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12018-08-02 05:18:00 UTCAthalis Hi, it looks like you accidentally shifted the complete river by 20m. For example at it now intersects quite often with the primary road
22018-08-02 06:23:14 UTCKathyaus That was a bad error on my part :-(
32018-08-02 06:54:55 UTCKathyaus How do I reinstate the previous version?
42018-08-02 08:26:56 UTCAthalis I see you are using JOSM. One way would be with the Reverter plugin:

That plugin allows you to either revert a complete changeset or to revert only the selected nodes & ways. When reverting a moved way it's nodes have to be selected to...
52018-08-02 10:33:45 UTCKathyaus I'm happy to give it a go. I also see the main roads as not aligned to Bing imagery Is that what you also see?
62018-08-02 13:31:18 UTCAthalis I think roads were mostly fine, I only have the area around node 2032609731 in memory but it looks like you've taken care of it. Thanks!
12018-07-16 05:04:02 UTCnyampire Hello.

Thank you for your kindly participation to HOT mapping.
But please do not replace "name" with English. (add English name into "name:en")
"name" value is to be written in local language.
22018-07-16 06:43:53 UTCKathyaus Thank you for the great advice nyampire. I have amended the tile I am currently working on.
32018-07-16 23:57:34 UTCnyampire Thank you so much!
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