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12018-06-29 08:09:49 UTCfreayd Sources:
12018-03-26 08:36:49 UTCfreayd Replaced
operator="Hong Kong Post",
operator="Hongkong Post",
operator="香港郵政 Hong Kong Post" and
operator="香港郵政 Hong Kong Posttttt"
operator="香港郵政 Hongkong Post".
12018-01-15 08:24:12 UTCfreayd As per documentation, a service area "usually consist of, at minimum, a petrol station, parking facilities, a place to eat and some public toilets". Hansens Holz lacking the petrol station, I think it should be tagged as a rest area, IMHO.
12017-09-03 02:59:23 UTCit9999 The current Pacific highway is using the new southbound carriageway. More information can be found here
22017-09-03 08:03:11 UTCfreayd Hey mate. Thanks for your comment. Please let's not engage into an edit war and discuss about this before any further modification. The main point of my changeset is that the data currently mapped is unusable. Routing software cannot find a way through the A1. I'm not able to verify the current situ...
32017-09-03 09:34:39 UTCit9999 The LPI NSW Base Map is out of date by a few years. I have a lot of local knowledge of the area and the highway is due to open in a couple of months. I am still learning all the editing rules. I will fix the tags so the changes are usable for routing apps.
42017-09-04 08:22:00 UTCfreayd Perfect, thanks mate. No doubt you're doing a great job! No worries, we're all learning here. And sorry for the trouble.
12017-07-26 06:22:06 UTCBCNorwich Hi, something went wrong with the address interpolation on the High Street, south side, even numbers. Please see :,self_intersection_points,single_node_in_way,duplicate_nod...
22017-07-26 09:47:28 UTCfreayd Hi. Thanks for your comment, I already noticed the issue last time. I surveyed the ground once more. It should be fixed with the changeset 50582298.
12017-03-03 10:16:34 UTCfreayd Data from
22017-03-03 21:03:14 UTCTheSwavu I've sent you a PM re this import.
12016-12-18 00:53:51 UTCfreayd Used Overpass query:
12016-05-01 06:21:22 UTCfreayd Duplicated with way 237758276 and node 2456388751
12016-04-02 06:33:36 UTCfreayd Fixed locations:
- Sheung Wan MTR Exit B (node 2555299651)
- Starbucks (node 3929690580)
22016-04-02 06:40:18 UTCfreayd Fixed locations:
- Hang Seng Bank (node 1298704529)
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