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12018-03-27 21:48:41 UTCmueschel Hi,could you check the tagging of this node:
22018-03-28 06:37:25 UTCbrianboru Thanks Jan. How did I manage to enter that gibberish on the post box! Now corrected. Good to know someone's doing QA
12017-12-15 09:45:55 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please watch out for typo highway=residentiaal
(double a)
I found it as building=residentiaal and highway=residentiaal
Probably caused by a bug in JOSM 13170 which sometimes forgets the presets and forces the user to type the complete tag value.

22017-12-15 14:32:19 UTCbrianboru Thanks for the warning. I was wondering why JOSM was behaving like that
12017-12-13 09:56:09 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, way 540167452 has access=block which I don't understand. Did you intend block to be in the surface tag? Or do you mean it is blocked (in which case access=no would make it clearer)?

22017-12-14 11:05:43 UTCbrianboru Mike

I'm not sure what I meant and I can't even remember if this footway is open or not so I just deleted the tag


12017-11-26 16:24:15 UTCSomeoneElse Mind if I change etc. to "information=route_marker" and then add them to the Heart of England Way relation?
22017-11-27 08:53:56 UTCbrianboru No problem. Go ahead
12017-11-13 18:36:39 UTCbrianboru Can you tell me what all these new tags mean? And what is the source? And if this is an import?
22017-11-13 18:45:03 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper Hi Brian,

I just added some structured data. Basically it acknowledges the fact that civil parishes and parish councils are two different things.
It's not an import, the data is from my own research. It is also a matter of public record.
32017-11-14 16:37:10 UTCbrianboru So please tell me where this data s published and under what licence?

Please also explain the meaning of each tag as I requested - it would be best to point me to a wiki page where the data schema is laid out and even better if you could direct me to a discussion thread where the local community ...
42017-11-14 17:10:07 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper If you are referring to the 12 tags with the underscores and capitals, I cannot take responsibility for them. If you look back in the history you can see they were added by the original creator of the relations (the user srbrook comes up a lot) and I have simply let them be. I have just been filling...
52017-11-15 10:42:13 UTCbrianboru Apologies for the misunderstanding
62017-11-15 11:08:32 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper No problem Brian
12017-11-13 15:19:54 UTCEdLoach Hi Brian, Did you change the old Railway Drive back to unclassified because construction traffic can use it as well as bicycles? I notice you've added a note on one section that it is closed.
22017-11-14 16:24:43 UTCbrianboru Hi Ed

There were no access restrictions on the road which is why I changed it back. There was a "Road Closed" sign which you could easily drive around for access so I thought it best to leave it as unclassified until the position clarifies itslelf ( there's also access to the British Tr...
12017-09-22 05:41:44 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello brianboru. With this changeset you have introduced some new (and so far unkown and undocumented) keys at some toilets: `automatic_public_convenience` and `radar_key_needed`. For the second one could it be also a ? #newkey
22017-09-22 15:54:19 UTCbrianboru Hi Thanks for your input, This is the data supplied by the local authority, which I retagged according to the wiki except for these two tags which the wiki didn't address- - hence the new tags. The key attribute I note is only a proposed key and radar is a better known term AFAIK than nks in the UK
12017-08-14 17:12:40 UTCbrianboru This footpath seems to be mistaken for a power line?
12017-08-08 10:28:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
these 32 buildings have the tag "B30 2DH=B30" which looks like a mistake. Could you check that?

Cheers, Jan
22017-08-08 14:17:43 UTCbrianboru Thanks Jan - what happened here I don't know! Corrected now
12017-05-16 16:26:57 UTCbrianboru We now have a big blank space for landuse as you've deleted the multipolygon and not replaced it. How far does the construction site extend?
12017-04-02 14:17:21 UTCmueschel Hi,
I noticed some issues with this (huge) import of ~20000 trees.
- The nodes have several tags which are not defined in the wiki, such as
age,constituency, form, plot_number, site_name, usrn, ward
- I didn't find a discussion on this import. Was it announced on the mailing list?
- the 'height...
22017-04-27 14:01:51 UTCbrianboru This is now documented for discussion at following talk-gb converstions and is paused until issues are resolved
12017-04-27 09:04:14 UTCRobert Whittaker Are you sure the postcode of "B92 7AW" on is correct? According to Code-Point Open, that postcode is located over 3km away from this node.
22017-04-27 12:25:41 UTCbrianboru Thanks Robert - probably caused by cut n paste.Now corrected
12017-03-14 18:37:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
You're still not using a separate import account, you're using a #gibberish changeset discussion comment and you're importing duplicates of existing data rather than conflating (e.g. and
Are you...
22017-04-17 09:39:40 UTCbrianboru I don't believe these are duplicate nodes but bus stops on opposite sides of the road, so conflation not appropriate. Duplicates are being reviewed manually to check which position is accurate
I'm using my own account only to do a manual post-import review and cleanup of nodes. Not as neat as pur...
32017-04-19 23:27:43 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks Brian.
Just one question - doesn't seem to be a valid account?
Best Regards,
42017-04-20 12:25:00 UTCbrianboru Sorry Andy - so used to abbreviating it. The username is West Midlands Combined Authority.
This also came through on email this timme!
52017-04-20 13:26:19 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks Brian - and yay for email appearing!
12017-03-17 12:11:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node

The tag ref`... = grid_bin doesn't look right.

Cheers, Jan
22017-04-17 09:42:56 UTCbrianboru Finger trouble! Thanks - corrected
12017-03-14 18:30:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
Could you please address the questions raised on before continuing to import this data?
Best Regards,
22017-04-17 09:16:10 UTCbrianboru Being addressed as requested. Import paused
12017-02-24 14:04:06 UTCSomeoneElse Is the WMCA really "admin level 6"? I thought that it just an attempt to obtain some "City Region" government money, and didn't have any of the administrative powers (beyond running the buses) that e.g. Birmingham City Council did?
22017-04-17 09:15:14 UTCbrianboru I did muse over this one. There is an elected mayor and powers over economic regeneration. From WMCA's website:

Combined authorities are legal bodies with powers of decision making granted by parliament. They are a new way for local authorities to work together on key strategic functions that cro...
12017-01-07 12:16:58 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - is "building=shop=*signs"?
22017-04-17 09:09:52 UTCbrianboru finger trouble again. Node deleted, name added to building, with shop=yes
12016-12-08 11:32:27 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check some of your bus stops? There are many foreign tags like on this node:
22017-04-17 09:06:19 UTCbrianboru Node deleted and replaced with standard naptan tags
12016-09-04 22:35:32 UTCSomeoneElse ... and another one: and are "building=uy". Any ideas?
22017-04-17 09:01:54 UTCbrianboru finger trouble corrected to yes
12016-09-04 22:14:22 UTCSomeoneElse Another one - is "building=iy" - any ideas about that?
22017-04-17 09:00:10 UTCbrianboru finger trouble again -should have been yes, but I've updtaed it to retail
12016-09-04 22:08:14 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian, is "building=r#" - any idea what was meant there?
22017-04-17 08:57:46 UTCbrianboru finger trouble - now corrected to residential
12016-05-25 14:09:59 UTChighflyer74 Hello there!

Can you check I think there was some fingertrouble involved here...

All the best from across the Channel!
22017-04-17 08:55:10 UTCbrianboru thanks! removed
12017-01-31 20:01:46 UTCbrianboru Thanks for all your efforts with public transport.
1.We have a local consensus to map interchange stops showing the ref no only
2. stop positions need to be on the highway not the bus-stop node
12017-01-29 12:40:20 UTCbrianboru unlikely to be a footway here in a residential back garden
12017-01-29 12:39:21 UTCbrianboru better to join footways to road
12017-01-29 12:36:28 UTCbrianboru footway needs joining to road
12017-01-29 12:33:34 UTCbrianboru Very suspiciously like a pokemongo attratctor - this looks like residential with walls running through the footpath not a park
12017-01-29 12:31:49 UTCbrianboru This looks very suspicious. Aerial Imagery shows landuse=residential with garden walls running across your footpath. Please amend.
12017-01-29 12:29:18 UTCbrianboru CAn you access these footways from the road or from the towpath? If so, best to join them up
12017-01-29 12:02:21 UTCbrianboru better tagged as landuse-grass with nodes tagged natural=tree
12017-01-29 11:56:17 UTCbrianboru better tagged as landuse=grass
12017-01-29 11:53:46 UTCbrianboru This looks like a residential area and not a park. Please investigate
12017-01-29 11:52:38 UTCbrianboru Does this actually exist? If it is planned only then it should be deleted and added when it's complete and visible on the ground.
The layout looks suspiciously likely an attractor for pokemongo!
22017-02-02 09:36:24 UTCblackadder Edit reverted
32017-02-02 10:09:34 UTCAndrewg06 Can you please stop changing the edits I make...
12017-01-29 11:50:38 UTCbrianboru park is a description not a name . the area is already tagged park so this is superfluous. If the park has a name please add it
12016-07-31 15:22:07 UTCbrianboru Hi DONalex

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please don't alter bus stop names - they are derived from a national public transport dataset and have a specific role in application for bus routeing. I've reverted these 2
22016-07-31 15:29:27 UTCDONalex OK I am very sorry to hear I did a mistake I only wanted to specify what buss stops on that station. Again very sorry.
12016-07-03 17:01:01 UTCSomeoneElse Looks like a barrier tag and a name tag got confused on . Should there be a space in the name?
22016-07-04 07:42:52 UTCbrianboru Thanks Andy - corrected
12016-07-03 16:57:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian, seems a bit odd - looks like a barrier tag and a name tag got confused?
22016-07-04 07:42:25 UTCbrianboru Thanks Andy - corrected
12016-07-03 16:30:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
Is "Bethel Church" on a name or a denomination (or something else)?
22016-07-04 07:41:57 UTCbrianboru Thanks Andy - corrected
12016-07-01 12:48:23 UTCbrianboru Pecisely what was the damage? How do you know it was deliberate? Changesets are not the place for personal accusations.
12016-07-01 12:42:48 UTCbrianboru Precisely what was the deliberate damage - I surveyed this junction as part of assisting Birmingham City Council's tarffic management project
12016-07-01 12:39:16 UTCbrianboru please elaborate on the damage and then on how you arrived at an intention that is deliberate. I haven't edited here since clearing up after the licence redaction bot
12016-07-01 12:36:56 UTCbrianboru never edited here- what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:31:13 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:30:44 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:30:07 UTCbrianboru never edited here- what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:29:31 UTCbrianboru never edited here- what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:29:04 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:28:31 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:28:00 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you ona bout?
12016-07-01 12:17:57 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:17:31 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:16:45 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:16:00 UTCbrianboru never edited here- what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:15:33 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:15:02 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-07-01 12:14:22 UTCbrianboru never edited here - what are you on about?
12016-06-22 12:03:48 UTCbrianboru Roundabout was split for bus route relation.Please don't combine roundabout ways. You're ignoring my previous request not to do this
22016-06-22 12:37:07 UTCpmailkeey It's not my fault. PLease don't blame me for failins within OSM.
32016-06-22 17:51:16 UTCbrianboru It is your fault - you made the edit after being requested not to make such edits. You obviously don't want to be part of a community but just do your own thing regardless.
12015-12-20 21:47:38 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - while importing stuff into a rendering database, I noticed that has layer=17 on it. That's obviously not invalid, but may not have been what was intended :)
22015-12-28 12:55:25 UTCbrianboru Correctd to layer 1
12015-11-22 14:58:56 UTCbrianboru Please remove obscenities from your comments. It's offensive
12015-11-22 14:58:42 UTCbrianboru Please remove obscenities from your comments. It's offensive
12015-11-22 14:58:06 UTCbrianboru Please remove obscenities from your comments. It's offensive
12015-11-22 14:56:31 UTCbrianboru Please remove obscenities from your comments It's offensive.
12015-11-21 17:00:00 UTCpmailkeey Brian - did you delete the path that runs alongside the railway between Ulverley Green Road and Warwick Rd ?
22015-11-22 11:01:53 UTCbrianboru Yes: it doesn't exist.
32015-11-22 11:40:28 UTCbrianboru If you want to be respected as a member of this community, please be courteous enough to wait for a reply to a changeset comment before reverting. I've deleted this path again, having surveyed the area this morning to confirm there is no path here
42015-11-22 12:53:23 UTCpmailkeey Just like you don't - you reverted it without waiting for a reply from me. If you're going to be obnoxious about it, it's not my fault you're too blind to see the path. I've put it back in because it is there. I'll now give you directions:
From the railway bridge over Warwick Rd, on the east side o...
52015-11-22 13:13:03 UTCbrianboru There is no path here
62015-11-22 13:22:57 UTCpmailkeey I know there is as I've walked along it !
72015-11-22 14:30:05 UTCbrianboru You might well have done. But when? Currently the northern end has a 7 ft high padlocked security gate with vicious spikes on it which leads into a builders storage area filled with security fencing panels with a fence behind it. The southern end has a padlocked gate followed by a highway maintenanc...
82015-11-22 14:35:04 UTCpmailkeey Thanks for the update. I've reported the issue to the council (again!) - only this time with the blockages.
92015-11-22 14:42:49 UTCpmailkeey The path used to continue over UG road and past the station, over Richmond Rd and all the way to Lincoln Rd. The bit parallel to Stn drive was obviously not needed (but still had a no cycling sign!) and the continuation north of Richmond road still has a short section in use (past the end of 109) an...
102015-11-23 09:06:43 UTCSomeoneElse @pmailkeey - the discussion above makes it clear that currently no path exists. You re-added it in , I've deleted it in . Please don't add it back until you've actually surveyed it yourself and found ...
12015-11-22 12:58:04 UTCbrianboru I'm deleting this changeset due to use of obscenity
12015-11-14 20:58:03 UTCGerdP please review:
I assume surface=b stands for beton?
way 170511971,way 170511974,way 170511973,way 170511978,way 170511977,way 23136293
22015-11-16 19:53:05 UTCbrianboru I have no idea - I must have a had brainfart when editing this. Just delete the tag
32015-11-16 20:05:28 UTCGerdP :-)
12015-11-14 13:44:36 UTCbrianboru Is this correct? When I surveyed the buildings they had separate signs on each one. Should the Day Hospital be re-named Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham now the Uni has sold it? Was the Brain Centre sold to Optegra too- web sites are unclear?
12015-11-01 19:40:20 UTCGerdP please explain:
what does the word CUS in
highway="bus_stop CUS"
mean ?
22015-11-06 18:54:32 UTCbrianboru This is a notation by NapTAN- the national database for bus stops which denotes it is a CUStomary stop i.e there is no physical bus stop present but the local drivers and passengers know that the bus stops there on request. We don't tag these as bus stops
32015-11-08 17:20:57 UTCGerdP Thanks for the information. I understand now that this is a very special case.
I changed the tag to highway=bus_stop a few days ago, now I am unsure what to do.
I guess the best would be to remove the highway=bus_stop tag and only keep the node?
42015-11-08 17:31:15 UTCSomeoneElse My recollection was that we went with "physically_present=no" as per for verified customary stops. Certainly many came in from NaPTAN without highway=bus_stop on them (though my recollection was that the west mids NaPTAN import was slightly earl...
52015-11-08 19:02:20 UTCGerdP okay, this tag is used quite often together with bus_stop, so I think I'll just add it to those two bus_stops.
62015-11-09 07:39:43 UTCbrianboru Please don't unless you've surveyed the site and found a physical bus stop pole. The West Midands imported the Naptan data WITHOUT the bus stop tag so that we could survey the naptan data. We found naptan data is often wildly inaccurate. Locally we don't tag CUS with a bus stop tag. You might find ...
72015-11-09 07:49:46 UTCGerdP okay, now I am really lost.
My understanding is that
says I will not find a physical bus
stop pole. I understood your first
comment so that the bus stops there
if one gives a sign to the driver.
Did I get that wrong?
82015-11-09 08:43:35 UTCbrianboru You are correct. But please respect West Midlands community practice which is we don't tag CUS stops with highway=bus stop unless we've surveyed and found the CUS stop has been upgraded with a pole which can be surveyed. Physically present=no was a very early attempt at quality assurancec on the nap...
92015-11-09 09:17:31 UTCSomeoneElse Just to clarify, the example I gave earlier was a _verified_ customary stop (I caught a bus from there). Different areas' NaPTAN data have been of very different quality - some areas have found stop positions to be reasonably accurate (at the time of impo...
102015-11-09 09:30:56 UTCGerdP okay, so I'll revert all my changes and leave
highway="bus_stop CUS" untouched in the future until one finds a better way to tag that
element ?
112015-11-09 14:32:51 UTCGerdP done
12015-10-27 08:40:26 UTCGerdP please review:

I've changed highway=pre-existing prior to redevelopment to highway=dismantled
Maybe map the area that is rebuilt
as landuse=construction ?
22015-10-27 12:24:01 UTCbrianboru OK by me. I've also changed the spur at the end of the road in question
32015-10-27 12:54:55 UTCGerdP okay, thanks for the feedback
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