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12017-11-26 20:35:23 UTCDaveF Hi

If there are no cycle lane tags it's assumed there a are no cycle lanes.
cycleway:both=no implies there could be a cycle lane in one direction, in which case tags in the above wiki page can be used.

Curious: Are you also: https://www.opens...
12017-11-21 14:18:03 UTCDaveF Hi
Is this a garage? It needs another tag to render.
12017-03-17 18:21:16 UTCDaveF Hi Chis
I tweaked the church recently but guessed at it's location. Is it in the right place?
22017-03-17 18:28:17 UTCchris_debian Hi, Dave.

Position is great, but I'm 99% sure the church is now dis-used. I think the uncertainty can be left until the new housing estate replaces it!


12017-03-02 20:17:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, not sure how closely you were looking here, but the smaller roundabout is clearly a mini-roundabout.
22017-03-03 09:32:49 UTCchris_debian Hi, trigpoint.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've done some reading, and it seems that a mini-roundabout is frequently described as being a white painted circle, on the road, or a slightlyraised white bump, in the road. Having reexamined this roundabout, for it's construction and size...
32017-03-03 21:25:48 UTCtrigpoint The definition of a mini-roundabout is not necessarily painted white, but it needs to be traversable. At least one in Oakengates is cobblestones.
This one is very definitely a mini-roundabout, and painted white, so I have corrected it.
12017-02-27 14:36:12 UTCChris Fleming How do you know this is a roundabout? I think it's just a road that ends with a circle?
22017-02-27 20:17:19 UTCchris_debian Thanks, you are right. Not sure how I missed this. I'll remove the tag, when I get back to my PC.

Thank you,

32017-02-27 21:40:28 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12017-02-25 21:01:50 UTCHjart This is not a roundabout and should not be tagged as such.
22017-02-26 07:58:50 UTCchris_debian Thanks, Hjart. I'll remove the tag, shortly.

32017-02-26 07:59:59 UTCHjart I already did, so no need
12017-01-16 22:20:31 UTCUsuárioPar I'm so sorry. Done some erros here.
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