booker Group (formerly a buying group IIRC). The shop is likely operated entirely by the folk behind the counter.
22016-10-07 07:33:21 UTCJez Nicholson Thanks Jerry. Agreed. I've updated it.
12016-10-05 12:12:44 UTCSK53 You might want to review if all these peaks are really peaks sometime :-)
22016-10-05 12:35:25 UTCEdLoach Switching to cycle map layer (for contours) it looks like many are, and some are slightly off. Source originally was one of these layers:
32016-10-05 12:35:52 UTCEdLoach Quite a few are slightly off, even
12016-09-28 11:28:02 UTCSK53 Thanks for doing this, and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I'm sure there are other changes on the High Street which I havent caught up with. Also Sports Bar on King Street has gone I believe. If you spot more it would be great if you can either put a note on the map or edit them directly.

If someth...
22016-09-28 13:07:33 UTCGordon Oliver OK - thanks for the tip. I'm primarily focusing on all matters cycling, but if I notice anything else, then I'll try to pick it up.
12016-09-24 17:08:46 UTCSK53 Glad you've not only highlighted problem but worked out how to fix it. For obvious reasons things like this are not stuck out in front of new editors.

One other thing which can be done with these relations is add wikipedia tags of form "wikipedia=en:Mazini Region". These get properly pa...
22016-09-25 06:26:08 UTCkickert Thanks for the insight. Obviously changing major administrative area names is probably not something new editors should be undertaking, although I am glad to know the process, since it also works for smaller areas such as parks.
12016-09-23 18:39:54 UTCSK53 Nice spot that this wasnt connected to Halifax Way. Must have edited a few times & not noticed.
22016-09-24 07:18:02 UTCsalix01

Bet you knew the page already ;-)
12016-09-05 13:16:12 UTCSK53 Does the interpolation way 4-9 for The Cliff still make sense now that Rufford Court is a B&B. Dont think I have any pictures from this area from when I first surveyed it.
22016-09-05 13:34:09 UTCwill_p No, it doesn't appear to make sense. I suspect I just forgot to remove it.

Looking at my photos, the address of the B&B as written on signs outside is '3 The Cliff', while the FHRS data gives it as '3-5 The Cliff'.
12016-09-04 17:53:00 UTCwill_p Hello, welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you have removed Southcliffe Road from the map. I suspect that might have been done unintentionally. Let me know if you need help fixing it.
22016-09-04 19:17:10 UTCnosher Sorry, it was not my intention to do that - particularly as that is where I live! I had dropped a gold pin and was attempting to pin my own home. As a newbie I am trying to learn about how to make greater use of the programme. I am particularly interested in why no individual homes are shown on m...
32016-09-04 22:21:55 UTCwill_p Hi, no problem, I've reverted the changes, so the road should now be shown again.

You made the edits using OpenMaps for iOS. I have never used that particular app, so I can't advise you on exactly what went wrong. The following page lists places where you can get help: http://www.openstreetmap.o...
42016-09-05 08:56:34 UTCSK53 Just to add a welcome from another mapper in the Nottingham area. I think the houses N. of Carlton Hill have been added very recently. We've had more mappers living on W & S of city which has meant the buildings have appeared there first. Adding just addresses can be very helpful as these have t...
52016-09-10 20:52:59 UTCalexkemp Hi nosher, welcome to OSM! I'm the man that you can blame for the presence of all those houses north of Carlton Hill (and thus absence south of Carlton Hill). I drew an arbitrary line down the Hill & decided to map all streets north of it; I'm currently doing something similar with houses south...
62016-09-10 20:56:40 UTCSomeoneElse I've heard people recommend!! for iOS (though I'm also not a regular iOS user myself).
12016-08-24 11:28:50 UTCSK53 I'm not sure about this. To board a train I have to enter the concourse on the LHS. Current routing along the additional footways allows entry at exit only points.
22016-08-24 11:42:04 UTCbjohas Can you say a bit more? I think the exits are marked as "exit only", so routing software may not get this right. However, in principle all footpaths are there, so you can follow the path into the main concourse and use the entrance there. What software are you using?
12016-08-22 18:39:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is really a post office?
It seems a very odd name, and there is a post office over the road. Actually I visited Kings Cross Post Office on the way to SOTM-EU
22016-08-22 23:58:13 UTCyourealwaysbe It's a good question. Doddle is a service to which you can have packages delivered and then pick them up (eg on the way home from work). I'm not 100% happy it's a post office, but i'm not sure what else to tag it, and post_office had been used elsewhere to tag Doddles. If there's a more accurate tag...
32016-08-23 01:38:32 UTCyourealwaysbe The description of post_office on the wiki seems appropriate, though it doesn't match the intuitive meaning in the uk.

There is one in Birmingham tagged parcel_collection_point, but googling for this doesn't turn up anything for me.
42016-08-23 16:31:32 UTCtrigpoint The description in the wiki is a bit like describing a supermarket as a place that sells baked beans:)
THis does look like it is tagging for the renderer and really isn't the understood meaning of a post office which does banking, passports, car tax and loads of other things. Somebody searching for...
52016-08-23 17:39:47 UTCyourealwaysbe I expect the wiki takes a more international view: Fedex and UPS seem to be generally tagged as post_office also. I think Doddle sits happily with these two (packages can be sent and received and there is a customer service desk). It is also the typical tagging of Doddle in the UK (admittedly n~=1...
62016-08-24 11:26:00 UTCSK53 I think basically in the UK tagging them as post_office is not accurate. The minimum I would expect from a post office is to be able to buy stamps & send letters, packets & parcels through International Postal Union members.

I would suggest amenity=parcel_service
72016-08-24 11:27:07 UTCSK53 Or possibly amenity=post_depot (but parcel services do not handle post (yet!))
82016-08-25 02:49:56 UTCyourealwaysbe amenity=parcel_service sounds good to me :)
12016-08-18 18:22:16 UTCRobowolfer whats means "source;maxspeed=Bing;Mapillary" ?
22016-08-19 09:21:41 UTCSK53 Mapillary images were used to determine the values of speed limit changes & Bing the position. Should have a colon not comma
12016-08-18 18:23:05 UTCRobowolfer whats means "source;maxspeed=survey" ?
22016-08-19 09:20:43 UTCSK53 It should, of course, be source:maxspeed=survey. It means that I have driven this road & noted changes in speed limit (rather than used other sources).
12016-08-18 15:58:59 UTCSK53 A quick point about the LA building import. There seem to be buildings with low height and small surface area tagged as building=residential + building:unit=2. My suspicion is that these are actually garages & that all buildings in a lot are getting the same tags. Might be worth checking. Some g...
12016-08-14 16:10:47 UTCSK53 Was completely mystified as to why the path to S of Rainbow didnt match my recollection, so v. glad about your changeset comment.

Is the diversion permanent?
12016-08-12 14:50:14 UTCSK53 I've changed B45 in the centre of Erback to highway=secondary. I've assumed that when you changed it to highway=service the former was what you intended.
12016-08-10 17:52:06 UTCwill_p Here you have deleted the Nottingham administrative boundary relation, which has existed in OSM since 2009. I see you have recently created another relation for the city with admin_level=8. This is wrong because Nottingham is a unitary authority and therefore admin_level=6. It is the relation you cr...
22016-08-10 22:20:18 UTCalexkemp Hello Will. Nottingham is unique (as best I can tell) in that the identical area BoundaryLine actually contains 3 admin_levels (see
1) level=6 Nottinghamshire; County (Nottm is the hole in the county)
2) level=8 "City of Nottingham&quo...
32016-08-10 23:28:31 UTCwill_p Firstly, I do recognise you have spent a lot of time tidying the geometry of boundary relations. That is definitely worthwhile and I've got absolutely no intention of doing anything that will negatively affect that. In this case, there's no reason why changes to the tagging and structure of the rela...
42016-08-11 00:02:45 UTCalexkemp You say: “City of Nottingham (unitary authority) relation could be tagged as admin_level=6;8;10”. That is genius! Leave all other BoundaryLine ‘admin_level’ as single-values, but make UAs triple values. In that case, after undelete on old relation, both new 'City of Nottingha...
52016-08-12 03:16:08 UTCalexkemp See (csmale is the user that has also made all OS .shape files available as .gpx downloads). Looking inside those downloads, the designation for unparished parishes is “designation=non-civil_parish”.
62016-08-12 14:02:06 UTCSK53 Can I add again, the standards for admin_level assignment are clear (they were not in 2009 when this was added). You certainly should not have removed the existing relation.

The rule is tags on relation, lowest admin_level. In fact for Nottingham the highest level is 6 as it is a unitary authorit...
72016-08-13 07:36:03 UTCColin Smale I fully concur with SK53. The fact that the UA and the city boundaries are coterminal does not make them the same object.

I am not convinced that the unparished areas should be in OSM at all, as the individual areas are all purely historical, unmaintained (though liable to change) and of no curre...
82016-08-13 09:36:19 UTCwill_p I have now undeleted the City of Nottingham admin_level=6 relation and deleted the admin_level=8 one. I checked the relation members and tags matched up between the two (where correct).
92016-08-15 09:26:31 UTCColin Smale Alex, please note that there is no such thing as an "unparished parish". A location in England is either within a Civil Parish, or it is within an unparished area.
102016-08-15 09:30:07 UTCalexkemp This is an automated response: sorry, but I'm too busy mapping too be able to spare the time to respond to you. Thank you for your interest in my mapping. -Alex Kemp
12016-08-12 13:51:10 UTCSK53 Hi Alex, Please dont add (unparished) to names. It breaks all sort of things & Nottingham has never been called N* (unparished).

The fact that it is unparished merely means in OSM terms that there is no admin_level=10 relation within the relevant part of the authority. It is therefore readily...
22016-08-12 22:09:20 UTCalexkemp Hi Jerry. “(Unparished)” is how the admin bodies (the councils) themselves refer to their unparished areas, and hence is why I call them that. Go argue with the councils if you disagree.

Please explain - explicitly - some of these many things that adding “(Unparished)” to ...
32016-08-12 22:35:40 UTCalexkemp Both Beeston + Nottingham level-10 relations have had the name changed to remove 'unparished' (even though that is the official description). I have relied on a ‘designation=non-civil_parish’ entry to discriminate between these & real CPs. See
12016-08-09 19:28:40 UTCSK53 You seem to have set a negative width on footpath I imagine you meant something slightly different
22016-08-09 21:50:18 UTCTrollslayer Thanks for the info, a newbie error, probably not my first or last. Hopefully corrected now.
12015-10-06 22:35:28 UTCaseerel4c26 Hi LeTopographeFou, could you please comment on the relation of your changeset with ?
22015-10-07 09:21:20 UTCgormo ...especially on "Document and discuss your plans". Where is the documentation? Was there a discussion?
32015-10-07 23:52:38 UTCaseerel4c26 umm, there are much more similar changesets by LeTopographeFou. Where is the discussion for those changes?
42015-10-07 23:53:42 UTCaseerel4c26 ... I've wrote a notification mail.
52015-10-07 23:54:26 UTCaseerel4c26 ... and the DWG is aware too
62015-10-08 22:58:14 UTCLeTopographeFou Thanks for your care aseerel4c26. Because the type=broad_leaved has been declared as deprecated on the Wiki, on TagInfo, and in JOSM (where I've had more than once warnings on this fact), I did not feel the need to open any discussion with the community neither to create any page to document a fact ...
72016-07-30 22:13:22 UTCfkv The automated edits code of conduct does not depend on whether a tag is "deprecated". So-called deprecated tags are not necessarily wrong. First of all, many deprecations are done by single users who edit the wiki without prior discussion. Even if a formal proposal has been accepted by vot...
82016-08-01 17:31:06 UTCSomeoneElse @fkv When I looked at the changes in here back in October last year I didn't see any evidence of data loss (though I only looked at a sample of the 5341 nodes).
Whilst a change like type=broad_leafed => leaf_type=broadleaved should have been discussed beforehand, in case someone was aware of a...
92016-08-01 18:43:39 UTCfkv Just take the first few nodes in this changeset as examples. They are located on Plaza de la Ciudad de la Habana, where there are palms and other trees. The non-palms were changed from type=broad_leafed (old spelling variant, but that's another issue) to leaf_type=broadleaved, losing the information...
102016-08-01 19:23:15 UTCLeTopographeFou Hi, this changeset was made a long time ago and I thought it has been reverted (with some others of the same type and of the same period). I'm going to ask for a revert by mail if it is still feasible.
112016-08-01 20:39:36 UTCSomeoneElse @fkv thanks; I wasn't aware of the use of "type" as meaning "not a palm tree".
@LeTopographeFou thanks; I've got the message requesting a revert. Before doing it I'll ask around to see if there's any better way to indicate "not a palm tree".
As I understand it (fro...
122016-08-02 00:16:16 UTCfkv I was asking for a revert, but it might be better to restore the type=* tags while keeping the leaf_type=* tags. It does not hurt to have both.
You could use taxon=* to mark palms, but there is no single taxon that includes all non-palm broad-leaved trees. Eudicots would be missing magnoliids, Aust...
132016-08-02 11:56:00 UTCSK53 I tend to agree with @fkv on all issues: 1) large scale updates often have unpredictable side effects; 2) originally we distinguished between conifers/dicots aka broad-leaved and palms (and possibly one or two others) using a range of tags wood/type etc. Ultimately these have been replaced by leaf_t...
142016-08-02 14:24:48 UTCSomeoneElse OK, done: See .
152016-08-03 18:32:07 UTCLeTopographeFou @SomeoneElse: Thank you!
12016-07-30 11:00:39 UTCSK53 As a fellow mapper of trees I wondered if you know of the species or taxon tags. These are more appropriate for tree types than name (especially when the tree also has a proper name). Here are some examples on one's I've done, and a...
12016-07-06 15:39:48 UTCdavidearl These are part of the University of Cambridge, not the hospital. By removing these tags, you wreck the University of Cambridge's online map, so we propose to put them back in. If you don't like this, perhaps we can have a discussion about it, but in the meantime, we need our map back!
22016-07-06 16:53:19 UTCtrigpoint That sounds like you are tagging for the renderer.
32016-07-06 16:59:19 UTCdavidearl Not at all: tagging for the renderer is where you tag something to make it appear the way you want on some particular renderer. These really are parts of the University, and the rest (almost all) the hospital isn't; grouping them together is just wrong, it makes them indistinguishable. In any case c...
42016-07-11 09:40:21 UTCEoghanM The tag `operator=University of Cambridge` is the correct way to indicate that a node is part of another institution. `amenity=university` is a much more major thing to signify that there is (the centre of) a significant university here. E.g. The tags on node 1642015081 are saying 'There is a Univer...
52016-07-11 09:51:03 UTCEoghanM By 'online map' are you referring to the blue squares here?,0.141020,17
The correct fix is to key them off `operator=University of Cambridge` instead of `amenity=university`
I appreciate that my changeset messed the map up for you so won't revert the incorrect amen...
62016-07-11 10:00:43 UTCdavidearl Not just those. This area is not a university campus, but some parts of it are University. Not is it a hospital completely. And some of it is private commercial. There is already a boundary for the campus, but it's a diverse place.

Operator is completely insufficient to represent the data here or...
72016-07-11 11:31:04 UTCEoghanM There are 1,249 nodes or ways within 20km of Cambridge that are tagged with amenity=university. 1,237 of these (i.e. almost all) have an operator=* tag on them.
Across the UK there are only 2,391 nodes or ways tagged with amenity=university.
It's great that Cambridge is so well mapped, but I thin...
82016-07-11 11:42:36 UTCEoghanM In my original changeset I incorrectly said "We should have one enclosing way to represent this hospital university campus."
This is because the presence of operator=university misled me into believing that this was a "University Hospital". (If ways were used instead of nodes I ...
92016-07-11 13:01:50 UTCSomeoneElse Link to previous discussion for completeness: .
102016-07-11 14:08:13 UTCEoghanM I suggest bulk changing all `amenity=university` within 20km of Cambridge to `` or similar so that there is minimal update/disruption required to that 3rd party software. @davidearl is that acceptable? I can execute that part of it if you like.
We can then go about using `am...
112016-07-11 14:58:27 UTCdavidearl Now, that *would be* tagging for the renderer! I really don't think that is the answer. (Nor is "operator" on its own, that's not enough information).

Cambridge University is not a campus University. There are about 10 areas you might call campuses in the conventional sense, maybe, and ...
122016-07-11 16:03:20 UTCEoghanM It's clear that your usage of `amenity=university` is different from the rest of the UK, and I respect that you thought about the tagging scheme thoroughly in 2011. I'm proposing `` to show that the tag has a specific usage (in terms of meaning, not just rendering) outside of...
132016-07-11 16:12:05 UTCdavidearl This just seems like a hack, and it'll all end up going round the same circle again in future.

But also, it effectively means University of Cambridge as an entity effectively disappears off the map completely (except for the University's own map) because it would be represented as a non-standard ...
142016-07-11 16:21:12 UTCEoghanM A good rule of thumb about 'what is a university' i.e. what should be tagged with `amenity=university` would be to look at the list of campuses/sites/colleges at
So less than 1,000, but more than 1.
So for Douglas House, it should be tagged if ...
152016-07-11 16:23:55 UTCEoghanM > Whatever else, just locally changing some blobs in the hospital area inconsistently with the rest is surely the worst possible answer.

Yes! This is the problem! I was only examining a local area without knowledge of how the wider Cambridge area is currently tagged, and I made changes consis...
162016-07-12 20:20:16 UTCSK53 EoghanM: I dont think the usage in Cambridge is drastically different from usage elsewhere. For Nottingham University there are 3 major amenity=university campuses, but also a number of discrete buildings or part of buildings (notably the Medical School & Postgraduate Medical Centre located with...
172016-07-17 19:11:37 UTCEoghanM I'm not suggesting a relation to join geographically remote campuses; the `operator=University of Nottingham` tag already does this effectively.
12016-07-01 13:14:46 UTCwill_p Please could you explain in more detail why you have changed Carlton from a suburb to a neighbourhood? I don't understand your changeset comment. Deciding on the relative importance of different places is subjective, but Carlton is one of Nottingham's main suburbs, so I find it hard to see any justi...
22016-07-01 13:55:05 UTCalexkemp Hi Will. On every recent Diary entry that I made the ‘Location’ said “Bakersfield NG22”, even though I clicked on a location on the map close to the Carlton suburb node (NG4). Checking the Bakersfield node I discovered it to be ‘place:neighbourhood’ with a Note sa...
32016-07-01 15:07:33 UTCSomeoneElse FWIW, the issue I suspect might be the same as . The recommendation from Lonvia (who maintains Nominatim, which is what's producing "where I am" results) was "use areas".
42016-07-01 15:15:10 UTCwill_p My view is that the quality of the underlying data is by far the most important consideration. The data can be used for a range of purposes, so making it less accurate to work round a particular software deficiency seems the wrong way to go.

I agree that incorrect locations shown in diary entrie...
52016-07-01 15:36:46 UTCSK53 Yes I agree with will_p & SomeoneElse: the solution is to get a fix in Nominatim not mung the data. The existing places have been pretty stable for quite a number of years. Tweaking things in this way may well break other things, such as Garmin Maps based on OSM which many people (SomeoneElse &a...
62016-07-01 16:02:01 UTCalexkemp “the quality of the underlying data is by far the most important consideration” : that is irrefutable. I'm in the middle of adding houses in First Av, etc.. I'll revert the node when done with the houses. The whole thing should be up before midnight.

Does anyone know whether Bakersfie...
72016-07-01 17:31:21 UTCwill_p I think its borderline whether Bakersfield is a neighbourhood or suburb. I added the node originally and decided on neighbourhood, but I don't have any strong views either way.

I suppose I decided on neighbourhood, because I find it's a lesser known part of Nottingham. A lot of people haven't he...
82016-07-01 18:54:39 UTCalexkemp Just done another uplift of houses + have also changed both carlton + bakersfield nodes to ‘suburb’.
92016-07-07 23:54:25 UTCalexkemp After many talks with locals in Carlton ever since this conversation it is certain that the current location for Carlton is wrong. The current consensus seems to be the crossroads of Carlton Hill / Cavendish Road / Burton Road / Station Road. However, I will NOT touch anything until I've found an a...
12016-06-28 11:38:53 UTCSK53 I've changed the road to service as I don't believe it is maintained by local authority. As you have been there more recently than me you may know better, in which case revert my edit.
22016-06-28 12:43:08 UTCVclaw I believe it is currently maintained by SNH, but is to be taken over by the Isle of Rum Community Trust sometime soon. Anyway, I think it is important as the only main road on the island, connecting the ferry to the village and all of the amenities. And it is effectively a public road. So tagging it...
32016-06-30 10:23:56 UTCSK53 Hmm, when I visited I needed a permit from SNH or its predecessor (mind you the only way off the ferry was by dinghy). The island is effectively still a private estate (whether in hands of Bulloughs, NCC, SNH or a Community Trust) and should be mapped in a manner consistent with similar estates on t...
42016-07-01 01:41:07 UTCVclaw The main restriction for cars is you won't be allowed on the ferry unless you have a permit. Same as for Eigg, Muck, Canna or Knoydart. For people living and working on the island, it is used as a public road.
The road on Eigg is officially designated as an unclassified road (with a prohibition or...
12016-06-25 12:49:11 UTCSK53 Is the White House flagpole really called William Estate? I can find no online references to this name.
12016-06-17 14:53:45 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You may be interested to know that the tags which you have added as a single point (node) could equally be added to the existing area marked as landuse=industrial. In this case the name would show up directly. The address information & name you have added is very useful...
12016-06-17 09:16:52 UTCSK53 I wonder if you discussed this import before carrying it out. It appears to have lots of duplicate nodes and areas labelled as forest which are clearly small groups of individual trees.
12016-06-15 10:06:19 UTCSK53 You never added the name! (done now)
22016-06-15 14:25:51 UTCSomeoneElse D'oh!
12016-06-09 07:11:23 UTCstevea You are NOT "fixing" this route by changing its tags from network=icn to network=ncn. This is under no circumstances a network=ncn route. It is an international mountain bike route and that is NOT an ncn by any definition. If you are making this change so that you can see the route rend...
22016-06-10 09:48:20 UTCSK53 It would be better if both of you respected the judgement of two very experienced OSM bicycle mappers who both regard this as route=mtb. See the mail by Richard Fairhurst to talk-us about this, and the comment by Simon Poole on O...
32016-06-10 17:43:26 UTCstevea I do respect OSM, and am a respected OSM bicycle mapper since 2009, even speaking about national bicycle routing in the USA at SOTM-US in 2014 (see AND I extensively consulted with Richard Fairhurst on his router, for which he publicly and profusely thanked me...
12016-05-25 15:53:54 UTCPaul Berry Is this not Cann Hall?
22016-05-25 17:50:55 UTCSK53 *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12016-05-23 13:40:13 UTCSK53 Suggest it might be worth adding designation=public_footpath tags to anything which is signed as a public_footpath. It really helps a) reconcile against official data (if available); and b) makes clear which paths one has clear right to use.
22016-05-23 13:44:27 UTCSK53 Sorry wrote that w/o seeing that you are a new user. So a belated welcome.

There are a lot of OSM contributors spending a lot of time doing really detailed mapping of public rights of way (PRoW). Here's something I wrote up about this a couple of years ago which might be of interest http://sk53-o...
12016-05-22 11:18:50 UTCSK53 You deleted in this changeset, but there are isolated stiles appearing around Round Wood. I know some paths mapped in this area suffered from inaccurate GPS traces, but I'd like to know why an apparently surveyed path got zapped.
12016-05-19 13:15:41 UTChighflyer74 Hello there!

I noticed you added some new keys to the database like case:deadline=* etc. Although this is not forbidden, it is recommended to stick to the thousands of well established key=value combinations which can be found in the OSM documentation.

For internal planning data (like you adde...
22016-05-19 14:41:43 UTCLiron Schur Thanks @highflyer74 for your comments. I'd be certainly happy to only use standard key=value combinations, is there anything for this kind of work? I am doing this for a planning network, to allow people to visually view live planning applications. These values will be removed when they become irrel...
32016-05-19 15:22:00 UTChighflyer74 Thanks for the quick reply! As I am mainly mapping things and doing quite a bit of quality assurance, I am not that involved in the different ways to display data. I remember uMap ( being mentioned in forums as an easy solution. With the Overpass Turbo (https://over...
42016-05-20 09:55:54 UTCSK53 Yes please use something like umap. Unless the local planning application summary (reference & address) are explicitly provided by the council as open data they are not suitably licensed for OpenStreetMap. Even if they are such relatively ephemeral (and hard to check) data is something which we ...
52016-05-21 22:01:20 UTCLiron Schur Thanks guys. uMap is awesome, produced a great map with it! ( I've taken on board your comments, removed the CAPITALS and address from name, and cleaned up the 'notes' attribute. The planning application details are publicly available, and we are a citizen group making t...
12016-05-19 20:48:23 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just wondered - does it make sense for the church hall at Ravenshead to also be a "place of worship" as well as the church? It's been that way for ages; I'm not familiar with the area so I stuck a note on it in case anyone news:
22016-05-20 09:44:31 UTCSK53 Must say I'd really appreciate a description with each of these changesets. It's much easier for other mappers to view the changeset description than to have to look at the objects edited & try to find what has changed.
32016-05-20 12:14:03 UTCSomeoneElse Aha - you've fixed it in . I'll resolve the note.
12016-05-10 10:50:29 UTCwill_p Hi,

Are you sure that the change you made here is correct:

Have you surveyed it or else what's your source?

The canal no longer passes under the road, except in narrow pipes, so waterway=canal seems inaccurate to me. See http://www.geograph...
22016-05-10 12:05:43 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, a photo from the other side would make it much more clear - the pipes would be clearly visible :)

Seriously though, please don't make "armchair" edits on the basis of "Mapbox User Feedback" without doing at least a smidgeon of due diligence. There are at least two v...
32016-05-10 19:53:43 UTCSK53 Can I just also add my request that such changes be at least passed by local mappers. The Grantham canal is a disused canal with a wide variety of different status throughout its length. It is non-trivial to map even with a survey. In this case one of the most active mappers in the world (kevjs1982)...
42016-05-11 05:45:41 UTCruthmaben Thank you for highlighting this SomeoneElse, will_p and SK53. I made these changes based on the satellite imagery. I have reverted the changes I made, which will remove the tags I added. You'll are right, this should have been taken care by the local community. Will be cautious in the future.
12016-04-26 04:35:40 UTCroadgeek99 my apologies for my past couple of edits. I have accidentally clicked the save button instead of cancel. that's why a wrong changeset comment is used here.
22016-04-28 14:34:00 UTCSK53 Don't worry too much about this: everyone copies the old changeset comments from time to time (or accidentally changes the c/s comments w/o saving each piece of work). It's certainly useful to do what you have done to clarify comments, but not essential.
12016-04-19 15:30:59 UTCSK53 I'm sure this track is shown on Ordnance Survey maps and plans. OpenStreetMap is no different we try & show what is observable. We do not censor the data except in cases where we may required to do so by laws (e.g., military areas). So I and others DO NOT accept your statement that it "shou...
22016-04-19 15:49:03 UTCThe Bolas Heathens It's not obvious when driving past on the public road as it looks like a farmers track to fields and not a driveway or road. It should not be shown on the maps.
32016-04-19 15:55:12 UTCtrigpoint If it 'looks like a farmers track to fields' then it is visible and should be mapped and tagged as access=private. As it appears on OS maps is there any point hiding it on OSM?
42016-04-19 16:11:05 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this, changed it to a track and added access=private to indicate that it is not a right of way so will not be used by routers or map users.
That way it will not be incorrectly replaced as a right of way and is useful a navigational point.
12016-04-11 07:02:56 UTCpoornibadrinath @selwyn352
You should not be using Google/yahoo as a source of information for addition of any data on OSM. Look in here for more information -
Also there is some excellent documentation about OS...
22016-04-12 15:06:15 UTCSK53 In addition making use of in-copyright Ordnance Survey Maps is also not allowable for OSM.

Also a) you have mis-transcribed the name, its Smooth Beck Foot; and b) mislocated it. It won't be the bay, but exactly what it says, the foot of Smooth Beck. The names are shown on OS StreetView Open Data ...
12016-04-11 14:38:53 UTCHervé Saint-Amand Castle Rock is of volcanic origin, but there's not a volcano in the heart of Edinburgh. Is this really the right tag?
22016-04-11 22:03:07 UTCRostranimin Hi Essex_Boy - I've reverted the edit to Castle Rock - back to 'peak'. Would be happy to see more detailed discussion of the options, but I don't think you're going to get agreement on natural=volcano. See the discussion also on this note: Sorry, this is a p...
32016-04-12 14:59:22 UTCSK53 Yes indeed please no mapping of volcanic origin rocks as volcanoes. There may be some mapped this way in Germany but I've complained about these particular ones in the past.
12016-04-08 13:11:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Your edits seem to be over a very wide area, I doubt you have visited them all.
What is the source of these edits? how did you know exactly where these take aways are located?
Thanks Phil
22016-04-08 14:37:00 UTCtake-a-way 1/ You would be surprised how many i have visited, but no i have not visited them all.
2/ The source of the edits for takeaways is the website
3/ The maps or photos on the menu, google maps (i offer corrections on there also) Google streetmaps i look and the images and count chi...
32016-04-08 15:16:35 UTCtrigpoint In this case the address given on the menu is not sufficient to locate an individual business, particularly on a long road such as this. You should be aware that copying from copyright sources such as google maps is absolutely against the rules. These are pointed out in
42016-04-08 15:35:55 UTCtake-a-way 1/ Who said anything about copying from Google?
2/ What you probably are implying is i can't look at Google images to confirm the location, i should take a photo myself.
3/ yes correct i should have put the broken url (it is working at the moment) as the business and the 3rd party site as the refe...
52016-04-08 15:52:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi
You are correct, you must not look at google maps to confirm the location. The preferred way of contributing to openstreetmap is to visit the locations and if necessary take photos yourself, although if you have visited then you memory would be good enough. The businesses concerned can obviously...
62016-04-08 16:04:54 UTCtrigpoint Sorry, you cannot copy from google images either.
72016-04-08 16:29:26 UTCtake-a-way You are in error regarding mapillary.
I have just read its terms of use quote-
Mapillary will always be free for personal and non-commercial use.
So if i updated or add something to OSM and it is used commercially by another. Then i would be in breach of their terms by viewing images to gain info...
82016-04-08 16:45:04 UTCSK53 Mapillary explicitly provide the rights to use its images to add stuff to OSM (just as Mapbox & Bing allow their aerial imagery to be used). The personal license relates to using the Mapillary images & website for purposes other than contributing to OSM. So Mapillary is definitely the best w...
92016-04-08 16:59:18 UTCtake-a-way Yes i thought it might be fun also as i travel around the country a lot and often have time to burn during daylight hours.

But after considering the ramifications of what we are and are not allowed to do i have decided against it.

And to comply with what we are not allowed to do i have begun t...
12016-04-08 13:10:46 UTCSK53 Please if you add data to OpenStreetMap check if something has already been mapped. This particular chip shop has been on OSM for around 6 years.

I would also like to query the source for your data as you have made edits all over the country. Please note that we have particular requirements if yo...
22016-04-08 14:42:09 UTCtake-a-way 1/ when i added the entry the shop was not visible to me on OSM otherwise i would have added to the existing entry.
2/ The source of the edits for takeaways is the website
3/ i do not have an automated menthod my data sources are - the maps or photos on the menu, google maps (i ...
32016-04-08 16:03:34 UTCSK53 1/ It was visible on the OSM map (and is still visible).
2/ You can only use the site if you have permission from the owners of the copyright and they are aware of the terms under which OSM data is distributed.
3/ Any use of Google Maps violates the Contributor Agreement which you...
12016-04-07 22:46:29 UTCwill_p Hi, there's no need to enter speed limits in km/h. You just need to add the unit after the number, e.g. 20 mph.

22016-04-07 22:51:47 UTCalexkemp Hi Will

Thank goodness for that!
32016-04-08 10:56:05 UTCSK53 Yes we dropped the idea of having to enter stuff that way a long time ago, and all shared your feeling too.
12016-04-06 13:08:42 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It's very nice seeing another new editor in this area as there's been a lot of change which we (existing contributors) haven't been able to keep up with.
12016-04-04 13:22:34 UTCBCNorwich Hi, Welldone and welcome to OpenStreetMap, Just made the opening times fit OSM's method, added website and phone number.
22016-04-04 13:31:59 UTCSomeoneElse I don't think Fitzbillies is a really restaurant though is it? It's a while since I've been there, but I'd have always categorised it as "quite an expensive cafe, catering to Cambridge's extensive tourist trade"
If you want to separate values (e.g. "cuisine" I'd suggest using s...
32016-04-05 13:13:31 UTCSK53 Certainly an expensive cafe last time I was in there even in it's new form (i.e., since the original place folded).
12016-04-04 19:20:43 UTCSK53 Hi Alex,

Enjoying watching how the area is coming on. Just think that the Donkey Hill name on St Bartholomew's Road should be in a different tag from ref. I suspect that either local_name or alt_name is better. It wont show on the rendering, but will be picked up by the search box.

All the bes...
22016-04-04 19:29:12 UTCalexkemp 'local-' or 'alt-' may make better sense, but the fact that "Donkey Hill" shows up on the map is so thrilling (endorsing the local legend & naming) that I would wish it to stay in 'ref'.
32016-04-04 19:35:40 UTCalexkemp PS
Bottom of Donkey Hill is a mess (junction St Anns Well Road) - bad info from commercial operators. Will be fixing it immediately I finish entering Thorneywood Rise + Gordon Road info, having collected fresh info today.
42016-04-04 19:38:35 UTCSK53 I did wonder about that; it will go eventually when someone cleans up all refs, but content to leave it for now. At least add it as loc_name too. Perhaps we could work on a rendering with only local names, but they're still a bit thin on the ground
52016-04-04 19:39:41 UTCSK53 Local knowledge wins every time!
62016-04-04 23:18:24 UTCalexkemp PPS
"Saint Bartholomew's Road" was named after (what used to be) the local Anglican church (called, er, 'Saint Bartholomew's Church') which was positioned on the north side of Bluebell Hill Road, where Wickens Walk is now. There is *very* little info on that church, even though it was onl...
12016-04-04 19:14:26 UTCSK53 This is a mechanical edit: I very much doubt if you have visited these places or checked each way. Besides there is no need at all to alter ##mph to ## mph: parsing a speed limit is straightforward with or without the space.

In general the UK/GB community dislikes mass edits even for good reasons...
12016-04-02 00:25:57 UTCDeanna Earley Hello Ben.
Can you confirm what other data you've taken from Google?
Google's data is copyright and is not compatible with OpenStreetmap's licence which means we may have to strip all effected changesets.
22016-04-02 16:01:32 UTCBen Wheatley That's unfortunate, I had been advised that facts (e.g. house names/numbers) could not be copyrighted, and that this would therefore not be a problem.

Fortunately, I am fastidious about my sources, so only commits which specifically name Google will be affected.

Thank you for the information. ...
32016-04-04 09:48:24 UTCDeanna Earley Hello, while facts can't be copyrighted, we prefer not to use sources where we don't have explicit permission.
Google have surveyed that data, and make it available under a non open licence. Just as with any other data source, it could contain inaccuracies (accidental or deliberate), and that's wha...
42016-04-04 09:52:19 UTCSK53 It's important to be aware that "facts can't be copyrighted" is basically a US legal position, not one which applies in the same way in the UK & Europe. UK allows protection of databases of facts created through "sweat of the brow", and databases are protected under EU law.
52016-04-06 22:10:40 UTCBen Wheatley SK53: Thanks for that, this isn't the first time the difference between UK/US law has caused me confusion. Also, somehow, I'd not realised there even was a T&C for street view.
62016-12-28 19:19:21 UTCBen Wheatley @SK53, @Deanna Earley:

I have finally found time to do an in-situ update of this area.
12016-04-01 11:59:58 UTCSK53 Peak shown by node 2462433296 doesn't look right. Can you remember whch imagery you used?
22016-04-01 14:16:36 UTCZalitoar Hi J! I can't remember I guess that I used Bing imagery. We've now in Ushuaia area aerial imagery from the (argentine) National Geographic Institute also.
12016-04-01 11:49:12 UTCSK53 The English name of Tierra del Fuego is Tierra del Fuego: there is no translation like "Fire Ireland" in any regular usage.
22016-04-01 12:15:50 UTCjptolosa87 I didn't add the tag name:en of Tierra del Fuego, but thanks for notice it.
12016-03-22 09:09:30 UTCSK53 Many thanks for this correction. I think I originally surveyed it from a bus trip up Gordan Road and must have misjudged which crossroads it was at.

I've now added some buildings around the shop. Any other corrections or additions in this area would be very welcome, as its not that close to where...
22016-03-23 21:50:44 UTCalexkemp Thanks for the changes & info.

How did you add the buildings? Did you simply trace satellite imagery? The buildings seem a long way from the road (Lou's shops butt up onto the pavement with zero gap).
As a small comment, the Mini-Market is on the extreme corner. Lou has 2 other shops next do...
32016-03-23 22:00:10 UTCalexkemp Sorry! Other 2 shops are EAST-side of the mini-market (opposite side to town-centre).
42016-03-24 15:24:16 UTCSK53 Yes I trace from aerial imagery, but the road widths are conventional according to scale (so they'll tend to be wider than reality at smaller scales and too narrow at larger scales. Mapping all the details of pavements, road widths etc is still a step too far. Although in principle the widths of urb...
12016-02-15 20:15:30 UTCJohnny Mapperseed Hey Bud. Lake Huron is not merely a lake. It is a GREAT Lake.

The wiki seems to disagree with itself because this says that the lakes are to be tagged as natural=coastline.

Are you certain your change was correct?
22016-02-21 11:59:33 UTCjptolosa87 The wiki seem suggest tag all lakes as natural=water:

There are a lot of "large lakes" tagged as natural=water.

Here you can see Lake Ontario was tagged as natural=water since august 2015 not for me: http:...
32016-03-18 22:14:15 UTCSK53 It would have been nice before you made this change if you were aware of the considerable discussion over many years as to why the Great Lakes were mapped as coastline. See for example this discussion on Reddit and jus...
42016-03-18 23:37:23 UTCjptolosa87 Hello SK53, I'm sorry, apparently I had to read more about it. Before my changeset I didn't know that it was a community decision tag Great Lakes as natural=coastline. But I found strange to see Lake Ontario tagged natural=water and Lake Superior tagged both ways. I thought I was helping with a mult...
12016-03-18 12:32:27 UTCSK53 I notice that when adding footpaths you are adding foot=designated. You may not be aware but there is another, more useful, tag for identifying Public Rights of Way. This is designation with typical values of public_footpath, public_bridleway, byway and restricted_byway. If there's any chance of rev...
22016-03-18 19:43:28 UTCidf000 I didn't know those designations existed. You seem to be able to add random tags so I've just used the one's Potlatch offers rather than invent my own or use a potentially bad one.

We could do with a UK Best Practice document for those of use not up to speed.

I've added about 300km of footpat...
32016-03-18 20:49:57 UTCSK53 I think that Potlatch offers a box for "Official Classification" which gets translated into the designation tag. (I usually use the advanced mode so not absolutely sure).

It's a bit difficult to point to a satisfactory Best Practice document because all the very active footpath mappers...
12016-03-17 12:46:07 UTCSomeoneElse Would it be possible to explain what the change here actually was? "Solve coastline error lines" doesn't really describe it. the last two changesets affecting are "Fixing boundary..." and "Solve coastline...", so I su...
22016-03-17 12:54:17 UTCSK53 Yes more detailed comments would be appreciated. We only realised 2 days ago that the Western Isles are a complete mess: there are likely to be coastline & boundary problems as we work to get islands to actually fit in the boundary. For reference when I started working on this again this morning...
32016-03-17 12:58:09 UTCGinaroZ Doesn't help the confusion when the changeset has coastline changes in the Western Isles and also Italy!
42016-03-17 18:11:28 UTCjptolosa87 In this changeset I put source "OSM Inspector". Then you can know that I solve errors in coastline lines (like intersections with itself):,coastline_error_li...
12016-03-15 09:35:38 UTCSK53 Using Google Maps is not permissible for adding data to OpenStreetMap. I note that many of your boundary changes elsewhere in the world have been erroneous. I would be very surprised if you have expertise on the minutae of the boundaries of San Francisco, New Territories & the City of London as ...
12016-03-14 14:20:31 UTCSK53 444 N Wabash was already present as a building (sourced from Chicago Open Data). There are now two buildings at this location (with different numbers of levels too, 5 & 6).

The use of highway=elevator with a building tag also looks odd (the render assumes the whole area is dedicated to an el...
22016-03-14 16:31:32 UTCrandy777 Mapping the individual accessible entrances lifts, elevators, offices, bathrooms and everything else is the reason for the attempts to tag this. The project though is for the entire loop so we had some initial meetings with the City of Chicago Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities to plant th...
32016-03-14 16:35:45 UTCrandy777 Let me give this some thought and come back to it. My mind is also working on the various levels of tunnels, upper and lower streets and multiple addresses within buildings.
42016-03-14 16:51:37 UTCSK53 I'd suggest contacting the US Chapter of OSM direct. I'm aware of some sophisticated mapping for disabled access in various University campuses in the US: it's quite likely that at least one of these has been reported at a conference.

Otherwise checkout the German wheelmap site (http://wheelmap.o...
12016-03-12 19:04:11 UTCSK53 I'm not sure if you are aware, but using Google imagery & other resource to contribute to OpenStreetMap is not allowed. Firstly it contravenes Google's terms of service. Secondly, it probably uses imagery from Google's suppliers in ways that are not allowed by the agreement that Google has with ...
12016-03-11 00:37:07 UTCDaveF The George is already there.
22016-03-11 09:39:37 UTCSK53 Yes but I find mapping the whole site including the car park as the pub counterintuitive (let alone the non-optimal rendering position of the icon).

I think the usual way is to have a way for the pub restricted to buildings, with ancillary areas: beer gardens, parking etc mapped separately. This ...
32016-03-11 12:04:30 UTCMar Mar I agree with SK53, the proof is that I actually didn't see that the George was already there because the icon was so far away from the building, even less visible than the parking lot also named the George. But hey, these are details, just wanted to put this nice pub on the map...
42016-03-11 13:10:08 UTCDaveF Thanks for the replies

Please don't tag incorrectly to suit a failing of just one renderer. Remember this is a database & their are many different renderings taken from it.

Similar to schools, the amenity=* tag should be a closed polygon encompassing the full area of usage by the organisat...
52016-03-11 13:21:15 UTCSK53 No, this is a genuine difference in how people choose to map pubs, not "mapping for the renderer".

I can see the advantages of mapping the whole area : relationships are easily determined, but it has never been obvious to me (or many other mappers) that a pub car park is a pub. If I tho...
62016-03-11 14:12:49 UTCEdLoach The wiki suggests that amenity=pub should go on the node *or* the building. "If the whole building is used for this feature and its footprint is present in OSM, you can apply the tags on the area if you prefer" which is different to schools.
72016-03-11 15:27:03 UTCDaveF @SK53
The reason Mar Mar added amenity=pub (well, restaurant actually), not only to the building but as a node, was his failure to notice the boundary & the icon in both the render & the editor, not due to tagging choice .
'Retail' isn't a substitute for defining a boundary of individual p...
82016-03-11 15:58:59 UTCEdLoach So should the amenity=place_of_worship tag across the road be on the whole of the church grounds rather than just the building?
92016-03-11 16:23:10 UTCDaveF Good question, & one I've thought about but come to no concrete conclusions. I believe there should be some kind of tag, be it amenity=place_of_worship or some other tag, to define the extent of a place of worship's property which could encompass things such as the building, graveyards, church h...
102016-03-11 16:53:24 UTCSK53 I suggest we move this conversation to talk-gb. There are interesting aspects of how we tag areas associated with various POIS: and obviously at least two different approaches.
112016-03-11 17:10:00 UTCDaveF Yes, but I think Tagging is the more appropriate forum.

I need to clarify I reverted the edit, not due to 'tagging choices', but that there were three different George Pubs. All Mar Mar's additional tags have been added to the existing way. Between us we've made the OSM database more accur...
122016-03-11 17:23:04 UTCSK53 Yes I understand why it was reverted: I was just particularly interested in seeing a pub mapped this way, and then realising that we have (at least) 2 different approaches in the UK.

Personally this is a talk-gb issue. By all means pass it on to tagging, but I don't place great faith on their jud...
12016-03-10 15:35:44 UTCSK53 As a non-Indonesian I do not know what hospital:type=C might mean. I would suggest using a longer string so that it is easier to relate to hospitals elsewhere.
12016-03-02 13:19:31 UTCSK53 I've just added the Architectural Association on the W side of Bedford Square. It would be nice to grab the other house numbers next time you're in the area. Also I think there are a few Blue Plaques (e.g.,,
22016-03-02 13:37:59 UTCika-chan! UK Darn, I missed it!
12016-02-23 19:30:59 UTCSK53 Great to see your first edit! Details like this need locals to keep things up to date, although mapping closed pubs is a regrettably common occurrence.

You can also add an area on the open land formerly occupied by the pub and add the tag landuse=brownfield.
22016-02-24 16:16:03 UTCJames_Wirral I've done this now.... I think/I hope!
12016-02-20 16:12:12 UTCtrigpoint Historic pubs do not really belong in OSM, we aim to map what exists today.
There is a project which is based on OSM where you can add historic item.
Cheers Phil
22016-02-21 10:33:23 UTCSK53 @trigpoint has drawn my attention to this. If the buildings still exist I would advocate mapping them as polygons, tagged building=pub (provided this was what they were built for). On a general basis I'd agree with trigpoint, but I see no harm in adding a limited amount of historical info providing ...
12016-02-19 21:21:07 UTCSK53 Did you not note the pub in Waltham when you did this survey
22016-02-20 09:53:58 UTCPink Duck I think I recall there being one at the junction but was distracted by driving and an incident with an old lady and postman at the time arguing.
32016-02-20 12:51:36 UTCPink Duck I've added The Royal Horseshoes, that appears to still be active. The Marquis of Granby nearby permanently closed according to
12016-02-12 22:07:40 UTCSomeoneElse What's the source of the name "Lonesome" on ?
22016-02-19 15:07:52 UTCSK53 Must say when I lived in South London I never heard this name (and its sufficiently quirky that if I had I'd have remembered very distinctly). I would have called all of this area Streatham Vale.
12016-02-15 09:17:52 UTCSK53 The RMSM may not be a barracks, but it is certainly not a school as the tag is generally used on OSM: i.e., a place for education of 3-18 year olds. I have changed this back to landuse=military & added mlitary=training_establishment
12016-02-10 05:12:29 UTCWarin61 Way 40510826 looks to be tennis courts on Bing Imagery .. not netball and certainly not football.
22016-02-12 12:29:24 UTCSK53 This was mapped way before Bing imagery was available. Things may have changed of course, but as usual the best answer is a ground survey.
12016-02-07 14:00:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi
Do you have any evidence that these tramlines are still visible on the ground, suggests they aren't.
Please do not copy things that no longer exist from old maps as all that does is spoil the map for other users and in areas such a London add clutter whi...
22016-02-07 14:05:04 UTCSK53 These dont exist anymore, are not visible and certainly havent been for at least 20 years (probably nearer 75+). They should not be mapped on OSM. By all means add the historical London Tram Network to OHM, but not to OSM.
32016-02-07 19:12:38 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset was fully or in part reverted by changeset 37065420
12016-01-30 00:09:56 UTCSomeoneElse Can you remember what sort of shops and were? They're currently "shop=survey"
22016-01-30 12:02:26 UTCSK53 Yes easy enough as it was a photo survey: clothes & shoes.
12016-01-25 13:46:39 UTCSK53 I hope that before you did this edit that you checked with the original creators of the nodes tagged with building=entrance, notably David Earl. Many of these refer to buildings in Cambridge University, and such tagging may be needed by the in-house university map. It would be a real shame if in tid...
12016-01-20 16:38:56 UTCSK53 You've added the Bury, Manchester & Bolton Canal in this changeset. However, I believe most of this no longer exists on the ground. For instance the section running through the N part of Moses Gate Country Park (i.e., N of Hall Lane) is now just a track. I think other bits of the canal may best ...
12016-01-12 17:46:48 UTCSK53 I wonder if you visited this location & checked whether it is actually a crossing, or just an island in the highway. You have changed the meaning of the tagging in this case.
22016-01-12 18:30:09 UTCGerdP I did only use aerial images, I am not a local. Which node do you mean?
In case of
I don't not see a footway now, so maybe that one is really just an island and not a crossing.
32016-01-12 19:36:18 UTCSK53 The node you changed from highway=island to highway=crossing in Sneinton. I was reviewing old photographs & then noticed the change: which incidentally makes it obvious that you have not seen the said location.
42016-01-13 05:10:51 UTCGerdP Not sure what I should do now. Do you think that my change is wrong, means, doesn't match the current situation ?
52016-01-13 11:58:02 UTCSK53 I would much rather you added a note. First, local mappers can check the tagging: in this case I have a photo & the island has dropped kerbs on either side, so it can be regarded as a crossing. However, it is not a traffic_calming=cushion, which I noted in reviewing my photos. BUT, there is a se...
62016-01-13 12:05:21 UTCGerdP OK, got it. My changeset comment was probably a bit too short,
72016-01-13 12:30:34 UTCSK53 Nope what we'd like you to do is please add a note dont make the edit. That way we can review the tags ourselves & check notes/photos etc. Changing tagging without knowing what is there can change the meaning from what was intended.
82016-01-13 17:31:12 UTCGerdP Seems you are really pissed, no idea why :-(
Of course I have looked at the aerial images before changing the tags, and if I got that right you don't say that I've changed to something wrong.
Anyway, if you say that notes are working in your area: who is we ? What area are you speeking for?
92016-01-14 12:21:57 UTCSK53 Us means the OSM Nottingham community. We have consistently found that changes made by non-local mappers often do not make data better, and frequently make it worse. Even if one local usage is not typical of that in Germany, it is usually highly consistent in the local area and as such useful to loc...
12016-01-14 11:39:07 UTCGerdP Please check: highway=traffic_island is only used by you. I guess you meant traffic_calming=island?
22016-01-14 11:47:53 UTCGerdP sorry, meant only used by you for nodes
32016-01-14 12:12:10 UTCSK53 Yes, I did mean it! OSM has free format tagging. I needed to do quite a lot of work on this to replace erroneous edits by someone.
12016-01-11 14:54:36 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that "Liberty of Saffron Hill" is a current suburb? If so, could you actually link to somewhere where that name is currently used - or better still a sign on the ground? I'm fairly familiar with that part of London (though not a local) and have never heard of it before.
22016-01-12 13:57:15 UTCcrossmyloof Hi,

It appeared on OS maps until at least the mid to late 1940s (the newest I can find at the moment). It is correctly the Liberty of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, Ely Rents and Ely Place but was always shown on OS Maps as Liberty of Saffron Hill.

As districts/suburbs have no legal significance...
32016-01-12 20:43:51 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Thanks for the reply. OS maps showed (and in some cases still show) lots of "places" that are no longer used as placenames, and in some cases never were. For example, the current OS maps show 4 names for "villages" within a mile of me (and OS historic maps 1 more), yet in ...
42016-01-12 21:42:49 UTCSK53 Just to confirm, this is an old admin unit which ceased to exist in 1866, although a civil parish with roughly the same name continued to exist through to 1930. See wikipedia,_Hatton_Garden,_Ely_Rents_and_Ely_Place and Vision of Britain: http://www.visionof...
12016-01-04 11:08:48 UTCSK53 Changeset comments for this type of edit always appreciated.
22016-01-04 20:42:51 UTCpmailkeey I thought it was 200% obvious !
12015-12-31 14:58:01 UTCSK53 Seems unlikely that you meant bare_rock for!
22015-12-31 17:50:07 UTCdudone Should now be fixed.
12015-12-28 19:12:17 UTCSomeoneElse Can you think of any reason why shouldn't be man_made=reservoir_covered ?
22015-12-28 19:28:47 UTCSK53 No! Looks very odd: accidental reuse of tags from another way?

Point of reference is garden centre where stopped for a coffee.
32015-12-28 19:30:52 UTCSK53 Well can't remember them, but marked as such on OSSV (together with pumping station), so probably noted it was a 'water board' site.
12015-12-23 14:13:20 UTCSomeoneElse Is really still not complete yet? It's been on the go for a couple of years - I'd have thought it'd be finished by now.
22015-12-23 17:09:25 UTCSK53 Yup, so would I: marking it as still construction might help getting the it finished.
32015-12-24 13:10:25 UTCSomeoneElse Thinking back, I suspect it probably is complete (I'd have marked it as construction when I added the medical centre 18 months ago I suspect). Would need someone walking past to check though.
12015-12-20 12:05:50 UTCKDDA Phewwwwww That was some work!
22015-12-20 15:11:46 UTCSK53 It's closing down imminently, but I eventually realised that the Geograph picture shows it at the end of the building with the garden centre bit beyond. That gave me a chance by looking at the places I'd previously mapped as landuse=retail. I must say I'd hoped the detective work would have been eas...
12015-12-10 10:34:10 UTCSK53 Aztec West is not a village in any usual sense of the word. I think it would be better just to name the area of the Aztec West business park.
22015-12-10 20:37:27 UTCndm >1000 people, church, doctor, newsagent, 2 different coffee chains, Hotel, pub, ponds...

Not entirely clear where Hempton Court, The Quadrant and the rest of the part split.

Signage is "Aztec West" not "Aztec West business park".

It's the same as "Cribbs Causeway...
32015-12-10 21:33:56 UTCSK53 Yes I know its called Aztec West, I have worked there over the years, but unless it's changed a lot it is not a residential area. Lots of industrial/business areas have churches: I can think of over 10 in Nottingham, but it doesnt make them villages.
12015-11-10 20:50:06 UTCSK53 Hi, I'm just adding some more residential roads in Katsina city, and looking at Bing this one seems unpaved, but you tagged it as paved. Before changing the tag I wanted to check to see if you have more up-to-date information.


12015-11-05 21:00:28 UTCtrigpoint Is really named "A23 Slip Road"?
I somehow doubt it.
Please can you explain this change?
22015-11-06 06:09:15 UTCsoemisch We want to display the routes of services in a map. So we use the data of NaPTAN, in order to find the position of a stop point, thats often not correctly. NaPTAN describe the position with the additional tag "street name".Please have a look at NaPTAN.
We are experimenting. This issue is...
32015-11-06 14:03:18 UTCchillly NaPTAN street names are often unreliable. I have checked about 2000 UK stops by surveying them and I know you should not trust NaPTAN. I would need to see a road sign with 'A23 slip road' on it to use that name in OSM.
42015-11-06 14:11:12 UTCSK53 I would back chillly up here: when there is no street name some local authorities maintaining NaPTAN data seem to feel that this field must be filled even when there is no corresponding actual name. In these cases the relevant tag to use is description. If a NaPTAN name does not correspond to one in...
12015-11-01 10:33:43 UTCpnorman It looks like this removed information and din't replace it. Should it be undone?
22015-11-01 10:36:12 UTCkarussell Sorry, I've placed a note to avoid loosing information, I'm not unsure how to map it. Would you help?
32015-11-01 10:40:42 UTCSK53 Never replace tagged information with a note. At the very least add a description= or note= tag. But in practice the only really acceptable edit is to change the perfectly understandable prior value with the relevant conditional tags. Relatively few users (myself included) know the syntax of these, ...
42015-11-01 10:46:59 UTCkarussell Okay, so please undo.
12015-10-30 10:03:18 UTCwill_p You have added the postcode NG2 3AA to Nottingham Mail Centre. This appears wrong to me, because the mail centre is in the NG9 postcode area. I don't doubt mail for the postcode you added is processed here, but it is certainly not the postcode of the mail centre itself.
22015-10-30 20:19:39 UTCGuy This is a Boots PO Box number for the mail centre: whether it should be the Boots site at "Thane Road West" I don't know. According to the postcode (PC) is at the mail centre. Mail centres often have multiple PCs, I would expect this one is NG9 nxx (if it is in NG9) where n is...
32015-10-31 15:45:48 UTCSK53 Please dont add postcodes which dont have real geographical content to such buildings. There are probably hundreds of postcodes co-located at this building, none of which correspond to the postcode for the building. By adding such postcodes you will make it very difficult for people who use postcode...
42015-10-31 16:07:23 UTCSK53 Thinking about it, I suspect that NG2 1AA is a postcode associated originally with the Pennyfoot St location (or possibly even Station Street), which has been parked at the delivery office instead of being reused.
52015-10-31 16:27:12 UTCchillly is not a valid source for OSM. He releases his CODE as PD (not really possible in the UK but still ...) but copyright remains on all other content.
62015-10-31 16:34:37 UTCRichard is a direct interface to Google's geocoder data. See (for example), open up the web inspector in your browser, and look at all the requests to This data can't be used in OSM.
72015-11-01 07:25:38 UTCzool dear Guy, I write on behalf of the OSM Data Working Group. This discussion has been sent our way due to concern over data derived from the Google API (via potentially being added to OpenStreetMap. As Richard points out above, this data can't be used within OSM. See http://wiki.openstre...
12015-10-31 16:02:37 UTCSK53 I very much doubt that the security guard checkpoint at the entrance to the Boots site has its own housenumber. Furthermore the Nottingham City Council GIS (which contains all Nottingham addresses) doesn't have any entry for "1 Thane Road". I'd be interested to know what your source was fo...
12015-10-30 21:07:24 UTCSK53 This is not a correction, it is the conversion of one tag into a different one with a different meaning. unsigned_ref contains a known ref value which is not signed. The tag I added had the meaning that the ref was not known because it was unsigned.
22015-10-30 22:48:57 UTCChrissW-R1 Sorry for this. I had changed it because "unsigned:ref" only appears in this two features in the complete database!

But you're right, this is the correct tagging schema and so I'll revert it.
32015-10-30 22:59:54 UTCSK53 Yeah, what I wanted apparently was ref:signed=no, but I couldn't remember it as its not something I've used, but its useful to show that the ref is not available even after ground survey
42015-10-30 23:17:43 UTCChrissW-R1 I agree to your decision. You entered a prefix to the key like abandoned or disused.
12015-10-29 19:52:48 UTCGerdP bitte prüfen: node 3416433524
highway=steil klingt nach
incline=* für den Weg?
22015-10-29 19:57:24 UTCSK53 Thanks, was highway=stile.
32015-10-29 19:58:58 UTCGerdP which should be barrier=stile now ;-)
42015-10-29 20:09:39 UTCSK53 Knew there was something missing
12015-10-29 09:39:10 UTCsouthglos Hi

Just noticed that this changeset added a load of man_made=surveillance / note="On no entry sign pole" by Westbourne Terrace near Sussex Gardens; is it really that Big-Brotherish, or should they be trees?

22015-10-29 12:10:09 UTCSK53 Good spot; I imagine they are trees! They'll be London Planes too.
12015-10-25 01:03:54 UTCJedrzej Pelka Browne/diary/36175
22015-10-25 10:54:48 UTCSK53 I would just like to add that deleting 'dangerous' paths is not an activity of which I approve. Accurately tagging such paths yes, deleting information about something which exists Working to render paths which are not suitable for the ordinary pedestrian would also be helpful. There is a whole com...
32015-10-28 11:09:01 UTCAndreas Moeller maybe I am unexperienced mapper and maybe there is an OSM ethos. But local people living in tenerife asked me to delete the path because there is NO path and the area is extremely dangerous. So, life is more important for me than such an ethos. I was 1 month ago on Tenerife and in Igueste de San And...
42015-10-28 12:29:55 UTCSK53 OSM can never be regarded as wholly reliable: anyone using any map as the sole navigation aid for paths in mountainous country is just asking for trouble. For instance for several years we had a path marked on the Hoernli ridge of the Matterhorn, and people mark Via Ferrata as paths to enable them t...
52015-11-01 19:15:46 UTCAndreas Moeller I have seen that the path is visible again. The locals mentioned above are not really local. They are German hikers and experts in the region (some of live on Tenerife since 10 or 20 years). They urged me (and I was in the Anaga region last August / September) to remove the path. The simple reason i...
12015-10-28 12:16:16 UTCSK53 Great to see some tidying up of footpaths around here: they were added long ago from 1940s maps in the hope of surveying them. Turned out there's far too much to do closer to N'ham. If the one you have added is a public right of way it helps if you also add a designation tag, see OSM wiki for values...
12015-10-28 11:54:58 UTCSK53 Thanks for adding yourself to OpenStreetMap. I dont recall any 1 storey buildings located precisely in this area, nor can I see them in aerial photos. I would have last surveyed here around March 2013. I notice that there are numerous other tenants located in Ayr Street Workshops, and that the postc...
12015-10-22 18:22:48 UTCSK53 You deleted a lot of data in this edit, at least some of which appears to be valid. You may have wished to remove some things shown on the main OSM map, for a map needed for your own purposes. In which case you were probably unaware that in doing so you removed data shared by everyone.

We will mo...
12015-10-18 07:17:44 UTCGerdP please review:
the tag highway=aslb
on node 662550884
looks like a typo, I've no idea what it means
and it is only used once in OSM
22015-10-18 09:19:49 UTCSK53 A direct link would really help instead of having either a) to cut-and-paste the value, or b) step through the edited nodes. In fact I can guess fairly straightforwardly that this should be highway=asl and that the key 'b' should have added source=Bing.
32015-10-18 09:22:16 UTCSK53 Fixed
42015-10-18 09:59:51 UTCGerdP thanks, I'll paste full links in future comments
52015-10-18 16:28:54 UTCSK53 Yes, do please. As most of the edits were shops I wouldn't have guessed exactly what it was immediately.
12015-10-15 15:14:51 UTCSK53 Hi, You seem to have deleted from OpenStreetMap many of the main points of interest in Inverary. I imagine this is because you thought you were editing a private copy of the data. You weren't, so now no-one using OSM worldwide can find features such as Inverary Jail, or even the place itself.

22015-10-15 16:37:31 UTCSK53 As you haven't been in touch. I have now reverted all your edits. This is done to avoid having to reinstate all the previously existing data by hand. As you might imagine this involves contributions by several people over the years.
12015-10-15 09:31:15 UTCSK53 You need to stick a building=yes tag on this for it to show up.
12015-10-08 17:59:04 UTCchillly ou seem to have deleted a large number of residential roads. Did you mean to do this? Do you need any help to recover this?
22015-10-08 17:59:11 UTCSK53 You seem to have deleted lots of roads in King's Heath. I'm sure this was either by accident, or because you are not aware that edits on OSM affect everyone. This note is just to let you know that I am undoing this edit.
12015-10-05 07:43:10 UTCSK53 Can you please use source tags on ways & changesets. You have added Tong Moor Side as a name after another one of your MapBox colleagues added a note about it. However Bing imagery gives no clues about the name. Neither of you are local mappers, so I would like to know the basis for changing the...
22015-10-05 09:51:54 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for your feedback.
I changed the road name using as the source. I missed adding the source. Here is the data source for this. Can you please suggest where and how I can add this source now?
32015-10-05 09:59:23 UTCSK53 This is an inadmissible data source It contains copyright information. I'm afraid I have to revert this change.
42015-10-05 10:08:54 UTCsrividya_c I see the copyright source from OSM page and the data source of the page both mention the Crown copyright attribution from Ordinance Survey. It will be good to know why it is inadmissible.
52015-10-05 10:14:37 UTCSK53 OK I've now reverted it, and re-added the name from Ordnance Survey StreetView OpenData. This may have been the source on Streetview, but I would strongly suggest using OSM-based tools & facilities for such things. We have tiles of OS Streetview, missing roads (OS Locator), and OSLocator Musical...
62015-10-05 10:20:57 UTCSK53 Because the precise source isn't clear. It does clearly state it contains Royal Mail data (CodePoint Open) which is inadmissable for OSM. As I state above, volunteers from OSM have gone to a great deal of trouble to create tools to help in situations like this: such tools we know to be clean and des...
72015-10-05 10:21:37 UTCSK53 I should add another reason for adding sources & using OSM tools is that it is far faster for other mappers to check that a change is reasonable.
82015-10-05 10:42:21 UTCsrividya_c Thank you. Will use these tools and use the right source while making changes lie this.
92015-10-05 10:42:32 UTCsrividya_c *like
12015-09-25 16:53:13 UTCSK53 I have a feeling that route 73 goes into the bus station area in front of Euston Station on the Vic->Stoke N direction
22015-09-25 17:51:09 UTCika-chan! UK I am sure that the regular bus stop for 73 is the same bus stop as route 30, the last time I was there. Note that for anyone not aware yet, the public transport scheme has changed recently, we now map stop flags and stop positions separately. Also, some buses stop a bit back if there's a queue, if a...
32015-09-27 19:45:54 UTCSK53 Thanks. It is right now. 'Cos the Circle line was messed up yesterday I ended up boarding this at Euston Square. At some stage will load photos from top deck between Euston & Stoke Newington. I like adding stops to relations, but stop positions are IMO a waste of time (not least because there mi...
42015-09-27 20:27:57 UTCika-chan! UK Oh, I forgot to say that impromptu diversions, like skipping the bus station, may occur (albeit rare) if it is necessary to provide an even frequency, or the bus station is heavily congested.
52015-09-27 21:10:16 UTCSK53 Yeah, I think SomeoneElse & others have pointed out that there are buses with no routes other than the stops need to be visited in order.
12015-09-15 08:13:08 UTCSK53 In this changeset you have added a place=neighbourhood of New Egham. This has recently been queried in an OSM Note. Certainly if asked I would have assumed this was part of Englefield Green, just as is shown on OS StreetView. I wonder what evidence you have for this name: I am aware that many of you...
22015-09-15 08:35:47 UTCSomeoneElse It's a while since I've been to Egham but while Englefield Green is definitely signposted from there I've never seen signs to "New Egham".
See also .
12015-09-12 09:06:41 UTCSomeoneElse The change to looks wrong to me. Just using semicolons to combine values is often not the best way to decide how things should be tagged. If something is both a pub and a restaurant I won't tag it as "amenity=pub;restaurant", I'll survey...
22015-09-12 14:55:27 UTCAury88 Hi SomeoneElse.
this specific case is an error. the area is only a (portion of) surface dedicated to fitness activity.there seem there is not a fitness_centre (amenity and leisure are both wrong) and there is not a dedicated this case I think also leisure=pitch is wrong but I'm not sure. ...
32015-09-12 15:15:02 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, I'm not convinced about fitness_centre _or_ pitch for these - someone (I think that it was SK53, who has actually edited this object previously) did dig out a more appropriate tag. The tagging list will, I'm sure, have lots of suggestions.
42015-09-12 15:35:32 UTCAury88 name value also seem a description (and the same for the other near outdoor gym ) I'm contacting SK53.
Also I'm trying to import this changeset but I'm having problem with the .osc...a name value seem to corrupt the file (due to the "&" in it ). do you know how to handle this ?
52015-09-14 12:56:40 UTCSomeoneElse For info (re the Bulwell example) might serve as a prototype for mapping individual bits of kit within a leisure=pitch area (see also )
62015-09-14 13:05:21 UTCSK53 Fine, I agree the tagging could do with improving. I suspect adding fitness_centre was a quick fix in order to be able to remove the descriptive name. In this case it would have been far better just to add a note rather than change the tagging: we're quite able to improve stuff if its brought to our...
12015-09-13 09:23:24 UTCSK53 You added a major power line across the middle of Stockport in this edit. I saw no evidence of it on the ground. Is it underground? What are the sources you used to identify this?
22015-11-15 14:21:31 UTCSomeoneElse @SK53 I've added a note , but it might be worth just removing this. I don't remember it.
12015-08-27 13:20:44 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Jerry,
Which router was it that didn't understand bicycle access through the gates here?
22015-08-27 13:31:42 UTCSK53 Strava, this one specifically
12015-08-26 19:11:51 UTCSK53 Must say I was a bit disappointed to see landuse=forest added back on the tags for White River NF. Removing it really makes a huge difference around the ski resorts of Summit County. I appreciate other areas become rather white, but from talk-us I understood that removing the forest tags is the way ...
12015-08-21 18:34:39 UTCSK53 According to a recently posted note the ferry between Newnham on Severn and Arlingham stopped shortly after WWII. You havent tagged the changeset or the way wtih source info. I'd be interested to know the source for this ferry.
22015-08-24 19:00:29 UTCAlex McKee Hmm. The lack of source info was sloppy of me. Local knowledge and NPE.

The note is correct - the Ferry doesn't run today. If you look at the way in question it was (and is) tagged with "abandoned", which I think was the suggested tagging for "gone" historic features at the t...
12015-08-20 15:20:37 UTCSomeoneElse You're still adding information that at first glance appears to be licensed in a manner not compatible with OSM. In you said you'd contact the data publishers and the wider OSM community; did either of these actions actually happen?
22015-08-20 15:40:03 UTCSK53 More to the point nearly all these hill databases are derived from copyright OSGB data. So even if the db owners gave permission, the data will contain OSGB derived data. That's why many heights come from NPE/Provisional 1:25k maps which are out of copyright. Equally most of this info can be merged ...
32015-08-20 21:47:19 UTCCYM1988 Hi, I have spoken with the publishers about the data and the copyright issues surrounding its use in OSM. The elevation data used in the database was collected by surveying teams using GPS equipment of the organization itself, rather than from second hand data from OSGB. I'm aware that many database...
42015-08-20 21:57:22 UTCSomeoneElse Re the licence (see for details) what licence did they make the information to you available under? The "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License" mentioned on their download page is unlikely to be compatible with OSM as we can't guaran...
12015-08-17 14:02:32 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Arun - are you sure that is really an unclassified road? It doesn't particularly look like one from the imagery. What I suspect it is is a farm track with a "public right of way" over it (given that someone's named in "leeds country way...
22015-08-17 17:04:17 UTCPlaneMad The section leads only to the Airport service road apart from the couple of properties and the footpath branching out. There are no ways that branch into farms to suggest this is primarily for agricultural use.

Have been trying to understand UK roads better and would really appreciate to know why...
32015-08-17 18:08:22 UTCSK53 First dont rely on the wiki "tracks are for agricultural use". This may be applicable in Germany. In Britain I suspect we will use track or service for any non-public ways which vehicles can be seen to traverse. Most indeed will be for agricultural purposes (including things like Pheasant ...
42015-08-17 18:22:24 UTCPlaneMad > For instance many railway lines will have access tracks used by maintenance crews.

This should be an unpaved service road, no?
52015-08-17 21:40:34 UTCSomeoneElse Personally, I'd map railway access tracks as "highway=track" as for example at , but obviously it depends on what they look like - some are more like service roads, and there are lots that are just footpaths. Here it's difficult to tell from just ...
62015-08-18 05:55:36 UTCPlaneMad Ok this seems a little at odds with how i'm understanding highway tags, that they primarily define function of a way in the road network, otherwise most unpaved roads in developing countries would end up being tagged as tracks.

If tracks in UK don't follow the wiki guidelines of being for agro/fo...
72015-08-18 10:10:21 UTCSomeoneElse slightly related - a discussion on the Dutch forum:
12015-08-06 01:10:37 UTCSomeoneElse Like you did with Walton Wood elsewhere, you've also broken Cuckney Hay Wood in this changeset, so that it's impossible to edit. was previously a polygon of a specific type of trees; you've made it into one edge of a relation. Similarly there's no...
22015-08-06 09:05:12 UTCrbuch703 " was previously a polygon of a specific type of trees; you've made it into one edge of a relation."

I actually I made it into an edge in *two* relations: relation still represents your polyg...
32015-08-06 09:10:46 UTCrbuch703 "Similarly there's no indication now that forms part of Cuckney Hay Wood at all - this was present (see ) until your edit."

That is true, but is unavoidable with the current specific...
42015-08-06 09:13:01 UTCrbuch703 "I would at some stage like to continue mapping both of these areas but it will be impossible to do so until you undo your changes."

Have you tried using a different editor? I find it reasonably efficient to work with multipolygons in the iD editor, and find it quite efficient in JOSM.
52015-08-06 09:19:49 UTCrbuch703 As a side note, to me the underlying issue here seems to be that you are trying to use object hierarchy semantics ("OSM entity X has property A. And OSM entity Y is a part of entity X, inheriting all its properties and adding property D"), but OSM has currently no way to validly specify su...
62015-08-06 09:23:21 UTCSomeoneElse (re JOSM) I regularly use it for tasks that it can manage, but its waypoint support is abysmal (see ) so it simply isn't an option for most of the survey-based mapping that I d...
72015-08-06 09:25:55 UTCSomeoneElse Re "For a valid multipolygon, two rings *must not* overlap" - can you explain why not? What real-world problems does it actually cause?
82015-08-06 09:53:51 UTCrbuch703 Being invalid practically means that multipolygon parsers (e.g. those in osm2pgsql, imposm, etc.) will go into quirks mode and use *heuristics* (=guesses) to make it into a valid multipolygon. This may mean that they will just ignore the inner ring - which is possibly what you intend them to do for ...
92015-08-06 10:18:53 UTCSomeoneElse There's lots of "mays" and "coulds" above - like I mentioned previously on the "Walton Wood" changeset ( where I explained the usage of osm2pgsql's --multi-gemetry flag ) I'm reasonably familiar with osm2pgsql's historical...
102015-08-06 11:22:05 UTCrbuch703 'There's lots of "mays" and "coulds" above'
- Yes, and these are exactly the point: The multipolgon specification requires valid mulitpolygons to have certain properties, and unambiguously specifies the semantics for those valid multipolygons. Thus, as long as multipolygon pa...
112015-08-06 11:51:44 UTCSomeoneElse Currently the way that you've mapped these simply doesn't represent the situation on the ground. If I don't hear a _specific example_ of the problems caused by the original mapping here I'll change Walton Wood and Cuckney Hay Wood back as they originally were when I next need to edit them. Because...
122015-08-06 13:44:01 UTCSK53 I'm all for reverting this changeset. OSM is about mapping things, not dealing with how OSM data is processed by tools. If tools cannot deal with real-world cases then fix the tools not the data. As it existed the data was previously treated as expected by osm2pgsql. If osm2pgsql changes the way it ...
132015-08-06 15:40:01 UTCrbuch703 @SK53: I completely disagree. Yes, OSM is about mapping things. But mapping things is all about giving meaning. And meaning depends on existing specifications - even if there are only de-facto specifications. If you create something that is explicitly forbidden by a specification - and usually for g...
142015-08-06 15:41:12 UTCrbuch703 @SomeoneElse: My specific example is this: Mappers ocasionally incorrectly set the roles for multipolygon members, and so some holes erroneously become "outer" members. There are probably thousands of these types of multipolygons out there. But to a piece of software they look exactly like...
152015-08-06 17:32:52 UTCSomeoneElse Re "But to a piece of software they look exactly like your sub-woods!":

According to the version of the relation clearly shows one multipolygon relation with multiple way members with the role ...
12015-08-02 18:53:31 UTCSK53 Excellent, the sort of thing only someone local might pick up.

If you connect the two ends of the path to the roads (Ravenwood & Knowles Avenue) then this can also be used for pedestrian routing. Ask if you need specific advice how to do this (either here, OSM messaging or email: SK53 dot OS...
12015-07-31 15:34:57 UTCSK53 Many thanks: exactly the sort of extra detail we hope people will add. If it is also signposted with a public footpath sign, you can also add the tag designation=public_footpath; if not leave it as it is.
22015-07-31 15:45:59 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. The footpath you have added is indeed welcome.

You have not connected it to Pelham Road. Looking at the aerial imagery (I don't know the area) may I suggest that you make a kink at the footpath beside Pelham Rd and join it to the road at the crossing. You could add a highway=cros...
12015-07-31 12:38:45 UTCSK53 Wikipedia is not a suitable source for adding data to OSM. It may well contain copyright information. Please also have a look at long and unresolved discussions of use of name:ua, name;ru etc for British placenames.
12015-07-30 18:11:48 UTCSK53 Any idea why you deleted the PRoW leaving Foolow at S edge of village towards Eyam? Or was this just a mistake?
22015-07-30 18:47:12 UTCdudone Thanks for letting me know. This was a mistake. I've redrawn it.
12015-07-24 11:08:04 UTCSK53 I noted that you changed old1_xxx tags to disused:xxx. Please note that in the Nottingham area old_xxx is actually a more common convention, and in this case the tagging is representing more than one previous occupant. The original church was Chelsea Baptist Church from inception to around 2005; the...
12015-07-19 20:46:15 UTCchillly I think a little respect for experience is due here. Joining a way to an area is not common practice.
22015-07-20 20:12:35 UTClxbarth Chilly - looking for a good solution here to make this routeable, and most importantly avoid logically impossible one ways. Right now there are two: one leading from the parking lot, the other one leading to it. Not in love with connecting highways to parking lot areas either.

I suggest to just t...
32015-07-20 20:33:26 UTCMarex Either solution is fine with me. From an application standpoint mapping parking aisles is more precise.
42015-07-20 20:36:46 UTCchillly My handle is chillly (three els).

Why would you be worried about routing around a car park of a cemetery? It can only be a destination not a mid-route point.

If you want to draw the service roads in the car park, great! Next time you're in Cottingham feel free to survey the site. Say "Hi...
52015-07-20 20:53:51 UTCSK53 @lxbarth Changing valid, albeit incomplete data on OSM by removing information, as is happening all too frequently with this program, is poor practice. I refer you to my answer on the Help site

Demanding routing of minor servi...
12015-07-20 18:37:39 UTCSK53 I'm rather puzzled by these additional roads you added. From memory it's not possible to turn from New Quay directly into Chapel Street & only left turns allowed in coming from Chapel St. A quick check on the Bing imagery confirms this memory. Has the junction been changed recently?

If not, I...
12015-07-07 15:05:30 UTCSK53 Thanks for this update. I had noticed that the PO on Lace St/Beeston Road is closed. If the Bargain Booze is labelled as such outside use that for the name, and also add a shop tag: presumably shop=alcohol, but possibly shop=convenience. The shop & amenity tags should do all the work for finding...
12015-06-29 13:53:09 UTCSK53 Damn too busy to make this edit myself!
12015-06-03 05:18:45 UTCramyaragupathy Source for this should be
22015-06-03 10:05:40 UTCSomeoneElse Is the use of Zillow's listings permissable licence-wise? Their main page says "© 2006-2015 Zillow". Their main terms page would suggest not, unless we have some specific agreement in place (as with Bing imagery) to re-use their data?
32015-06-05 12:07:28 UTCSK53 Note also OSM expects names to be fully expanded, so "Dr" should be "Drive". A better source would be the latest TIGER data available as a layer in the editors
42015-06-11 14:38:23 UTCramyaragupathy SK53: Thanks for bringing it up! I have made the necessary changes.
52015-06-11 14:42:31 UTCramyaragupathy SomeoneElse: Thank you for flagging this. The source for the missing name was primarily TIGER 2014 which says `Sanrock Terrace` but seemed incomplete. The external source was only to get the full name `Sanrock Terrace Drive` and not for the location. From my knowledge streetnames cannot be copyright...
62015-06-11 15:35:53 UTCSK53 @ramyaragupathy : streetnames might not be copyrightable but bulk copying from another database is not legal in EU (and not ethical for OSM). Unfortunately bulk copying in this context means 500,000 people doing 1 edit each. After all if we dont follow this rule we have relatively little traction to...
72015-06-12 14:46:26 UTCramyaragupathy @SK53: Thank you for sharing this. Will definitely keep this in mind.
12015-06-09 22:05:49 UTCZbigniew_Czernik fajnie byłoby, gdybyś nie poprawiał geometrii ulic do nieskalibowanego podkładu Bing. Swego czasu wyrysowałem dokładnie ulice w Sandomierzu do podkładu z Geoportalu i widzę, że część poprzesuwałeś.
22015-06-10 07:18:10 UTCSK53 My changes were based on survey & my own GPS traces
32015-06-10 07:22:25 UTCZbigniew_Czernik ok, thanks
42015-06-10 08:56:04 UTCSK53 A more general comment: adding source tags really helps (for instance it would have been obvious that there was another source of aerial imagery in this area). But my Polish edits are only of places I have visited & for which I have GPS traces (and sometimes photos).
12015-06-10 08:49:41 UTCSK53 You appear to have deleted facilities which exist in the grounds of Trinity College. Do you have a reason for doing so?
22015-06-18 13:16:07 UTCSomeoneElse Reverted in . I'm pretty sure the stuff north of Adams Road was still there a couple of months back when I was last there (I'd have noticed if there was a major change - I noticed the building site to the south).
12015-06-09 12:48:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - I'm guessing you meant "leaf_type=broadleaved" not "leaf_type \tbroad_leaved" on et al as per

I've just tidied up a load of mine in Clipstone...
22015-06-09 13:34:13 UTCSK53 Yeah can never remember there are at least 3 options with underscore, hyphen or nowt.
12015-06-04 21:01:23 UTCPeter Dobratz Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. You placed a Node in the middle of a building here with tags on it for the A-Boy hardware store, but it turns out this information is already tagged on the building outline. Generally putting the tags on the building outline is considered the preferred approach and...
22015-06-04 21:25:57 UTCPaul Cone Peter, the problem with that approach is if you need to use a derivative of the polygon dataset for other purposes, you will not get everything you need, i.e. because not ALL of the hardware stores have polygons, one must use the point data, too. I understand that having the feature only once is th...
32015-06-04 22:47:34 UTCPeter Dobratz Yes, there will be some hardware stores in OSM as single Nodes and some as Closed-Way polygons. Additionally, there are Relation objects of type multipolygon which might be hardware stores (buildings with a courtyard or multiple buildings). The shop=hardware and contact info tags should be on eith...
42015-06-04 22:51:36 UTCPaul Cone As I said, I'm quite clear that I can convert polygons to points, but then how would you suggest I weed out the duplicates between the points derived from polygons and the points that orginally were points?
52015-06-07 07:27:21 UTCPeter Dobratz We shouldn't be adding duplicate data to the main OSM database on purpose. The "polygon dataset" you speak of is not something that is native the OSM data model, but something that was derived from OSM data. We shouldn't require duplicate data in the OSM database in order to help you wee...
62015-06-07 13:56:59 UTCPaul Cone If the polygon dataset is not something that is native to the OSM dataset, then that makes my point -- there should be one dataset that accurately represents all types of that item, and in this case that would be the points.

My application already has its own ways because they are more accurate a...
72015-06-07 14:10:23 UTCSomeoneElse Just spotted this discussion and thought that it was perhaps worth mentioning that osmconvert (see ) can easily extract centroids of OSM ways to make it easy to process. There's no need (in fact in most cases it's actually confusing) to add details both...
82015-06-08 02:17:23 UTCPeter Dobratz I posted on my and there's some discussion there:
92015-06-08 09:16:34 UTCSK53 See my recent blog post ( about creating a worldwide dataset of retail POIs as centroids using osmconvert. This demonstrates that there is absolutely NO NEED to have everything as nodes.

The addition of a duplicate node for...
102015-06-08 17:24:16 UTCPaul Cone It seems like a lot of work to just get a set of point which represent all hardware stores. Maybe there is "NO NEED" to have them in the raw data but there certainly is a need for a simpler process. I will probably just go buy data from InfoUSA rather than continue to argue this with OSM...
112015-06-08 18:28:18 UTCSK53 If you just want hardware stores use Overpass with the centroid output & you can have them all as JSON, Or even ask me & I can give you a list of hardware stores as centroids (Or you can purchase data from suppliers such as Geofabrik & OpenCageData). OSM is a vast shared database. If you...
12015-05-23 14:05:18 UTCSK53 I wondered why you have removed the name tag from the University of York Heslington Campus. Using name:en is not a substitute for the name tag but something over & above.
12015-05-01 14:36:11 UTCSK53 Someone has commented ( that the footpath connecting Mill Place and Fairfield Place edited in this changeset doesn't exist. To me on Bing it more looks like some kind of service road behind the bigger buildings on Mill Place. I see you are still actively editing in the are...
22015-05-05 08:29:31 UTCjoelholdsworth Google streetview is your friend ;),-0.29836,3a,75y,83.77h,79.08t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sztR24w14TOqB5p2DvPp3wA!2e0?hl=en
32015-05-05 08:31:41 UTCjoelholdsworth I think you might be right about the lack of footpath. Also a footpath would be redundant given that there are so many cut-throughs round Mill Place and Mill Street
42015-05-05 08:32:25 UTCjoelholdsworth I think you're correct. This footpath doesn't exist.
52015-05-05 09:19:11 UTCSK53 We dont use Google Street View for verification! There is a risk that such uses makes OSM a derivative work.
12015-05-02 20:56:28 UTCSK53 I suggest you check changeset source tags when doing this kind of edit.

You could also have dropped me a message or a note to the effect that the more widely used tag is bookbinder. I much prefer that approach than just changing tags without asking the original mapper.
12015-04-30 10:43:05 UTCSK53 Can you be careful about not editing very large areas in changesets. I'm sure a parcel of farmland in Scotlands is not necessary for humanitarian mapping in Nepal.

Also please use the tag farmland or farmyard, not farm.
22015-05-01 19:05:35 UTCYoyo123 Sorry, quite new to this. Will try to not do this again
32015-05-01 19:13:30 UTCSK53 Not to worry, but really big edits can be a sign of other problems which can be really confusing (someone recently dragged the corner of a building from Finland to USA).
42015-05-02 20:11:29 UTCYoyo123 Yes, I can imagine. Sorry again. Did some kind of tutorial and seemed like I screwed that part up.
Anyways, 2nd time seemed to go better (or at least noone pointed out my mistakes yet :))
12015-04-26 17:44:12 UTCSK53 Hi thanks for contributing to OSM Mapping for Nepal.

I wonder why you changed the track into Manang into an unclassified road. My latest information from 1 year ago is that there has been little progress with the 'Chinese Road' and no bridges are in place. Unclassified road is only suitable if th...
22015-04-26 17:51:45 UTCApoorvaLal Hi,
A friend of mine who was helping me map hiked the manaslu route up to manang a couple of months ago and said that there is a road is usable for up to 4WD (and hence isn't just a path) up to Manang.
I am, of course, basing this on hearsay. I will confirm this once again and let you know pronto...
32015-04-26 18:12:48 UTCSK53 Great thanks for replying.

My information, based on March 2014, was that the road was "There are no Cars, only Motorbikes, between Dhikur Pokhari and Manang." and in particular that a bridge was missing between Bhratang and Dhikur Pokhari.

I know the road has been under construction ...
12015-04-22 09:30:09 UTCalv The tag not:name=x is a valid tag used in the UK, see for example

Please don't remove data.
22015-04-22 14:35:57 UTCSK53 I've now reverted this change. not:name is a) important to show that official maps have the incorrect name and thus allow feedback to them; b) show other mappers that names on open data sources are wrong; and c) is important in derivation of statistics showing missing road names.
32017-12-31 12:55:49 UTCClaudius Henrichs Sorry for that removal and thanks for fixing my "fix".
12015-04-22 11:41:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
The names Haulage Yard and Lagoon sound descriptive rather than names.
22015-04-22 12:34:38 UTCLlwyn Hi. Thanks for the welcome :) The lagoon doesn't have a name, it's not common knowledge it's there, we just refer to it as the lagoon. And as for the haulage yard, is it appropriate to name the business?
32015-04-22 14:31:11 UTCSK53 Usually the best way is to find a suitable tag. So a haulage yard typically fits with landuse=depot (not obvious I know). For the lagoon I'd move this over to a description tag rather than a name tag. If you call it locally "The Lagoon" then use a loc_name tag rather than name tag. As an e...
12015-04-14 16:44:18 UTCSK53 Thanks for adding info to OSM.. You might also like to add amenity=dentist, so that things like a search for "dentists near cambridge" will also work.
12015-04-10 19:02:00 UTCSK53 Two things with this change:

1. You have removed information that this used to be a sports centre. We find such information useful in Nottingham, particularly when using Open Data from the city which may not be completely up-to-date.

2. I have no particular objections to the tag lesiure=fitne...
22015-05-13 19:27:42 UTCneuhausr Sorry, had never seen a tag like old_leisure. I added that tag back
12015-03-31 11:54:22 UTCwill_p Hi,

A couple of thoughts about this change:

1. Is 'Derbyshire Land Registry' a suitable source for making changes to OSM? Note that you must only use sources that are compatible with OSM's ODBL licence. This means most copyrighted sources cannot be used.

2. We map what physically exists on...
22015-04-01 02:28:02 UTCAlidmun The Derbyshire Land registry is accessible to anyone in the uk. There is physical barrier there now and is inaccessible. A picture of the barrier can be found published on
32015-04-01 15:58:04 UTCSomeoneElse Just to clarify something - if there's no public access along a track but the track physically exists you don't need to "unjoin" the track - just make sure that the access rights on it are correct. There's already an open note suggesting that footp...
42015-04-01 17:55:26 UTCSK53 Accessibility is not the same as permissible to use as a source for OpenStreetMap. Both Ordnance Survey mapping and Google Satellite images are fully accessible to anyone, but in neither case are these sources suitable for OSM. I'm also not clear what you mean by the Derbyshire Land Registry: The La...
52015-04-01 21:44:50 UTCwill_p From memory I believe the CycleStreets photo does show the correct location. It was blocked in a similar way when I surveyed it, hence why I tagged it as private.
The track does physically still exist, even if the gate is blocked by a lump of rock and corrugated iron, so I see no reason to disconn...
62015-05-23 12:01:36 UTCSomeoneElse For info I was there last night; but the footpath west across the golf course (not along the old track) still needs mapping. There are also a bunch of designations for public footpaths that need adding; I'll do that shortly. Also there's actually some confusion as to how long one of the bridleways...
72015-05-23 12:05:46 UTCSomeoneElse For completeness see also
12015-03-31 10:54:57 UTCSK53

Welcome & thanks for editing OpenStreetMap. Unfortunately I don't think these individual paths are named "The Big Track" because they could equally be called "Trent Valley Way" (which also runs along these paths). Because of this we have a mechanism for naming routes whic...
12015-03-30 15:09:20 UTCneuhausr another changeset which left a number of ways with incorrect key tags - see OSMI
22015-03-30 15:39:29 UTCSK53 thanks, think I've fixed a few (caused by focus of editor being on tag window not edit window). Several probably could do with tiger_reviewed=no being removed
12015-03-27 15:59:16 UTCneuhausr there's a bunch of key typos in this changeset, can you try to review & fix? (I noticed w/ OSM Inspector & did a few)
22015-03-27 20:33:23 UTCSK53 Thanks for the warning.

Hmm, had a quick search and cant see anything particularly dramatic, other than one or two ways with y=Texas, MO. This tag should be deleted (it's one of the useless TIGER Tags). Perhaps you caught any real nasties.

Shame its another yurp person doing the spotting!
32015-03-27 21:15:12 UTCSK53 Hope I've caught them, mainly where "y" replaces a key value.
12015-03-27 15:51:45 UTCSK53 Appears to relate to this closure notice: &
12015-03-25 10:42:41 UTCSomeoneElse You've removed a tag that another mapper had added to and replaced it with a note. Making changes such as this does not in any way improve the data in OpenStreetMap; it dilutes it.
22015-03-25 16:41:37 UTCrbuch703 Indeed, I did. The tag in question was the only instance of a "maker" tag worldwide, and it was ambiguous (which part of the aqueduct did William Hazledine make?). Having such exotic tags - especially if their meaning is ambiguous - does not in any way improve the data in OpenStreetMap; it...
32015-03-25 17:06:42 UTCSomeoneElse In it was made clear that " changes such as this need to be discussed with the wider community and different people's views taken into account.". You didn't do this, and were blocked for that reason.

OSM isn't just your database and it isn't...
42015-03-25 18:55:00 UTCrbuch703 So are you saying that for every single change to every single tag that isn't an obvious typo, there has to be a discussion beforehand? In accordance with the first point of the OSM Editing Good Practices ("If you find elements with tags that you think are wrong then do correct them. OSM simila...
52015-03-27 15:04:49 UTCSK53 There are several simple rules of thumb which you ignored:

1. Am I improving the semantic value of OSM by changing a tag. Moving something to a note does not do so.
2. Has the tag been accepted by other mappers. In this case several mappers had made changes to the object without changing the mak...
12015-03-19 10:34:15 UTCwill_p Hi,

You have just deleted several tags from Tags like 'not:nccod:amenity' are intended to help local mappers interpret open data sources provided by the city council. You appear to be making changes across the world, so I doubt you understood the meanin...
22015-03-19 17:14:12 UTCSK53 Can I second this, and add I have sent you a PM about other deletions.
32015-03-26 07:14:38 UTCuser_7622 Hi
I found some keys via "taginfo -> ähnlich", that appeared worldwide only 2 or 3 times and thought it was save to remove or change them because they seemed to be misspellings. Sorry if I was wrong.
42015-03-26 11:57:39 UTCSK53 This has already been reverted, we will check other changesets made around the same period and may revert those. Please do not remove tags with a small number of values unless a) they are obvious typos, or b) you have checked with the people who added the tag/local editors.
12015-03-19 12:24:59 UTCwill_p I'm guessing this was unintentional: It duplicates the Wickes on the other side of the road.

22015-03-19 13:29:54 UTCSK53 Certainly was!
12015-03-13 22:45:49 UTCSK53 You might want to add something a bit more than just the name to this edit if you want it to show up. Simply adding building=yes would be a start. I note that there is John Deere supplier at this location, so shop=agricultural_machinery might also be something of use. HTH
22015-03-13 23:16:22 UTCChiefapasohak Ok. New to this, so thanks for the advice. I'll try again!
32015-03-14 00:01:24 UTCSK53 Also for the business you can add things like (or whatever), telepone=0123456789 and opening_hours=Mo-Sa 09:00-18:00 (or whatever), all of which while not showing on the main OSM site get picked up by other OSM-based products. Also adding postcodes (usually as addr:postc...
12015-03-08 21:07:16 UTCSK53 Many thanks for such a comprehensive first edit. I'm impressed that you added tags for things like desire line paths. It's particularly nice to have additions in this area: there's still a lot to do in Nottingham itself so none of us do that many trips to map this far from the city.

I have one sm...
12015-02-03 21:56:15 UTCSomeoneElse Again, the source seems to be unreachable. Could you explain?
22015-02-03 22:22:18 UTCandygol We had recieved feedback through the service that had description "5a doods lane market street Alnwick" and link for editing

You can't reach the source link because thi...
32015-02-03 22:36:07 UTCSomeoneElse Given that isn't accessible, perhaps it would be worth copying the full text of the feedback to the changeset comment (or if it's too long) to a changeset discussion? Or perhaps, if the feeback issue definitely refers to something that needs fixing ...
42015-02-20 08:58:18 UTCSK53 I have removed the address tag as it is clearly incorrect. To do so I used FHRS Open Data to add addresses to the mapped POIs along Clayport and Market Streets. The addresses are in the 30s at the junction with Clayport Street. Furthermore a simple web search shows Cafe Delicious at 39 (but this dat...
52015-02-20 18:15:30 UTCandygol @SK53 Thanks for your attention and help with this issue. I'll be add notes when I doubt about info from feedback.
62015-02-26 10:02:33 UTClxbarth > which is ensure that there is an independent piece of evidence to support the statement in the note

Yeah, let's not add data to OSM that can't be independently verified.
12015-02-11 02:27:59 UTCrickmastfan67 I don't know how you did this, but you broke an intersection along West Carson Street here in Pittsburgh with this changeset. Somehow, you removed a node from this way ( ), which disconnected a connecting road, which somehow retained the node you removed f...
22015-02-16 18:05:38 UTCSK53 Interesting, possibly an editor bug in potlatch 2.0, or a keyboard glitch (which I've noted in past couple of days), or just possibly a case of editor not loading everything. I was almost entirely using the simplify option to reduce the node count on TIGER imported ways, which then makes it WAY easi...
32015-02-18 10:03:28 UTCrickmastfan67 Well, I do try to keep a tab on all changesets in the Pittsburgh area when I have the to look at them. Thank goodness for the RSS feed of the local changesets I have. :)
12015-02-01 17:31:37 UTCSK53 Wow, what a lot of nice extra data! Goes to show there is always something new to add.
22015-02-01 22:15:01 UTCphilsands Thanks mate. Been meaning to add it for a while
12015-01-29 23:44:17 UTCSK53 Please dont use landuse=industrial for oil fields! This is not what the tag is intended for. Only use this for discrete installations within the area (see the example I have mapped just outside Esperanza, Santa Cruz).

12015-01-29 21:43:45 UTCSK53 These woods along these river valleys do not exist. Yes there are patches of willows, and some willow scrub in places, but these are tiny. In populated places there will be rows of poplars to act as windbreaks. Otherwise this is Patagonia one of the famous treeless places in the world. Having recent...
12015-01-28 13:44:39 UTCSK53 I note with some dismay that you retagged a node labelled waterway=waste_disposal to amenity=waste_disposal. These actually have different meanings. waterway=waste_disposal is a particular facility only available to key-holders on canals, and is quite separate from things usually tagged as amenity=w...
22015-02-03 13:15:06 UTCHolgerJeromin waterway=waste_disposal is not documented in the wiki. access should be tagged with an access or an note tag. This seemed 3 years ago like a reinvention for openseamap.
The wiki notes for "amenity=waste_disposal" "Waste disposal places where canal boaters..."
32015-02-03 15:33:41 UTCSomeoneElse HolgerJeromin - never mind what the wiki says - have you ever actually seen one of these places? I can assure you that if looked anything like the photograph on the wiki page all the waste would flow out of the bottom of the bin and back into the ...
12015-01-27 20:53:15 UTCSK53 I know this was a very long time ago, but we were wondering why you added numbers as names to a number of nodes between Fritchley and Crich? Any chance you can remember what they signify?
12015-01-27 10:34:14 UTCSK53 Yes they should. When they connect to roads then they can be used for routing on foot (something I use OSM for all the time).

If it's a public right of way its also good to add designation=* and then we have it documented. I presume Staffords Acre is a relatively new road.
12015-01-21 11:04:21 UTCSomeoneElse What does "#map-feedback #851" mean? You've edited . Does that mean that you've surveyed it (i.e. actually been there) or are you just guessing based on aerial imagery?

What makes you classify this as a "path" rather than a footway? ...
22015-01-21 11:20:19 UTCSK53 Yeah amazed that you thought to change this. This area was recently edited by at least 2 people with genuine local knowledge highway=path is not widely used locally in the UK because we find footway/track/bridleway/cycleway meet 95% of usecases better than path.

I get a 404 on the link given. Thi...
32015-01-21 20:00:20 UTCandygol Hi, SomeoneElse and SK53
concerning yours comments
1. About 404 link: because this is a private repo you are not allowed to look it and that is why you get 404 err.
2. I didn't visit this area but I rely on people with local knowledge. If my tagging is incorrect/inappropriate please fix it, I w...
42015-01-21 20:12:08 UTCpnorman Please use a meaningful changeset comment, not one like "#map-feedback #851" which doesn't allow someone to figure out what you were intending and why. has more information about writing good changeset comments.
52015-01-21 20:30:03 UTCSomeoneElse @andygol How was the feedback "Path mis-aligned, should all be further west" submitted? If it's an area that you're not able to survey in person wouldn't it make more sense to add an OSM note so that someone local (of which SK53 and I are just two of many) could survey it on the ground?
62015-01-21 20:31:37 UTCandygol Thank you pnorman for your comment! I agree that such description is informative and misleading. Further I will leave more meaningful descriptions.
72015-01-21 20:34:20 UTCandygol I meant "uninformative" instead of "informative"
82015-01-21 20:49:24 UTCSK53 I would also point out that even if the comment said "path is misaligned" your edits did more than this they changed the tagging in such a way that the quality of the data was degraded. In practice you turned entirely usable routeable data (highway=footway) into non-useful, only routeable ...
12015-01-20 02:12:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hi, I notice that you've joined to both Gladstone Street and Gladstone Terrace. Are you sure that it actually joins both of these now? It didn't do so the last time that I was there.

I know that some places in the world (including most of the U...
22015-01-21 11:43:48 UTCSK53 This edit also seriously misinterprets the aerial imagery. The very name "Terrace" in this part of Britain suggests a street not accessible by cars. The N half of what is labelled Gladstone Street looks very like this: there is an obvious change in surface on aerial photos, and on the S ha...
32015-01-26 22:06:28 UTCediyes SomeoneElse, SK53 -

You're right, in fact Gladstone Street does not at all seem to connect with Gladstone Terrace and I asked my colleague @Rub21 to revert the changeset which he has done earlier today:

Thank you for the feedback and sorry for t...
42015-01-26 22:15:15 UTClxbarth Thanks for all the feedback.

> It's a real shame that MapBox are keeping 'issues' private when making them available to local mappers is likely to result in a better map for all.

SK53 - this edit goes actually back to to-fix and not t...
52015-02-26 10:01:02 UTClxbarth By the way, we are placing all customer feedback as notes on OSM now. We do not pass on any feedback directly as the noise to signal ratio is too high and I am also not 100 % comfortable to post something publicly that people may submit assuming a private channel.

I hope it's useful feedback, we'...
62015-02-27 00:12:37 UTCSomeoneElse @lxbarth thanks - that'd be really useful (and also great that you filter out the non-OSM-specific stuff, like people who's GPSs obviously aren't working or are actually just complaining about an app that your maps are embedded in.
72015-04-09 13:07:52 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info - for the continuation of the "Gladstone Terrace" story see the discussion on .
12015-01-20 14:06:36 UTCSK53 Hi, have just been looking at all retail establishments in Australia from OSM and noticed "iloveistanbul". This looks like the sort of place I'd map as amenity=fast_food, cuisine=kebab, even if it has some seating. If its a proper restaurant doing kebabs, then amenity=restaurant, takeaway=...
22016-11-22 10:34:17 UTCWarin61 Hartley Public School (node 3287366361) is not on the LPI Base Map nor is it listed on the NSW Dept of Education website. On the LPI Base Map in that location is a park, Bush Fire brigade and a residence. Made into a note, while adding the other features.
32016-11-22 10:46:55 UTCmycae-gmx OK, my error. It looks like this is actually a historic building, which has been turned into a private rental property.
42016-11-22 20:18:31 UTCWarin61 OK, I'll go ahead and delete it then.
12015-01-19 21:53:45 UTCrobert Please don't abuse the name tag to add the fact that roads happen to also be part of some-walk-or-other. If you really want to do this you should use route relations (, though you may have to upgrade to using JOSM to do that properly.

In fact the ...
22015-01-19 22:18:46 UTCRichard Despite the old grump above (we love him really), great to have you on board. :)
32015-01-20 10:04:53 UTCEdLoach You might also like to look at other maps that use OpenStreetMap data where the routes are more obvious, such as or
42015-01-20 10:32:09 UTCcnedramblers Thanks for all the comments. I must admit that as a walker I was totally unaware of the waymarked trails site. But so are many others. I accept that applying mutiple tags to highways or footpaths is a problem, but footpaths and trails were in many cases there centuries before tarmac roads and it is ...
52015-01-20 10:44:06 UTCEdLoach I hope my comment didn't mislead you, as I was out in the rain 9 days ago collecting GPS traces and photos of local (to me) public footpaths that still needed adding to OpenStreetMap. I was just trying to help point out that the default view of the data when you come to this website isn't the best v...
62015-01-20 10:59:19 UTCSK53 I must emphasise we take rights of way very seriously and would really welcome your contributions.

You can read about some of the work involving OSM and footpath mapping on my blog or watch Dudley Ibbett talking mapping paths in the Peak Dist...
72015-01-20 11:07:11 UTCRichard Please don't remove them! OSM takes rights of way very seriously, more than any other mapping organisation other than the Ordnance Survey.

At the same time we're a global project, so we can't show every single peculiarity of every single country in this map view. The main view on openstreetmap.or...
82015-01-20 19:30:38 UTCrobert Hey, there's nothing in the Terms of Service about not being a grumpy bastard.
92015-01-20 19:50:04 UTCcnedramblers I can try and get colleagues to annotate NE Derbyshire footpaths that are Public Rights of Way with the County Council's terminology (e.g. NE 2 46/1) - as rowmaps does - but only if it adds value ?
102015-01-21 00:55:13 UTCSomeoneElse Yes - public rights of way numbers are usually added using the prow_ref key (see, and would certainly be useful to have - although of course the source has to be licence-compatible (not derived from OS non-open mapping). See
112015-01-21 01:09:01 UTCSomeoneElse One more question about the route - back in 2008 when I walked it there used to be a Chesterfield Round Walk route marker around here where the highlighted relation leaves Bolehill Lane. You've added the name to this footpath http...
12015-01-14 15:35:20 UTCSK53 I have looked at this website & it really does not provide the information which you say, to quote " children of toddler age, babies, and mums-to-be, along with their carers, whether they be parents, grandparents, or other carers", so whilst the values you have added are logical, they ...
22015-01-14 22:41:10 UTCPolarbear While I was converting the abandoned proposal of age_group with a handful of tags into the min/max scheme, this was the only value that did not have clear numeric values. Thus I concluded min=0 for babies and mums to be, and max=5 for leaving toddler age.
12015-01-12 14:51:17 UTCSK53 I wondered why you altered the indian sweet shop on Ilkeston Road to a restaurant. It was not a restaurant when I surveyed this, and your edit does not look like one based on a re-survey.
12015-01-11 12:40:39 UTCSK53 Thanks for updating this. Is the shop still branded with Londis? In this case brand=Londis can be added as an additional tag.
22015-01-11 12:43:59 UTCHenry Lau Nope, the shop has no Londis branding on it.
32015-01-11 12:48:27 UTCSK53 Excellent, no substitute for local knowledge.

I know that there's been a lot of changes with branding of convenience stores. Historically people didnt discriminate between the actual name of the shop & the branding, but we're trying to make all the shop data better.
12014-12-11 08:16:23 UTCEdLoach Hi, The name of the Essex Way should be on the relation and not the individual ways. Would you like me to revert this changeset for you?
22014-12-11 09:31:18 UTCEdLoach *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
32014-12-13 14:45:24 UTCSK53 Or use Lonvia's Waymarked trails site
12014-11-09 00:34:17 UTCSK53 A bar called Londra is found at this address, not at anything visibly called El Chaperio
12014-11-02 12:29:34 UTCSK53 I've lightly edited your opening hours tag in this edit by changing it to opening_hours:description and adding a more machine readable version so that this can be picked up by things like OpenLinkMap (
22014-11-03 12:43:45 UTCSK53 My apologies I made a typo in transcribing the opening hours, now fixed in
12014-11-02 20:45:52 UTCSK53 Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You may like to add some more tags to Clansman Harbour to make it easier to pick out as a harbour (e.g., in searches, or on specialist maps like OpenSeaMap, here showing Inverness
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