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12017-09-14 14:36:43 UTCEwen Hill Thanks for all the Dandy Ranges updates Paul. It's really improved immensely.
22017-09-15 22:33:28 UTCpaul1928 Thanks Ewen! :)
12017-06-08 06:00:55 UTCOmegaville Might be "public demand" but it's hardly official.
22017-06-08 13:43:38 UTCRhubarb The name has not officially been changed, an article referencing google map's error:
32017-06-08 21:57:39 UTCpaul1928 Agreed - it's been put back.
12017-04-20 00:38:22 UTCpaul1928 Hey Ewen. I've just moved Hillclimb back to the east side of Sherbrooke Creek as it doesn't cross over to the west. The Strava heatmaps aren't very useful in this valley as GPS reception is always bad and there's a path on both sides and the heatmap isn't accurate enough to allow differentiation bet...
22018-03-02 23:29:53 UTCEwen Hill Thanks Paul
12017-03-01 22:58:48 UTCtonyf1 Hi, thanks for your recent edits and detailed changeset descriptions. I note that you changed the access tag for Ant Track and added some new bike tracks. You may not be aware that these tracks are illegal and Parks can prosecute users. I think it is better if they are tagged access=no. As a guide, ...
22017-03-01 23:28:24 UTCpaul1928 Hey Tony. Thanks for the feedback and link to the in-depth discussion. I'll go through and change access=no for all the illegal tracks I've recently added. Your right, Parks have clearly sign-posted (although they tend not to last for long) a number of these tracks as illegal and have general inform...
12016-12-04 04:05:47 UTCpaul1928 It's difficult to spot from the road due to the sharp drop-off, but the track is definitely there and clear to see.
22016-12-04 06:37:07 UTCnevw This section should be added back in if present in any form, even if overgrown. It appears to be a connection between ways. There are plenty of tags to add that describe path visibility.
32016-12-05 02:15:22 UTCnevw highway=path was missing from way and has been re-added on local survey advice from paul1928.
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