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12017-10-14 11:34:19 UTCPink Duck Why use "St " abbreviation in churches when "St " has for years been unaccepted for road name abbreviations?
22017-10-16 10:38:40 UTCRichard 'St' is standard British orthography to denote a saint, rather than simply an abbreviation. Please see
32017-10-16 10:41:04 UTCSK53 Because it hasn't, please read: and

I would also suggest being a little lighter in the tone of your comments: it might be offputting to ne...
42017-10-16 12:29:10 UTCPink Duck I have reviewed 1,034 churches in Norfolk and the Church of England website and I would say around 60% of them use the written word Saint when self-describing. The signage is shortened I believe through brevity, a contraction, not an abbreviation, and for search systems it is far easier to reduce th...
52017-10-16 12:35:52 UTCPink Duck In this particular case, I accept the contracted form is acceptable as I can find no official alternate form. The short_name tag will help search agents still match with a full form query.
12017-10-14 09:40:37 UTCPink Duck Please stop adding the parish/village geographic name to churches. The churches are primarily named after saint dedication. It isn't sufficient to append location to uniquely identify, given St Margaret in each of the two Wiltons. Nominatim certainly isn't up to the job of search, given it can't fin...
22017-10-14 09:47:07 UTCPink Duck See
12017-08-13 21:48:30 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, can you please review your change of way 59136283 which has removed motor_vehicle=no and replaced it with access=no. This change denies pedestrian access and bicycle access and I believe there are no such restrictions on this road.

22017-08-14 06:43:35 UTCPink Duck Good spot, seems I tagged that erroneously thinking it was only bus/taxis/cycle but the restrictive sign is indeed just for motor vehicles.
12017-06-28 10:27:56 UTCRobert Whittaker It looks as if you added the postbox in this changeset, but there is an existing oostbox node a meter or so away. Are there actually two boxes at this location, as the OSM data now suggests?
22017-06-28 15:57:24 UTCPink Duck Curious that, perhaps an excess tag paste on to an adjusted location from aerial imagery alignment during editing (as the wrong mounting value hints). There was only one box there, so I have deleted my newer node and refined the position of existing slightly.
12017-06-11 14:44:49 UTCPink Duck I put the addr:* and phone tags on the building, since it is the building that is addressable for postal delivery and location, plus the land line installation was there too. Extracting these to the outer polygon is perhaps useful for school search result, but is less precise. Plus you'll note there...
22017-06-13 21:54:37 UTCRobert Whittaker Yes, I found a few schools without the address details on the amenity object and rightly or wrongly 'corrected' them. Then I realised someone had systmatically been adding the address details to the main building instead, so I didn't do any more. It would be good to work out which is preferred by ma...
12017-06-02 22:09:08 UTCmichael_t Are you local to this area? I'm trying to find out precisely how far the Parish Hall is up The Londs, but Google Street View doesn't go down there. I don't suppose you have local knowledge? Thanks.
22017-06-03 11:03:33 UTCPink Duck Have only memory of walking around the area from a year or so ago, driving past and Bing aerial. Looking at the aerial imagery again for The Londis there does look to be a sizeable building with non-residential new-looking roofing. So I've drawn that and tagged it. Suggest you confirm via http://www...
32017-06-03 11:26:56 UTCmichael_t Thanks!
12017-05-18 12:18:30 UTCMJ Ray This change fractured the cycle routing, which I have now corrected.
22017-05-18 13:32:48 UTCPink Duck I didn't realise, my apologies about that. Thanks for fixing it early. Overall the change to valid speed limits was worth it for the interim period. I normally try to ensure relations remain unaffected.
32017-05-18 15:01:11 UTCPink Duck I've reviewed your changes and enhanced the route relation further given the crossings of Hardwick Road and Scania Way.
42017-05-19 12:30:57 UTCMJ Ray No worries and thanks. Should be oneway:bicycle=no or will share_sidewalk (which I can't find documented) enable that anyway? I suspect that in time, I will have to add the tracks in that area as distinct ways anyway.
52017-05-19 19:21:44 UTCPink Duck I don't think there was anything explicitly saying the cycle access was one-directional. It just happens to be along the southern end of Hardwick Road where the best facilities are. I tend to tag with cycleway:left=share_sidewalk when there's no physical separation aside from kerb between the road a...
12017-05-08 08:56:44 UTCRobert Whittaker Hi, I'm curious about the status of the ways such as that you marked as designation=public_footpath here.

AFAIK, the route of these isn't recorded by NCC on the Definitive Map as a Public Footpath. But do you have reason to believe that the Council is in...
22017-05-08 10:00:50 UTCPink Duck As am I. There's an information notice displayed near to Willow House, that expired in 2007. I queried this with Norwich Council but they stated it was not a project of theirs, but that the information was still useful. Only the landowner will know for sure. I have often walked that route during my ...
32017-05-08 10:21:45 UTCRobert Whittaker Interesting. So what did/does the notice say?
42017-05-08 11:18:25 UTCPink Duck See!Ah1Oa_WAIEBgxXkxjWDnjhKKNGGS (JPG, 2.5 MB)
52017-05-08 12:43:04 UTCRobert Whittaker I wonder where they got the Public Footpath information from then. There's no sign of anything on the definitive map:
12017-04-17 17:01:49 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, looking at Jolly Sailor Yard, motor_vehicle=unsuitable is not one of the standard access values - it might be better to use either no or discouraged, which are standard values, perhaps adding a note to say the road is unsuitable for motors. This will allow routing software to determine whether t...
22017-04-18 08:09:33 UTCPink Duck The sign says "unsuitable" explicitly. No would imply no access at all. Discouraged is perhaps an acceptable synonym, but again the sign says unsuitable, and the access is, well, unsuitable. So perhaps the 'standard' access values are outdated?
32017-04-18 15:06:30 UTCPink Duck For reference, there are 62 uses of "unsuitable" versus 5 for "discouraged" via TagInfo. Also, discouraged is a different meaning to unsuitable. If one owns a particularly slim motor vehicle then the gap could be made comfortably, so the judgement is per case not a general discou...
12016-12-30 22:48:11 UTCopottone Looking at NaPTAN database I only saw 9100BUCKNHM, not 9100BUCKNHM0 nor 9100BUCKNHM1. Is this some standard extension? Or perhaps old data?
22016-12-31 10:41:29 UTCPink Duck The former is the stop code area reference, see

The latter two look to be a zero-based suffix to describe the individual stop points.

Those tags are from around two years ago so the NaPTAN DB may have changed since.
32017-01-01 06:04:29 UTCopottone NaPTAN could have changed since, or this could be some nonstandard way to distinguish the different platforms. Anyway, I assume you don't object if I change both codes to 9100BUCKNHM.
42017-01-01 11:43:39 UTCPink Duck I would recommend checking with the current NaPTAN data first, but I don't mind.
12016-11-05 11:15:44 UTCPink Duck If Wendene is a secondary road from the A1074 then what's its B-Road ref?
12016-07-03 17:46:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
What is a Rambler's Gate (as in )? An image search turns up a stepover stile - or is it something else?
22016-07-03 19:15:56 UTCPink Duck It was a gate similar to that shown at

Which is where I likely got the name from, not spotting a suitable match on the OSM wiki barrier page. The phrase "squeeze gate"...
32016-08-21 19:54:53 UTCSomeoneElse Interesting - I've seen a couple of those, but was never really sure whether to map them as gates or stiles!
12016-02-19 21:21:07 UTCSK53 Did you not note the pub in Waltham when you did this survey
22016-02-20 09:53:58 UTCPink Duck I think I recall there being one at the junction but was distracted by driving and an incident with an old lady and postman at the time arguing.
32016-02-20 12:51:36 UTCPink Duck I've added The Royal Horseshoes, that appears to still be active. The Marquis of Granby nearby permanently closed according to
12015-12-27 18:51:24 UTCRobert Whittaker This looks rather like an automated edit. Was it discussed beforehand?

Have you changed any source:ref tags present at the same time as the ref=* keys were changed? Have you also changed ref=U* tags on other highways types (including tracks) to match the new tagging?
22015-12-27 18:58:58 UTCPink Duck Yes, an automated edit, but I was the user that set 99.5% of those tags originally. I left the source:ref tag as is, since the refs are unchanged. I messaged you about the U-refs, allowed a week for response, then matched them to the rest. It does state in the wiki that non-signed refs shouldn't use...
32015-12-27 19:35:48 UTCRobert Whittaker now has an official_ref=* and no ref=* tag, so surely the source:ref=* tag should be changed to source:official_ref=*.
42015-12-27 22:23:51 UTCPink Duck Yes, agreed - actioned in changeset 36206221.
12015-11-09 11:38:57 UTCPink Duck Does this path really stop short of connecting to the footway north of it? Is its name really "Walk to Genome Centre" or is that just a direction sign?
22015-11-09 11:58:47 UTCAnilT It does connect to footway in north.. there is no official name of the path but leads to Genome Centre
32015-11-09 18:04:07 UTCPink Duck Conversely it also leads to the Centrum building. I think it best to only have officially signed names for foot paths, such as those in Bowthorpe, e.g. "Red Ant Way".
12015-08-17 12:23:37 UTCRichard Hi,

Great to see the mapping of the Norwich cycle network.

"Orange Pedalway" etc. aren't really refs. Refs are short numeric/alphabetic references used on signs. "Orange Pedalway" is a name.

Many routers/renderers use 'shields' to show refs, and a ref with 15 characters ...
22015-08-17 17:08:01 UTCPink Duck They are more of a name than ref, agreed. I changed it since routing agents (e.g. OsmAnd) were saying "turn right on to Orange", which made no sense when spoken. The colours are already stored against the route relations. I shall probably remove the ref altogether and put the pedalway name...
32015-08-17 17:23:01 UTCRichard That's great - thank you!
42015-08-17 18:51:58 UTCPink Duck It would also be great if the local cycle network with HTML colour tag could be rendered in the Cycle Map render :)
12014-12-14 14:53:06 UTCrobert Are you sure about the naming here? OS Locator seems to disagre with you
22014-12-14 17:56:49 UTCPink Duck I suspect that was an editing mistake, since it is Royal Terrace from Royal Parade North to the top, with addressing suggesting that to the right of that it is Royal Plain.
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