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12017-01-23 17:59:25 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I don't think "access to local nature reserve" is a valid name for highway 464259584. This looks more like a description.

12017-01-20 19:27:51 UTCrobbieonsea Regarding the path
It shouldn't have a description as the proper name. This should be moved to either the tag note= or description=.
Also it's hard to believe this path has a signposted incline - the area doesn't look that steep anyway.
22017-01-20 20:35:22 UTCBotleyBoy Corrected - removed 'proper name' - it has none and added text to description

Removed incline.

Thanks for notifying, BotleyBoy
12016-08-16 10:38:46 UTCsouthglos Hi

Thanks for adding these footpaths, but may I make a suggestion on tagging? I notice you've added name="PROW (public right of way)". The 'name' tag should be the name of the object, not what it is (imagine if every hedge were labelled 'hedge').

So 'name' should be the name of the...
22016-08-16 22:04:14 UTCBotleyBoy Thanks for the advice - keep it coming although I'm a stranger to S Gloucester - just had two days walking near Falfield/Berkeley
12016-08-16 10:42:28 UTCsouthglos Hi

Assuming this is a bench, may I suggest removing 'name=Seat' and adding 'amenity=bench'?

The wiki page is here - - and suggests a few other related tags you might be interested in.

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