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12018-05-05 07:40:27 UTCndm Hi Rick, surveyed this last night - and did a quick update -- hope it hasn't broken anything for you. These are all single lane unclassified roads -- no bus lanes as such -- one section was wrongly marked as oneway. Also was missing a turn restriction.
12017-10-28 22:31:28 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I think some of the tags on this guided busway need to be checked.

Firstly, the name Guided Busway seems to be unlikely to be the real name, it seems to be more like a description. If there is no real name, the name tag should be left empty.

Secondly, construction=guided_busway + highway=r...
12017-09-21 11:54:06 UTCndm No change set comment!

I'll revert this asap - there was a definite separation of the bus lane with an island - unless you've done a recent on site survey.
12017-01-09 12:23:13 UTCioangogo I think that we should keep it as construction until late evening of the the 16th as the council are going to quietly open it
22017-01-09 12:25:48 UTCioangogo 15th not the 16th
32017-01-09 17:30:32 UTCDaveF Excellent. To check, did you mean to leave the roundabout North exit as construction & I presume both one ways of the Southern Link are operational?
42017-01-10 08:34:39 UTCRick Wiles I know I had opened the north side of the roundabout, must have undone the change as I went back and forward a few times. There are a few lanes on the south side, I have only opened one as I am not sure which are which and know its not 100% correct.
12016-12-20 14:35:38 UTCDaveF Hi Rick
Do you work for BCC? Would you have a contact with someone in the council who could provide other data which could be added to the map? Similar to B&NES who have provided various data sets under the OGL licence:

22016-12-20 14:52:34 UTCRick Wiles Hi DaveF, I don't work for BCC, I work for Traveline, but we do work very closely with BCC. I will ask them if I can send you the link that they sent me.
12015-02-17 23:23:18 UTCndm Is this the right name?
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